Frank's Reward
Chapter 10: Their Final Farewell

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 10: Their Final Farewell - A sequel to 'Selecting the Right Girl', Frank has selected his travelling companion but has to tell the unsuccessful candidates and finalise details with his chosen girl. Follow Frank’s final sexual adventures with an unexpected twist, before he undertakes his 12 month overseas luxury holiday.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys  

Sharon woke up and realised that it was only 7am but there was no urgency about getting up this morning. Although it did take her a few moments before she realised who it was laying next to her.

Tony stirred, yawned and then saw this gorgeous naked woman whom he had only met yesterday afternoon looking at him as if she was deciding what to do next. He saved her the bother by reaching out to her and taking her into his arms. She happily cuddled into him, accepted his good morning kiss and then enjoyed feeling his hands as they wandered over her body.

He was amazed that this older woman, she was after all ten years older than his girlfriend, had such a good body. Not only that, but it was very sexy and she made him feel good. Soon he was happily plunging into her sex, enjoying the wonderful sensations her vagina was giving his penis.

Once again Sharon was pleasantly surprised at how good a lover he was for someone so young and inexperienced. She rapidly experienced an orgasm and before Tony climaxed inside her she was able to enjoy another.

They lay in each others arms, exchanging gentle kisses as she softly stroked his face with her hand. She murmured her gratitude for the pleasure he gave her before they dozed for almost an hour.

"I think you should go and see how your girlfriend is going" Sharon told him gently, albeit a little reluctantly, although realising that the day wasn't over yet.

Tony squeezed her against himself and kissed her fondly, thanked her for an amazing night and got out of bed.

Because he had participated in an early morning session with the lovely Helen, Frank had slept much later, not waking until well after 8am. When he opened his eyes, he saw Helen lying next to him gazing at his face. As soon as she saw him wake up, she greeted him with a soft kiss and then immediately moved her head down to his thighs, taking his penis into her mouth and sucking until it was hard, ready to be put to use.

Frank quickly realised what she wanted and slid his hand down to her sex, fondling, fingering, tweaking her clitoris before plunging two fingers into her vagina, ensuring she was damp and aroused, ready for him to enter her with the instrument she was preparing.

Just as he was about to roll over on top of her, Tony knocked on the open door and asked if it was alright to come in. He walked into the bedroom still naked.

"Of course, mate, I'm just about to make love to your girlfriend, if that's OK with you? Love you to watch though" Frank said.

"Oh goodie, that means I can go second, can't I sweetheart" Tony asked Helen.

"I'm looking forward to it" she replied before adding "and then you can tell me how your night went. But I'm assuming you have taken good care of Sharon first this morning?"

Tony assured her that he had as he sat on the end of the bed and watched with eager and contented eyes. He was eager because he knew he was about the enjoy the experience of entering his sweetheart after she had just enjoyed making love with their 'teacher', of being able to feel the wondrous pleasure of sliding into her aroused and damp sex. He was content because he knew Helen was happy and enjoying herself.

Just as Frank entered Helen from behind as they lay like spoons, Sharon walked in, also still naked. She climbed onto the bed and went straight to Helen's face, kissing her gently, but letting her tongue slide into her mouth until their kiss became more passionate.

Sharon trailed her kisses down to Helen's breasts, kissing and sucking each one, before continuing down to her sex. She licked and flicked and rubbed on Helen's clitoris, allowing her fingers to touch Frank's erection as he pushed and pulled slowly in and out of her vagina. She managed to get one hand to cup Frank's testicles and hold the base of his penis, assisting him to plunge in and out of Helen.

Frank found the combination of Helen's sweet young sex coupled with the frequent flicking of Sharon's tongue and the rubbing of her fingers on his penis, just too much and while Helen was crying out, mainly from the pleasure Sharon was giving her, he exploded deep inside her. Sharon gently squeezed his penis and as he withdrew it, she took it in her mouth, tasting him and Helen, as she sucked the last drops from him.

Then it was Tony's turn. He was so turned on by what he had just witnessed that he immediately rolled Helen onto her back and entered her with his throbbing erection. Sharon, to Frank's surprise and pleasure, placed her hand on Tony's bottom, pushing him deeper into Helen. Then she slid her finger down along his crevice until she was fondling his testicles and stroking the base of his penis.

This was the final straw for Tony. He had become extremely aroused watching his girlfriend making love and then experienced the exquisite pleasure of sliding into her sticky, warm and welcoming sex. Now with what Sharon was doing to him at the same time as he plunged into this beautiful girl of his, he couldn't hold back, crying out how good it was as he experienced a wonderful conclusion, sooner and more powerful than he would have expected seeing it was only an hour ago that he had enjoyed making love with Sharon.

When they had all showered and dressed, Frank took them out to a lovely café where they stuffed themselves on a big brunch. They had all worked up quite an appetite and enjoyed the Birtcher muesli, fresh fruit and eggs Benedict, washed down with orange juice and then cappuccinos.

After walking around the harbour foreshores for half an hour, taking in the magnificent scenery, they returned to Frank's suite to relax on the balcony with a plunger of coffee, while they read the Sunday papers.

It was almost noon when Frank suggested to Helen and Tony that they should take Sharon to bed and do their best to get her aroused so that Tony could make love to her and then it would be his turn. He looked at Sharon and smiled, asking "you don't mind do you love?"

She smiled back, assuring him it would be her pleasure as she happily stood up and walked into the bedroom with the young couple.

They all undressed then climbed onto the bed with Sharon in the middle. Frank followed them leisurely into the bedroom and sat down on the chair near the foot of the bed. He watched as the two youngsters kissed and fondled her, taking it in turns to use her mouth and breasts.

Soon Tony let his attention wander down between the junction of her legs, licking, kissing, fingering, rubbing until, combined with Helen's attentions to her breasts and mouth, Sharon moaned loudly, her whole body arching as she experience nirvana.

Tony decided that it must be time to go the next stage, and Helen, sensing what he was about to do, quickly moved her head down to lick and suck his penis for a few moments before guiding it into Sharon's aroused and eager sex.

Frank watched with voyeuristic pleasure as Tony thrust into Sharon, his buttocks rising and falling and Frank could see the joy and satisfaction on Sharon's face as her head rolled from side to side with her mouth slightly open, sighing.

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