Frank's Reward
Chapter 6: A Pleasant Sunday Afternoon

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 6: A Pleasant Sunday Afternoon - A sequel to 'Selecting the Right Girl', Frank has selected his travelling companion but has to tell the unsuccessful candidates and finalise details with his chosen girl. Follow Frank’s final sexual adventures with an unexpected twist, before he undertakes his 12 month overseas luxury holiday.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys  

Frank had spent Saturday night enjoying a simple meal at a café just down the road. He didn't like to eat in the restaurant every night and a simple pasta meal was more than filling and just fine.

Then it was a quiet, early, alcohol free night to recharge his batteries. He had enjoyed watching a movie before falling asleep.

When he woke he decided to go for a swim in the pool before breakfast and then after having breakfast in the hotel's dining room, he enquired about a gourmet lunch for three in his suite and agreed a menu but told them that there was a small chance it might be cancelled but no later than 11am he promised. This was fine by the hotel. He also arranged for some French champagne and a good bottle of white wine to be delivered at the same time.

Right on 10:30am his doorbell rang as he was reading the papers on his balcony. He opened the door, quite happy to see the eager and excited faces of Tony and Helen, clearly looking forward to more sexual adventures with him.

As soon as they were inside, Helen undressed, hung her clothes up and said "I'll put them back on at 4pm, Frank, I promise, but until then this is how I want to be."

Helen came into Frank's arms and kissed him gently then whispered in his ear "will you make love to me please Frank, darling?"

He simply picked her up and carried her into the bedroom, laid her on top of the bed that was pulled down waiting for her and stepped back. Tony had, of course, followed them in and was about to sit on the chair like Frank had done yesterday, but Frank said "while I'm getting undressed, Tony, why don't you start getting her ready for me?"

Tony happily climbed onto the bed and into Helen's welcoming arms where he enjoyed kissing her and fondling her breasts. Soon his mouth had travelled to her breasts and Frank was slowly undressing, taking his time as he watched with pleasure. He was particularly pleased to see how slowly and unhurriedly Tony explored his girl's body, letting her sexual arousal blossom from his attentions

Frank joined him but went straight for Helen's face, raining fairy kisses all over her cheeks, forehead, nose and chin before blowing and licking in her ears, and then coming around her neck until finally he kissed the corners of her mouth, licked her lips softly, finally kissing her on the mouth. Their kiss was gentle at first but gradually the intensity built and soon they were kissing passionately.

Meanwhile Tony had graduated to her thighs and behind her knees, right down to her toes, licking and softly kissing as he went, before coming back up along her inner thighs and groin until he was able to kiss her other lips. Kissing, licking and sucking on her folds and then her clitoris. After a while he brought his hand into play as well and she bucked as his fingers drove hard into her vagina.

Helen was writhing with pleasure as both men ensured she was at a peak of bliss and contentment. She cried out as she felt her first orgasm wash over her, knowing that this was only the first of many she expected these two men would give her today.

"Please, Frank, please, make love to me. Put your lovely penis inside me and fill me with pleasure" she begged, clearly more than ready for the next stage of their love making.

Tony withdrew from the bed, pulling the chair close to the foot of the bed before sitting down to watch with voyeuristic pleasure as his girl was penetrated by another man. This was what he wanted to see, but he was also looking forward to making love to her when Frank was finished so that he could experience the delight of sliding his erection into her hot, sticky and open sex.

Frank settled between her legs and teased her by rubbing the head of his erection up and down her slit, not letting it enter her until she begged again and then again, moaning "Oh please put it in me, please Frank, I want your lovely penis inside me, please do it, make me happy, make love to me please, darling."

Now Frank decided that she was ready and slowly inserted his erection into her sex, as he continued rubbing her clitoris with his thumb. He eventually sunk into her very depths and then lay down on top of her, thrusting and thrusting, but then suddenly withdrew from her, rolled her over and, lifting her bottom into the air, he drove back into her vagina once more.

After pounding into her time and time again, he stilled, while deep inside her and rolled her onto her side, pulled her top leg over his and brought his hand down to pull her vaginal lips, twist them and then release them. Then he rubbed hard on her clitoris.

Tony was almost drooling with delight at what he was watching. He was so aroused that he knew when he finally got to enter his darling with his throbbing erection, he would be lucky to last for a minute. She looked wonderful, so sexy and he loved what Frank was doing to her, even when he was clearly inflicting pain on her, because he could tell she liked it and besides, it looked fantastic.

Helen by this stage had lost control, crying out again and again how good it was and begging Frank not to stop, telling him she loved him and wanted him to make love to her for ever. Her whole body was wracked with spasms of pleasure.

Finally Frank reached the point of no return and thrust as hard and as deep as he could before exploding into a massive and complete orgasm.

He stroked her gently until he could feel her tremors subside, caressing her breast gently, rubbing her clitoris oh so softly, making sure that she was totally relaxed and stilled. He kissed her neck and her cheek until she moved her head to the side so that they could exchange a tender loving kiss.

Only then did Frank withdraw from her and slowly get off the bed, taking Tony's place on the chair while he rapidly got on top of her and thrust his almost bursting erection into her, experiencing the joys and pleasures of entering a warm, damp, sticky and wide open sex, still tingling from another man's penis. It was the most incredible experience he had ever had, but try as he might he could not stop his orgasm bursting forth, far too soon, he knew.

His penis throbbed and throbbed as it pulsed forth his seed while he let out a huge sigh of contentment.

"I can't believe it, it was just so good, oh my darling, Helen you are so wonderful. I love you" Tony cried out, as she gentled him and stroked him and held him tightly to her.

Once Tony had rolled off Helen, Frank stood up and got back onto the bed where he lay next to Helen. He kissed her and told her how much he had enjoyed watching her, then took her in his arms and cuddled her, one hand resting casually on her breast as Tony lay on the other side, slowly recovering. But he was watching with pleasure, seeing the happiness on his beautiful girl's face.

There was a knock on the door, so Tony put his shorts on and went out of the bedroom, shutting the door behind him. He realised that it was room service bringing their lunch, so opened the front door and let the waiter in.

When the waiter had left, Tony went back into the bedroom, removed his shorts so that he was as naked as the others and told them lunch was ready. They all went out to the lounge room to enjoy an early lunch. Frank opened a bottle of white wine for them to sip as they got stuck into the delightful spread. Frank was happy watching the young couple, quite unselfconscious by their nudity, clearly doting on each other.

As soon as their lunch and the bottle of wine was finished, Frank suggested that Tony should get Helen ready for another bout of love making, which he didn't think was too onerous a task at all.

Helen was not only enjoying Tony's attentions to her breasts and sex, but she was also anxiously waiting to find out what Frank had in store for them. She didn't care; she'd do whatever he wanted. But she was fairly certain that whatever it was, it would involve all three of them and she just knew that she would enjoy it.

"Roll her over, mate" Frank commanded and Tony, with Helen's instant co-operation, ensured she was lying on her tummy, her bottom pointing to the sky. Helen was waiting for it to be filled with something.

What that something was quickly became clear as Frank squeezed lubricant on her puckered entrance and then slowly slid two fingers deep into her anus, moving them in and out to ensure she was well greased. Tony still had his fingers inside her sex, so she was able to enjoy double penetration.

But soon all these fingers were replaced by two eager, throbbing penises. First Tony slowly inserted his into her bottom and then, after rolling her over on top of him, Frank pushed his into her sex, thrusting deep into her vagina.

Tony brought both hands around Helen's body so that he could fondle and squeeze her breast, rolling her nipples and pinching them, delivering a delicious pain to her breasts.

Frank, while thrusting vigorously into her, was kissing her passionately. Helen had wrapped her arms around his back, holding him tightly to her, pressing his chest against Tony's hands as they continued caressing her breasts.

Helen then brought her legs around his hips, placing her heels on Frank's bottom as she sought to drive him further into her sex.

Faster and faster Frank pounded her sex until she cried out in delight as her whole body quivered with satisfied bliss.

"Yes, Frank, yes, more please, harder, oh it feels so good. Can you feel him inside me Tony? Doesn't it feel good?" she moaned.

"Yes, darling, I can and it does feel good. Do you like us doing this to you?" Tony whispered in her ear, as he pushed up with short thrusts, trying to time his movements to coincide with Frank's plunges.

But Helen couldn't answer; she was too busy groaning out with joy as another wave of satisfaction washed over her.

Frank was going into her like a machinegun with short, sharp, rapid thrusts as he felt his impending conclusion drawing near. He made one final, extra deep thrust into her, arched his back and exploded, his penis throbbing and pulsing his climax into her, until he collapsed on top of momentarily, before rolling off as he withdrew from her.

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