Frank's Reward
Chapter 2: Helen & Tony

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 2: Helen & Tony - A sequel to 'Selecting the Right Girl', Frank has selected his travelling companion but has to tell the unsuccessful candidates and finalise details with his chosen girl. Follow Frank’s final sexual adventures with an unexpected twist, before he undertakes his 12 month overseas luxury holiday.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys  

NINE DAYS LATER, Frank opened the door of his suite just after 4pm to see a young girl dressed in her school uniform standing with a good looking young man. Helen had her school bag with her but also an overnight bag. She greeted him with a kiss and then introduced her young man, Tony.

He was dressed neatly in slacks and open necked shirt, with a smart jacket over the top. He, too, was carrying a briefcase, having, apparently, just come from lectures at university. It turned out that he was two years older than her and attended the same university she hoped to be at next year.

"Can I have a shower and get out of these school clothes?" she asked sweetly.

"Of course, you know where everything is" he told her, which he hoped would remove any doubt from Tony's mind about their previous relationship.

He and Tony sat down and had a beer in the lounge room, while Helen went into the bedroom, unpacked and then went into the bathroom. She didn't bother about shutting doors, and both men caught a glimpse of her as she walked naked into have her shower.

They were only half way through their beers, when a naked Helen walked out and asked them "which do you prefer, me or the beer?"

Tony jumped up and said he was going for a shower too, before he did anything else, so Helen said "looks like it's just you and me for a few minutes, Frank."

Helen walked into his arms and then led him to the bedroom, where she commenced undressing him.

"What do you want to do first, darling, make love to me or watch?" she asked with a sexy smile. He had showered less than an hour ago, but had dressed again, not exactly certain of what to expect.

"I think we should both have you at the same time, then after dinner I would love to watch you both before making love to you again" he told her as they climbed on the bed and cuddled.

"Then why don't you put some of that lubricant inside my bottom now" she said, pointing to the tube sitting on the bedside table.

"Then, when you and Tony have finished paying suitable homage to my body, you can slide your lovely penis into my bottom. Once you're ready, we can roll over so that I'm on top. Then I'll invite Tony to join us. How's that sound?" she asked excitedly, anxiously looking forward to having both men inside her at the same time; obviously a first for her.

Less obvious, was the fact that it was also a first for Frank and he was very much looking forward to experiencing a threesome. In fact, he reminded himself, apart from the four girls he had enjoyed since starting this recruitment of a travelling companion, he had only experienced making love to one girl before – his ex-wife.

He quickly grabbed his tube of lubricant and after putting some on his already erect penis, he put some at the entrance to her anus. Using two fingers, he ensured that there was also plenty inside her. He had just put it away and started kissing one of her breasts, when Tony walked out naked to join them.

"Come on Tony, love, there is a breast here with your name on it waiting to be loved" she told him.

He quickly climbed onto the other side of Helen and took that breast into his mouth, kissing and nibbling her nipple as his hand gently fondled her. The two men took turns in kissing her on the mouth, alternating between her breasts and her mouth, before Frank decided that it was time to go exploring further a field. First with his hand, but then soon after with his mouth, he moved down between her legs. He tongued and fingered her sweet sex, bringing cries of delight from her.

As soon as Frank moved back up her body so that he could put his tongue into her mouth, letting her taste herself, Tony took his place between her legs, bringing more cries of joy and happiness from Helen.

They changed places twice more, before Helen erupted in orgasmic pleasure. Frank took this opportunity to roll her over and slide his erection slowly, deep into her anus. Once he was fully inside her, he paused, before he moved in and out of her a couple of times. Then he rolled her over, so that he was lying on the bed on his back, with his legs wide apart and she was lying on top of him, her back on his chest and her legs also wide apart, resting on top of his. He wrapped his arms around her and grasped both breasts in his hands, squeezing and fondling them.

"Tony my love, come and make love to me" she cried out to him. He suddenly realised that Frank was in her anus and that her vagina was not only available for him but that she wanted him in there now, while Frank was inside her bottom. His penis had already started to get hard, but now it positively throbbed with anticipation.

She grasped his erection and guided him between her legs, rubbing it up and down between her nether lips, before encouraging him to penetrate her vagina as deeply as he could.

Frank experienced the unbelievable feelings of another man's penis sliding along his, separated only by a thin membrane wall. He could feel almost what she was feeling as Tony thrust rapidly in and out of her vagina. Frank could tell that Tony's whole body was shaking and aroused probably beyond anything the young man had experienced to date. He could feel Tony's chest against the back of his hands, which were still fondling and squeezing Helen's breasts.

The exquisite pleasure she was receiving from the two men quickly drove her to new heights of sexual pleasure and she groaned with delight as wave after wave of pleasure rolled over her again. She couldn't believe just how good it felt.

Tony was extremely aroused, both from what he was doing and from watching the girl he loved with another man. It was a man that he had a lot to thank for, because he knew that if it wasn't for him he wouldn't have been able to make love to her.

Frank had helped her, taught her so much and been extremely generous to her. As a result of the time Helen and Frank had spent together, her mother now allowed her to see him and she even approved of them having sex together, subtly of course. What's more, her mother had permitted Helen to be on the Pill. Naturally he was also very pleased that Frank wasn't taking her away with him next year, and she had now agreed to be his girlfriend.

All this made Tony quickly reach his climax, but he was pleased that Helen had enjoyed an orgasm with them first.

Frank could feel Tony' penis throbbing as it ejaculated his conclusion into her. It was an incredible experience; something he hoped he would get to experience again.

As soon as Tony withdrew from her, Frank rolled her over and thrust strongly in and out of her bottom. He too was highly aroused from the experience and knew he couldn't last much longer. He slid one hand from her breast down to finger and manipulate her clitoris, trying to ensure and succeeding, that she experienced one more orgasm before he was exploding deep inside her anus.

Frank lay there on top of her, feeling her squeeze her buttocks, drawing the last drops of his liquid from his penis, as she whispered back to him how good it had been. Tony had gone into the bathroom as soon as he saw Frank experiencing his climax, so Helen turned to him and told him how much she was looking forward to the rest of their evening together.

Helen assured him that after dinner, they would come back to bed and he could watch Tony make love to her and then Tony would go home and she could stay as long as he wanted tomorrow.

"And tonight," she stressed, "I'm yours. I'll do anything for your pleasure."

"Just one thing, my sweet, if you really want to make me happy..."

"Of course I do; I meant it when I said anything you want" she interrupted.

"Well if your do, then will you please be on top of him and at some stage lay with your back on top of his chest and with your legs wide apart so that I can really see him inside you. Hopefully you'll make him hard with your mouth first, as I'd love to watch that too" he asked, already getting quite excited with anticipation.

Helen willingly assured him that she would do everything she could to give him voyeuristic pleasure.

He got up and used the bathroom as Tony came out. He started getting dressed and telling the young couple to do the same so that he could take them upstairs for a cocktail before they went to dinner.

"Oh Tony you are going to love the cocktail lounge. The view is fantastic, isn't it Frank?" she asked him excitedly.

"Sure is, so let's go and see it" he replied.

Frank made sure that Helen was sitting next to Tony where they could both see the view and was happy that they were sitting there holding hands, as young lovers should. Hard to believe that just a few moments ago the three of us were lying on my bed making love, he thought.

Helen and Tony both had a Grasshopper, she having told him how lovely and smooth a cocktail it was. Frank stayed with his Dry Martini.

As they sat there slowly sipping their cocktails, the two youngsters told him of their plans and aspirations. Tony was hoping that when Helen started university they would be able to share a room, but so far he hadn't been able to convince Helen's mother, especially about whether they would be able to afford it.

"Well I hope this helps a little" Frank said as he handed them each an envelope.

"What is it?" Helen cried, guessing what it was, but totally surprised and overwhelmed. Of course she also wondered how much was in the envelope.

"Well if you don't open it you won't find out, but do it under the table" he suggested, realising it would look bad and was risky if people saw him giving them so much money publicly.

Helen couldn't believe it. She could see that she had five bundles of one hundred dollar notes and guessed that there were ten in each bundle, meaning he had just given her five thousand dollars. It was the last thing she was expecting and she burst into tears, jumping up, almost spilling their drinks as she moved quickly to him and gave him a great big kiss, not caring who saw them.

Tony was also a bit flabbergasted as he could see that there was a thousand dollars in his envelope and knew that her envelope was a lot fatter so probably had a lot more in it, as she should have, he thought. The last thing he was expecting was for Frank to give him a present. He was overjoyed, however, not just for the money, but because he hoped that they now might have enough to move in together next year.

"Thanks so much Frank, this is the last thing I expected. I won't give you a kiss if you don't mind, but perhaps Helen might give you an extra one from me" he said, his gratitude evident in the way he spoke.

"Only too happy to help out Tony" Helen said with a big smile as she gave Frank a second kiss on the lips, letting her tongue linger in his mouth for a few moments, before adding "I'll thank you properly after dinner."

Tony whispered to Helen what was in his envelope and she told him what she thought Frank had given her. They were both so happy, knowing what this could mean for them next year.

Frank offered them a second cocktail now or some wine later with their dinner, thinking that they probably shouldn't have both.

"I think I'll wait for a glass of wine with dinner, if I can. Helen told me what wonderful food and wine she experienced when she was with you, so I would love the opportunity to try something" Tony replied.

Helen decided to do the same, telling Frank that she was hoping for another glass of French champagne, because she doubted if she would ever get to experience that again.

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