Frank's Reward
Chapter 1: Sharon

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Sharon - A sequel to 'Selecting the Right Girl', Frank has selected his travelling companion but has to tell the unsuccessful candidates and finalise details with his chosen girl. Follow Frank’s final sexual adventures with an unexpected twist, before he undertakes his 12 month overseas luxury holiday.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys  

"YES OF COURSE I do, Frank dear, next year and for as long as you want me. So are you really choosing me?" Sharon replied after Frank had rung her to tell her she had been chosen for his travelling companion next year.

"Yep, I definitely am, so when can we next get together to talk about it further?" Frank asked.

"I'm actually available tomorrow night. Are you are still in the city staying at the same hotel? I have a morning shift tomorrow and then the afternoon shift the next day, so I could easily spend tomorrow night with you if that's convenient. Would you like me to come to your hotel? I can be there around 5pm" she told him. Frank had been staying in a suite at a luxury hotel near Sydney harbour on his frequent visits from his home in Canberra, especially since his recent retirement.

"Yes, I'm back here again for a few days, and what you've suggested is great" he replied adding "we can then sort out some details about when we leave and where we go initially. That way I can get the bookings started and we should be able to leave in a month or so if that suits you. See you then, love."

"It sure does and you don't know how much I am looking forward to it, Frank dear, bye" she sighed contentedly as she hung up and got back to work.

Frank was both happy and relieved. The whole recruitment exercise had worked out so much better than he thought it would and he was really looking forward to spending next year travelling with Sharon. He was convinced that they would be good together.

His next call was to Beth, a 22 year old girl from Thailand who would finish her degree in another month. He found this call a little difficult, as he had enjoyed two fantastically sexy dates with her. He was sorely tempted to take her up on her offer to spend a week in Thailand with her, knowing what a great time he would have with her for the week, but thought it would be unfair on her, seeing that he had made his decision in favour of Sharon.

Nevertheless, while he could tell she was disappointed, she accepted his decision and didn't expect anything else from him, nor did she need it. After all, she came from a wealthy family and didn't really need the money he was offering. It was the adventure and luxury holiday itself that she wanted. Because she preferred older men, she would have enjoyed spending the year with him.

Then he rang Sandy, a 24 year old law student, who was more than a little surprised, thinking that she had made Frank happy in their time together. They had enjoyed several dates where she had slept over with him and then a week in Norfolk Island. She had been hoping that next year would set her up financially.

She wasn't of course looking for anything longer term, especially not with a person as old as Frank, but she was quite happy to spend next year with him, especially with the financial rewards and the quality of the trip itself.

But she too accepted that it was Frank's decision and if he had found someone better suited for him then good luck to him. She was, however, more than happy to accept Frank's offer of five thousand dollars, which was more than double what he had originally promised her if she went on a short holiday with him and then he didn't end up choosing her. Frank felt that not only had she earned it with her extra dates, but she also needed it and wished her well.

Finally, he rang Helen, a young 17 year old girl in her last year of college. She had been a virgin before she spent several days with him in Hobart, with her mother's consent. She knew before they went there that he wouldn't choose her because she was just too young, but needed the $5,000 he promised her. Although she didn't do it just for the money. She really wanted him to teach her about sex and this way her mother had let her go on the pill, so would be able to enjoy a sexual relationship with a young man that she had started to get friendly with.

Frank told her he had chosen someone and that he hoped they would be setting off in about four weeks. He asked how she was and if she had made progress with her new boyfriend yet.

"Oh yes Frank, Tony was so happy when I told him I wanted to see him again and even happier when I let him make love to me after a couple more dates. He adores me, I can tell and I feel so confident and happy with him" she told him, forthrightly.

"He wasn't upset that you weren't a virgin?" he asked

"On the contrary, he was glad because it turned out that I was his first girl. I told him about you and what happened and he was grateful to you, because he knows that if it hadn't been for you, he wouldn't have got to enjoy my body, something he tells me often just how much he does" she replied.

"I am so glad it worked out for you, because you were something special to me. I wished you had been three or four years older because a year with you would have been a fantastic experience" he responded.

"I feel the same I can assure you, but I do understand why you feel that I am too young. I told mum that I still owed you an extra night and made her promise that I could spend one more night with you when my exams are over in a week and a half. I hope you will avail yourself of the offer" she asked in a soft and sexy voice, obviously still keen to sleep with him, despite her youth.

"That sounds very tempting, but what about Tony?" he asked.

"Oh he won't mind, he's not jealous and he's so pleased with what you taught me and have done for me" she told him enthusiastically.

"Perhaps I should invite him instead of the shoe salesman or the waiter, so that when I tie you up we could both ravish you" he joked, referring back to their time in Hobart.

"Tony and I would both love that, but then afterwards, he would go home and I would stay the night with you. Wouldn't you like that?" she implored, adding "I won't be happy unless I am able to have the one extra night with you to reward you for what you gave me. That of course is ignoring the fact that I am really rewarding myself, because I do really want to spend another night with you knowing how much I will enjoy you making love to me again."

Frank was stunned. The offer was so tempting. He knew that he would really enjoy another night with her and the thought of a threesome with her was an absolute fantasy.

But what about Sharon? How would she feel if after making his decision, he went and spent a night with another girl?

"Let me think on it, Helen. I am very tempted, but it is an offer I hope you realise that I don't expect you to make. Besides, do you really think your boyfriend would want to share you with me?" he postulated.

"I know I don't have to, but I want to and I am absolutely certain that Tony will be happy to share me with you in your suite. I reckon that he would just love it if you would shout him a drink in that rooftop cocktail lounge and perhaps take us both for dinner as well" she said emphatically, not thinking of it as financial reward for him, but just a luxury thing she would love her boyfriend to be able to experience.

"I'll let you know, dear, I promise I'll ring you again. Bye love" he replied.

Frank told the hotel he was staying a couple of days more and then went to see the travel agent.

As soon as he answered the door in his suite, Sharon came into his arms and greeted him with a kiss. She was still in her nurse's uniform and carrying an overnight bag, clearly ready to stay the night, he was pleased to see. Frank was hoping to spend a few more nights with her before their big holiday.

"Let me have a shower and get changed and then you can take me upstairs for what I hope is a celebratory drink" she told him as she withdrew from his arms and went to the bathroom.

Less than an hour later Sharon was proposing a toast to their forthcoming holiday. They sat at his favourite table with its great harbour view including both the coat hanger, as Sydney Harbour Bridge was known locally, and the Opera House. Naturally he was having a Dry Martini, but she had accepted his offer of French champagne.

"When is the earliest you could leave with me?" he asked.

"The way my shifts are and giving reasonable notice, I could go anytime from Monday the 30th, which is just under four weeks away. Is that too soon because I know there is a lot to organise?" she wanted to know.

"No, I am sure I can get our first legs booked by then. Hopefully we will be able to have a number of dates between now and then, though?" he enquired.

"I hope so too and look forward to seeing you regularly. Look I've rarely taken any sick leave, so if I need a day or two off to get things organised, I'll happily do it, but when do you want me to resign? Is this a definite thing now? We are really going next year?" she asked, eagerly hoping that the answer was yes.

"Of course it is, so resign tomorrow if you are happy to go with me. I'll stay here a bit longer to get things underway, but I'll probably spend a bit of time in Canberra too, finalising a few thing before we leave. Hopefully we'll be flying out of the country within a month."

Sharon could sense that he wanted to ask something else, as he paused. She looked at him with concern as she asked worriedly "there is something else though, isn't there? Please tell me."

After another moment's pause, Frank explained a little about the other three girls he had considered, even mentioning how Beth wanted to take him to Thailand for a week, but he had decided that to go away with her wouldn't be fair on Beth or Sharon for that matter, seeing that he had now decided on Sharon.

He also mentioned Sandy, the pole dancing law student who he had taken to Norfolk Island for a week and how she was disappointed not to have been chosen, but that he had given her a big bonus and she was happy with that.

Then he told her a bit about Helen, how young she was and that she had been a virgin, but she had been very keen to spend some time with him, even though he had told her she was too young to take away next year.

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