A Perfect Holiday

by werewolf

Copyright© 2010 by werewolf

Sex Story: We have a few days away on holiday

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   .

It was only a little caravan on a small site at Skegness, but it was there that we spent our very first holiday together, we were both just sixteen and as horny as hell just like sixteen year olds the world over!

It was raining when we arrived, but we spent half an hour in the site shop stocking up with food and booze until at last, the rain eased just long enough for us to go for a stroll on the beach,

It was a lovely evening still warm even at nine o'clock, we found a lovely little pub right on the front and sat there talking while we sipped our drinks,

"Are you nervous?" I asked her and she nodded,

"Just a little bit, but I'm excited as well"

"Yeah me too"

"I bet they're doing it already" she laughed and leaned into me pressing her breasts against my arm, "I bet your dad's doing my mum over the arm of the couch right now"

"No they'll still be in the pub, your dad will have his hand up my mum's skirt, he'll be fingering her pussy"

She took my hand and laid it on her thigh above her short skirt,

"You can finger my pussy any time"

"I want to do something tonight that we've not done yet"

"Ooh" she giggled, "Sounds interesting"

"I want to kiss you"

"We've kissed loads of times"

I felt myself going red, but the drink gave me courage,

"No not like that, I mean kiss you, you know, down there"

"Where?" she smiled and let her knees drift apart,

"You know where" and I moved my hand up further between her legs,

"Do you mean my pussy?"

"I've never done it before"

"Neither have I" my finger found the front of her panties and pressed very gently, she was wet, very wet,

"Your pussy's soaking" I whispered and she giggled,

"Of course it's soaking, I'm thinking about you lying there naked with your mouth on it"

"And my cock in your mouth"

"Mmm, yes" She laughed, "Come on let's go we can have another few drinks in the caravan"

It was dark by then so I was the only one who saw her shimmying out of her panties in the shelter of a low wall,

"I want some fresh air on my pussy" she giggled and threw them to me, holding them to my face I ran after her and we fell into the caravan laughing and giggling like two naughty kids, she fell back onto the bed shrieking as I followed her down and fastened my mouth onto her glistening wet slit.

"Ooh yes" she moaned as I used my tongue to open her nether lips, "I can see why our mother's like this so much"

I used my tongue like a miniature penis fucking her gently as she pushed herself back at me and as a spoon when I discovered just how wet she really was, her juices tasted like nectar, scooping them out, I swallowed eagerly and went back for more.

She was writhing under me clutching my hair with both hands.

We'd both secretly watched our parents doing this with each other's wives and we'd even seen our mothers doing it to each other, but as most of our sexual experiences had been hurried affairs, we'd never really had chance before, the long wait had been worth it though, the sheer intimacy of the act thrilled me and Lindsay obviously though so too.

"Naked Tommy" she gasped, "Let's get naked"

We did and in less than ten seconds I was lying on top of her feeling the exquisite sensation of her lips closing around my prick, her legs were open as wide as she could get them, I lay for a moment enjoying her mouth on me before dipping my head and tasting her nectar again,

I felt her lips on my balls as she began to masturbate me slowly, she pushed herself up to my mouth as I nibbled at her clitoris, her lips traveled from one testicle to the other sucking and nibbling at each one in turn.

I left her clitoris to lick again at her succulent, pink inner flesh, I had both hands cupping her buttocks while I slurped at her sex like a starving man with his first meal for a week, a finger ran over her anus and she squealed,


I followed it with my tongue and she squealed again, I felt her teeth scraping lightly over my prick,

"Fuck me Tommy" she hissed and I needed no second bidding, her arms snaked around my neck and as I slid into her wetness, she sighed and wrapped both legs round my back,

"Yes" she moaned softly, "This is beautiful Tommy"

"We were born for this" I smiled and crushed her lips with mine, my prick felt like an iron bar enclosed in a tight swamp, a swamp that moaned and writhed beneath me. I could feel my balls caressing her buttocks as I fucked her slowly savoring the tightness of her cunt around me.

She met me thrust for thrust gripping my buttocks, digging her nails into my flesh whimpering as we drove ourselves towards orgasm,

"Tommy" she gasped, "Tommy I'm coming"

"Yes" I hissed, "So am I"

I rammed myself hard into her and she squealed, her eyes opened as if in shock, her vaginal muscles tightened as she came, my prick jerked and just for a second I froze, every nerve in my body was tense, then as my own orgasm hit, my prick spewed into her, again and again it spurted until finally we lay still bathed in each other's love.

We slept late the following morning, waking in each other's arms just before mid-

day and making love slowly, it was a lovely warm day so we walked down to the sea front and ate breakfast in a café there.

"Let's go for a bike ride" she said enthusiastically, "We can take a picnic, it'll be fun"

My idea of fun would have been to stay in bed and fuck her silly but I agreed anyway and we hired two cycles, she wore a short summer dress totally unsuitable for cycling but she piqued my interest by removing her panties before straddling her machine!

There were quiet little lanes on the back road to a place called Mablethorpe just a few miles up the road and lots of tiny coves, we ate some sandwiches at one such place, but I found it quite hard to concentrate on the food while this beautiful, sexy sixteen year old sat opposite me with her knees up under her chin showing just a hint of her pussy!

"You'll get raped sitting like that" I laughed and she lay right back allowing her dress to fall back over her hips, her pussy looked wet and inviting and it tasted like nectar as I ran my tongue slowly up between her lips. She used the fingers of both hands to hold herself open obscenely,

"Fuck me with your tongue" she said softly and lay back holding my head in her hands as I obeyed, I loved having her long, sexy legs wrapped around my neck, I loved breathing in her scent and I loved hearing her low moans of pleasure as I feasted on her jewel!

Her clitoris looked wet and swollen, she gasped as I took it between my lips and flicked it with my tongue, she heaved herself up to push herself into my face her breathing rapid and shallow.

"You're going to make me cum Tommy"

"Mmm yes" I smiled, "I love doing this"

She was starting to shake and her pussy was positively dripping, I cupped her sexy little buttocks and used my mouth like a vacuum cleaner drawing out her juices and swallowing them.

"Tommy" she gasped, "TOMMY, I'M CUMMINGGGGGGG!"

She writhed, she shook and she squealed, she was still shaking as I hastily unzipped my jeans and slid into her,

"Ooh yes Tommy" she gasped and gripped my hips, "Do me darling, shag me, oh fuck yes, you're making me cum again"

"I'm cumming too" I gasped into her mouth, her eyes were wide open and staring into mine as I ejaculated, her tongue snaked between my lips and we clung together riding the waves of ecstasy that engulfed us both.

We heard kids laughing down on the beach so we hurriedly made ourselves respectable and sat sharing a cigarette while we watched a young family enjoying the sun.

She giggled that her pussy was sore as we remounted our bikes and set off back to the caravan,

"Mind you I think I want to marry this saddle" and she stood on the pedals to race away from me her skirt flaring up to display her sexy little bottom.

We took the cycles back and ate a dinner of locally caught fish and chips that melted in our mouths before enjoying a shower together and going to bed for an hour to replenish our energy.

"We should get married" I said as I held her in my arms enjoying the smell of her hair,

"I'd like that" she said softly, "Do you think they'd let us?"

"They know we like each other, so yes I reckon they'd let us all right"

"I could have this every day" she giggled and ran a hand gently down to where my cock was stirring again,

"I'd have a hard on all day at work knowing what I'd be going home to"

"I'd meet you at the door wearing nothing but stockings and a smile" she said and dipped her head.

My cell phone rang then and I spent the next few minutes talking to my mother whilst Lindsay's mouth and tongue did wonderful things to my groin.

"We want to get married mum" I said and laughed when I heard her delighted squeal of joy,

"Me and your dad were sixteen when we got married you know" she said, "Let me talk to Lindsay"

The sexy girl, never one to waste an opportunity, took the phone off me and scrambled up over my face, her hot little pussy was dripping into my mouth as she chatted to my parents and she shuddered to a silent orgasm before ending the call with a sexy little giggle.

"She said she's seeing my mum tonight" she said without lifting herself from my face,

"I bet they'll be like this then" I said into her pussy making her laugh again and she lifted herself off me,

"Let's go out for a drink" she suggested, "And we can talk about what we think they're doing to each other"

Watching her getting ready was a sexual experience in itself, she slipped into a pair of black stockings and a tiny black g-string before sitting in front of the mirror and putting on her make up.

"You should put some of that on your pussy" I leered as she put on her lipstick, "And your nipples"

"Pervert" she giggled, but handed me the tube and eased her panties down for me to decorate her gorgeous little cunt,

"Does that mean you might want to kiss me there again?"

"Any time" I agreed with a laugh, "In fact ALL the time"

For good measure she decorated each nipple and shuddered with pleasure as they stood to attention as did my cock as I watched the delicious little minx pulling on a short leather skirt and a black semi sheer blouse.

"I'd better keep my jacket on" she laughed, "Or everyone will see my nipples"

"Remember when your mum did that?" I asked as we settled down in the pub,


"Painted her nipples, you were doing the washing last month and you commented on how she'd got lipstick in her bra"

"Yes" she laughed, "We thought it was from your mum's lips didn't we?"

"It's hard to think of your mother being kinky like that isn't it?

"That's not kinky, I think it's sexy"

"What about you Lindsay, have you ever thought about going with another girl?"

"What, sexually?" she looked surprised,

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