Halloween Goddess

by Tr3adst0ne

Copyright© 2010 by Tr3adst0ne

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Milly, Gino and Rivalz have a 'gettogether' at the student council clubhouse during the school's annual Halloween party. (Code Geass lemon)

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   .

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Code Geass. If I did, it would have been much, much naughtier.

Rated M for language and graphic sexuality. If you are under 18 this story ain't for you. You have been warned.

Introductory Author's Note: This is a lemon that takes place in an AU setting where the Black Rebellion never happened.

Halloween at Ashford Academy was in full swing. Most if not all of the student body as well as several members from the staff donned costumes of different varieties and colors. They all danced the night away as the music shook the ground with giant thuds. The volume of the tunes that played in the main chamber shook the foundation of the first floor, which some joked to be enough to collapse the whole building.

The party itself was sponsored by none other than Milly Ashford, heir apparent to the Ashford family. She wore a scantily-clad devil costume, with a tail and horns that accompanied her rather provocative suit. Her costume caught the attention of many of the male students, as they felt themselves stir at the sight of the comely heiress. One thing was for sure: she knew how to throw parties.

About two floors up moans emanated from within the student council chamber. The main doors that led to the room were sealed shut, allowing the three occupants that were in the room to be by themselves uninterrupted. Moonlight spilled inward towards the table where Milly was sitting. In spite of the darkness, the natural illumination was more than enough for two male students to see Milly in her fiendish divinity. Her stockings, high heels, cape and red vest only served to accentuate the figure that brightened under the light of the moon. The two men that she invited were members of the student council. Both were dressed in pirate attire; all ragged yet exhibiting a hint of classiness at the same time.

On the edge of the table's surface Milly circled her fingers around her outer labia. Juices dripped alongside her nether lips as some of it covered the table. The sensations of her ministrations into her pussy drove her wild. And the fact that Rivalz and Gino watched her made it all hotter. The student council president was renowned in her ability to bring men to their knees and possessed a flirty disposition. At times she took on multiple guys to satisfy her need for sex, so it came to no surprise that she was among a few of the girls desired on the student council.

While she never founded a definite interest in one man, she did take notice and expressed her gratitude for their attention in her. She knew for a while that Rivalz wanted to court her as a potential candidate for marriage. While she wasn't sure she was ready to commit, it was only fair that she would oblige him with something special after keeping him waiting for years. As for Gino, she expressed a loose interest in him since he arrived at Ashford just a few months prior before the fall semester started.

Feeling surprised Rivalz dropped his lower jaw, his mouth completely agape at what he was seeing. After years of struggling to win her affection for the past, he had finally got what he had desired for so long. And since he was of age, it gave a lot of room for him to do some sexual exploration with the young woman. The question was how far she was willing to go in order to make the night worthwhile.

"Tonight you get to see what most others don't..." she smiled at the two men.

Rivalz was unsure of what to make of the situation. All that he knew was that he felt his arousal slowly build up from within. Everything became a blur when the student council president started stripping some more before the boys' eyes, leaving only her devil horns headband and her stockings and high heels. The vest that she wore fell to the ground. Milly's cleavage spilled out of her vest when she unbuttoned it, her hands slowly snaking from her chest to her flat stomach.

Gino lifted his eye patch and drew enjoyment from her little striptease. He was pleased at the fact that she even bothered to do such a thing for the two of them in such a direct manner. As for Rivalz, it was like a dream come true, with the council president fulfilling his dream of actually banging her on the very spot which they all stood. She grinned at the sight of their peckers growing hard from inside their pants. Her thoughts pushed her horniness even higher, the smell of cologne and the thought of just seeing the upper half of their bodies was enough to turn her on. She saw the looks in their eyes and gave her approval to get a feel of them. "Go ahead and touch them."

Rivalz extended his hand and gently tweaked her left nipple before he suckled on it. She gave a mewl of satisfaction as the blue-haired teen roamed over every facet of her body with his hand. As her eyes closed, she took notice that a set of fingers were dipped inside of her pussy while another two sets gently squeezed her breasts. Her mouth formed an O as she felt the first set of fingers drive deeper into her tight walls before pulling out.

"This is going to be interesting," Gino mused as he began to strip, his fingers damp with juices from the president's honeypot. Rivalz did the same himself, pulling off his shirt before he threw it to the side. The boys' upper bodies revealed fine musculature that made Milly blush, pushing her desire to greater heights. Afterwards they undid the sashes that held their pants and lowered their boxers, revealing their dicks for her to study over.

Gino had a stronger build than Rivalz due to the fact that he did some boxing and soccer in his youth prior to his transfer to the academy. While Rivalz was a gambler at heart, he also possessed a defined tone that accompanied his body after playing some rugby and tennis with Shirley and Lelouch. But showing off wasn't enough to slake Milly's lust for them. An instinctive desire rose from within her and made her body heat rise. She needed to satisfy her sexual urges, and who better to please her than two well-endowed classmates?

With curious eyes she took a cursory glance at the males' throbbing members. Both of their cocks turned to be beautiful specimens, veins popping all over as blood flowed within. Her hands snaked towards Rivalz's dick first and stroked it gently before it stiffened up like a stick. The boy struggled with his self-control, unable to take the sight that was happening before his eyes. In seconds she knelt down and took his cock in her mouth before she worked her magic on him. Her tongue rolled around his length, covering it with her saliva before she devoured it whole inside her lips. The wetness of her mouth swallowing and sucking on his length was driving the blue-haired teen insane.

A sinister idea popped in her head, as she took her boobs and wrapped them around Rivalz's pulsing cock. The blue-haired teen was caught by the sudden action, all the while moaning at the softness of her chest flesh. He turned his head and saw a slight hint of jealousy on Gino's face, realizing he wanted a piece of the action. The last thing that he wanted was to be smashed to a pulp for not sharing her with the blond teen.

Milly watched from the corners of her eyes and gave the German student a wink, a sign that he would get his turn soon. Her tits continued their relentless assault on Rivalz's pole, bouncing up and down while applying pressure around it. She looked up towards his eyes and knew he was on the verge of release. Already she felt the pre-cum dripping out from his engorged mushroom and pushed him even further towards the brink by mashing her tits together.

Rivalz choked out. "Oh god..."

"You like it?" she asked with a smile.

Another squeeze was all it took before he gave his answer. "Yes!"

Gouts of warm fluid popped in-between her breasts like a fountain. She was surprised as one stream shot up high and splashed back down on her chest. Her tongue lashed around the tip, trying to lap up his precious liquid as they exploded in gooey ribbons. Gino moved in and put his stiffness up front so that Milly could take him next and suck him off when the opportunity arose. When Rivalz stopped shooting, she retracted herself and smothered her breasts with his seed before licking them. The girl reveled in the taste and wanted more. As she saw Gino stroke himself off, she lunged forth towards him and devoured his cock in the same fashion as she did to Rivalz. Milly worked her tongue all over the tip and down the length, right until she reached the orbs that hung below his shaft. Her ministrations drew moans from the young man, going as far as deep-throating it before retracting her head.

She covered Gino's length using her left land and strained it with her slender fingers until the German howled in pleasure and shot his load against her tit flesh. As he felt himself convulse, the blond man backed away and leaned against the table for support to keep from falling. While the blond man took a moment to recover from his orgasm, Milly lapped up whatever cum covered her soft globes and walked gingerly towards Rivalz. She used her hands and sensuously leaned in close towards his face, the tip of his cock touching her stomach.

"What are you doing?" the blue-haired teen asked her.

"Just lay down, sweetie," she said in a comforting voice, moving him gently and laying him against the ground. Rivalz felt his back stiffen as he laid flat on the carpeted floor. Milly took out a bottle of lubricant that she kept hidden inside one of the room cabinets and applied it on his softened member. She wrapped her hands around and used firm, steady strokes as it slowly sprung back up. Rivalz's cock popped back up like a tent, giving Milly her chance to mount him.

Gino watched with interest, stroking himself while Milly was being impaled by their classmate. Her body bounced up and down on his length, providing a good amount of stimulation to the blue-haired Britannian. The student council president couldn't get enough and wanted more satisfaction for her body. She leaned her frame forward and propped her ass out as an invitation for Gino to enter her.

"Put it right here," she said in a seductive tone, patting her rear end for emphasis. Impatient, the German applied the lubricant that was next to Rivalz and Milly, smothering it to the puckered little star between her buttocks. His blood boiled at the sight of the hot blonde getting her share of meat in her mound while the German foreign student aimed his cock around her asshole and drove it in slowly. She yelped at the size of Gino's girth when he entered her, his length buried as deep as he could get.

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