Asses, Tongues & Facebook

by TabooJenny

Copyright© 2010 by TabooJenny

Erotica Sex Story: My friend Denise and I are simply browsing through Facebook when the question emerges from her lips "Have you ever had your ass licked before?". After telling her "No.", she asks the question many more times in disbelief before taking it upon herself to show me what it's like.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Lesbian   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Enema   .

I sat at the head of my bed, watching my best friend Denise browsing Facebook on my laptop. She had the laptop situated at the foot of the bed and she lay on her stomach, her feet dangling in the air. She was wearing her pyjama bottoms which were pink trousers and a white vest top.

I wasn't openly gay or bisexual. I just had my fantasies, most of which involved Denise. I was lucky that we would spend the majority of our time talking about boys because she wouldn't even suspect that I secretly wanted to do unforgivable things to her.

I watched her, as she browsed facebook. I looked at her soft feet, her toes painted red. I looked at the small wedgie she had, revealing her ass crack to me. I had strong sexual urges aimed towards her yet she had no idea of it.

"God, have you seen Tom's new facebook pictures?" Denise asked me. I crawled down to the bottom of the bed and lay beside her on my stomach. I looked at the screen to see Tom, the class hottie. He had blonde, spiked hair, tanned skin, six pack, you name it. He was gorgeous.

"I fucked him." Denise said.


"Yeah. He wasn't too bad. Not as good as Greg. Greg was dirtier."

"Was he? What did he do?"

"The furthest that he went with me was licking my asshole."

"Denise!" I gasped.

"What? It was really hot. Besides, it felt good."

"Letting someone lick your ass?!"

"Yeah! You're telling me you've never let a guy lick your ass?"

"It never crossed my mind, no."

She looked at me cheekily and then resumed looking through his profile page. At that moment, dirty thoughts began to play in my head. My sexual urges were going mad. I wanted this girl so badly.

" ... You really haven't had your ass licked?"

"No, I haven't."

Denise re-positioned herself so that she was on her knees beside me. She then gripped onto the waistband of my pyjama bottoms. I flinched in shock when I felt her hands on my ass.

"Denise!" I gasped, quickly rushing my hands down to her wrists to stop her.

"What? Seriously, Denise. You need to feel this. It's amazing!"

"Yeah, but..."


"Isn't that gay?"

"Listen, all I'm doing is letting you experience something that you haven't tried before that I like? Think of it as the same things as letting you try a certain food that I like but you haven't tried."

"I don't know..."

Before I could make my mind up, Denise had pulled my pyjama bottoms down to my ankles. I planted my face into my bed as she lifted my feet to pull the bottoms completely off.

"Right, Jenny. First I need to soften your bum up a bit."


"Well ... I need to play with it a bit. Stimulate the senses."


"Get on all fours for me, chick."

I got onto all fours on my bed and Denise crawled around me so that she was kneeled behind me. She began to run her index finger in circular motions around my anus. I couldn't lie to her, it felt good just having her on my bed.

Soon her finger was stroking across the entrance of my shithole and I felt the slightest bit of penetration each time. Before I knew it, she slowly pushed her index finger deep into my ass, right down to her knuckle. I moaned with the erotic pleasure of having my beautiful best friend fingering my ass. She giggled when she noticed that I was enjoying myself.

She pulled her finger back out and then sucked it.

"Denise! Did you just... ?"

"Come on! Don't be a square! I need to enjoy myself too!"

"Yeah, but ... you just sucked my ass off your finger..."

"Honey, not long now and my tongue will be in there!"

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