If She Acts Like a Cougar

by Meahana

Copyright© 2010 by Meahana

Romantic Sex Story: Does that mean that I should buy a pickup truck and troll for seventeen year old boys?

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   .

Carol comes over for coffee at least three times a week. She's a neighbor and actually an old school friend too. I guess she thinks that I need the company. I suppose she's right, but it's not like I'm a recluse or anything.

Peter died about two years ago and he left me pretty well off. I have all the money I need and the house is paid for. The only thing that he didn't leave me, that I wish I had, is a child of his. Except for those poor women that lost their husbands in war, I guess a thirty- four year old widow isn't so common.

I don't even get horny anymore. My friend at Maui Memorial Hospital tells me that isn't unusual for widows, but she agrees with Carol; "use it or lose it".

So Carol comes over and starts in after a brief current affairs conversation (including local affairs of the heart). "We gotta get you laid, baby". I keep telling her that she doesn't, "gotta get me laid". I was busy with keeping up the house, I belonged to a good book club and even worked every so often at the book store in Wailuku.

"Did you read this morning where this teacher on the mainland is accused of dragging a seventeen year old boy into the back of her pick up?" So it started that morning.

"I read that. Does that mean that I should buy a pickup truck and troll for seventeen year old boys?"

"No, skip the pickup and use your beautiful body. Find a hot young thing to fuck you stupid. Look in the mirror, Rachael. You've always been a hotty yourself and that hasn't changed."

"A cougar."

"A what?"

"A cougar. That's what the young guys call a woman that chases after them."

"Sounds good. Be a cougar then."

"You're a sick woman, Carol."

"I know. And horny too."

"Most of the time I think."

"Not really," she said. "Alex and I have this thing..."

"I know, your swap club."

"That's sort of a callous term for it, Rach."

"Is it the wrong term?"

"We like to think of it as sharing."

"The aloha way, huh? Sharing?"

"Yep. That's it. Ready to join us?"

"I don't have anybody to share."

"Alex won't care."

And so it went that morning. Not much different than most of our visits. This was the first time that she actually offered me her husband though. He's nice enough, but it isn't my scene. Okay, that's not totally true. I shared her boyfriend off and on when we were much younger. It was pretty hot having her watch me and seeing her have an orgasm. So, I'm not a complete prude.

Sex between Peter and me was always super too. In the eight years that we were married, one of us had to be pretty sick not to have sex. We experimented and role played some pretty sexy scenes. I think Peter hinted at, but we never joined Carol and her husband's little group. If he really wanted to, I would have done it.

After Carol left I decided to finish my housework. There wasn't much traffic, so vacuuming was pretty easy. While I was in my bedroom, I took a long look in the full length closet mirror and saw much the same medium height (5'6") woman that has always been there. Her breasts drew looks from the guys. Her hips and waist were a pretty good match. Light brown hair past her shoulders still had the shine of a younger woman without putting a lot of junk in it. I guess that woman in the mirror just doesn't pay much attention to the guys flirting and hitting on her anymore.

I thought about my inactivity as I was vacuuming and I decided that it was time to see if all still worked. I stood in front of the mirror at first and took my top off, then dropped my denim shorts. I laid back on my bed and wiggled my panties off. I watched as they sailed across the room from my toe. Not having a toy of any kind, I played with a nipple with my left hand and slid the fingers of my other between my thighs and into the cleft. It wasn't very wet down there, but I didn't give up. I tried fantasizing, but couldn't develop any sort of mental picture until I remembered an associate professor from college. He wasn't the first blowjob that I gave, but the first that I honestly enjoyed. There wasn't any place that he wouldn't fuck me. My orgasm came when I thought about him holding me against a wall, skirt up, panties off, my legs wrapped around him and the jolt of the orgasm running through me. For the second time. I couldn't allow it to be the last.

A shower was necessary after that. But I had forgotten how good an orgasm could feel. 'Think of a guy between your thighs, ' I thought. Making me talk to myself, relentlessly pounding on me, him talking dirty, even nasty, to me. Okay, enough for one day let me get back to work.

The only job that I really do not like is mowing the lawn. I have front wheel drive thingy that starts easy enough, but my lawn in front is so small that it might be better to have one with no motor. The back is bigger and mostly straight ... Okay, so nobody wants to hear about my lawn.

My story isn't about the lawn anyway. Kinda about the lawn I guess, but not really. It's about what happened that afternoon while I was mowing the lawn.

School was just getting out and a bunch of kids had just left the school bus and were scattering as they do. A young couple walked by as I was getting ready to restart the beast after I put the catcher on. They were walking close together and the boy seemed to have her backpack under his arm. I think it was hers. Unless he liked pink Nike backpacks. I had put my denim shorts back on, but traded the top for a loose spaghetti strap tank. B cup breasts don't require a lot to hold them up, so I often left my bra hanging on the hook in the bathroom. Apparently the fact that a slight trade wind made my nipples show nicely through that light top didn't enter my feeble mind. The young boy didn't miss it though.

"You're a pervert. She has to be old enough to be your mother."

"Shut up, she'll hear you."

I did hear her and I also saw his head snap around when I turned to look. 'Shit he is good looking, ' I thought. 'I can see why those women get into trouble.' I actually smiled at him when he turned his head for another look. I'm a wreck. 'Stay home, Carol, ' I thought, 'you started all of this.'

"Did you see her ass?" He took an elbow in the ribs for that.

Over six feet tall, slim, sweet butt, healthy but not a weight lifter type. Needs a hair cut (I wouldn't let him). I'll bet he fucks that girl friend of his every day. Two years and then finally I get randy again. Twice in the same day. Damn. I mowed the lawn.

No Carol the next day which was definitely no loss either. I have no idea what got into me because I was lurking in the afternoon. Sitting on the front porch with my foot on the step. I wore a light cotton skirt and a white button down top. I wore a bra today too. Waiting for the bus. Don't say, "no way." I was. I waited for that bus and thought about those tight jeans and that sweet butt. Finally they did come by and I got a little wave from him and his girl. I waved back and had a warmth in my face that must have been a blush. I suddenly felt like I was twelve and waving at a secret crush. They walked a few feet more, he leaned and said something to her and then came rushing back.

"Hi," I said

"Hi. I saw you mowing yesterday."

"I saw you too." Giving an intelligent reply.

"It looked like you and the lawn mower were having an argument."

"The lawn mower and I tussle sometimes. But I get it done."

"I was wondering if I could do it for you. Mow the lawn I mean. I need to make a little money and I can do a good job."

About that time, his girl friend walked up. "This is my sister, Zoe. and I'm Zachary. Zach is okay."

His sister! Yes! "I'm Rachael or Rach. How much do you charge?"

"Can I look around back?"

"Of course."

Zoe stepped closer and put out her hand. "Hi, Rach."

I took it and held it longer than I should have. "Hi Zoe. I thought that Zachary was probably your boyfriend." She is a pretty little dark blond and only looks like her brother when you know that he is. "You must be very close to the same age."

"We're twins ... the fraternal kind ... like Daddy nailed two eggs at once," she said with an impish grin that made me laugh.

"Your brother is very good looking," I said and then added, "You're very pretty. Daddy did good and Mamma too I think."

"He talked about you all night last night. Don't tell him I said so or he'll kill me."

"I would hate it if you were dead so I won't say a thing." I thought that she had one of those rare electric smiles. Her short curls and clear blue/gray eyes made her sort of pixie like ... and those gorgeous lightly tanned legs. 'Not even an A cup bra and maybe never will be but it doesn't detract from her an ounce. Gonna be some heart broken boys on Maui and probably some girls too, ' I thought. 'I would cuddle with her any time and more than cuddle.' Beautiful twins; what if one had to choose? What if one could choose?

"Ten dollars."

"That isn't enough, Zach. I'll pay you twenty if you do it good and trim the front."

"Can I start tomorrow? It's Saturday."

"I just mowed yesterday. You could help me do the flower beds and mow Sunday or Monday." My skirt was blowing a bit and Zach was just a little distracted. "Zach? ... Zachary!"

"Yes, I heard you."

"Dork, quit looking up her skirt," Zoe growled and slugged his arm.

"Ouch! God, Sis! I was just thinking about what she said."

"Right. I know what you're thinking."

"I'll pay you by the hour, Zach. Let's say ten dollars?"


"Can I get you guys a soda? Iced Tea?"

"'nuther time Rach," said Zoe. "We gotta get home before Mom."

"What time, Rach?"

"Ten o'clock sound okay?"

"See ya then." And the pair turned to leave. Zoe stopped and came back fumbling in her bag for something. She found a pen and paper and sat on the step at my feet and started to write.

"You have beautiful legs. I don't blame Zach for looking."

"So do you, Zoe. Beautiful almost everything."

The girl actually blushed. "My brother too?"

"Absolutely. Same eyes and hair."

"Hairy legs though," she chuckled as she finished writing. "Phone numbers, email and messenger addies for you," she said handing me the scrap of paper.

Other women have never interested me that much. I experimented a little in high school and after college, but never to any extent. Carol and I used to masturbate each other when we slept over, but Carol is straight that way. She never let me use my mouth to kiss her or anything else. I've always wanted to and she's always known it. She probably would now if I pressed it; you know with Peter gone and all. Zach interested me, I admit to that. Zoe too and I'm not sure why. Certainly a beautiful young woman though.

Zoe got up to leave and said, "Zach is always checking up skirts and Mom says that's normal for men and boys. She says it's about the panties. So, if you keep sitting like that in front of him like that, I think you're going have to chase him off with a baseball bat." She smiled a second and continued, "I don't mind. I even think I understand how he feels." Then gave that little wave and left.

"Watch for us tonight. I use my laptop in my room and he uses his 'puter in his room. We don't like show or anything, we just chat," she said as she walked away.

" ... it's pretty crazy, anyway. No dought illegal too," I said to the phone that contained Carol's ear. Or was supposed to have. Her mind had me already in bed with at least Zach. For sure that part would be illegal.

She asked if Zach got hard and if I enjoyed him looking at my pussy. I reminded her that I had panties on and yes I enjoyed it and no I couldn't say that he had an erection. Maybe he did because it sorta showed through his shorts.

No I didn't think that Zoe was a lesbian. Yes she, at least, might think she's bisexual. Would I like to put my face in her cunt (I tried to tell you how Carol is). I said that sounds nice but a lot like jail too.

The "c" word can be disturbing to some and I apologize if you're offended. I used to hate it until Peter used the word after we got married. When he'd think I was about to go over, but struggling, he'd start talking and using that word. It was just what I usually needed. More, it felt like every once of imaginable pleasure had exploded through me. I'd about lose all good sense and get neighbor waking vocal. I soon learned that he enjoyed the naughty talk too. From me.

Am I going to chat with them tonight? I said flatly, no. Or maybe (to myself).

Would I like it if she sent Alex over to fuck me tonight? And I actually considered it. I darn near said yes; I was so very horny. I didn't want to start that though.

After we closed our conversation, I took a nice long bath and put on one of the t-shirts that I call a nighty and opened the book that I'd been reading. I tried, but couldn't get more than a paragraph before my mind wandered to somewhere else. Peter of course, but then Alex for a time, and finally Zach. Zachary. A beautiful boy with a beautiful sister. A tall boy with enough tucked away in those shorts (mostly hidden or not) to make me want to pull them down to see more. A boy (and girl) that made no bones that they were interested in a woman about twice their age.

It makes me sorta wonder about a brother and sister that apparently are chatting on a messenger. If they talk to each other, why not go into the other's room? If they talk to others in a conference, then why not share the computer. She said they don't show. It that true? That might explain different rooms if she were fibbing a little.

The laptop was on the kitchen table, batteries getting low of course, so I took it into the bedroom and plugged it into the outlet under my nightstand. I opened the messenger in the mode that showed me offline like I always did. I chat sometimes and if I happen to give my email out, then the hordes of losers show up. When I put the kids' addresses into the address book, sure enough, there they were.

I didn't click on them, but I sent mail to Zoe telling her that I was too shy (it's true), but that I was curious about why they were chatting separately together.

Zoe answered immediately saying that I shouldn't feel that way and that she wished that I would chat with them. She answered the question exactly like this, "Mom doesn't trust us alone together. She is sure that we are going to fuck. As if we couldn't find a way if we wanted to. We love each other, but not like that. We usually just chat each other, but once in awhile a friend will chat with us. Especially a certain friend from our old home."

I returned that moms always know best and all that stuff and that maybe some other time I would visit with them. I told her to remind Zach about our date tomorrow.

Zoe's answer, "I'll bet he won't even sleep tonight thinking about your 'date'. As far as Mom knowing best, I would love for her to know that I could walk back and forth in front of him naked and he wouldn't even look up. Just seeing your panties and boing, instant boner."

Right. Brother or not, her naked body would probably make any straight guy look up. I didn't tell her that.

My legs were shaved this morning in the shower, but there was an area that I hadn't cared for properly for some time. I found my scissors, a towel and the little round mirror, then sat back on the bed and shut the laptop down. I went to work trimming me up (just in case you know). Once I got to the sensitive area and opened my thighs, I was looking straight at my swollen vulva. The entire opening glistened with heat. 'I need to get that thing fucked. Soon. Maybe tomorrow.' I'm still guessing that Zach is under eighteen. I can't believe that I'm thinking like this.

The next morning finally came around and I found an old pair of jeans that still fit good, but would work for the garden. The panties were another matter if, for some reason, the jeans fell off. Those and the bra had to be a little sexy. I don't think my bras are very sexy, but I picked the one with some lace. The white sleeveless top that buttoned at the front and cut just a little low was way back in the closet and I put it on and didn't tuck it. I rarely wear much makeup, so I added some lip gloss and brushed my hair. Maybe a pony tail would be best.

Zach knocked just at ten like we said and the backdoor was open, so I waved him in. "I just finished breakfast, but I can make you some." My hands were wet from my dishes so I turned and towelled them dry.

"No thank you, Rach."

"Your sister and I exchanged emails last night."

"That's what she said. Why didn't you chat with us?"

"I'm a little shy. Besides, I was ready for bed and had almost nothing on."

His grin said it all. "I just had my 'jama bottoms on and sis just had her white shorty on, so we'd have been even."

"Not exactly," I said laughing. "Old women like me get into mucho trouble for that kind of stuff." If he only knew how much I would have loved to unzip those jeans and see the contents of his underwear.

"You're hardly old, Rach."

"How old are you and Zoe, Zach?"

"We just made seventeen."

"I'm almost exactly twice as old you and your sis."

So, we went to work in the flower beds. I have a lot of those. They stretch three quarters around the house and along a fence in back. Zach wasn't shy about reminding me that they hadn't had very good care. I said that I knew that and that I was really happy to have his help. That produced as heart warming of a smile as I've ever seen.

We worked away and I decided that I'd better keep an eye on him. No, not for that reason. Well, that too, but mostly because of the sun and humidity. It was mid May on Maui and it would get warmer and more humid in a couple of months, but people not used to the sub- tropics could dehydrate pretty easily. Especially young people that think Pepsi is the same as water.

Zach told me that his father (he called him that) was transferred to Maui and that he and his sister were none to pleased at first. She was settling in pretty well and now he had found a friend. That made me blush.

He, in turn, learned about me. Husband died, no kids, all of it. A very polite listener was he. I admitted that my husband would have wanted me to take my ring off by now and that Zach could help me with that when we had lunch. He's a young man, the word lunch woke him right up. I was surprised at how easy and free our conversation was even when we were working apart.

But he was right next to me when, "Zach! That isn't a weed, that is a runner from that plant. You gotta pay attention, Sweetie."

"How was I supposed to know?" Then he got a sad look. "I'm sorry."

"Watch what you're pulling out instead of looking down my top."

"I wasn't ... okay."

I put my hand on his shoulder and kissed him on the cheek. I couldn't help myself. "It's okay. Let's clean this up and have some lunch," I said in nearly a whisper.

"Can I pull some more of those out?"

Damned if I didn't do it again. This time a peck on the lips. "Come on young man, let's get you out of the sun, feed and rehydrate that handsome body." On the back (really side) porch I said, "Take off your shoes please. Oh wait, let me brush off your knees." While I was down there, I just had to look and I thought about something else I could do while I was there. 'Stop thinking like that.' I could see the outline and visualize it ... nearly taste it.

When we got in the kitchen, I ordered him to sit at the table while I got him a big glass of cold green tea with honey over ice. I was sweating too, so I decided to join him with a glass too. "If you'll take off your shirt, I'll rinse it out and let it dry on the rail."

I went to the bedroom and changed to my shorts and when I came back to the kitchen, Zach said, "Are we through for today?"

"We finished what I wanted to do and I don't want to have to take you to Maui Memorial."

"Your shirt is wet too. You'd better take yours off too."

"Very funny, butthead." I took the shirt, rinsed it and wrung it out good. I stepped out on the back door and put it in the southern sun to dry.

"Chicken," he said when I came in.

"That's right," I said and turned to the fridge to find something to make sandwiches with. I gathered the stuff and took a long drink of the tea before I started.

"Your butt wiggles when you butter bread. Did you know that?"

"It answers why my husband used to love to sit and watch me at the counter," I said, not turning around.

"Why no kids?"

"Peter had the sperm count to start an army. I, however, apparently didn't want it."

"You never made love with him?"

"I didn't say that. I always checked okay, but we just never could get pregnant."

"I see." I doubted that he did, but it hardly mattered. "You're still sweating, Zach. Let me wet a towel." I put his sandwich and some chips in front of him and went to the sink.

"What are you going to do?"

"Give you a bath." Which created and evil grin. "Relax, hot shot, I'm just kidding."

"Shit." He covered his mouth.

"I've heard worse. Now sit up straight and chew your food."

"Yes, Mom."

"Don't be a smartass." I stood in back of Zach as he ate and wiped his forehead, neck and shoulders with the cool, damp towel. I reached over his shoulders to do his chest (gorgeous chest) and he held up the half of chicken salad sandwich he was eating for me to have a bite. I took the bite and said, "mahalo".

"Thank you, right?"

"That's right. Mahalo means thank you. Lean forward some and I'll do your back."

"Will you come around and stand in front of me?" He said.

"How come?"

"Just because."

I did stand in front of him. Our knees were almost touching and I felt chills. "What do you see?"

"I see a toss up between you and Sis for the most beautiful legs in the world."

"I'd feel better if you had of seen more women's legs, Zach." I should be doing this ran through my thick scull.

"Please, I just want to touch you."

I held out my arms and let him take my hands in his. He just pulled me closer and let his hands slide slowly up my arms. It gave me serious goose bumps. It was hard to imagine some one so you being that tender and sweet. Then he hit me unexpectedly.

"Love you."

"Oh, Zach..."

"Don't say it. You can't say it. Zoe knows it and she said that you would know it too and that I must tell you."

"Zoe is wise way beyond her years, Sweetie." I leaned forward and took is beautiful face in my hands and kissed him hard and long. He didn't hesitate to meet my tongue and share the deep kiss.

I stood up and took his hands mine again. "You are old enough and smart enough to know that this could be a big problem."

"I know."

"Come with me then."


"I'll show you, come. Take my hand."

"Will you take your shirt off?"

"Maybe we'll make taking my top off your job."

I got him into the bedroom with no struggle (but he didn't let go of my hand). The bedroom isn't far from the kitchen, but I think that I could have taken him anywhere just then.

He was trapped between the bed and me and I was standing as close as I could and still give him room. Zach wasted no time finding the buttons to my top. His fingers trembled some, but I sorta took his mind off of his work a bit. I was rubbing the outside of his jeans, where the nice thick line ran to the side of his zipper, with my fingertips. He stopped for a moment and caught his breath when my fingers went into the space between his bare stomach and his jeans. It was tight, so I pulled the material out and unbuttoned the metal top button of his jeans to make more room for my fingers.

Three of the tiny buttons on my blouse were loose. Zach pulled the front of the blouse open after each button was removed from its hole; studying what he had accomplished. He definitely was enjoying his work. Once the blouse was open, he put a hand on each bra covered breast and squeezed ever so gently. About that time, my fingers found the tip of his cock and slid my fingers down the hard shaft.

"Can I take your bra off?" Zach said in a nearly breathless whisper.

"Of course." He tried to pull me around, but I told him to put his arms around me and unsnap it that way.

"I can't see."

"You'll figure it out. I want my nipples against your chest when you get my top off and remove the bra." I was stroking his cock with the tips of my fingers. His underwear was down low in his pants and his zipper was down about two-thirds of the way. The precum was making my fingers sticky. I really wanted to just drop to my knees and take his pants and boxers with me. Then his cock into my mouth.

My top and bra were finally off and Zach quit asking. He unbuttoned my shorts, unzipped them and waited for me to step out of them. He left my panties on. "Those are for you to do while I watch."

I thought, 'good ... you learn fast.' We kissed hard and deep. He didn't seem to realize that I was nudging him back against the bed until he suddenly sat down on it. "Lay back, Sweetie." Zach did. As he started to scoot back on the bed, I grabbed the cuffs of his jeans and pulled and the jeans were in my hands. I tossed those to the side with mine and went for the boxers. 'Careful here, ' I thought, something was sticking out at an angle.

I pulled his boxer shorts up a little and over the top of the problem and slid them down his legs too. He seemed to instinctively try to cover himself.

"Don't do that, Sweetie ... I want to see it."

"It's not very big," he said in a near whisper.

"I don't know where you got an idea like that, it looks to me like it will do the job just fine. Now scoot back on the bed a little."

Zach lifted that nice bottom of his and slid back to where his feet were just hanging over. He was tall though and couldn't slide much farther.

"Just a little more, Sweets." He was visibly nervous and I was sure that it would effect the amount of blood pumped into that gorgeous erection. Apparently he wasn't that nervous.

The end of the bed was against my shins. All that I had left on was a pair of thin satin string bikini panties. A pale peach that probably had a large darker spot between my legs by now.

"What now? Should I take my panties off?" His head was against one of my pillows and all I got was a 'wadda ya think?' sort of look. "Tell me, Zach. I really want to hear you say it."

"God, Rach, please take your panties off."

That's all it took and my panties were off in a flash. I reached down and got them untangled from my foot and tossed them aside; then I stood up so that he could see all of me from my knees up.

His legs were too close together and I had to lean forward and push them apart so that I could fit in. When I put my first knee on the bed my face was almost even with his cock. It felt nice in my hand when I grasped it at the base. I put my thumb against the big vein on the underside and stroked it. A little pressure and a small stroke with my hand milked some of the nearly clear precum from the tip. No tiny amount either; it gathered in a puddle on the side of my thumb. Peter's (remember my husband?) semen was stronger and saltier than Zach's. But then I usually had far more than a couple of teaspoons of Peter's cum in my mouth. I wanted the rest, but that would wait for another time.

I did put his cock in my mouth to taste it all and fought with myself not to just go ahead and suck it, but I need that thing elsewhere this time. Ever so badly too. I crawled up slowly and inhaled his body, stopping every few inches to kiss a stomach or a nipple, until I got to his neck and then his hungry mouth.

"I want... ," Zach stuttered.

"You're getting the idea. Say it, don't be shy."

That handsome young face was beet red. I think flushed more than embarrassed. "Put it inside of you."

"What, Zach? Where? Where should I put it?"

"My cock, Rach. Shit, put my cock in your pussy."

'Better ... we'll try again later.' I thought.

My lips formed a seal with his and my tongue once again probed his tongue. Zach's fine chest hair rubbing my against my nipples sent tingling sparks from my breasts to the heat between my legs. I led the nice conical tip of his cock to my long patient labia and let it snuggle between them and gather moisture. Then I held it tight while I nudged the opening to my vagina down and over it and felt it be completely surrounded. I started to slide up and down him and was beginning to hear the fuck noises of my wetness trapped around his cock and sealed by my labia.

My hands were under his head and my cheek was against his. My hair was in his face, so I brushed over my left shoulder. Out of some lips in the room, I heard, "fuck me." They must have been my lips because the person under me didn't move. But he turned me completely over and onto my back before I could even brace myself. Zach didn't say anything but the eyes now looking down at me said, "okay."

That's what happened. I'd never been fucked like that. He was on his knees, his hands at my sides with his fingers under my upper butt and lifting me. And he fucked me. My legs wrapped themselves around his slim waist helping to hold me in place while he pumped in and out of me as hard as he could. It was surreal, like a dream; the pressure was building inside of me and straining for release. Zach's face told the story of his heat too.

There was no trying to hold back (even if I had wanted to). I let all of the last twenty-six or so months of pent up frustration flow from my chest down through my tummy and between my thighs out in one constant rush. I said things that no one would believe that Rachael could think, let alone say.

It was all Zach needed too, because he stopped, pumped harder, stopped again and drove into me one last time. His fingers dug into my hips and butt so hard that he left tiny marks there. He let out a long sigh and breath as his body relaxed over the top of me. He might have been heavy, but I didn't mind.

"Zoe's watching."


"My sister."

"I know who she is. How can she see?" Was this some mystic twin thing? They say twins can communicate like with mind reading. "How do you know?"

He looked up at my night stand and nodded toward the little mirror sitting there. I looked under his face and to my left; I could see some pretty legs that I recognized below some white shorts and a sweet bare tummy above the shorts in the mirror. You know those soft tummies with a serious innie?

"That was so freaking hot," Zoe said.

"Shit!" I responded.

"I didn't exactly sneak in. You should've closed the kitchen door or the bedroom door. I could hear you groaning and see Zach's white ass driving his boner in and out. It was like an invitation. Anyway, I knew what you'd end up doing," she growled with her hands on her hips.

"So you came to spy," said Zach.

"No. Well ... umm ... maybe."

Zach rolled off of me to my left and wiggled in so that I had to move over a bit. We were both totally exposed to Zoe now. I looked at Zach and said, "I don't really mind if she sees us, do you?"

"She's seen me nude before. She seems more interested in you anyway."

"If I weren't so much older than you, Zach, I might say something like you put a whole new meaning to big brother." And she put her hands over her mouth and giggled. "I really crack myself up."

"Shut up, you're only fifteen minutes older than me."

"Take off your clothes and join us," I said. Then I put my left hand over Zach's cock and started to message it gently.

"No thanks, maybe another time. I need to go find some of what you got and my brother doesn't seem like the answer to me. Besides, I think he's in good hands anyway." She laughed out load and stamped her pretty bare feet. "Jeez, listen to me. I should be a comedian." She turned and headed back toward the kitchen.

We both groaned and Zoe just waved over her shoulder without looking back. I heard her say something like, "I didn't see a condom so I hope you didn't forget your pill, Rach." Another giggle and the screen door closing.

Oops, there is that. Okay, well I didn't get pregnant with Peter in all that time and his sperm checked perfectly alright. Still...

Zach was as hard as a rock by now and laying on his right side, so I slipped my right leg over his left leg and got as close as I could. That cock slipped into me like it was going home. I closed my eyes, laid my head against his chest and put my arm over his. I squeezed him tight with my leg and rocked my lower body against him. It seemed that it was me fucking him and I orgasmed again in a few minutes. Maybe some sort of record for me.

I needed to show him how much I liked him and liked being with him. Besides, I wanted to feel his cock in my mouth. I tried to release my grip on him, but held me tight and said, "no, not yet."

"Hush, let me show you." I slowly eased my way down his body, kissing him every few inches. I even suckled one nipple and then the other. My destination was in front of my face in a matter of seconds. It bumped my chin on the way. It was still in my hand so it was a only a matter of holding in front of me where I could inspect it. That his cock was still sticky from our fucking didn't turn me off in the least. I licked up and down the shaft and over the top of the sensitive tip (he groaned while my tongue swirled around and over it). With a firm grasp around the base of his cock with my fingers, I used the other hand to gently massage the area between his balls and his butt (the perineum or something like that). Peter always loved me doing that.

Zachary didn't last long this time either. He certainly seemed more relaxed too. There was no attempt to pull his cock out of my sucking, bobbing mouth when he came. It was like he tried to drive it further, but there was only so far that it could go. I don't think there was so much semen the second time either. Zach wasn't in the least bothered with dragging me back up to him and kissing me either.

The next day was Sunday and I never noticed, but the twins went to the same church that I did. It wasn't the events of the day before that made me go to church, I go every Sunday that I can. Besides, if God wanted to punish me for a Saturday afternoon like that, then I'd take it like a woman (no pun intended).

Anyway, after church I met mom and dad. Neither of the kids went to any trouble to explain our relationship. I was, "the lady with the lawn". They cleaned up nice, those two. They would look nice in garbage bags. So we all go along. I got a dinner invite that I never took them up on and we parted company.

Zach really did have to do my lawn or else it would have seemed like I was paying for sex. I didn't want to mow it. The next week was plenty of sex and even more experimenting. There wasn't much that Zach didn't have running through his mind. Other than the march home from the school bus, I didn't see much of Zoe. Once you see Zoe, man or woman, you want to see more.

Sunday church came around again and Zoe had a sort of checked yellow and white summer dress on. It just had spaghetti straps holding it up and so Zoe had tossed a white scarf over her shoulders (bet that was Mom's doing) for church. With the sun behind her, the dress left little to the imagination. You could even make out her panties through the material. The men noticed. I noticed.

"I can't make it today, Rach," Zach said when he had the chance. "My father has some work that he's been bitching at me to do."

"Don't worry about it. We had a nice day yesterday." With his mom coming over to say hi, we dropped it at that.

It had been about two hours since church got out. I changed out of my dress and just put a mid thigh smock on. No panties, no bra, just relaxation. I had just put ice in my glass and was going to pour some green tea over it when I heard the sound of feet at the backdoor.

The sun was against her back, but I could see an arm against the wall and sandals being kicked from one foot and then the other. She opened the screen and walked in a few steps. Her feet were almost together at the toes and her toes were nervously twiddling the set of toes on the other foot. The sun was at her back and I could almost see though the dress again. No panties this time and, if she had one on before, there was no bra this time. She stood there and said nothing.

Me either. I stepped close to her, took her pretty face in my hands and kissed her. Without a second of hesitation, I reached in back and unzipped her dress and eased the straps off of her shoulders to let it fall. I gave her enough room to unbutton my smock, push it over my arms and let it hit the floor next to her dress.

As I took her in my arms to kiss her again, she said, "I'm not sure what to do. I've never been with a gir ... um ... woman before."

Somehow that was a major surprise. "We'll figure it out, Sweetie."

We kissed again, long and slow. Our bodies together and her smooth, sweet smelling skin against mine. She broke the kiss first and took my hand in hers. She gave me a tug toward the bedroom and pulled me along after her.

Zoe didn't let my hand go when we got to the bed, she collapsed on the bed and pulled me down next to her. I carefully lifted her head and slid one of my pillows under it and pulled another down for me. I didn't lay my head on it at first, I wanted to take in the beautiful creature laying next to me. With Zoe on her back, her breasts were slight, but the pink nipples and matching areole were as sexy as any I could have imagined. My fingertips explored both of them and I watched the nipples grow.

Her body below her head was hairless except for the fine golden hair on her arms and her upper thighs. Her pussy had to have been freshly shaved.

The wandering fingers found that deep, sexy navel and made a circle around it then just a little inside. That caused Zoe to cover her mouth to try to suppress a giggle.



"How about this?" And I put my mouth over it and plunged my tongue inside. That caused her hips to come off of the bed to meet my tongue.

"That doesn't tickle," she said in a husky voice.

"Does it feel good?" She didn't answer, but the look on her face did that for her.

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