Toilet Bitch

by TabooJenny

Copyright© 2010 by TabooJenny

Erotica Sex Story: This is a story of how my mother and I engaged in an intimate sexual experience in the bathroom. The story begins with myself taking a bath and then being suprised by my mother desperately rushing to the toilet. Eyes wander, passion rises and a magical moment is in sight.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Lesbian   Incest   Mother   Daughter   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Water Sports   Scatology   Spitting   Exhibitionism   Hairy   .

I lay there in my bubble-filled bath, inside a dimly lit room. I lay with my eyes closed, soaking in the relaxing atmosphere. In the next five minutes I heard a tapping on the door. "Jenny!" my mother called.

I opened my eyes upon the realisation of my mother calling me. I must have dozed off into a small sleep. "Yeah?" I called.

"Honey, I'm desperate to go to the loo. Will you be long?"

"I may be, yeah. I've only been in for ten minutes." I called back.

"Do you mind if I just go now?"

I paused for a second, covering my firm twenty year old breasts with handfuls of bubble-bath. "Yeah, come on in." I called.

My mother burst into the bathroom, closing the door quickly behind her. The bath was located in the centre of the room, the toilet directly on the left of it, at the foot of the bath. I was getting myself ready for the awkwardness of this moment.

My mother rushed towards the toilet and faced me. She pulled her panties and her jeans down to her ankles in one motion, before quickly sitting down on the toilet. As I listened to the relaxing sound of her piss hitting the water in the toilet bowl, I noticed the bush of pubic hair which she had, covering her vulva. My mom didn't see me looking as I took quick glimpses at a time.

I had always known that I was a bisexual from an early age as I always felt heavily attracted to the girls in my class, especially getting changed during gym. Although I love being with girls and having sex with them, until now, the thought of being sexually aroused by my half-naked mother seemed impossible.

"Are you enjoying your bath, honey?" She asked.

"I sure am. It's really relaxing."

"You sure do look relaxed, sweety."

We smiled at eachother and kept eye contact. It was then that I noticed her eyes momentarily dropping to my now exposed breasts. I didn't break my line of sight with her. I knew my breasts were showing and I felt aroused by my mother staring at them. Her eyes did not break away from my firm breasts.

I took it upon myself to brush the remaining bubbles from my breasts with my hand, bettering the view for my mother. She smiled a cheeky smile and carried on staring at them.

"My my. I must say, you have wonderful tits." She said.

"Thanks, mom." I said, enjoying the moment. I was very much an exhibitionist who quite regularly showed off my pussy and tits to my close friends for a laugh.

As my mom kept watching my moist breasts, she spotted my eyes drop down to her bush. It was at this moment that she spread her legs a bit to give me a good view of her pussy. Through the pubic hair I could just see her clit. I smiled at her and made it obvious that I was enjoying the view.

Nothing could kill this moment. Even the smell of her shit wasn't bothering me. In fact, it was adding to the arrousal of the moment. My mom must have picked up on this as I was regularly taking long deep breaths, inhaling the scent and exhaling with a sigh of enjoyment.

"Looks like I'm all done here, honey." She said.

She stood up and turned around so her back was facing me. She then bent down, reaching for her trousers. As she bent down I had a nice clear view of her asshole and pussy lips, her pussy soaked in urine and her asshole surrounded by shit. She remained in this pose for quite a few seconds and as she did so, my hand slyly slipped underneath the water and slowly began to caress my clit.

After her exhibition, my mom pulled her panties and jeans back up, not taking the time to wipe away the leftover excrement from her asshole. She buttoned her jeans at the waist and then walked over to me.

"Flush the toilet when you're done, honey. And enjoy your bath." She said. She placed her hands on each side of the bath and leaned in to kiss me. As she did so, I brushed my lips right around with my tongue and opened my mouth. I curled my toes as our tongues slipped into eachother's mouths. Our tongues gently caressed one anothers, both of us enjoying this moment. My mom's hand wandered down to my chest and gently caressed my right breast. At this moment, I was sliding my index finger in and out of my pussy, moaning as I swapped spit with my mom.

The kiss lasted for a good three minutes before my mom pulled away, stroked my hair and then left the room. I lay there for a good five minutes, playing the moment over and over in my head. That was the best kiss I had ever experienced in my whole life. As I lay back with my eyes closed, I rubbed my clit slowly, keeping that sexual arousal there. I then opened my eyes when I suddenly realised that my mother hadn't flushed the toilet. This was my golden oppurtunity. I stood up in the bath, letting the water and bubbles from my shoulder length chestnut hair, my firm breasts and my trimmed pussy. I stood till I wasn't dripping wet and stepped out of the bath.

I walked over to the toilet and leaned over to look into the bowl. I smiled when I saw three long pieces of light brown poo bathing in a bowl of golden piss. I turned around to check if the door was closed before dropping to my knees and running my tongue right around the toilet seat twice. When I felt that it was clean, I paused and took another look into the bowl. With no hesitation, I dipped my index and middle finger into the pool of piss and then brought it up to my mouth. I took a brief moment to smell my fingers before dipping them into my mouth. I sucked all of the piss from my fingers, saving the beautiful taste.

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