Swimming With the Dolphins

by Adiemus Bacchante

Copyright© 2010 by Adiemus Bacchante

Erotica Sex Story: A young girl is attacked by horny dolphins while swimming in the ocean.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Zoophilia   non-anthro   Rough   Gang Bang   Group Sex   First   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   .

Warning! This story contains little plot beyond a young teenaged girl swimming in the ocean and being gang banged by a pod of playful and horny dolphins! If you think this will offend you, or make you go blind, you're right! You should stop reading! If you don't, please continue and enjoy.

It was a perfect summer's day, and the ocean waves were as calm and warm as the air was hot humid. It was the perfect day for a swim, and Becky couldn't refuse the moment the idea popped into her little head.

Stripping down completely, leaving her jean shorts and t-shirt on the private, white sandy beach, the little thirteen year old ran stark naked and laughing into the nearly clear water. As it sprayed up around her, hundreds of brightly coloured tropical fish scattered in all directions, fearful despite Becky's slender, but pleasantly developing lightly tanned body.

Diving forward as the water came up to her waist, the teenager caught a wave and barely had time to take a deep breath before submerging herself. Opening her eyes, the girl smiled as she saw even more wonders beneath the waves, the crystal clear waters revealing to Becky a world of colour and movement. Colourful fish both large and small schooled or swam alone over a burgeoning, but expansive coral reef what seemed like a short distance away. And playing their way through the dark, twisting strands of kelp, Becky could make out the slender slivery/grey forms of a small pod of dolphins.

Her young heart beating faster with excitement, the little girl surfaced, throwing back her head and her long dark hair as she took in a deep breath and laughed up at the cloudless sky. "Dolphins!" Becky giggled, laughing as she swam a short distance on her back, her young, toned muscles seemingly fuelled by adrenaline, and ready for the task of swimming out to the aquatic mammals as they leaped playfully out of the water, seemingly calling for her.

Twisting around in the water as she heard the raining water from their excited splashing, Becky grinned happily at the dolphins. Taking a deep breath, she then ploughed forward at top speed, the little girl proving why she was the best on her school's swim team and covering the distance in record time. "Hold on!" the adolescent gasped, spitting out a mouthful of water, "I'm coming! D-Don't go!"

As though they'd heard her, the pod made no move to leave the area, some of them even leaping higher into the air, their slender bodies wriggling, their skin glistening in the sun. As they came splashing down, Becky was pleased to feel the water rain down upon her, giving the girl some degree of perspective against the featureless plane of tropical water.

Drawing nearer, Becky switched to treading water for a time, catching her breath and laughing as the dolphins swam about her, their playful excitement seemingly heightened by her presence. Giggling and laughing, the girl splashed water at them and playfully tried to grab at their fins as they passed, the pod making excited sounds, their soft bodies occasionally brushing against Becky's naked skin, tickling the girl and making her laugh all the more.

Taking it as some kind of hint, Becky took a deep breath and dove down as far as she could, the girl grinning a bit as she twisted in the water, the cool water hardening her young nipples even as it made her feel free and totally alive to be naked beneath the waves.

With the schools of fish avoiding the girl and the dolphins alike, Becky's eyes widened as she saw the reef below her, the coral so full of life and beauty. It distracted Becky for a short time, until her lungs ached for air and the girl felt her dolphin friends brushing against her skin all the more, urging her upwards.

Smiling her thanks, the teenager lazily swum upwards, her eyes focused on the orb of the sun, only to jerk suddenly in surprise as another dolphin brushed past her. Something, something almost blazing hot in comparison to Becky's cool skin pressed against her and wiggled a bit as the sleek body touched her own and moved on. The sensation caused the girl to jerk a bit, panicking just a little until she felt a long body push up against the backs of her young thighs, pushing the girl up out of the water.

Taking a deep breath, Becky laughed her thanks, the girl slipping off of the beast and twisting about to embrace it. "Thank you!" she giggled, teasingly kissing the top of the dolphin's head and taking a deep breath as it dove under again.

Her eyes going wide again, Becky resisted the urge to laugh as the aquatic mammal swam swiftly about, spiraling about the reef, giving the girl a quick tour as the other dolphins dove and swam about, their dark eyes watching her with what seemed like amusement. At last, however, the speeding beast leaped up out of the water, making a high arch as Becky took another breath, the young teen happy for such a cooperative play companion.

As it dove again, Becky clung tighter, her small, naked body rubbing against the dolphin's, her skin tingling with sensation, filling the young virgin with an intense feeling she'd been only able to come close to. It was so overpowering, that as her body quivered, the poor girl's hands gave way and she slipped free, falling down towards the reef below almost in slow motion.

Gasping out the rest of her air, the girl grabbed madly at the fins of a passing dolphin. Clinging tightly to its underbelly, Becky gave silent thanks as it rose up, breaking the surface in nearly no time flat, giving the girl a chance to breath.

Smiling as they dove and swooped again, Becky's small body squirmed against her new friend's, the girl's head swimming as she felt the tingle again, the warmth deep inside of her. Pressing closer, rubbing herself against the porpoise, Becky barely felt the sudden intense warmth against her netherlips.

As she was granted another quick breath, the girl moaned softly, feeling something pointed rub up and down between her labia, the sensation teasing and warm. Closing her eyes, Becky's small body quivered in excitement as she felt the wriggling warm thing push easily inside of her, both tickling and exciting the girl.

Closing her eyes and holding her breath as they submerged, Becky stifled a whimper as she felt the slimy, wriggling thing swell as it pushed against her hymen. Clinging tighter to the dolphin, Becky felt the water rush past her, cooling the heat that radiated from her young body. Feeling the building pressure as her lover's cock swelled, its tapered end wriggling harder.

As the two lovers swooped upwards again, Becky felt other dolphins brush against her naked skin, their long, heated, wriggling cocks poking at the little teen now and then, caressing the girl's skin. Suppressing a deep moan until she broke the surface, Becky tossed her head back as the dolphin leapt into the air.

With a joyous cry, the thirteen-year-old felt her lover push hard as they reached the apex of their leap. The dolphin wriggling his body, pushing hard, he slowly broke through Becky's hymen and elicited a long screaming moan from the girl as they fell back towards the water.

Barely having time to take a breath, the little teen opened her eyes wide and nearly gasped as the dolphin's cock pushed deeper, taking Becky, making the girl a woman. As her tight inner walls parted willingly before the long, sharply tapered cock, Becky's muscles squeezing rhythmically, causing her aquatic lover's body to jerk and twist, driving his member deeper and deeper.

As her vision cleared, the girl could see the rest of the pod circling about them, their bodies touching Becky's body as human and dolphin rutted in the primordial dance of life. Instinctively bucking her hips, the sensations overwhelming her as her lover squealed out his own intense pleasure, the young teen closed her eyes and merely moaned as she felt a second dolphin press his warm, wet body against her own.

Surfacing awkwardly for air, both their bodies undulating, both dolphin's tails treading water, Becky took a deep breath and let out a moaning laugh. Clinging tighter to the one that filled her pussy, the girl looked over her shoulder and let out a helpless, mewing whimper of pleasure as she felt a second long, thin cock push its wiggling way into the girl's equal tight and virginal bottom.

Before she could protest, Becky gasped in a deep breath and was dragged back under, both dolphins unceremoniously thrusting, sandwiching the little teenager between them. Gritting her teeth as her asshole was stretched, Becky felt her inner muscles tighten, the girl cumming as she felt her lover slide himself deeper and deeper, each inch stretching her wider.

Her muscles protesting from the effort not to breath, Becky's orgasm nearly overwhelmed her, but she hung on, not wanting the sensation to end. Soon, as the girl felt the second dolphin's cock fill her, Becky felt the first's press it's tapered head against the back of her pussy, the pressure building as the porpoise bucked against her.

Unable to speak, the girl opened her eyes wide, her limbs flailing out in all directions, waving frantically as both dolphins bucked and rutted, the pressure on Becky's cervix increasing steadily. As it built, so did a dull, throbbing pain that was only partially subdued by the intense pleasure the girl felt as both cocks pistoned in and out of her young nubile body.

The feeling of cool air brought Becky back to life, the girl gasping, coughing out the mouthful of water she couldn't help but swallow. Her body quivering with excitement and shivering with sudden cold, the young teen let out a whimpering moan as she saw how far the sun had sank on the horizon, and knew her parents would soon be worried.

Her parents became the least of her worries, though, as Becky's twin lovers, both treading water as their companion's leaped and jumped all around them let out piercing squealing squeaking noises. With a start, the girl's eyes widened and Becky let out a long moaning scream that echoed out across the expanse of water as deep inside her the girl felt hot jets of seemingly molten dolphin cum flood her pussy and ass.

Gasping for breath as both beasts pumped vigorously, the girl closed her eyes and gasped for breath, riding out her lover's orgasms for what felt like hours, but was closer to seconds. Then, as they both yanked out of her, their cocks trailing thick, gooey lines of sperm, Becky let herself slide onto her back, floating as she caught her breath.

"Wha- What was. Was that all about.?" the girl managed, giggling softly as she tried to decide whether or not she'd enjoyed the experience, the young adolescent's body aching, her pussy and ass feeling empty and somehow needy.

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