They Grow Up So Fast

by Micahe7l

Copyright© 2010 by Micahe7l

: A story about a young girl in the care of her uncle/godfather. She was quite the exhibtionist befire she even know what it was.

Tags: Ma/ft   Heterosexual   White Male   White Female  

When my sister was 15 she mad e the stupid mistake of having sex and wouldn't you know it she got pregnant. The father sure he couldn't support a child took off which was no surprise to me. Now my sister is alone no father for her child and my parents were beyond angry and wanted almost noting to do with their pregnant teenage daughter. As a last result she went to them and begged them to help her. She was so skilled with using guilt to get what she wanted that their hearts broke and they decided to help her somewhat. In spite of the fact that my parents didn't want to help her that much I was pretty much taking care of her since she got pregnant. She was in fact living with me and I did a lot f or her while at my house. I would rub cocoa butter on her stomach to hide the stretch marks and to my delight I was able to do that with her breast as well. They were slowly filling with milk and my sister didn't want stretch marks there either so she'd gladly show her breast to me and allow me to apply the cocoa butter to them as well. She thought it was no big deal and to her it may not have been. To me it was a very big deal. The fact that it was my sister was no big deal but it being her breast that I was rubbing was beyond belief I couldn't even wrap my mind around it.

I had helped my sister out so much and loved her child before she was even born. For those reason my sister named me Godfather of her daughter Elizabeth Isis. It was clear to anyone that my sister loved her daughter and despite the fact that my sister was only 16 when she had Elizabeth she took very good care of her. She had accepted some financial support from me. She and Elizabeth lived in my house free of rent cause there is no way that a 16 year old could afford rent. I didn't mind her living with me. She was always welcome to stay at home as was her daughter

A week or so after my sister turned 19 tragedies struck. My sister was driving home from a far too uncommon date and was hit by a drunk driver. She was killed instantly. This meant one thing in my mind I would now be raising a two year old. Don't get me wrong I loved Elizabeth but going from a single man to an unmarried father with a two year old daughter in a matter of days was not something I planned. I bought a lot of things that Lauren was unable to afford for Elisabeth and I fell even more in love with her. She was so beautiful and so funny with some of the things she did and her mannerisms. She became the new love of my life. She was not at all difficult to raise she was smart and easy to potty train which she learned before she was 3 and she was able to entertain herself without much help from me.

As the saying goes they grow up so fast and this was true with little Elizabeth who before I knew was 10 years old. That is when she started asking for a car or a pony. I told her she was too young for a pony and it would be six years before she'd be able to drive. She relented and then stunned beyond belief when she asked if she could start wearing thongs claiming that all her friends were already wearing them. I questioned that as it seemed hard to believe. Then it occurred to me that the request for a car and a pony were two outrageous request so she could ease me into the thong request.

I really had to think about the thong request for a long time. I decided that I would allow it but she'd have to turn 11 before that happened. She decided that since I wouldn't get her a thong or ten she would borrow from her friends and parade around the house in that a t-shirt sometimes. Other times she'd just wear the thong. On other occasions shed wear just t-shirt and no panties at all. The truth was that she still had no breast but she did have a cute little tummy and a still hairless pussy. I figured when she hit puberty that would change and she'd start wearing clothes around the house. I didn't really have a problem with her nudity as she was only ten and still a little girl.

On her eleventh birthday she woke me up at 5:30 in the morning and said today is thong day meaning that I'd have to take her to the mall and buy her some thongs. I told her the mall didn't even open until nine o'clock and we'd go then. She said fine then go back to sleep but I'm waking u up at 8:30 so we can get there early. I did just that and went back to sleep but was woken up at a round 8 by noises coming from the family room so I got up out of bed and walked down the hallway towards the family room. I peeked in to the room and was stunned by what I saw my niece/goddaughter/ love of my life was lying on the couch completely naked on the couch. That was not that uncommon. What was uncommon or a t least I think so is that she had found one of my porn's and was watching it while fingering herself. I could tell just by looking at her bald little pussy and the extreme amount of moisture surrounding it that she had already cum a couple times. I could see in her face that she was getting close to another one. At that very moment she picked up a pillow put in up to her face and began screaming in to it. I could tell just t by the way she was thrashing around she was having multiple orgasms. I thought at that point that she was lucky as some adult women didn't even experience those. Her young 11 year old body had been for who knows how long.

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