It Means....Virgin

by Thesandman

Copyright© 2010 by Thesandman

Sex Story: There's just something about that first time.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   .

I am sure we all think about it, wonder ... and fantasize. But most of the time, that's all it ever ends up being. Circumstance, distance, and improbability never bear fruition, especially in this instance.

Dara was indeed all that. I had in fact stumbled across her web page. Browsing the Internet as it were, and saw something I found particularly alluring, sexy and provocative. As most were doing, we chatted. I enjoyed looking at the photos she posted. There was something about her, a unique underlying sensuality that belied her somewhat shy, still reserved naiveté. And yet ... though claiming to have little experience in certain areas, she exuded this almost animalistic excitement and arousal. Certainly for me she did.

Slowly over time, we got to know one another better. And indeed, it was refreshing to learn and discover, she really was the person she claimed to be. Not in the sense of trying to pretend to be someone else, simply that what you saw ... was what you get. And that ... was Dara with a capital D.

But ... like I said in the beginning. Sometimes fantasies are just that, and so remain ... fantasies.

And then fate perhaps, decreed otherwise. Much to my delight.

I had long been interested of course in learning more about my own Native American heritage and culture. And as such, I had also taken interest in even more ancient cultures and societies whose roots had similar ties and backgrounds. Thus invited to go on a quick trip to learn more about one of those in particular, I had mentioned it to Dara, told her where I was going ... and when.

"You're kidding me!" She'd exclaimed. "That's not far from where I live, not far at all. "You'll be here when?" She asked excitedly, making me realize as she said that, that there was a very real probability of at least seeing her, meeting her ... in the flesh so to speak. Not that I had any hopes mind you. After all, I was easily twice her age. But we had gotten to know one another well enough to become comfortable conversation wise. And even intimate in a sense in some of the things we'd discussed, talked about ... not to mention looking at her intimate gorgeous photos.

I told her again when it would be, and where I'd be staying for the first couple of days before heading inland, into the real actual wilderness where we'd be doing some in depth research and excavation.

"I know where that is," she actually laughed delightedly. "I would love meeting you," she then added.

"I would love meeting you too," I responded back just as excited as she was, though again not making assumptions, or believing that anything more than a warm friendly greeting of some sort would occur upon actually meeting her in person.

"How about we meet in the lobby at the hotel?" I suggested hopefully. "Perhaps we can have a drink, even dinner," I added to that, surprised and pleased when she excitedly accepted. The days couldn't pass quick enough before my flight left. And admittedly, I was nervous as I sat in the lobby of the hotel, waiting for her, not sure of what to really expect when she arrived. If in fact she did, perhaps changing her mind, reconsidering. After all, in a way, I was a stranger to her as well. Typing notes, corresponding, sharing a few pictures and photos was one thing. Actually meeting one another, was something else entirely.

I sat watching, looking at everyone who came in through the doors of the hotel. And even though you have a pretty good idea of how someone looks, (especially as I'd seen her photos, and she mine) it's entirely different when you meet them face to face. And yet, when she entered, looking about briefly, I knew without any doubt, it was Dara who was now standing there.

She was sexy as hell too. Wearing a tight pair of form fitting jeans, a white peasant blouse worn just off the shoulder. Her dark just off the shoulder length hair framed her beautiful face with those full perky lips, and the smile that suddenly exploded across her face upon seeing me. I stood, grinning from ear to ear perhaps as she recognized me, quickly walking over. There was a moment of brief awkwardness as I extended my hand, and though taking it, she surprised me, leaning in closer, drawing me towards her with a quick brief hug and kiss in greeting instead.

"You're here," she said simply.

"Indeed ... I am. And so are you."

We sat down to enjoy a drink together, chatting, getting to know one another even better until our dinner arrived. We continued on after that, laughing, sharing thoughts and ideas, getting more and more comfortable with one another until we could no longer avoid the inevitable. Dinner was finished.

I wasn't sure how she'd react, not meaning to suggest anything necessarily, though the implication itself might do so. But I had to say something, we couldn't very well just continued to stand there in lobby grinning at one another.

"Would you care to come up to the room? Have another drink maybe?" I asked.

"I'd like that, yes." She informed me, and then surprised me, taking my hand in hers as I led her over towards the elevators.

"They booked me a really nice room for the night," I told her. "Maybe ... because where we're going, there won't be as nice of accommodations," I laughed, punching the top floor suite that was waiting for us.

"Wow, a suite huh?" She said realizing.

"Yeah, and it's even got a Jacuzzi, right there in the bedroom too," I added, and just as quickly realizing how that must have sounded.

"Sounds nice," she said smiling, not at all taken aback by the supposed or implied suggestion which I hadn't meant to make, though her response back to me hadn't implied or really suggested anything either.

I opened the door, letting her go in first. A nice sized sitting room ahead, a well stocked bar off to one side. The enormous bedroom, and Jacuzzi down a short hallway.

"Make yourself comfortable while I fix us something to drink," I said walking over towards the bar, selecting something I thought she might like. I turned after pouring us both one, and nearly dropped them. She had removed her peasant blouse. As I had suspected, but not yet confirmed, she hadn't been wearing a bra beneath it.

It's not like she had great big tits either, because they weren't. But what they were ... were perfect. Full, perky ... nicely rounded with just a hint of a supple point to them. Each capped by exquisite light brown nipples, about the size of a silver dollar. Maybe it was the air conditioning in the room perhaps, though I immediately hoped it was for other reasons, that they were erotically hard, nipples crinkled as she stood there.

"Ok to take our drinks into the Jacuzzi?" She asked. I couldn't get out of my own clothes fast enough.

Following Dara back into the bedroom, we both then finished removing the rest of our clothing, each of us, watching ... looking at the other as we did so, almost wordlessly. It was a very erotic moment, just doing that. Each of us shy in a way, still reserved, though I had a million thoughts racing around inside my head as we stepped down into the bubbling churning hot water.

"Do you know what Dara means in my language?" She asked as she settled down inside the tub, sitting just across from me as we both sipped on our drinks again, looking at one another.

"No ... what?"

"It means ... virgin," she smiled. "Which I still am."

I wasn't sure what she was telling me in that necessarily, maybe just informing me that since she was ... I wasn't to be getting any ideas, even with her sitting here naked in front of me, though unfortunately, those sweet looking tits of hers were currently beneath the bubbling surface of the water. I had known in prior conversations that she did have limited experience in some areas, for whatever reason. And yet, her uninhibited approach at discussions, pleasures, as I knew from much of that, she thoroughly enjoyed masturbation, and I had enjoyed watching her doing that. Very much so. It was one of those very intimate, personal things about her, that she had in fact shared, enjoyed sharing. So it wasn't as though she didn't have desires, wants or needs. She most certainly did. And I had been privileged to have witnessed that. I was hoping in a sense, that at the very least, I would see her do so again ... perhaps later if nothing else. Besides her magnificent breasts, she had a very, very alluring pussy too. Shaved, sweet and sexy looking ... and yes in a way, almost innocent looking as well. No surprise there, especially if she truly was still a virgin, just as she'd now told me she was.

She laughed, perhaps seeing the expression on my face. "Don't get me wrong. I'm not exactly saving it for anyone in particular, or for anything special. It's just that the right guy hasn't come along just yet. I want my first time to be special. To mean something. And I want it to be with someone who knows what they're doing, who will take their time with me. After all, I am still nervous about losing it, what it will feel like while we are, and then of course ... afterwards."

"I totally understand," I said reassuring her. "You should wait for that, I think every woman should. When it's time, then it's time ... and not until then."

"Glad to hear you say that Rick, because ... it's time."

Obviously I was flabbergasted, that she had chosen me to be the one to deflower her. And yet she had.

"I am quite honored, that you said that," I stated still in a state of disbelief. She had in fact mentioned something else a while back, that at first ... I had thought her to be joking about until she'd assured me, she hadn't been. "But before we do that ... long before we do that, there is something else I want, and need ... to do for you first," I informed her. Standing up, now fully aroused, I didn't shy away myself from letting her see my turgid arousal. In a way, it was important that she did. Important for her to see and understand what she was asking me, and agreeing to. Not that I was overly large, not by any means. But ... I was a bit thick, and I didn't want that coming by any way of surprise for her either. She merely smiled though, extending her hand as though wanting, and needing herself ... to become better acquainted with what would eventually, be sliding in and out of that succulent wet, looking pussy of hers.

I then helped her step out of the tub, taking delight in drying her off with one of the hotels soft fluffy towels. Just caressing her breasts with the towel, though still drying them each, was a treat in and of itself. I then led Dara over towards the large sized bed, pulling down the sheets, helping her to slip onto them, her beautiful body just laying there beneath me as I soon after joined her. I was in no rush, and I wasn't going to be either. By the time I eventually did ravish her, take her ... make love to her, she would be more than aroused, more than ready. And very ... very ... wet.

But what I wanted to do now, first and foremost, and almost more than anything else at the moment, was kiss those full passionate looking lips of hers. And spend some time just enjoying that!

I leaned over, kissing her, sweetly, softly at first. Though as I did, my left hand, with a mind of its own perhaps, gingerly began kneading and caressing her right breast. The feel of her pliant, soft tender skin gave me goose bumps. Her nipples long ago hard, now perhaps even more so as my fingers toyed with the aroused tips, rolling, gently pinching and squeezing it. Her soft moan, even as we kissed, and continued to kiss, informing me that she was most definitely enjoying the sensation of her breasts and nipples being played with. No longer content to merely hold, fondle and caress. I moved slowly downwards, kissing her as I went. Her chin, throat, taking time nipping and kissing her neck towards the hallow, and then the gentle upper slopes of her breasts, lingering there for a time. I licked, kissed, and finally made my way down towards her nipple, now flicking it gently, and then sucking it. My hand paying homage and attention to her neglected breast as I did so. Moments later, alternating, taking turns, kissing and licking one ... sucking it, while fingers continued to dance, tickle, and likewise flick and flip her hard extended nipples. I went back and forth, teasing them both, taking delight in their appearance. So hard, so firm, so erect, and yet her breasts, as firm as they were, pliant, soft and moldable within my caressing hands.

"Fuck that feels good!" She moaned softly once more, squirming a bit, even giggling to some degree as I continued on with my slow, almost torturous journey. With my hands and fingers still busy at her breasts, I continued my slow trail of kissing, tonguing as I finally reached her naval. Likewise stopping to play here for a moment, tongue-fucking her there, before moving on down once more, ever so slowly as I made my way towards the still somewhat secret garden. Her legs not quite spread, not yet ready for me, though I now moved, resituating myself between them, forcing them to part.

The one thing I noticed however as I drew closer and closer to her waiting cunt, was how she began shaking like a leaf.

"Are you cold?" I asked, kissing, still licking and nibbling. Only inches away now.

"No ... no," she stammered, almost breathlessly. "It's just ... oh fuck, it's just so amazing, so hot ... so, so fuck! SO GOOD!" She cried out then as I allowed the first of what was to be very many, light little flicks of the tongue against her wet slick, slippery furrow. But I wasn't quite ready to go there just yet either. I wanted to feast on her with my eyes, as well as with my tongue and lips. Feeling me as I moved up a little, moving myself away just a bit, Dara curiously looked down, sitting up slightly, looking at me.

"What ... what are you doing?" She asked a bit nervously perhaps.

"Just looking at you for one thing," I smiled at her, though already I was placing the tip of a finger at the opening of her wet slick groove. The contrast of her skin tones so sensual and alluring. The exquisite pink flesh, somewhat hidden inside as I ran the tip of one finger down her slit, letting it bathe in her silky essence, only then splitting her apart just a bit, further revealing that inner, tender pink flesh. "Oh baby ... that's hot, so slick and warm in there," I almost purred. "I am so going to enjoy eating you."

"Oh fuck!" Dara said, collapsing back down onto the bed again, her own hands coming up to cup and hold her breasts, already toying with her nipples as I now teased, touched and gently stroked the inner walls of her pussy, playing with her hot swollen labia. "You're driving me nuts!" She said breathlessly once again.

"That's the whole point babe. I'm going to drive you nuts, turn you inside out if I can ... as many times as I can."

In my experience, I had had the opportunity to deflower two women. I had learned much from each one of those experiences. The first quite naturally didn't go nearly as well as most I am sure. But I had learned from that. The second went far better. Not only was she well aroused, turned on, but I let her do most of the work as far as eventually settling down over my hard stiff cock. I had every intention of repeating that here for Dara. Getting her aroused, excited beyond anything she had known or experienced before was my ultimate goal.

"I want you to spread yourself baby, as wide as you can so I can enjoy this beautiful pussy of yours. I'm going to tease you, play with you, and make you so fucking horny, that you'll be more than ready when the time comes."

"I'm fucking horny now!" She laughed excitedly. I grinned, smiling at her nodding my head.

"Yes, but not horny enough! Not yet anyway."

Doing as I'd asked however, Dara spread her legs obscenely wide. Her glistening lips, puffy swollen labia beckoning to me. The inner most pink secret folds of her cunt moist and slippery to the touch as I continued to trail the tips of my fingers up and down her slick furrow. Only lightly, and gently even venturing near her stiff little clit. Giving it periodic hints of what was to come, feeling her shudder beneath me as I probed, teased and became more and more familiar with her gorgeous pussy.

I finally settled in, laying down on my stomach, fingers now pulling on her tender flesh, opening her even wider than she was already. I could see the stiff little shaft of her clit as it presented itself to me, the tiny little head, wet ... shiny and throbbing. I licked it, gently, carefully, and then kissed it, hearing her moan softly as I did.

"Oh god!" She wailed, feeling my tongue now as it lapped away at her like a kitten at milk. I was myself lost in her sweetness, the taste of her essence, the aroma of her arousal now growing stronger and stronger with each passing moment. Her own hands now pulling at her nipples almost painfully, the intensity of the pleasure she was giving herself adding to the pleasure I was giving her. I drew in her clit, holding it between my lips, now sucking it like a tiny cock. "Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" She cried out deliriously, music to my ears.

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