Sibling Rivalry

by Adiemus Bacchante

Copyright© 2010 by Adiemus Bacchante

Erotica Sex Story: A brother rapes his young sister in the backseat of their parents car as their parents look on in horror.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   NonConsensual   Rape   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   .

Warning: This story contains a tale of random incestuous (Brother/Sister) rape in the backseat of a car. Don't read this story if you don't think you should.

Twelve hundred kilometres in minivan isn't fun at the best of times. Especially not for children, so when Tom and Margaret set off across the country, they shouldn't have been surprised when Steve and Amy started acting up in the back. The two siblings weren't especially close in age, Steve being a tall, muscular sixteen year old and little Amy having just turned twelve a week after school let out for the summer.

As the family drove past farmer's fields and seemingly endless countryside, the two siblings became bored. It started out as simply poking one another in the arm, and moved on to Steve making faces at Amy and calling her ugly under his breath. The girl heard of course and started yelling for her parents. Doing their best to placate their bored children, Tom and Margaret tried to settle them with promises of being there soon and stopping for ice cream at the little town of Ravensmoor along the way. Somehow, this wasn't enough to alleviate the boredom, however.

For another hour the two exchanged angry words, dirty looks, and the occasion light swat against each other's arms. Once or twice, Steve even gave one of little Amy's blond pigtails a sharp yank, causing their mother to yell angrily at them both. The trip seemed to get longer and longer as time went on. But then, they past the first sign advertising the Black Thorn Restaurant in the town of Ravensmoor. That was when it happened.

With a heavy silence hanging over the van, Steve glanced askance at his little sister, the girl having folded her arms across her chest, angrily staring forward. Without a word, he unbuckled his seatbelt and turned towards her, his lips forming a malicious grin.

Turning her head away, Amy harrumphed and refused to look at Steve, even when she felt and heard him undo her seatbelt. In the front, their parent's did their best to ignore the two, both of them fed up by that point.

Steve, however, didn't care at that point. Inhaling deeply, his large hands suddenly grabbed his little sister by the shoulders, causing the girl to turn to him with a shocked look, her scathing comment catching in her throat as she saw the look in his eyes.

Wasting little time, the young man pulled Amy forward, one hand shifting to grab a dangling pigtail as the other slipped down to undo his fly. The van hit a bump at that moment, disguising the sound of a descending zipper, Amy's gasp as her brother pulled out his thick, throbbing cock the only sound their parent's heard.

"S-Steve-!" Amy cried out, suddenly realizing what was happening as her brother pulled the girl's hair downwards, his other hand causing his cock to smear pre-cum across the child's lips, "S- Stop it!"

"Both of you fucking stop it!" their father yelled from the front seat, not bothering to look back, "Or I'm turning this van around!"

Steve didn't seem to notice or care about the threat. Yanking his sister's hair, the girl wincing, he inhaled sharply as his thick cock shaft slid into the little blonde's mouth.

Amy's eyes went wide, the girl gasping in shock, her tongue yanking back, curling to escape the strange flavour of her own brother's shaft in her mouth. Unable to protest except for a muffled exclamation of sudden panic, the girl tried to pull away but her brother was relentless, pushing the child down on his cock until the head of it pressed against the back of Amy's throat.

"That's better," their father grumbled from the front, ignoring the muffled gurgling as Steve inhaled sharply, the sensation so intense that it caused his cock to throb.

Just then, though, Amy's fist smacked into the back of her father's seat. "HEY!" the man roared, the van veering dangerously as he turned around in his seat, the man's anger quickly turning to astonishment as he saw that Steve was now forcefully yanking little Amy's head up and down by the pigtails.

Staring in disbelief, the sight of his daughter's mouth stretched wide around his own son's shaft as tears fell from her wide blue eyes etched forever in his mind, the man could only stammer and stutter as the scene seemed to go by in slow motion.

"Tom!" Margaret screamed, grabbing the wheel and pulling the van back into their lane, a passing transport truck blaring its horn at them, the woman screaming at her husband angrily, not hearing the renewed muffled screams from the back as Amy's fist hit the back of the seat several times before Steve grabbed both the girl's wrists in his large hand.

"You could have fucking killed us!" the woman shouted, exasperatedly throwing her arms in the air and shaking her head, refusing to look into the back seat as her husband sat staring numbly forward, unable to accept what he'd seen, "Honestly! I hope you're all happy now!"

Steve was certainly happy. He grinned as he caught his father's gaze in the rear view mirror, the young man happily forcing his little sisters head up and down, her saliva drooling out around his shaft, coating his balls.

As his father glanced back at the road, his face pale, ashen, Steve leaned forward, using his weight to keep his sister's head down, causing the child to gag as his cockhead pierced her throat, and reached under the front seat. Pulling out the extension cord the family kept there for camping, the young man quickly tied his now struggling sister's arms behind her back.

Pulling her head up at last, Steve grinned as his sister gagged and coughed and cried as she tried to catch her breath, their parents both ignoring them for the moment. Chuckling softly, Steve ignored the look of horrified betrayal on his sibling's face, the girl whimpering and scared, her body shaking all over.

Instead, the young man pushed her over a bit and stood awkwardly, shuffling to get to the other side of her. "Sit the fuck down, both of you!" their mother demanded without looking back, their father letting out a soft whimper, the man biting his bottom lip as he watched in the mirror.

"Yes, mother," Steve said coolly, holding Amy's wrists again as the girl looked back at him, her lips working, unable to speak as her small throat contracted.

Wasting no time, Steve threw up his sister's knee-length skirt and ripped down her panties. "N-Nooo!" Amy finally cried, the girl letting out a piercing, screaming shriek as her brother then grabbed his cock and lined it up against her young, virgin pussy, "Mommy! Daddy! Heeeelp!"

"What the fuck is it now-?!" Margaret began, the angry woman turning around just in time to see her daughter on her stomach, wrists tied behind her back, lying across the back seat as her brother pulled up her hips and pushed his cock against her tight, hairless, twelve-year- old pussy.

The woman stared in disbelieving horror as her daughter screamed in pain, her son's cock shaft pushing hard, spreading the little girl's young folds, piercing her pussy, violating Amy's body with several quick, hard thrusts that made the young man grunt as he gritted his teeth and grinned at his handiwork.

"N-No." Margaret stammered, unable to move, paralysed by what she saw. As Amy's head turned towards her mother, the girl's expression pleading, Steve pulled his sister's hips higher, her firm little round ass wiggling and bare as the girl-child let out another sobbing scream, marking the moment when her own big brother robbed her of her childhood.

Gasping as he broke his little sister's hymen, Steve grabbed hold of Amy's ass cheek and one of her pigtails. Squeezing and pulling, the young man thrust harder, bucking, jerking his hips forward, shoving every last inch painfully into his sister's tiny, dry, virgin pussy.

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