Deidre's Dilemma

by Pappyok

Copyright© 2010 by Pappyok

Romantic Sex Story: Two kids, both 15 have their romance complicated by a 17 year old boy

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Romantic   .

Deidre and I were 14 years old when we first started dating. Dating was probably a bit strong, as we didn't actually go anywhere, just hung around together after school as part of a group, but we would sit together and smile at each other and the other kids knew we were 'going steady'.

We were in the same class at high school, as it was a co-educational school. In fact, we had been in the same class for most of our schooling, but it was only this year that we became good friends.

Most of the kids in our group of around ten were 'going steady', although the combinations seemed to alter rather regularly.

One day there were eight of us sitting around in the park on our way home from school. At this point we were four couples, each boy holding his girl's hand. One couple exchanged a gentle, timid kiss, so then a second couple did the same and then the third couple and then they all turned to Deidre and I, egging us on, telling me "come on Ken, kiss her."

Shyly, Deidre put her face next to mine and our lips touched for the first time, albeit rather chastely. But at least we had kissed, which broke the ice.

Later, we all went our separate ways, while I walked Deidre home. She turned to me on the front porch and gave me my second kiss, even though it was once again a simple peck on the lips, probably no more sexy that what my aunt would give me, but it made me excited and I ran all the way home.

Over the next few months, I had been allowed to take Deidre to the movies a few times, but only to matinee sessions on a Saturday afternoon, as both sets of parents thought we were too young to go out at night. At least in the movies, I was able to sit in the back row and we cuddled and if the movie heroine was being kissed, I was usually allowed to do the same.

Then our friends started turning 15 years old and we attended a few birthday parties. At one of these, while we were in the lounge room, the parents were upstairs watching TV. The birthday boy produced an empty bottle and said it was time to play spin the bottle. Naturally he went first and, while all the girls sat around in a circle, he managed to stop it in front of the second prettiest girl in the room.

Obviously Deidre was the prettiest and I wasn't the only one who thought that. Although she wasn't very tall, just 159 centimetres tall, she was beautifully proportioned, her breasts having grown from tiny buds a year ago, to nicely filling her blouse. Her face was delightful and she had lovely, soft, long blonde hair.

The birthday boy succeeded in kissing the girl on the lips, much to everyone's delight and her embarrassment, so the next boy grabbed the bottle and spun it wildly. For a minute I thought it was going to stop pointing to Deidre, but luckily it was the girl next to her. She seemed very happy to give him a kiss, especially as she was probably one of the plainest girls there, albeit one who was nice and very friendly.

I went next and made sure the bottle stopped pointing to Deidre, who happily came into my arms and gave me a kiss, which everyone applauded, especially as it went for a bit longer than the previous two.

Under the rules we were playing, once a girl was selected by the bottle, she withdrew from the circle and sat next to the boy who had spun the bottle. This pleased me as it meant I didn't have to watch Deidre being kissed by any other boy.

When everyone was paired off and the light turned down, there was a fair bit of kissing and cuddling going on, and I was getting my share with Deidre. Consequentially, the room was rather silent, which must have caused some concern upstairs, because soon our host came down to see how we were going.

Her first action was to turn the light up, which her son protested about, but then asked if we were ready for birthday cake, much to the chagrin of her son.

Deidre's parents had driven us both to the party, so my parents came to pick us up at the appointed hour, dropping Deidre off on our way home. I'd been able to hold her hand in the back seat, but that was the limit of our contact, although she did, as always, give me a lovely smile as she got out of the car and blew me a kiss.

Sunday afternoon Deidre and I went for a ride on our bicycles, ending up in some bushland, so we got off our bikes and sat with our backs against a tree and kissed. We talked about how we had noticed two of the couples near us at the party when the lights were low, getting a bit passionate. Both boys had placed their hands on the girls' breasts and we had even seen one of them slide his hand inside her blouse.

As we talked a little excitedly about what we had seen, Deidre said in a shy, soft voice "you can touch me there if you want to."

If I want to! I couldn't imagine anything I'd rather do, but I embarrassedly asked "are you sure?"

Deidre merely smiled gently at me, took hold of my hand and placed it on her breast outside her t-shirt and then moved her face to mine so we could kiss. I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt; soft but firm and I could feel her nipple as it seemed to grow hard. Fortunately she wasn't wearing a bra – didn't need one either.

I squeezed gently, fondling and caressing as I continued kissing her. I was in heaven. Nothing else could ever be this good, I was sure.

After our kiss finally ended, I told her how marvellous it felt to be holding her like this and she made no attempt to remove my hand, just cuddling even closer to me.

That was the first time I touched her breast, but it certainly wasn't the last time. Whenever we were alone for a kiss and a cuddle, I was allowed to touch her.

A few weeks later it was my 15th birthday. I walked her home from school, preparing to kiss her goodbye.

"Why don't you come in and I'll give you your birthday present" she told me.

Naturally I followed her as she unlocked the front door and we went into the house. Both her parents were at work, but this was the first time she had invited me in when no one was home.

She led me into her bedroom, turned to me and demanded "do you promise you won't tell a soul about the present I'm about to give you?"

A bit bewildered, I agreed and then watched in amazement as she removed her school blouse and bra and sat on the bed, then asked me gently "don't you want your birthday present?"

I quickly moved to sit on the bed next to her, drew her into my arms and kissed her, letting my hand glide down to her naked breast. It felt magnificent.

We fell back onto the bed as we cuddled and soon Deidre was guiding my head to her breasts, encouraging me to kiss and suck them, which was something I had only dreamed about ever doing. I made sure that I didn't show any favouritism, ensuring both breasts received equal attention.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, as she extricated herself from me and put her bra and blouse back on, telling me I had to leave before her mum got home. I just made it, as I saw her drive in as I left the yard.

We waved to each other, as her mom wound down the window and called out "happy birthday Ken."

Although it was a school night, Deidre had been allowed to come around to my house for my birthday dinner and my dad promised to drive her home. We only had a few moments alone, so nothing else happened, but she did ask if I had enjoyed my birthday present.

"It was unbelievable. I hope I don't have to wait for my next birthday to experience such wonderful pleasure again?" I told her, my voice choking with emotion.

"Of course not silly, whenever we can. Besides, it will be my birthday in a month. What are you going to give me?" she replied with a twinkle in her eye and a big loving smile on her face.

Unfortunately that conversation was interrupted by my mom telling us to come and have some hot chocolate before dad took Deidre home. At least while dad went to get the car out of the garage and mom was doing the dishes, we were given a few moments alone in the lounge room, so I took advantage of the moment to kiss her and give her breast a quick squeeze.

Sunday afternoon we went for another bike ride and once again ended up in some bushland by ourselves. It was actually quite a pretty spot, soft grass and well treed, but with no tracks it was a bit difficult to get to, which made it perfect for what we wanted to do.

Deidre immediately undid her blouse, revealing her braless breasts to my gaze and adoration. Soon we were kissing and cuddling and ensuring once more that her nipples were hard from my sucking and licking and nibbling. They felt just delightful.

This became our regular Sunday afternoon excursion. There were other opportunities for a quick kiss and cuddle, but this was the only time I got unrestricted access to her beautiful breasts. We didn't go back inside her house again, as it was too risky.

Then it was her 15th birthday. Again it was a school day, so I had been invited around to her home for dinner, but I walked her home from school first and she invited me in, as long as I promised to only stay for half an hour.

That was more than enough time for her to reveal her breasts to me and let me suck them, before she asked again "so what are you giving me for a special present?"

I was a little unsure of what to say or do, but I tentatively put my hand on her inner thigh as we kissed and she made no move to stop me so I slid it up until my hand was cupping her mound. At the same time I pushed my tongue into her mouth. This was virgin territory for my tongue.

She closed her legs so that I couldn't move my hand, but welcomed my tongue into her mouth as we French kissed for the first time. We both enjoyed it immensely and soon were panting a little, aroused from what turned out to be a very passionate kiss: the first real kiss we had exchanged.

When our kiss final ended, Deidre placed her hand over mine as it remained trapped between her legs. She parted her legs, pressed my hand against her crotch briefly and then removed my hand from her, placing it back on her naked breast, holding it there for a moment.

But then it was time for one last kiss and she had to fix up her clothing and I had to leave.

Our next few Sundays became more passionate, our kisses more intense and she was either topless of had her blouse completely undone. I was even permitted to place my hand on her panties, cupping her mound, just as long as I didn't try to move it or attempt to get inside. I did press hard on her junction, knowing that I was putting pressure on her sensitive area and I could tell she did enjoy it, but that was as far as I was permitted to go.

When ever she was topless, I removed my shirt and loved laying on top of her, letting her breasts press into my chest, rubbing her nipples with mine. At first I kept my groin off her but after a while, I pressed against her and invariably my penis would be erect. She chose to ignore it or didn't notice which would have been even less flattering.

When I was very aroused, I would rub my whole body against hers, sliding and rubbing my penis against her mound.

When I got home after our Sunday outings, I would inevitably end up in the toilet using my hand to provide myself with relief.

About six weeks later we were both invited, separately, to another party for a boy from our class who was turning 15. We knew he was from one of the richest families, but we were very impressed when we were shown around inside. It was only a small party, six girls and six boys, which included the birthday boy, Tony and his 17 year old brother, Alistair.

After we had eaten and opened presents, the twelve of us went down into the basement games room. It was well equipped with music system, DVD and surround sound with a huge plasma screen, a billiard table with all the accessories, other games such as darts, a card table and several sofas and comfortable chairs.

We spent some time arguing over what music we wanted to play, but eventually Tony put a selection on, got us all cans of soft drink from the fridge and we sat around talking.

Then Tony decided that it was time to play spin the bottle and no one objected, although I wasn't that keen. Naturally he went first and the bottle stopped at a girl who happily moved over to sit on his lap and let him kiss and cuddle her. After all, he was a good catch and more than one of the girls would have liked to snare him as their boyfriend.

Alistair insisted on going next, seeing it was his home and of course his spin had to point at Deidre. She was reluctant to move, but everyone else said "come on, you know the rules."

Reluctantly, looking at me, saying sorry, she went and sat on the two-seater sofa next to Alistair, who put an arm around her and drew her to him for a kiss.

I ended up not spinning the bottle, because the other three boys got to go before me and that meant that the girl who was left had to sit with me. Somehow, all the girls who had been invited to the party were all quite pretty, so the girl, Gwen, who came and sat beside me was very attractive, so it was not a problem giving her a kiss and a cuddle, but I was wishing it was Deidre in my arms.

After kissing Gwen I glanced over to look at Deidre who had been watching me. I think she was disappointed in what I'd just done, so she turned back to Alistair and let him kiss her again.

By this stage the lights had been turned down low, and the music was surprisingly romantic. With everyone paired off in this large games room, where the sofas and chairs were spread around the whole room, all the couples seemed to be cuddling and kissing. I could see Tony, who was closest to me, had his hand inside his girl's blouse, which had several buttons undone.

Gwen seemed happy to be with me and in fact took my hand and placed it onto her breast as she gave me another kiss. Just at that moment, Deidre glanced back at me, obviously saw what I was doing so didn't resist when Alistair brought his hand around to fondle her breast. A few moments later, I could see his hand was inside her blouse.

When Gwen reached up and undid a couple of buttons on her blouse, my hand was suddenly holding and caressing her naked breast. Reluctant as I was, I had to admit it felt good and I certainly made no attempt to remove it, especially as I could see that Alistair had his hand inside Deidre's blouse and she wasn't resisting him.

We must have spent at least half an hour kissing cuddling and fondling and I was starting to enjoy Gwen's attentions, even though I knew that it was Deidre that I really wanted in my arms. Suddenly, Tony and Alistair's mother called down from upstairs "it's time for your guests to leave Tony, their parents are here."

We all stood up and started to go back upstairs, but I noticed that Deidre, instead of joining me, stayed next to Alistair, who still had his arm around her.

As it was my father who was supposed to pick us up, I called to her "are you coming Deidre?"

"No thanks, Ken, Alistair is going to give me a lift in his MG" she replied a little haughtily as if blaming me for what had happened. She turned around and sat back down with him, his arm still around her.

I was devastated, distraught, but could only go back upstairs by myself and go home with my dad, telling him that Deidre had opted to stay longer and was getting a lift home with our hosts.

Because it was Sunday the next day, I rode around to see Deidre hoping we could patch it up. We didn't speak much, she just got onto her bike and we cycled quickly to our bushland rendezvous.

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