Rachel's Bedroom

by Adiemus Bacchante

Copyright© 2010 by Adiemus Bacchante

Erotica Sex Story: A young girl's uncle breaks into her room at night and rapes her.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Rape   Incest   Uncle   Niece   First   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   .

Warning, this story is an idea sent to me by one of my many fans who wanted a story regarding a very specific little girl being brutally raped and possibly even knocked up late one night in her own bedroom ... With her parents in the next room, no less! Although I don't have all the details, I highly suspect this story has a bit of an incestuous bent to it, but I didn't pry. Nonetheless, if this is your thing, please read and enjoy it. If not, then stop reading now.

It was clear and cool that night, with the moon just a sliver of silvery in the deep black sky of the little country town where next to nothing ever happened. It was the sort of town where little twelve- year-old girls went to bed with their window open without a thought for consequences.

And despite the light chill in the air, that's just what little Rachel did that night. It was just too stuffy in her room in the ancient farmhouse her parents owned otherwise, but a cotton nightie, a pair of warm socks and an extra blanket on the bed made the arrangement quite comfortable.

Rachel was asleep within a few minutes of getting into bed and shutting off the light, the girl stubbornly refusing to use her old nightlight anymore. It didn't much matter to the dark figure who watched her from behind the old tree in the backyard, though. The tiny nightlight would hardly have kept him at bay, and the total absence of light merely gave him an extra boost of confidence for the task ahead.

Waiting for the distant sound of a barking dog to cease, the intruder crept across the yard, carefully eyeing the other dark windows in case he had to make a sudden escape. A light going on at that moment would have ruined his plans, but he knew this family quite well. All were very deep sleepers; none were likely to wake suddenly. Not even little Rachel.

Pausing outside her window, the man peered in, his grin widening as he watched the tiny figure curled up on her bed, socked feet sticking out of the bottom of the blanket as the child slept. Satisfied that she was alone and indeed asleep, the man checked the ski mask he wore, making certain it was secure and that she'd be unable to identify him before pulling out a small, yet sharp knife.

Stabbing it into the screen, he slowly cut along the edge of the window, his breathing quickening in anticipation, the sound of the cutting job making him wince as the girl moved just a little in her sleep. Not stopping, he continued his job, though, his eyes watching Rachel intently, wetting his dry lips as he moved to make another downward cut.

The way the girl's long golden hair spread out across the pillow caught the man's eye as he cut along the bottom, his back denim jeans feeling confined and uncomfortable as he watched the child breathe. Making the final cut, the man then lifted the screen and had to stop himself from simply charging in. It took all the willpower he had, but he managed to move quietly, sneaking in through the now completely open window to stand panting at the foot of her bed.

Taking a deep breath, Rachel's scent filled the room. It was almost too much for the man and once again he had to stop himself from doing anything foolish. Glancing about his pulse quickened. The door was still partially ajar and through it he could see the door to her parent's room.

Holding his breath, he slipped off his running shoes and crept around the girl's bed, his eyes glancing at her every so often, his gaze caressing the smooth curve of Rachel's pale cheek, wishing he could feel the warm wetness of her small mouth on his now throbbing cock.

Finally closing the door, making sure to turn the handle so it made almost no noise, he started across the room again, the man standing at the foot of the girl's bed, his gloved hand rubbing his cock through his jeans, the need almost overpowering.

At last, though, he gave in. Breathing through gritted teeth, he undid his pants and pushed them down along with his boxers, his long, thick erection springing free as they fell down around his ankles. As his member bobbed, almost aiming at the little girl on the bed, he pulled off his black sweater and t-shirt, tossing them onto the floor with barely a sound.

Standing there, the thrill of being naked with sweet little Rachel was almost too much for the man. Gasping for breath the man grabbed his cock, stroking it hard, roughly as he examined the small form on the bed with the utmost care. Rachel's small lips were parted slightly; it would have been easy for him to slide his cock between them. She might not have even awoken if he was careful. But that wouldn't be enough. He wanted it all.

Stroking his cock quicker, the man gritted his teeth and stifled a moan, his body jerking as he suddenly came, his white-hot seed squirting out across the blankets, staining them but not waking the deeply slumbering child.

Panting heavily, the man's eyes widened as he noticed that some of the thick goo hand landed in Rachel's hair. It formed a matted, sticky mass, and it did little to stem his need for more. Stroking the last drops of cum out of his shaft, letting it dribble down onto the child's socked feet, the man smiled to himself. His cock was still hard, his need still great. He wasn't done with his little Rachel just yet.

Taking a few moments to catch his breath, the man wiped his cock clean on the bottom of Rachel's blanket before pulling it slowly aside. What he saw almost made the man cum again.

She was beautiful beneath the blanket, so small, so innocent looking. Her narrow hips hugged tightly by the white nightie she wore, her thin calves sticking out the bottom of it, with Rachel's tiny budding breasts completely obscured by the garment.

The child shivered a little in her sleep, her pretty face making a displeased expression that was terribly cute at the sudden chill. The man smiled, knowing that soon little Rachel'd be warm again. And as his cock twitched with desire, the man knew the time was right to begin.

Grinning to himself, the man knelt slowly on the bed, one hand gripping the child's knee through her nightie, the sensation sending sparks of pure ecstasy up his arm. Somehow, though, the man managed to contain his desires, if only for a moment longer. Breathing heavily, he carefully took hold of Rachel's little shoulder and turned the girl over onto her back.

Shaking his head, it amazed him how pliant she was. How soundly she slept. The man then grinned, wondering just how far he could get without waking her as he took the hem of the girl's nightie and pulled it slowly upwards.

Her thighs becoming visible, the man gasped, his body shaking. His fingers brushing against skin so soft and so smooth that he nearly collapsed. Carefully moving it higher, he nearly came again as the man saw the cute little pink panties Rachel wore, and his body shook as he managed to get the hem under the small curve of the little girl's ass.

Pausing to take several deep breaths, a chill went up the man's spine as the girl stirred, the chill in the air raising goosebumps along her thin, naked legs. Unable to resist, he touched them, running his hands up along the girl's short limbs, his fingers testing the firm muscles beneath silky soft skin.

Reaching her thighs, the man's cock throbbed, it was almost too much for him as he then hooked fingers under her panties and gently pulled down. This time, though, he didn't stop as Rachel murmured softly in her sleep, the girl's small hand coming up to her face, to rub her eyes. But still, he didn't stop. It was much too late for that.

Managing to get her panties down and off of one foot, the man gripped Rachel's thigh with one hand and covered the little girl's mouth with the other just as her blue eyes flew open. "Not a word!" he hissed, moving his face close to the terrified looking girl's, his teeth gleaming through the mouth hole in the ski mask, "You make one sound, little girl, and I'll hurt your parents! Badly!"

Rachel stiffened, her tiny, childlike body unable to move except to shake all over as she just stared up at him. "I have them tied up in the other room," he lied, the girl letting out a soft whimper as he pushed his knees between hers, spreading the child's legs as the heat of his cock pressed against Rachel's soft skin, causing the shaft to jump a bit.

Somehow he maintained self-control. Somehow he managed not to cum again. Without a word he moved onto his knees, the head of his cock pressing against the little blonde's still hairless pussy, the heat of it causing her to gasp, the tears in her eyes saying it all.

Somehow the expression turned the man on all the more, his hands moving from the little girl's mouth and thigh to take hold of her wrists. Moving them up, he grinned as the man found he could hold both wrists in just one of them. Holding them down against the bed, he used the other hand to snatch up a pillow, letting out a short, quiet laugh as her head fell back onto the bed with a look of surprise.

Chuckling at the twelve year old's plight, the man jammed the pillow behind the headboard as he pressed his lips to hers. The child letting out a frightened squeak, the man moaned deeply as hot pre-cum oozed out, making quiet squishing sound between little Rachel's pubescent labia. At the same time, he pushed his tongue between her lips, the girl protesting with a muffled sound, the man's now free hand moving to grope the child's budding breast through her nightie.

"S-Stop it! Please!" Rachel murmured, the girl whimpering as tears streaked her pretty little face, but the man chuckled again.

"I haven't even started yet, Rachel," he replied, grinning all the broader at her shocked look at the fact that he knew her name, and with that, he began.

No longer bothering with self-control, the man grunted as he jabbed his hips forward, driving his cock into Rachel's twelve year old pussy, his hand clamping down over her mouth to stifle her scream as pain suddenly ripped through her small, thin body.

"Not a peep!" the man growled, grunting out his words as the child beneath him arched her back, tiny pointy bumps of her breasts pushing up through the fabric of her nightie, Rachel's tiny body shaking fiercely.

The girl didn't respond, her eyes held tightly closed as he shoved into her deeper, the ripping pain of loosing her virginity seeming like nothing in comparison to the searing fiery sensation of a cock being jabbed nearly all the way up inside of her. As he pushed in and pulled out, ramming his shaft deeper and deeper as Rachel tried not to scream, her muffled whimpering cries stifled by the hand over her mouth.

Panting heavily now, the man released the girl's arms and mouth, his hands going under her knees, bending and spreading Rachel's thin legs wider apart, opening the child's twelve-year-old pussy all the more to his invading cock. As Rachel collapsed onto the bed beneath him, the man's thrusts became harder and harder, the headboard banging against the pillow instead of the wall, the deep mattress making no sound, the child's fear keeping her from waking her parents with anything more than a whimper.

Gritting his teeth behind the black ski mask, Rachel's assailant felt his cock throb, his body tensing, his balls tightening as he struggled to force his cock deeper into the tightest pussy he'd ever experienced. It was all almost too much, and his little victim seemed to realize it, the blond girl's eyes going wide with sudden terror.

Grinning, he leaned closer, holding little Rachel's legs so they wrapped around his waist, her tiny socked feet twitching with every hard, sharp, painful thrust. "I'm gonna cum in ya!" the man chuckled softly, grunting into the child's mouth as his hard kiss silenced her sudden protest.

Watching her expression carefully, the man ceased his efforts to keep from cumming, he wanted to claim Rachel far too much, he wanted to have his hot semen gush into her tiny pussy more than anything. Breaking their kiss, the man let out a muffled grunt, his body shaking as he struggled to keep his eyes open, to savour the look of horror on the little girl's tear streaked face as his cock all but exploded inside of her.

As the white hot jets of potent seed shot up into her, splashing against the mouth of Rachel's womb, the girl could only stare in horror, barely able to move or even utter a muffled protest. The heat of the man's sperm only added to the heat of the deep blush of humiliation that reddened the girl's cheeks. Her sudden horror at the thought of being filled with a man's baby making sperm paralysing the child with fear.

Panting heavily, his cock burning with sensation, his mind swimming with ecstasy, the man managed not to laugh in triumph as he pushed his sticky cum deeper inside the girl, refusing to pull out until he was sure his seed would take.

"I'm gonna knock you up, bitch!" he promised with a grin, his voice a harsh whisper, "And if you tell anyone who did it, I'll come back and do the same thing to your mommy!"

Stunned by his words, Rachel could only nod submissively, the girl's body now drenched in sweat, breathing heavily as the sticky ooze inside of her soothed some of the pain. But as he then started to slowly pull out, Rachel found the man's hand covering her mouth as a gasp escaped her lips. It felt as though he were tearing her inside out, his cock so thick, and still so hard that it pulled painfully at the still mostly dry walls of Rachel's pussy, the lubricating semen covering them too late to do any real good.

Grinning at his handiwork, the man pulled his cock free with an audible pop! His cum leaking a bit from the child's tight slit as he rubbed the length of his shaft between her netherlips several times, his member still hard, his body still craving hers.

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