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Fantasy Sex Story: Childhood fantasies

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When I was about eight, I loved to climb poles and ropes. I discovered that I got this extreme feeling of overwhelming pleasure in my pubic area when I climbed them. Then, I discovered I could duplicate that pleasure with my hand on my pecker. When I was nine, my mother found me jacking off in my bedroom and told me that it was a sin and I would go straight to Hell. She also said that I would go blind if I continued. I thought about it for a time but then decided I would continue until I needed glasses. When I was twelve, my teacher told my parents that she thought I needed my eyes tested because I couldn't see the blackboard. When the eye doctor said I did need glasses I panicked. Now everyone would know what I had been doing, or so I thought.

During this time, a sixteen year old girl from up the block talked me into going into her garage with her. She told me she could give me lots of pleasure if I would show her my pecker. (Everyone called it a pecker in those days.) I was curious, so I dropped my shorts. She said, "Boy it sure is little." I'm going to regress a little now. I had been born at my grandmother's house and had not been circumcised. With the foreskin still attached, my pecker stayed in its sheath. This really bothered me, because in gym class, most of the others boys had been circumcised. Then, I discovered that when it was fondled, it would grow and grow within its sheath. Anyway, this neighbor girl found this out when she grabbed hold of it. She got down on her knees and sucked my pecker into her mouth. I started to protest because I was grossed out. Hell, I peed out of this thing. I didn't know it was there for another reason. Then, WOW! Boy, did that ever feel great! Much better than I could do for myself! I decided that if she liked it, I wasn't going to complain. She then asked me to lie down on some gunny sacks lying there, and I did without hesitation, curious to find out what else she had planned. She took off her shorts and panties and squatted down over my pecker. I had no clue as to what was going to happen, but I found out very shortly. She grabbed my pee thing and put into her pee thing and sat down on it. Man, did that ever feel great! Boy, she sure was smart to find out another use that felt so good! She would get me into her garage a few more times that summer, but then she moved up north and I never saw her again.

After this experience, I had this insatiable urge to know everything I could about women, sex, and their satisfaction, so I spent countless hours at the library reading everything I could find on the subject. My curiosity became somewhat of an obsession. The neighborhood girls were now a focal point and not a pain in the ass as they had been up to now. Little did I know that the reason they were pests probably had something to do with the girly part of them. Once I suggested to Babs, the older neighbor girl (younger than me) who was about eight, that we go to the wood shed behind a neighbor's garage to play doctor. I was really curious to see for real what I had been reading about at the library. Most of what I read, I couldn't understand and that is why I had to see for myself.

When we went back to the shed, I said, "OK, I'm the doctor and I have to give you an examination first, so take off your clothes and lay down on the table" I was really surprised when she actually did it without any fuss. I started at the top, checking her head and running my fingers through her hair. This seemed to completely relax her for some reason, so I made a mental note to remember this. I then let my fingers caress down her face and explored the all contours before continuing down her neck. She shivered when I caressed her neck so I asked if she was cold, be she said, No, it just made her feel so good. This I filed away also. Then, I caressed her chest which didn't look any different than mine, but when I rubbed her nipples, she started moving around and her right hand went down to her 'coosie'. (That was her pussy that was in the same place as my pecker on me) I also made a note of that. Then, I decided to suck on her nipples like a baby would, and this really caused a huge reaction. I didn't know why, but I would use this too on other girls for verification. Then I caressed her sides and stomach, which I found out, I had to use a heavier touch because she said it tickled. When I kissed her belly button and used my tongue, she got squirmy again. Then I kissed and licked my way down to her 'coosie' and for some reason, her legs opened automatically.

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