Becky at the Pool

by White Wolff

Copyright© 2010 by White Wolff

Erotica Sex Story: A young girl is caught using my pool without permission.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   .

More than a few of my friends, or should that be associates, say that I'm lucky. I remember hearing some sportsman saying that the more he practised, the luckier he got. If you substitute work for practice then that's me.

On the plus side I have a large house complete with all the trimmings and drive around the country in my Aston Martin DB9 Volante (that's convertible for you lesser mortals). On the down side, even at 34, I have never had a steady relationship as I am forever driving around the country trying to maintain a lifestyle I'm no longer sure that I want.

One gloriously hot day in June I arrived back at my house, not sure whether home is appropriate, after only one night away, a new world record for me. I put the Aston away in its garage and went inside the house to change. It only took a few moments of indecision before I donned my shorts and headed outside to the pool.

Imagine my shock when I saw a woman lying on one of the sunbeds. It only took a me few steps to ascertain that she was young and totally naked. I couldn't see her face properly, given the angle and her large sunglasses but to be honest, I didn't spend too much time worrying about that. I was too busy admiring her body. She had a petite frame with small breasts that had to be firm, given the way they seemed to maintain their position even though she was on her back. Dirty blonde hair, that the evidence indicated as not being natural, completed the picture.

She was in her mid teens was my guess and very easy on the eye. My natural erection was at full mast as I focused on that dark triangle of sparse hair just above her slightly parted legs. I must have stood and lusted after her for almost ten minutes before reality returned.

"And who might you be?" I asked, trying to put some unfelt menace into my voice.

I almost burst out laughing as I watched her startled reaction. She sat up straight, giving me a nicer view of those firm breasts, and stared at me for a few seconds. She then realised that she was naked and grabbed a small towel and tried to cover the bits I'd just spent ten minutes admiring.

"Errr ... sorry, I didn't expect you back." She said as if that excused her.

"Obviously. Now, who are you and how did you get in here?'

"I'm Becky and I live over there, behind your back hedge." Her voice was extremely nervous and I don't think my obvious erection helped...

"Becky who?"

"Becky Lambert."

"How old are you Becky?"

"Sixteen." She replied which was just about in the range I'd guessed at.

"Are your parents at home?"

"Mum is."

I walked towards her and saw her nervousness increase as her eyes flitted from my face to my manhood, so obviously displaying its interest. I scooped up her clothes which were just strewn around.

"Good! I think we should go and have a word, don't you?"

I tried not to smile again as I could tell that she didn't think it was such a good idea at all.

I started walking towards the hedge, looking for the opening I guessed she'd used.

I spotted one such gap and turned to her. "This where you got in?"

She nodded as she tried to keep up but not get too close as well as struggling to ensure that the towel was covering as much as possible.

I squeezed through the gap and walked towards the house on the other side. As my back was to the girl, I allowed myself a smile as I heard yelps of pain as she was forced to walk barefoot behind me.

I'd almost reached the back door when a woman emerged from it. I was genuinely expecting to have an argument with Becky's mother given that her sixteen year old daughter was walking behind me with just a small towel protecting her dignity. I was happy that my arousal had faded though.

"I told you you'd get caught eventually." She laughed at Becky, before facing me. "I'm sorry, I have tried to stop her but you know what teenagers are like."

I didn't actually, other than remembering my own teen years. It appeared that it was a rhetorical question anyway as she continued. "Come inside."

Again I had no chance to respond as she just turned away and walked into the house. Annie, as she introduced herself, took charge. She had me sit in the middle of a three seater sofa whilst she sat on a chair at ninety degrees from mine. Despite her protests and desire to get dressed, Becky was told to stand between us. As she did, I realised just how little of her body the towel actually covered. My cock started to respond again as I remembered just what was under that piece of cloth.

We discussed what had happened and just how many times Becky, and on occasion her friends, had taken advantage of my pool and absence. Annie's reaction to her daughter's nude sunbathing was not what I'd expected of a parent. Her eyes seemed to sparkle and she wanted to know from me just what I'd seen and especially my reaction to it. The latter seemed to excite her. I got the distinct impression that Annie had definite voyeuristic tendancies.

As I talked about Becky's young pussy in all its naked glory my cock was soon again fully rampant, something I was sure that Annie was aware of. Becky standing above and in front of me could see it clearly and had trouble looking elsewhere. Wondering where this was leading, I began to check out Annie.

The fruit hadn't fallen far from the tree. Like her daughter Annie was petite, no more than 5' 2". No more than a couple of years older than me, I guessed, Annie's hair was the same dark colour as her daughter's natural look. She carried about 14lbs more than Becky, a nice percentage of which was on her breasts. All in all, Annie was well worthy of a romp in bed, if that was where this was heading.

Still, as nice as Annie was, she didn't have a sixteen year old body clad in just a bit of towelling.

"What do you want to do about it then, Wolff?"

"I don't know. Initially I'd thought about the police," I said, knowing damn well that I hadn't.

"No!" Becky squealed.

"Maybe then, I just find some jobs for her to do."

"I could do that." Becky said with some relief.

"That's compensation not punishment though," Annie added with a grin, "What would you do if your daughter did something similar."

"I haven't got a daughter, so I'm not too sure. Put her across my knee I suppose."

Becky looked horrified at that and gave her mother a filthy look when Annie said. "That sounds more like it. With just me here, she's been getting away with more and more. I think a good spanking will do her the world of good."

"Mum!" The teenager screamed.

"Okay Becky, your choice. Police or Wolff's knee?"

'Rock and hard place' came to mind and I could tell that the youngster was thinking hard about it. 'Rock and hard place' also summed up my cock as I thought about it. Becky's gaze kept returning to the obvious bulge in my shorts as she decided what to do.

"If I accept a spank does that mean I don't have to do any chores for you?"

"No it doesn't." Answered her mother.

By now, I really wanted her bent over my knee. My stomach was churning at the prospect. "You will still have to do some chores but we can arrange it so that you can still use the pool, within reason."

"Okay!" She whispered.

I held my hand out and guided her to lay across my lap.

Annie leaned forward and whipped the towel away leaving two very shocked people in the room.

I'd never spanked anyone before, had never had an inclination to do so either but at that instant, I was as turned on as I'd ever been and judging by her face, so was Annie.

I couldn't help but caress the naked body lying across my legs. My right hand on her buttocks whilst me left was stroking her waist and pulling her against my erection. I had no doubt that she could feel it pressed against her side.

Suddenly, I raised my hand and brought it down on her right cheek. The blow wasn't hard but was unexpected, so Becky jumped slightly and yelled loudly. The choice to caress her between blows was excusable in order that she couldn't prepare for the smacks. It wasn't why I did it though, that was because her young flesh was so soft and smooth to the touch.

Despite best intentions, my right hand started to stray further from her cheeks between each smack. By the sixth one it was between her legs almost, but not quite, touching her pussy. That my hand was welcome was obvious by Becky's low moans and very deliberate parting of her thighs.

Similar moans were coming from Annie as she watched intently.

I leaned close to Becky's ear. "Think you've had enough yet?" I whispered hoarsely praying for a negative answer.

"Nooo!" She said to my delight.

Another strike followed by a slow exploration of her lower body. This time I allowed myself to touch her sex. Simultaneous moans came from all three of us as my fingers slid through the sopping wet folds of her labia to sink effortlessly into her pussy. Whether Becky was a virgin or not I didn't know, or at that point care, but it was clear that she had no hymen.

Just that thought was almost enough to trigger me to ejaculate. I no longer wanted to waste my time smacking her bottom, that is until I thought of doing so with my stomach. I kept stimulating her with my fingers as that desire took hold. Knowing that her body was more than willing and totally oblivious to her mother, I slid her off my knee and on to the floor. Once there, I swiftly positioned her on her hands and knees before stripping off my shorts.

"Yes Wolff, fuck her. Fuck my little girl." Annie said, the words just about penetrating my lust driven mind.

Taking less than a second to line my cock up with the sixteen year old's dripping pussy, I pushed hard and entered nirvana. Virgin or not, I'd never felt anything grip my cock so tightly. I was buried to the hilt inside the furnace that was Becky for what seemed like an eternity, with my eyes closed and seemingly unable to move, just relishing the sensations almost overwhelming my brain.

Eventually instinct took over and the age old thrusting began, slowly at first, building to its inevitable crescendo. When my eyes opened and managed to focus, I looked down to what I'd imagined just a few moments earlier. I saw and felt, oh did I feel, my cock slide in and out of the moist tunnel of love. I saw and felt my stomach slap against the buttocks that my hand had first struck just minutes before.

At that instant, I felt that this was the best sex I'd ever had, hell, it was the best moment I'd ever had.

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