Obsession: an Erotic Poem

by Satori and Desdemona Aya

Copyright© 2010 by Satori and Desdemona Aya

Erotica Sex Story: A girl's fascination with male anatomy leads to some interesting adventures. Written in informal verse, this short tale is a complex take on obsession, inhibitions, and incest. 2

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Incest   Daughter   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   .

There was once a girl who was fascinated with balls
Her papa was the only male she was close to
She liked to peek and try and see his balls
They gave her such a thrill
they were mysterious jewels to her
she never got a good look
Papa was kinda modest around her
He knew she was curious
He didn't know how developed her fantasy was
She would imagine him taking a nap
lying nude asleep on the bed
his thighs spread
his thick hot member laying there half erect
She would move it aside
and cup his big moist balls
roll them in their sack
Then she would lean down and kiss them
thinking of how momma told her how half of her came from them
She would lick them tasting their salty flavor
and inhaling that male musk
Then she would put them in her mouth and suck
She used to lie in her bed
her nightgown up around her nipples
fibbiting away at her pussy

On her twelfth birthday
Daddy asked her what she wanted for her birthday
She got brave
snuggled in his arms
in the lazyboy
She told him she would like to see his balls
He was very surprised
He said, the only girls who have seen his balls
were girls he had sex with
and he said she was too young
to be thinking about such things
But she wasn't
She was obsessed

The changes in her body between 12 and 13 were tremendous
Her breasts were no longer flat
her hips and butt got wider
she got hair on her pussy
she didn't like the hair
cause it got pulled
she found new places on her body
touching made her horny
back of her knees
her butt
her armpits
her belly
her neck
her smell changed

Mom left that year
ran off to Europe to join a cult
Dad was very sad
This girl tried comfort dad
Dad tried to date
but it always ended badly
So Dad stopped dating

One day, home alone
this girl was masturbating on the couch
thinking about her dad's balls
thinking of them swinging
Her fantasy became being his wife
A wife could see his balls any time she wanted to
He came home early
all tired from work
She was bare ass naked
she shrieked
jumped up
and ran
but she ran into the wrong room
She ran into his room not hers

he thought of her not so little body
had an erection
He kept seeing the curve of her nude hips
the graceful line of her back
her belly
leading to her new breasts

Her heart was thudding
she was turned on
being seen
She realized
she had to open the door
walk to her room
She took a deep breath
opened the door slowly
and stepped out
She saw he was still frozen in place
She sashayed slowly
swaying her hips
into her room
cool as ice
her heart pounding
He watched her every move
eyes of a predator
He tried to deny his lust
for his daughter

He ordered pizza
20 minutes
He took a shower
leaving his spunk on the walls

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