The Backyard Rapist

by Adiemus Bacchante

Copyright© 2010 by Adiemus Bacchante

Erotica Sex Story: A young girl is raped by a stranger in her backyard.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Rape   First   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   .

Warning! This story contains little plot beyond a young teenaged girl being brutally raped by a stranger who takes her by force and even knocks her up! All in her own backyard! If you think this will offend you, or make you go blind, you're right! You should stop reading! If you don't, please continue and enjoy.

There she lay, all alone in the back yard on a hot summer's day without a care in the world save for her tan. Dozing on one of the long, adjustable lawn chairs that allowed one to lie reasonably comfortably in the sun, the dark haired girl gave little thought to the fact that her parents wouldn't be home for several more hours. Infact, as far as she was concerned, that brought several benefits.

Even without being able to sunbathe topless with impunity, the thirteen-year-old felt a deep sense of blissful calm at finally gaining some solitude. With an annoying little brother away at camp, her constantly bickering parents at work for several hours each day, and dread school two months away, it gave the girl ample opportunity to lounge about, happily sipping ice tea from a tall glass, the brilliant sunlight shielded from her eyes by a large, colourful hat, her eyes protected by dark sunglasses.

Smiling blissfully, the dark haired girl dozed, letting an hour tick by lazily until without warning, the warm, gentle caress of the sun halted, a cool shadow falling across her young, slender body. Frowning, the girl opened her eyes, fully expecting to see a dark cloud moving across the sun. What she saw instead caused her to gasp.

Standing directly over her was the tall, dark shape of a man. With the sun directly behind his head, his body was cast in shadow, making it impossible to make out his features, but through squinting eyes the girl could tell one thing for certain. The man was naked. Not only that, but he was grinning down at her, his right hand forcefully jerking his long, thick cock.

Both disgusted an horrified, the young teen was momentarily paralysed with fear, her body shaking with indecision as she finally shouted out, "What the fuck-?!"

The little girl didn't get any more than that out, however, before he was atop her. All but diving forward, the dark figure grabbed the teenager's shoulder and pushed as he fell, the lawn chair making an awful breaking sound as the girl shrieked. Barely lifting her head in time, her shoulders hit the ground, sending a stab of dull pain through her slender form, the man working quickly, grabbing the top of his victim's blue bikini bottoms and pulling down.

"N-No!" she shouted, her young voice going up an octave, her sun hat falling off as her glasses were knocked askew, the sun blinding the girl as the man yanked and pulled her bottoms up to her knees, the teenager's legs kicking wildly.

Laughing as the dark haired girl's grabbed his shoulders and pushed back, the naked man's hands quickly moved, grabbing her thin thighs and pushing the girl's knees up against her chest, concealing her small, firm breasts.

"Let me go!" the teenagers screamed now, her whole body squirming as the man pulled her bikini bottoms down to her ankles and managed to get one foot out the hole, leaving the garment hanging around her left ankle.

"Help! Somebody help me!" she shouted, hoping against hope that one of her neighbours had chosen to stay home that day as the full extent of her predicament set in. There she was, the long lawn chair having dropped half to the ground, her body bent over backwards, her ass in the air with her legs pushed back against her body. The poor little girl left in the perfect position for violation. Which as she felt the heat of her attacker's cock against her young, hairless pussy, the girl knew was to be her fate.

Screaming incoherently, the teenager thrashed harder, but found her wrists quickly grabbed and pinned down, the man obviously no stranger to the act of rape. Leaning into her, he let gravity do most of the work, the little girl screaming in pain and horror as she felt her netherlips spread apart, the thick cockhead stretching her painfully open.

Letting out a grunting growl as the thirteen year old's legs kicked futilely to either side of his hips, the man hissed in a moment of pleasure/pain as his sensitive cockhead met the dry resistance of his victim's pussy. Crying out in pain, the girl beneath him tossed her head back, her eyes held tightly closed, screaming as he gave a quick, hard shove, the head of his cock ripping into the girl, her inner walls forced to separate until he ran up against the resistance of her hymen.

Pausing a moment, the man grinned down at the little girl as she panted heavily, her eyes going wide as she stared up at the dark shadow above her, his body silhouetted by the sun. As tears flowed from her young eyes, the thirteen year old gritted her teeth and let out a pained grunt, the man backing out just a bit before making a sharp jab forward.

Not yet breaking her maidenhead, the practiced manoeuvre sent a wave of shock and pain through the little girl, and she shook her head in denial. "No, p-please, don't do this." she pleaded, crying and sobbing, no longer physically resisting. But the man didn't seem to care.

His grin widening, he shoved again, this time stabbing deep, breaking through the child's hymen and filling her with most of his long, thick cock. Her howl of pain all but echoing through the backyards of her neighbours, the girl's attacker grunted and groaned as he started pumping hard. Saving the last few inches of cock, he lifted her slender arms over her head, pinning her as his cock pistoned relentlessly, savouring the look of anguish on his victim's face.

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