Peep Show

by duane

Copyright© 2010 by duane

Fan Fiction Sex Story: A story about hidden lesbian passion.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Fan Fiction   Celebrity   BDSM   Spanking   Interracial   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Needles   Big Breasts   .

The Rehearsal before the Show Starring Kelly Monaco and Melanie Brown

Lesbian Sex

Kelly Monaco was very tired when she arrived at McCarran International airport in Las Vegas Nevada, after flying from Los Angeles. It had been a busy week for her. Besides the constant flights back and forth between the two cities, she was still working at her day job on "General Hospital," and the Wednesday filming had just finished taping when she hurried to catch the plane to Las Vegas. The constant travel, her job on the soap opera, and all the dance rehearsals for the upcoming show in Sin City were combining to wear her out. When the plane landed, all she really wanted to do was head straight to the casino, check in as quickly as possible, and go up to her suite where she would be able to take a warm, restful bath.

She was thinking to herself, just how good the hot, fragrant water would feel caressing her naked body, and how it would help soothe her aching muscles. Just the thought of getting out of her tight clothes and relaxing, nude in the tub, and surrounded by the scintillating bubbles brought a smile to her face. Then she felt her phone vibrate.

"Damn!" She said to herself as she fumbled in her pocket for her cell phone. "Hello?"

"Hi, Kelly. Are you here yet?"

"Yeah, Mel. I just arrived."

"Great! Come on over."

"I was planning to get some sleep first."

"Oh, come on, Kelly. We need to rehearse for the show. You remember your first week on Dancing with the Stars. I know you don't want that to happen to you again."

Kelly could not help thinking back to that first horrible week on that Dancing contest when her scores were just awful and a judge remarked, "What's wrong with your face? Did someone die in your family?" Yes, Kelly could never forget those cruel remarks from one of the judges Bruno. She could not even fathom in her mind another bad night like that ever happening to her again. "I'll be right over, Mel."

"Great! See you soon. Bye."

Kelly was happy she had only brought a small carryon bag with her, so at least she would not have to wait for any luggage. All she had to worry about after stuffing her phone back into her purse was getting a cab, and she knew that one nice thing about Vegas is that they always have plenty of cabs around. She knew she would not have to wait more than a few minutes for one to come around.

The cabbie waiting for his next pick up was very happy when he noticed the brown-haired woman standing in line for a cab. He anticipated her being a pleasant ride for him, because she was so easy on the eyes, with designer jeans so tight they hugged every curve of her small ass. Above the pants, she wore a brown vest that covered her blouse, and he could see some cleavage peeking out over the top. He thought he recognized the brown-haired woman as he pulled forward to pick her up. He was just about ready to get out of his cab to greet her but, before he could, she had already hopped into the back seat of the cab.

"Hi, Miss. I'm Joe. Are you waiting for anyone else?"

"No, it's just me."

'Do you have any luggage, Miss?"

"No, just this," Kelly replied, pointing at the small zippered bag she had tossed into the back seat before entering the cab.

"Where to miss

Kelly was so busy fumbling with her bag that she did not even give him her name. She simply handed him a piece of paper with the address of Melanie's apartment.

Joe was pissed that his fare had not even bothered to tell him her name. "Arrogant little bitch!" he told himself.

The cabbie looked in the mirror and saw the women had opened her form-fitting vest and was lying back in the seat with her eyes closed. He smiled as he approached the exit to McCarran Airport and looked back again; he noticed her eyes were still closed. Joe decided he would take the "scenic route." Usually he only did that as a means to increase the cab fare of first time Las Vegas tourists, who never knew the difference, but this time he mostly wanted a little more time to ogle the sexy woman in the back seat.

Joe remembered her name; it was Kelly something. He could not recall her last name, but he did not really care what it was anyhow. He remembered seeing pictures of her scantily clad, almost nude body plastered all over town recently, because she was going to be in an adult style Vegas presentation called "Peepshow." He had heard the show was going to be a topless review playing over at Planet Hollywood Casino.

"Holy shit!" This bitch is going to be in that show," he said to himself.

Kelly had fallen asleep in the back seat and was dreaming about having to perform in front of a crowd of people. She was particularly apprehensive about dancing almost naked while a large audience watched, and having second thoughts about appearing on stage in the skimpy costumes that had been shown to her. Kelly knew her body was still in great shape for 32 years old, so she should be fine in that department, but the thought of dancing in front of an audience was causing her a little stress.

As her dream continued, the dancers onstage with her started rubbing their nearly naked forms against hers. Their hands began exploring her body as they surrounded her, and both male and female fingers began touching her curvy little figure. She could feel someone's hands on her breasts, lightly fondling them through her costume. Another hand was caressing her bare ass at the same time as the first pair was fondling her breasts. Kelly's body felt like it was burning up from the heat of the stage, the music and the rhythm of the almost naked dancers surrounding her and grinding against her petite form. Her entire body was subjected to their freely roaming hands. Kelly could feel her nipples getting hard under her costume and, lowering her eyes, she was shocked to see her nipples peeking out of the thin fabric while Carmen, the busty, black dancer, was standing in front of her grinning at her.

"What are you doing to me? Don't touch me," she whispered, but with little conviction in her tiny voice. Even as she protested, Carmen was running her fingernails over the tops of Kelly's exposed nipples.

"You can't be doing this to me! Stop! Please, no, not here in front of everyone," Kelly softly mumbled to the statuesque dancer. "Oh, please, don't touch me, Carmen. Not now; maybe later."

"No! Wait! What am I thinking! Not again!" Kelly protested, as she recalled an experience in her life that she thought had been blocked out of her mind years ago. It had returned; she could already feel the dampness inside her pussy starting to build from the memory of what happened to her when she was younger.

"God Carmen is so beautiful," she thought, while the ebon-skinned object of her admiration continued to fondle her breasts and smile knowingly at her responses. Kelly could feel her body trembling under the exotic touches of the beautiful dancer.

"Oh god the girl knows my real name But how could she?" were the thoughts that came to mind.

"Wait! No, stop that!" Kelly blurted out.

She could feel the other dancers' hands trying to remove her skimpy costume bottom. "Why are they doing this to me?" she asked to nobody in particular. "It's as if they all want to undress me on stage so everyone can see me naked, but then what are they going to do with me? But there's the beautiful Carmen, looking at me like she wants to ravage my body on stage in front of everybody!"

The other dancers' hands continued roaming over Kelly's half-naked body, and their touching suddenly became more frightening to her. The dream became even more surreal in her mind and even more daring. Everyone was getting undressed on stage and the dancers were telling her to strip off her costume and join them in dancing nude. She could see Melanie now onstage already naked.

Her voice was echoing out to Kelly. "Come on, Kelly, you can do it. Take your clothes off!"

"I can't do it!" she thought. "No!" I can't

However, the other dancers kept encouraging her. "Take it off! Take it off! Take it off," they chanted at her.

Kelly felt her hands going up to her costume, reaching around to unfasten the bra but she stopped herself in midstream, shaking her head. "No! I can't do it!"

However, just then, another female dancer grabbed her costume and ripped it off her body exposing her bare breasts to the roaring crowd.

"Oh my god!" Kelly shrieked when she realized that she was standing on stage topless, in front of everyone. Clutching her exposed breasts in her hands, she started to run towards the stage exit.

As her dream continued, she was now backstage, safely away from the dancers and the crowd, but feeling guilty about not taking off her entire costume with the other dancers on stage. What she wanted was to strip completely naked, to feel the freedom of dancing nude with the others, but she could not go through with taking her clothes off.

The cabbie reached up nonchalantly to adjust his mirror again, aiming it toward his passenger's chest. She still had her eyes shut but there was a strange look on her face. Joe noticed, while he adjusted the mirror. That her blouse was completely unbuttoned and hanging open in the front, showing off both her breasts in the skimpy blue bra that barely concealed her nipples...

"Wow! Nice tits for such a skinny bitch!" he exclaimed under his breath. "But her ass is a bit small for my taste. As he continued looking at her breasts, rising and falling under their almost non-existent bra, he told himself: "I would still fuck her. At least she has nice tits."

Joe wondered if the little bitch in his cab was really sleeping or just faking it to tease him with her big tits. It was bothering him a little; as he continued taking the long route to the address, she had given him earlier. Her cleavage, he noted, had a nice rich tan, and he could even see some freckles on the upper sides of her breasts. It also looked like her nipples were hard under her skimpy bra, as if she was aroused.

He adjusted the mirror lower to check out more of her lower anatomy. She had a flat belly and..."Oh shit!"

The cabbie almost ran a red light when he noticed the waist of her jeans was also unsnapped. When he first picked her up at the airport and saw those pants on her petite body, he could hardly believe how tightly they fit her curves. He was wondering how she could even breathe in those jeans when he heard a loud voice over the speaker on the dashboard.

"Joe? Where are you?"

Grabbing the microphone, he responded. "I have a fare in my cab already."

"Hurry up. I have another pickup for you next to where you are going. Can you make the other pickup?". "Okay, I'll take it," Joe mumbled, a bit angrily, back to the dispatcher.

He looked in the mirror, but could only see Kelly's cleavage and he thought he heard a sound in the backseat.

"Where are we?"

"Oh, we're almost there, Miss."

Looking at the front of the cab and seeing the mirror aimed at her chest, Kelly quickly glanced down and saw how her blouse was unbuttoned and gaping open, showing off her tiny bra. She laughed a little at herself, thinking well "At least I wore a bra today, thank god for that, or this might be really embarrassing." The thought of herself, topless and sitting in a cab having erotic dreams while the driver watched, struck her as funny. She knew that the cabbie had enjoyed a great view of her exposed breasts because of the skimpy bra that she was wearing. Then she thought about her almost-nothing costumes that she was going to have to wear in the show, Kelly smiled, knowing she had better get used to the ideal of having people seeing her wearing a lot less than she had on now.

Kelly, quickly buttoned her blouse back up as the cab pulled up to Melanie's apartment building. She handed the cabbie the money and blushed a little when she saw the way his beady little eyes were staring at her cleavage as she exited his cab.

Joe was a little angry on the drive to his next pickup, thinking about the woman whom he just dropped off a few minutes ago. "The skinny bitch didn't even give me a decent tip for the ride," he complained to himself. "Yeah; she did give me a tip, but she's one cheap little broad."

He was also wondering if the busty bitch had been teasing him in the cab by showing off her big tits like that in the back of his cab, with her open shirt, and why did she have her jeans unsnapped? "She had better not been teasing me," he muttered. "Or I'll make her pay."

Melanie thought she would surprise Kelly or maybe even shock her by answering the door dressed the way she was. She was wearing a long silk robe, but the surprise was that it was transparent and displayed every delicious curve of her body. She also had on a pair of platform boots that added nearly six inches to her frame, so she was standing over six feet tall when she answered the door.

She was right. The look on Kelly's face was priceless when Melanie opened the door to let her into the apartment. The brown-haired woman's mouth was literally hanging open when she saw the revealing outfit her sexy co-star was wearing.

"Hi Kelly Glad you could make it."

As she looked up at Melanie's chest, Kelly could see her dark nipples, clearly visible thru the thin fabric of her robe. She felt suddenly weak in the knees, for some reason, at the sight of her co-star's breasts poking through the thin material. She could not understand why her knees almost buckled at seeing Melanie now like that, because they had rehearsed on stage almost naked together many times before, and she felt nothing strange or sexual towards her then.

H-hi, M-Melanie," she stuttered back lowering her eyes and not looking at her friend.

"Do you like it?" Melanie asked.

"Like what?" Kelly mumbled, feeling her cheeks brightening as she spoke, and not wanting to look at Melanie's scantily clad covered body again.

"Oh, my boots Silly, What do you think I was talking about Kelly My fake tits?

"I was wandering why you suddenly looked so much taller then me now Mel, and I was not looking at your boobs.

"Well then Kelly, since I caught you looking at my big tits and I know you were checking me out you silly little liar because I saw you looking at my breast. I mean what do you think Kelly, do you like my big fake boobies? or not.

"I was not looking at your tits, Melanie. They were just in my face."

Melanie thought her partner's tone of voice seemed a little sharp. "Ok, Kelly. I was only teasing you. Let's try on some costumes and get down to business."

"You want to try on costumes?"

"Of course, Silly how could we rehearse our dancing together with clothes on?"

Kelly, for some strange reason now was feeling a little uncomfortable in this situation. She watched Melanie heading over to the bar to fix them drinks, she noticed her friend was obviously naked under the robe and felt herself looking at Melanie's curvaceous ass as it moved under the thin fabric.

"I can't be thinking like this again," she told herself, but Kelly also knew she could not bring herself to stop looking at Melanie's succulent body. Her mind began to wander back to a recent pool party at the casino she and Melanie attended. They were both wearing bikinis, but her friend's top was so tiny that her breasts were spilling out the sides. "Mel asked me if she could rub oil on my body, Kelly recalled, and I said it would be okay.

"Melanie untied my bikini and rubbed oil on my back but I also remember how her hands kept rubbing the oil on the sides of my exposed flesh. She even told me to hush as her fingers slid under my boobs. I just thought she was playing with me, having fun. I let her touch me with her hands, Mel's fingers even found my nipples, and I allowed her to touch them, even pinch them a little between her fingers. I even lifted my upper torso up a little so she could rub the oil on my entire bare breasts, which she did. Melanie's hands felt nice a warm touching me like that, but I thought it was just a game. No big deal, but I have to admit her hands touching my breasts gave me more pleasure than I would have expected."

Kelly heard a loud voice interrupting her thoughts by calling her name. "Huh? What?" she responded?

"Hey, girl, here's your drink."

"Ok, thank you, Mel. I guess I was day-dreaming again." Kelly grabbed her drink and quickly took a little sip of the beverage as her eyes started to roam down Mel's very tight body. Her fake black tits were solid; their nipples were a rich dark chocolate color, and she had rock solid abdominal muscles, tapering down to her womanly thighs.

"Here, Kelly, try this on. You look great in this costume." She handed Kelly the white bra costume with the little thong bottoms to put on.

"I' can't wear this now," Kelly whined. "I'd feel silly."

"Oh, come on. Kelly Do not be shy with me, it's just us girls."

Kelly was thinking to herself how that would be the problem. She noticed Melanie moving toward the table, intently watching her hips sway as she walked. "Oh, my," she thought, and felt her heart skip a beat when Mel bent over to set her drink down on the table, providing a great view of her gorgeous black ass.

After setting her drink down on the table, Melanie turned back towards the wide-eyed Kelly who was looking directly at her and, without hesitating, unfastened her robe, letting it fall off her body. She stood, completely nude except for her platform boots, in front of Kelly.

Mel caught Kelly's eyes taking in every inch of her delicious chocolate body. Seeing the way her partner's eyes seemed to looking at her naked body, she started wandering if her white girlfriend might be into women.

Kelly felt flushed as she looked at Melanie's hot black naked body. Thoughts ran through her mind how they were both different in many ways besides color. "Melanie has fake tits," she told herself, while mine are real. "She has a nice big black ass while my white ass is skinny. Her body is more muscular looking then mine, with tattoos; my body is softer with no tattoos. Mel is a little older than me, 35 to my 32, and she is a few inches taller than I am. I am 5'3" to her 5' 5" but with those boots on, she looks like a naked black Amazon standing there, so tall with her sexy, muscular body. Kelly also noticed that Melanie had shaved off her pubic hair, leaving her pussy bald, while she, herself, still had a tiny strip of hair there.

Melanie caught Kelly's eyes looking down at her bald pussy, making her wonder what was going on in her mind. "Is she actually looking at me in a sexual way?" she asked herself. "Am I turning her on? Does she want to have sex with me? It sure looks like it by the way she's ogling my bare-assed body."

Kelly suddenly realized she had been caught looking at Melanie's pussy. She could feel her cheeks burning and turning red from the embarrassment of knowing how her friend had caught her staring. It was an uncomfortable situation and, if that was not bad enough, she could feel her pussy lubricating and realized her wanton body was going to betray her once again. Kelly was starting to feel the need to submit herself to Melanie.

She knew she could never reveal that side of her personality again, not to anyone, because the submissive side of her personality was dangerous to her body and her sanity. "I cannot let that happen to me again like before with her," was her thought. "She was beautiful, but the way she treated me was horrible, and even more shameful to me was that I liked what she did to me. I allowed my body to be used by her, and she did use it and me as if I was her own personal property, to abuse in any way she wanted And I willingly allowed her to do it. I have to leave now, before those old, uncontrollable desires return and something happens that I'll regret later.

The hidden desires were something Kelly had locked away for almost 8 years since her first girl on girl relationship, back when she was a playmate. The lesbian relationship in itself would have been okay to deal with, but what bothered her most was the way Nefertiti had treated her like a total slut, as if she were the other woman's own personal bitch, to use as she pleased. Kelly still could not believe she let the younger black girl boss her around as she did but, even harder for Kelly to deal with, was how much she enjoyed being submissive to the black beauty.

Kelly started thinking back to when they met at the mansion. Nefertiti Shepherd had just become the July 2000 playmate and was at the mansion, hanging out at the pool. The minute she saw her sunbathing topless, she was hooked on the stunningly beautiful young black girl. The black playmate noticed her sitting on the other side of the pool and got up from her lounge chair and started walking in her direction. Kelly was mesmerized at the first glance of the nearly naked young girl walking towards her, especially the beautiful black breasts that jiggled enticingly as she approached.

She remembered thinking, as Nefertiti came over, that she was probably the most amazing woman Kelly had ever seen. Her black body was perfect; she was a flawless beauty.

Nefertiti urged Kelly to take off her bikini top to join her in being topless, which she did. It was a fun start to their brief friend ship. They played in the pool and talked for hours that day. Then the two of them went out for drinks later and both got smashed. They ended up at Nefertiti's apartment; one thing led to another and, before Kelly realized what was happening, they were making out on her bed.

"I did enjoy my first girl-girl sex with her that night," Kelly recalled. "She had an incredible body. It was my first time with a woman and my first time eating one out, and she tasted so good in my mouth. Her black pussy was delicious, and I even relished it when she came in my mouth with the gusher of sweet juices.

"The first time was awesome. Being with my first women was exciting, but the aftermath of that night became my worst nightmare. It seemed Nefertiti liked to tape herself with other women, to keep track of her female seductions. She told me about the videotape, and that was the start of our relationship, one great night of making love, but then she blackmailed me into her dark world of sexual games. They were wild, kinky and a little dangerous at times. Well, for me they were, but maybe not for Nefertiti.

"I hated the black bitch at first for what she made me do, but then my submissive nature took over my body. She enjoyed that aspect of me and took for advantage of it. The bitch broke my mind and my body until I actually started to enjoy being her white slave. I let her order me around and literally dominate me in our brief relationship, even though I was almost 24 at the time and she was only 20 years old. Nefertiti treated me like trash, and the scary part was that I willingly humbled myself for her. It was so bad; it was as if she owned my body, my soul and me. I found myself drawn into her world. At one point in our kinky relationship, I actually wanted to be her white whore."

"Kelly, wake up! What are you thinking about?" Kelly suddenly heard Melanie saying.

"I have to go, Mel," she replied.

"What do you mean you have to go? Is something wrong?"

Kelly remembered the drink she was still holding in her hand, raised the glass to her mouth and gulped the contents down in one big swallow.

"Hey, girlfriend what's up with you?"

Kelly choked a little on the alcohol, which was strong going down her throat and it burned like hell going down. Melanie started to laugh at the funny face her friend was making as she regained her composure from the affect of finishing the drink in one big gulp.

"Oh yes, Melanie. I'm fine now."

"Great. Here, put this on." She was handing Kelly her costume from the show. "Let's just go thru the moves with the costumes. Don't be chicken; put it on."

Kelly tried to protest some more, but having Melanie standing naked and directly in front of her was causing her more discomfort, so getting dressed seemed like a safer idea to her. "Okay, give me the damn costume and shut up already about it."

Kelly noticed that Melanie handed her the skimpiest of her show costumes to put on. It included the white bra, which was all right, but another part was the tiny bottom that was no more than a thong. "Melanie, this is not the right costume."

"Come on, Kelly; just put the damn thing on. You're wasting our time."

Grabbing the tiny outfit, she headed towards the other room to change. Kelly finished putting on the skimpy costume in the bathroom and examined her 32-year-old body in the mirror. The bra was okay, just a regular white bra, sexy but conservative, covering her big breasts and helping push them up to maximize her cleavage in a sexy way. It was what the bra represented that excited her most about wearing it in the show: the innocent part of her character, before she would be stripped of her innocence and most of her clothing by the other female dancers.

Kelly had to laugh at the thought of a 32-year-old woman being innocent or playing one in a show. While on the stage her character, Bo-Peep, starts by wearing this ultra conservative white bra and the female dancers cavort around her body. At the appointed time, they strip the costume off her body. Two women start by untying her bottoms first, leaving her in a skimpy thong with no more than a little patch covering her pussy, followed by divesting her of the white bra, leaving her tits covered in nothing more than a flesh colored strip. The thought of the sexy dancers stripping off the clothing and transforming her innocent Bo Peep character into a sensual young woman on the stage was very exciting to Kelly. Dancing almost naked on a stage was exciting, but having the female dancers help her peel off her costume to expose her nudity was the part that excited her the most about doing the show. She gave her body one last glance, checking out her tiny ass in the mirror, before leaving the bathroom.

"You look so sweet, wearing the little white bra, Bo-Peep. Come on over here and let your Mistress strip you of all your innocence and your clothes."

"Huh? What did you say, Melanie?" Kelly could feel her nipples hardening and her pussy start to twitch when she heard those words.

"Come on, Kelly, get into the character. I'm Mistress Diva Bitch, remember?"

Kelly knew she was in trouble when she heard the word "mistress" mentioned. She could feel her pussy getting wet, just that single word was enough to arouse her sexual needs again and start her pulse racing

"Yes. Mistress Diva. Oh, god, did I just say that out loud to her?" Kelly asked herself. She noticed Melanie's outfit again. Her sexy friend had changed her clothing too, and Mel was now dressed in a sheer black bra, her pointy nipples clearly showing thru the sheer fabric of her bra. Kelly was thinking to herself that Melanie might as well be topless because the bra she had on concealed nothing from her view and Mel was also wearing a pair of skintight black leather pants.

Kelly thought Mel had a great figure but almost fainted when she saw the whip in her hand. Just the sight of her gorgeous black body was already stimulating her sexually, but when she beheld the instrument of punishment, Kelly knew she was going to willingly submit herself and do whatever her mistress told her to do.

"Here, Peep. Put this on." Melanie tossed her a white robe.

Kelly felt a little more comfortable to be adding clothing to her body; she was hoping it might help conceal the desires of her increasingly wanton little body. "'Okay. Thank you, Mistress."

"Bo Peep, the dance we will be doing, I will dance with you, then come up from behind and pull off your robe. You try to protest but, in the end, you just stand there while I remove the rest of your clothes. Okay?"

"Yes, Mistress," Kelly whispered back.

Melanie was curious about what was going on in Kelly's mind, "She seemed interested in my body," she reminded herself. "After all, I did catch her staring at my naked tits, even my pussy. I wander just how far she would be willing to go."

"Mistress, the music is playing."

Kelly had already turned on the music and was wearing the white robe to cover her skimpy costume. Melanie was surprised to see Kelly was already dancing to the music by herself, and moving her body in a very seductive way. Her eyes were also partially closed while she got into the rhythm of the music. Melanie also noticed that Kelly had a dreamy looking expressing on her face as she moved her body to the beat, seemingly oblivious to anything else that was happening.

The hot black entertainer tossed the whip aside and started to dance behind her, grinding up against her partner's backside and rubbing her crotch against the other woman's ass, which startled Kelly a little, because she felt something hard rubbing against her, and it felt almost like a stiff cock.

"Ooohhh," she moaned as the mysterious object continued to press and bump against her ass cheeks under the robe. Without conscious thought, Kelly started moving her skinny behind back against the hard object, trying to search for whatever it was pressing against her buttocks. Kelly did not know what was rubbing on her tiny little rear end, only that it felt hard and big.

Melanie realized what was supposed to be a little joke was becoming so much more, as she continued to grind her hips seductively against Kelly's ass. She originally thought it would be funny to dance with her sexy little co-star in her apartment until she removed her pants and Kelly saw the big fake cock she had between her legs. She thought it would be a big laugh to see her friend's reaction, the surprise on the cute white face, when she saw her partner was wearing a big strap on dildo under her leather pants.

Like the whip, the sex toy had been bought as a gag, but Melanie had Kelly's little body in mind when she got it, because she wanted the biggest toy she could find in the store. Mel was thinking about her friend's petite body. She wandered if the big fake cock she bought would be to big to even fit inside that tiny white pussy of Kelly. Melanie could not wait to see the look on Kelly's pretty face when she saw the big toy hidden inside the leather pants. She wondered if it would scare the skinny little bitch when she saw its size.

Melanie actually had no thought, when she first bought the toy, of fucking her friend with it. She had gotten the strap on just for fun, as a gag, but Mel was not so sure, from the way, Kelly's body seemed to be responding to the contact of the hard object. She also thought it might be fun to put it to use on the horny bitch.

"I wander; if I fuck her as a man and make the bitch cum for me, would she return the favor and make me cum as well?" The forbidden images of driving the dildo in and out of the small white woman was really turning Melanie on, even just the thought of bending Kelly's slender body over and seeing if her pussy could handle another woman fucking her.

"Oh my god," Melanie told herself as the erotic dancing continued. "I'm so horny, and I do want the bitch to lick my clit. I want to cum all over her pretty face. Kelly seems to need a good fucking too; by the way, she is moving her tiny ass. From the way the bitch is acting, she must want her pussy to get a good workout," her thoughts continued. "I know it would feel great to bury my hot black pussy in her white face and have her lick my clit until I cum into her mouth."

Melanie had been eager to see the look on her partner's face when she saw the long, thick dildo, thinking its size would freak Kelly out, but she could feel the other woman's ass seductively starting to move back to bump against her own body. She also was feeling some pleasure from the hard object inside her pants as it rubbed against the delicate skin of her thighs. The contact was making her hot as well now, and her pussy was becoming dripping wet.

She decided she wanted to take control of her friend's petite body. Melanie became suddenly overwhelmed with the idea of actually fucking another woman for the first time in her life. The game had changed for her; she knew her friend was responding to the physical contact of their bodies rubbing together, and she could feel the sexual excitement in her own pussy building. Melanie was fully aware of her friend's body movements responding to her as if telling her that it was okay to take this to the next level. "I 'm yours for the taking," is what Kelly's body movement seemed to say back to Melanie. Melanie felt Kelly's body stiffen when she put her hands on the other woman's shoulders and tugged on the robe.

Kelly remembered how she was supposed to protest a little, but she made no resistance as her friend pulled off the flimsy garment, leaving her in nothing but her bra and thong. She felt Melanie reach up to grab a breast with one hand. The hand on her boob felt good, even with the bra still on, especially when Mel started squeezing her soft breast while at the same time, Melanie's other hand started to unzip her own pants.

"Oh god," Kelly moaned when she heard the sound of a zipper behind her although, at that moment, she was not sure why the sound of the zipper excited her senses.

Melanie unzipped her pants but she could not manage to pull them off. They were too tight on her big ass to pull down, and seemed to be stuck. She decided to have Kelly remove them for her.

"Bo Peep, turn around and face your mistress."

Kelly legs were wobbly as she turned to face her friend. "What did you say?"

"I said help me with my fucking pants, Bitch. You heard me."

The next words out of the Kelly's mouth surprised Melanie and almost made her cum on the spot when she heard, the tiny, almost baby sounding whisper saying "Yes, Mistress."

Kelly was on her knees trying to tug Mel's tight leather pants around her hips when the big dildo popped out in front of her face. She moved her head back a little at first when she saw the plastic toy aimed at her chin, then Kelly smiled in anticipation at the thought that Melanie was going to fuck her with that monster. It made her wet just thinking about having the big dildo driving in and out of her pussy.

Melanie got a better than expected reaction from Kelly. She had thought the two of them would break out laughing together at this point, game over, until she saw the brunette's big brown eyes looking sheepishly up at her, a sly smile on her pretty face. She knew they were not going to stop what was going on between them and, right at that instant, Mel wanted to continue what they had started. She wanted Kelly to eat her needy black pussy to a climax, and she wanted to fuck her friend and dominate her petite white body.

Kelly finally managed to tug the tight pants all the way down to the floor, allowing Melanie to step out of them and kick them aside. The voluptuous black woman felt more than a little weird, standing in the middle of the room, naked below her breasts with a big dildo jutting from her crotch and her friend, who was also almost naked, kneeling in front of her.

Melanie "Stand up," she ordered, and Kelly immediately jumped to her feet to stand meekly in front of Melanie with her eyes lowered.

"I want you to take off my bra, Bitch."

"Yes. Mistress," Kelly mumbled, while she reached around the other woman's body to unhook the sheer, black restraint.

After removing it and tossing it aside, Melanie was naked except for her boots, with the dildo bouncing up and down in front of her sexy body. She reached out and placed her hands on Kelly's shoulders, silently commanding her to turn around to face the opposite direction. After doing as ordered, Kelly could feel the hard cock pressing against her ass while Melanie guided her in the direction of the couch.

"Bend over slut!" was the next order.

Kelly obeyed, bending from the waist and putting her hands on the couch for support, which left her ass sticking up in the air. She felt hands reaching out to grab her tiny thong strings, and pull them down her hips, leaving her naked below the waist and waiting anxiously for Melanie to ram the big toy into her wet, eager pussy.

Melanie rested her hands on Kelly's slender white ass while she pressed the thick dildo against her open pussy. She was unsure if the big cock would fit at first until she noticed pussy juices already dripping from the head. "Why the little bitch already came," she thought, as she rubbed the head of her big toy in the wetness at the entrance to Kelly's pussy.

Melanie felt powerful standing behind and over the bent over white women. She decided to give it to her small friend the way she, herself, liked to be fucked, fast and hard, with deep strokes. In one quick powerful thrust forward with her hips, she buried the entire plastic cock all the way inside the white pussy that obviously wanted it so badly.

"Ouch!" Kelly cried out as the big dildo was buried deep inside her tight little pussy.

Melanie pulled the dildo almost all the way back out and started plunging it in again, but slowly this time. Repeatedly, as she drove it in and out, she saw how Kelly was moving her skinny little ass in a circular motion, in perfect rhythm with the long, thick toy fucking her pussy. The hot little slut was even trying to get more of the dildo into her dripping hole, as she bucked her hips back against the woman who was wielding it.

"This bitch is really hot to trot. She wants to get it even harder," Mel marveled to herself, and she increased her speed, lunging forward over and over with her hips as Kelly rammed her body back to meet the hard cock being buried deep inside her pussy.

Kelly felt the thick cylinder hit pay dirt against her sweet spots, and she started screaming in an intense mix of pain and pleasure. "Ah shit, fuck oh god yes, Oh, my god, ouch! Oh Jesus! That hurts. Yesss! Oh yesss, fuck me, with your cock! Yes, Mistress, fuck my hot, slutty cunt with your big, hard cock. Ooohhh yes it feels so big and good in my pussy. Please, keep fucking me! Fuck me harder! It has been so long since I have been fucked so this good! Yes! Yes! Oh, please, yes!"

Melanie was surprised that, not only could she take the long, thick toy all the way inside herself without much trouble, but also the little bitch had quite the potty mouth on her when she was getting a good fucking. She started plunging the plastic cock in and out of Kelly's avid pussy as fast as she could thrusting her hips forward, and felt Kelly jamming her body back to meet her.

Kelly screamed "Oh fuck! Oh, shit! Fuck me! Ooohhh, yes, I'm cumming!"

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