by Thesandman

Copyright© 2010 by Thesandman

Incest Sex Story: Brian realizes he's jealous over his own sister.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Reluctant   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

I had always been close to my sister Sandra ... or rather "Sandy" as she preferred being called these days. With only two years difference between us, it had never seemed an obstacle for either one of us. She knew my friends ... and I was well acquainted with hers. One in particular.

We both still lived at home in order to cut down on expenses while I attended a local university, the same one that Sandy had begun attending as well a few months after graduating high school. Along with her best friend Diane, who I was currently seeing, and had been dating now for several months. The odd part was, most of the time, our dates consisted of the three of us going out together. Like I said, I'd always gotten along well with my sister, so having her come along with us seemed quite natural as opposed to her being a third wheel. We had double dated on a few occasions, but Sandy didn't really have any guy special at the moment, so lately it seemed like she was far more content to just tag along with us. Admittedly, it put a cramp in my love-life to some extent, but Diane and I had managed to fit in some intimate personal time for ourselves here and there. Though whenever we did, or made it obvious we needed some alone time, Sandy's mood and demeanor would noticeably change during those times.

Sandy and Diane were similar in appearance too. Very often people would take them for sisters, not quite twins ... but they looked, and dressed alike a good deal of the time. I found myself quite frequently enjoying the curious looks we got as the three of us strolled about the stores, or sat in the movie together, a beautiful girl sitting to either side of me. Each of them had dark brown well past the shoulder length hair, green eyes, full sensual lips, and though I couldn't prove it exactly, pretty much the same figure and bust size. Like I said ... they looked so much alike, I'd even gotten a bit of teasing from my buddies because of it. Saying I had some sort of a twisted sister fantasy, which is why I was dating Diane in the first place. I too had a full head of dark hair, and more like hazel eyes as opposed to being green like my sister and moms were. I was also a couple of inches taller than both, just under six feet give or take an inch. I enjoyed playing tennis, and though I didn't have a regular regimen or workout routine, I did take pretty good care of myself. I didn't consider myself a hunk, not by any means, but I'd never had any real problems dating cute, or attractive looking girls all through high school, and then into college either. Still ... the thought that my friends found it odd that I was dating someone who looked a lot like my own sister, or that I might be a bit twisted in doing that, gave me pause on more than one occasion. Especially as I had secretly thought about my sister in times past. But that was years ago. About the time Sandy started looking like a true beauty, a true beauty with tits, which is about the time most guys first look at their sisters a little differently. I know I did. And so yeah, I spent a few nights secretly fantasizing about my own sister. But eventually I grew out of that. That ... or forced those thoughts away whenever I found myself absentmindedly entertaining them. After all, that was incest. And thinking about one's own sister was pretty twisted and sick in a way ... wasn't it? So I didn't much care to hear my best buddies saying it or thinking it either. Though maybe to them, seeing the three of us always hanging out together would seem to be a bit sick and perverted in some ways.

I had no idea at the time just how twisted and perverted things were about to become.

I normally worked after school at the university bookstore and library part time. I had as usual showed up prepared to work when Jerry, one of the guys I sometimes worked with had showed up as well. I'd forgotten. Having traded shifts with him a few weeks back so he could have a particular night off, he'd agreed to come in and work for me one night. Remembering, and now delighted, I quickly headed off towards home, glad now for an entire weekend, especially as our parents had left early that morning for a drive up to San Francisco to spend some time with my Aunt as she'd recently had surgery. Nothing serious, but enough so, she was laid up and in need of some additional help. That would leave the place to us for the entire weekend, and that also meant, I might in fact be able to convince Diane to spend the night with me at least once. It had been well over two weeks since we'd had a chance to be together, and frankly ... I was damn fucking horny!

Although I shouldn't have been too surprised to see Diane's car sitting in the driveway, I hadn't expected to see her of course until sometime Saturday. Obviously she'd come over to visit with Sandy, and maybe..."just maybe" I thought smiling to myself, be waiting for me in bed when I supposedly got off work that evening. I figured we'd have to play nice for a bit, especially with my sister around. But I also knew that Diane was much like me in respect to getting a bit cranky if we didn't fool around some, or go too long between having sex. Something else I loved about her, she could be a real animal ... a real dirty, naughty animal in bed once she was aroused. And I needed some animal loving tonight in the worst way too!

With Diane's car in the drive, I was forced to park my own car out in front. Usually I entered in through the back door, but with the closer proximity of the front door now facing me, I entered that way instead. And though my room was upstairs, Sandy's room was downstairs, the far larger of the two. The moment I stepped inside I could hear voices, a bit of laughter, and knew that the two of them were obviously downstairs in her room. I sat my backpack down on the floor next to the couch in the sitting room and started to head over towards the stairs leading down to her room and the den area. Which is when I heard something else, a whole lot different than laughter, almost like a deep guttural moan. There was no mistaking it either. It was the sounds of someone enjoying a nice little orgasm, no question about it.

"What the fuck?" I thought silently to myself, and then deciding to remain silent, I quickly slipped off my shoes, now taking the stairs as quietly as I could in stocking feet. Obviously they weren't expecting me home, not for a few more hours as yet. And as mom and dad were certainly away, they had no reason to suspect anyone would come stumbling in on them. The problem was ... this was my girl friend ... and sister I could hear fooling around together. Even as I slowly descended the stairs, I had mixed emotions regarding what I might soon discover. On the one hand, this was every man's fantasy wasn't it? Two girls ... enjoying one another in the most intimate of ways? And yet ... on the other, this was my sister who was one of them ... with MY girlfriend! Even though Diane had been Sandy's best friend long before we'd ever started dating. Which then raised the question, "How long has this been going on anyway?"

I continued to creep down the stairs as quietly as I could, still listening to the sounds of heavy breathing and moaning, only now ... I realized it was coming from the den, and not from her bedroom. Reaching the small landing, off to the right down a short hallway was my sister's room, another full bathroom, and the laundry room. To the left, the family den. I now saw the flicker of light coming from the TV as I turned left and approached the doorway. It was open, as they'd obviously saw no need to close it. I slid up along the wall before daring to peek in, knowing where the TV was, and knowing they'd be on one of two couches, and perhaps both. But I also knew, if they were indeed watching something on TV, they wouldn't notice me standing behind them. And if they were doing something else other than that, they wouldn't be worried about me yet either. I felt relatively safe as I eased my head around the corner peeking into the room.

What they were doing was watching a porn movie together, though where they had gotten it from I had no idea. The moans and groans I'd been hearing coming from that, and not them, or at least not all of them anyway, though the obvious laughter had been ... nervous excited laughter perhaps. On screen as I stood there back behind the door in the darkness, I could see two women and one man, actively engaged in stimulating one another. At the moment, the two girls knelt before the guy sharing his cock, sucking and licking it together. But as interesting as that might have been to watch any other time, what I now found myself actually looking at had garnered my entire attention. And I knew I must have been standing there with my mouth open when I did.

They were indeed sitting on opposite sides of the "L" shaped couches. All I could see was the back of Diane's head as she sat on one side of the couch. But it was my sister who I could far more clearly see, as she sat on the other side, facing off to one side before me. For one thing, she had her hand down inside the waistband of the panties she was wearing, her shorts long discarded, laying on the floor beside her. And though she was also wearing a tank top, she had one side of it lifted up over her bare breast. One hand toying with her hard taut nipple. I had on some few rare occasions, caught glimpses of my sister before, but it had been a couple of years now since I'd last accidentally bumped into her when she was naked, and that had been the all too briefest of moments as she screamed, covered herself with her hands, and had ducked back into her bedroom. To be honest, I hardly had time at all to take anything in. Not like I was doing now. And I realized I was holding my breath, almost afraid to breathe for being heard and thus discovered. But this was too good of a thing to pass up, watching my own sister sitting there on the couch, masturbating! And obviously ... though I couldn't see her at the moment, I could surmise by the subtle movements I was seeing ... that so was Diane. Maybe they weren't actually doing anything to one another, but the two of them obviously were masturbating in front of one another while watching the porn flick. And once again, I found myself asking the still curious question. "Just how long have the two of them being doing things like this? And had they ... done more than that?"

The sound of Diane's voice shocked me back into reality, and I hurriedly stepped back around the corner, fearful that my sister might suddenly look over in my direction and catch me standing there looking at the two of them.

"He's got a nice cock. Almost as nice as Brian's is," Diane suddenly stated, moaning pleasurably as she did. Standing as close as I was to her, only a few feet away I could easily hear the slippery sounds her pussy was making as she quite decadently sat there fingering herself. I loved hearing her when she did that for me. She always was one to get quite juicy, and she certainly was now too, showing no inhibitions, or shyness whatsoever as she sat there finger-fucking herself, right in front of my sister. Though Sandy too, was pretty much doing the same thing herself, finally lifting her ass, and now pulling her panties completely off so she could more easily spread herself, and begin fingering herself in earnest now.

"Oh? Whose is bigger? His? Or Brian's?" Sandy asked curiously, to which Diane chuckled a little. Though I was more surprised at hearing my own sister's curious question being asked of Diane.

"Hard to tell really, perhaps about the same size in length anyway, though I think the head on Brian's dick is a bit larger. I know that it takes some doing to get my mouth over it whenever I suck it for him," she added giggling. Sandy moaned, her attention once again glued back on the TV as I chanced it, once again peeking in around the corner looking over at her. Sandy now held what obviously appeared to be a life-like looking vibrator, a hell of a lot longer than I was even, though admittedly, the head of the fake cock I now saw my sister rubbing against her cunt was far slimmer than my own. As was the guy's dick they'd been talking about in the movie.

"So you like sucking my brother's cock do you?" She laughed, though once again moaning a bit even as she said that, only then slipping in the first couple of inches of the toy cock she was teasing herself with as she now glanced over towards Diane. "Bet you wish you were sucking it now don't you?" She then added.

Diane giggled. "Yeah, but later tonight, I'm sure I will be," she moaned herself once more, the sounds of her deliciously wet pussy seemingly louder even as she sat there slapping and fingering her cunt, something I personally loved seeing her do. The fact she was doing so in front of my sister, made it even hotter yet. But what was also making things hot, though I was struggling emotionally with the sense of it all, was the fact that I was extremely aroused, watching my own sister doing all this. I just couldn't tear myself away from standing there listening, and watching ... so long as I didn't get caught. "God ... I wish he was here now!" Diane groaned once more. "I need to feel that nice hard dick of his inside me!" Sandy moaned once more herself, and then almost too softly to hear, adding...

"I'd enjoy seeing that," she said almost in a whisper.

Diane laughed nervously. "I bet you would." I stepped back behind the wall once more as though the sound of my rapidly beating heart might be overheard somehow. "I knew you were standing outside the door the last time we were together," she then added. "Why didn't you just open the door then and peek in?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"I was too scared for one thing. What if he'd seen me, or heard me doing that? I'd never hear the end of it for one thing. But for another ... Brian IS my brother after all, even though I'd just once ... like to see someone actually doing it, and not just on some porn movie, you know ... for real."

"What was this telling me?" I asked myself. "Was Sandy still a virgin?" It sure sounded like it. Though why on earth she wanted to watch her own brother fucking his girlfriend was beyond me. Still...

"Tell you what Sandy. Later this evening, when we're really going at it, go ahead and peek through the door, I'll make sure I've got his full attention. But that way, you can watch us a little at least, just don't make any noise, or we'll both have some explaining to do. I can't even begin to imagine what your brother would think if he was to find out you and I have been masturbating in front of one another for years now, or that we once..."

Sandy laughed. "Yeah, and only once too, just before the two of you started dating!" Sandy quipped. "I have to tell you Diane, in the beginning, I was actually jealous, and even a little mad at my own brother for interrupting things just when they were starting to get interesting!"

Now Diane laughed. "I know ... aside from this, which I don't really consider as cheating, I just didn't feel right about getting involved with both of you. And I'm not too sure that Brian would have been too keen on the idea either. But I'll say this ... if anything ever does happen that might break us up ... you'll be the first one I'll come to for some comfort ... if and when that should happen ... believe you me!"

"Nah ... you guys are too good together," Sandy commented. "Even though I am willing to admit, I am a teeny-weeny bit jealous. But as long as you're ok with doing this much ... I'm ok too. And speaking of which ... I'm so fucking close now, that I'd like to cum watching you cum. How about you? You ready to cum with me?" Sandy asked.

"Fuck yes!" Diane groaned, turning on the couch slightly, now facing my sister, though I still couldn't see her too clearly. Sandy had turned more directly as well, forcing me to step completely back behind the wall again outside the room, or she would most certainly catch movement, or perhaps even see me. I didn't dare risk looking inside the room again. But just hearing what was taking place, and now visualizing it inside my head, it was still horny as all get out.

"God I love watching the way you play with your pussy," Sandy spoke hotly, the lust evident in the tone of her voice.

"And I love watching you," Diane shot back. "I love watching you fuck yourself with that thing," she added. "Though I'm frankly surprised, you haven't gone out and 'officially' given your virginity away yet," she half teased.

"Haven't met the right guy yet," Sandy moaned softly, beginning to pant, changing the subject almost as quickly. "You ready? Because I certainly am!"

"Oh yeah ... I am too baby ... go ahead, cum for me ... cum with me," Diane groaned loudly and audibly. "Because ... oh fuck ... here, I go!" She cried out, and then as I had heard her do several times in the past, Diane's high pitched little wail of unbridled delight suddenly filled the air. Along with ... my sisters.

Though I had honestly been tempted to take out my own cock and jerk it off while standing there, I was too afraid to do so. It would be one thing getting caught spying on them, something I could possibly turn and use against them. But ... getting caught with my dick out, in front of my own sister no less, was something else entirely. Using their own cries of delight to mask my retreat, I hurriedly, yet quietly made my way back up the stairs again. I slipped on my shoes, went out the back door, stood there for a moment collecting my breath, not to mention adjusting myself, and then came back inside the house again. Only this time, letting the back door slam behind me, just as it always did. And ... I called out too.

"Diane? Sandy? You guys here?"

I no longer heard the sound of the TV being on, no surprise there. A quiet scuffle below as they no doubt hurried getting dressed again, or at least gathering their things together so they could dress. I then heard the padding of bare feet heading down the hallway towards my sister's room, and the sound of her door quietly closing as I stood there at the top of the stairs listening. Smiling to myself, I left the kitchen area, stepped back into the hallway and then headed up the stairs to my room, once again calling out. "Diane? Where are you?"

I then heard her calling out behind and below me of course. "Brian? You're home?" And then the sound of her own footsteps coming up the stairs. "I thought you had to work this evening!" She said sounding a bit out of breath, obviously startled and surprised, if not more than a bit shaken, but I passed it off as a nice pleasant surprise to find me coming home early. I met her at the bottom of the stairs, kissing her, holding her close ... and yeah, smelling her arousal and heat, though I'm not sure she could tell I could do that. But there's no mistaking the funky, yummy stink of a woman's hot, horny arousal. It was simply ... intoxicating to me.

"So ... since I'm home, what would you like to do tonight?" I asked.

"What do you think?" She leered suggestively at me, even placing her hand down between my legs, a bit surprised to feel I wasn't entirely soft, not having yet grown flaccid after my too recent encounter with the two of them. "Feels like ... you've got the same idea in mind that I do," she winked fondling me some more until I was rock-hard solid once again.

"Sounds like a plan," I told her, "a little later," I then added mouthing the word "Sandy". She frowned, but then nodded her head in acknowledgement of that.

"How about pizza and a movie?" She then asked. "And of course ... some wine to go along with it. You know how Sandy gets after a couple of glasses of wine, she almost always falls asleep after she does that."

Which was true, she usually did. Though I couldn't help wondering as I quickly agreed to that, if the two of them hadn't already set something up after hearing their earlier conversation. And frankly ... I was both curious, as well as a little turned on to realize that my own sister wanted to watch the two of us actually fucking.

"You order the pizza while I go upstairs and shower," I informed her. "And I'll even let the two of you order the movie too. Just make it something we'll all enjoy seeing together," I added. "No chick flicks."

"How about a chick flick with skin in it?" She asked. I laughed at that.

"Only IF there's enough skin worthwhile," I told her, and then scooted up to my room, and the bathroom where I proceeded to take a nice long relaxing shower, and let the two of them finish making whatever plans they might have had. By the time I came back down stairs again, the pizza had arrived, and there was an open bottle of wine with three glasses waiting for me to bring down stairs to the den with me. I had worn only my bathrobe, something I was prone to do whenever we were alone together like this, so being naked beneath it would be no real surprise. But I also knew, just knowing I was ... would arouse and excite Diane even more than she already was, if that were even possible under the circumstances.

They were already watching a movie, one I had seen once before, but was pleased to see which one they had picked out, as it was one of those coming of age stories of three young people, two women and one man, all sharing a place together during the summer, and the eventual relationship, sexually speaking, that developed between all three of them. I found it to be an interesting choice, sat down ... poured the wine, and began eating the pizza.

As she usually did, Sandy sat on the same couch I'd seen her laying down on earlier, with Diane and I sharing the slightly larger couch together, though sitting side by side as opposed to laying down like Sandy was. Midway through the movie, and after consuming two glasses of wine, Sandy was already looking as though she were about to fall asleep.

"Told you," Diane laughed quietly looking over at her, just as she allowed her hand to slip between the folds of my bathrobe, once again seeking out my now flaccid cock.

"What are you doing?" I asked, feigning shock at her boldness.

"What do you think I'm doing?" She continued whispering, the two of us once again glancing over towards my sister, who now appeared to be dozing, though she'd rolled over on her side, still facing us, it appeared she had in fact fallen asleep. Somehow ... I knew she wasn't however, that she was actually faking it, and wondered then if this was how the two of them had finally decided to do this. By now, Diane was openly fondling my cock making it stiff and full once again as I pretended to nervously glance over towards Sandy while she did this. "Don't worry ... she's asleep, told me earlier just how tired she was," Diane said trying to reassure me. "And besides ... I think this is sort of naughty, don't you? Don't you find it exciting to be messing around a little with your sister in the same room we are?"

I answered that by extending my hand, finding her breast as I began kneading it beneath the tee shirt she had on. Quite expectedly, finding no bra to have to fight through while doing so. She had indeed obviously come prepared for this.

"That's what I thought," she sighed softly, and then leaned over, taking my cock inside her mouth, gumming my somewhat larger head, something she knew I damn well enjoyed whenever she did that to me, as sensitive as it was. I closed my own eyes, only partially, squinting, looking over at my sister, without appearing to actually be looking. Sure enough, she too was squinting, looking back at us now.

"Fuck!" I thought to myself. "This is a bit wicked ... but is it really incest? No ... how could it be? She's just curious ... about "it" is all," I again assured myself. "It's not about me directly ... not really," I said arguing with myself, seeking some assurance that my own arousal was because of Diane's mouth on my cock, and not on the fact it was my sister laying just a few feet away that was truly arousing me while she did that.

Yeah ... right.

It wasn't long before Diane shifted positions there on the couch, suddenly climbing over to sit in my lap. She'd been wearing a short skirt, and I soon learned no panties as she reached down, guiding me up in between her legs.

"Don't worry ... she's sound asleep," Diane professed once more. "And even if she does wake up, it's not like she doesn't know we're doing it. Chances are she'll just run off to bed, or if she doesn't then we will. But right now ... I need you inside me," she said nipping at my ear as I felt her slick, soft, deliciously wet pussy engulf me. I once again closed my eyes, squinting ... looking, and sure enough, saw Sandy doing the same thing I was, squinting back. Diane had bunched up her skirt just enough that I knew damn well Sandy could see her taking my cock as she slowly rose up and down my shaft, almost purposely. "Suck my tits," she then informed me, which I loved doing anyway, but I knew even as she said that, it was to ensure my attention was elsewhere, and not worried about my sister. I happily unbuttoned the blouse she was wearing, removed her bra, and after she'd wiggled out of that, began lapping away, and sucking her hard fat thick nipples. That was one of the few areas they were completely different in. Diane had dark tan, large areolas that covered a goodly portion of her rather large breasts. Sandy's in comparison, were a rosy red color, only half as large around perhaps, but a bit longer even, sticking up nice and hard as I so recently remembered seeing them as she lay there playing with one of them.

I sucked ... looking over, carefully, and saw my sister's hand suddenly sneak down between her legs, though trying to appear as though she were simply sleeping like that, one hand tucked down comfortably, and innocently, though I knew damn good and well what she was doing to herself as she lay there.

Admittedly, I was damn fucking horny. And I was fairly confident that Sandy had a bird's eye-view as my cock slid in and out of her best friends, soaking wet cunt. The sounds of which I could easily hear myself as our tempo gradually intensified. At this point ... I was way beyond caring, even if Sandy was to sit up and actually watch us ... pointedly, not to mention doing anything else. Though the subtle movement of her hand confirmed that very fact as she continued to lay there, still squinting ... still watching us.

I could feel my own orgasm build, knew I was only moments away from spewing a gallon of cum inside my girlfriend's cunt ... and told her so. Something she loved hearing, which almost always triggered her own release.

"Fuck baby ... I'm going to squirt in you," I told her, enjoying the sound of those words, just as she did. She loved hearing me tell her that, loved it when I said "squirt" with each and every ejaculate of my cock as it spurted deeply inside her.

"Yes baby, yes! Squirt in me! Fill my fucking cunt!" I began doing so, only then looking over at my sister again, eyes open ... just as hers were. She now looking at me, the movement of her hand more than obvious between her legs, as was the look in her eyes as we locked eyes with one another, watching one another cum.

Though Diane spent the night with me, and though we had in fact made love again, she woke early in the morning, leaving before sun up. Needing to work that day, she also needed to go home, shower and change clothes. Though I sensed her leaving, I was far too out of it myself to fully wake up and say good-bye to her. Only waking when I heard the soft knock on my bedroom door, Sandy now peeking in at me as I in turn rolled over looking at her.

"You up? Or do you want to sleep for a bit yet?" She began. "Thought I'd ask ... because I was getting hungry and wondered if I should fix something for you too."

I lay there looking at her, the memory of two things immediately coming to mind. One ... watching her cum as I did. Two ... hearing the soft faint click of my bedroom door opening the night before. And though I couldn't see her clearly, I could tell the door had been opened a crack. Once again, Sandy had stood for a time looking in on us while we fucked. That knowledge of her doing so, once again adding to my excitement and enjoyment, causing me to experience yet again another very intense and satisfying orgasm.

"Yeah, I'm hungry ... but we need to talk first."

"About what?" She asked tentatively, though she did step further into my room. I sat up, keeping the sheets up over myself, especially as I was still nude. I patted a spot next to me however, inviting her over.

"Well ... for one thing, about what you saw down in the den, and what I saw at the same time. And then again ... last night. Obviously, I knew you were peeking in on us."

"Oh ... that."

"Yeah, that. So ... you want to talk about it?"

"What's to talk about?" I frowned at her, and then smiled. She smiled back, blushing. "Look Brian, it's no big deal. I was ... I was just curious, that's all. And then ... seeing the two of you, well ... I got aroused, a little..." she said blushing even more than she had been.

"A little?" I chuckled trying not to laugh. "Looked to me like more than just a little!" Though who was I to talk? Laying here in bed, naked as the day I was born, my sexy hot little sister sitting next to me, in what was nothing more than a too tight tee shirt which she wore to bed, along with her panties, wasn't exactly un-sexy attire as she sat here next to me. I couldn't help but glance at her suddenly hard nipples, which hadn't been minutes ago. Each one now nicely firm and hard, poking against her white, wife beater tee shirt, which was making me harder now too.

And mine at the moment was even more noticeable than she was, as she glanced over my way, looking down at the sheet, seeing the all too obvious tent pole. I bent my knees slightly, trying to hide it ... too late of course as she smiled.

"Looks to me like someone else is more than a little aroused too," she said feeling a bit more confident all of a sudden. "I'd have thought Diane had worked all that out of you last night the way you two were carrying on!"

"Yeah well ... not quite obviously. But let's be honest here shall we? Just because you're my sister, doesn't mean I can't get humanly aroused ... especially with you sitting there the way you are," I said nodding at her chest as she looked down at herself, seeing what I was. She wasn't exactly blushing, her face still a bit red, but a different kind of red, in a different way. Especially the way she was now looking at me. Flushed ... heated. Yeah, definitely aroused. Just as I was. She was smiling however.

"So ... what you're telling me is ... little sister turns you on?"

Now it was my turn to blush. "That's not exactly what I was ... what I was trying to say," Sandy giggled, and then reached down suddenly lifting her tee shirt up and over her head.

"So tell me, what was it you were trying to say then? That you weren't getting aroused looking at these?"

I know my mouth was open, because I closed it, unable to find enough moisture inside my mouth to find words. The fact I was now staring at my own sister's ripe, luscious tits had stolen my sanity for a moment as I tried to make myself register what I was actually looking at. What I said was..."Fuck Sandy ... those are nice!"

Now she did laugh, and shook her chest at me, making them wobble and bounce about considerably. But she didn't let it go there either. Suddenly, she spun around on the bed, pouncing on me, or rather on my lap. Thank god the sheet was between us. Even then, I felt her groin suddenly pressing down against my very firm cock.

"You think so huh?" She laughed again, once again wobbling her boobs in front of me, though making it worse as I felt her likewise press down even more firmly against my shaft too. I wasn't sure she was doing it on purpose ... but how could she not? If I could feel it ... she had to have felt it as well.

"Sandy..." I tried. Only now she was looking down, looking at where she pressed against me, where her panty covered cunt rested firmly and precisely against my sheet covered prick. Which by the way, was now showing a bit of a darker spot where the two of us met.

"Jesus Brian! You're fucking hard!" She exclaimed. She then looked up at me, and simply said..."I want to see it!"

"Sandy..." I tried once more, but she continued, heading me off, knowing damn good and well what I was trying to do here.

"Oh come on Brian ... show me. Don't weird out just because I'm your little sister. It's not like we haven't, well ... sort of, seen one another before. Which reminds me ... you really do owe me one! So come on, quit being so damn shy and all big brothery on me."

I knew of course what she was talking about. It was weeks before she let me off the hook because of it. But she was forgetting one thing. She'd already gotten even with me for that one ... a long time ago. Obviously, she'd forgotten.

"We're already even," I reminded her. "Remember? You walked in on me a couple of weeks after I caught you bare-assed out in the hallway?"

"That didn't count."

"What do you mean that didn't count?" I asked incredulously.

"I didn't actually see anything, not really. Sure ... I knew what you were doing, but you covered up so fast ... I didn't actually see it."

"Well ... you certainly saw it yesterday while it was going in and out of Diane," I now added.

She chuckled. "Not totally, only partially. I mean I saw you at an angle yes, so some of it, just not ... well, not it ... it!"

"It, it?"

She was getting exasperated with me, though I was doing so on purpose, still trying to worm out of this situation if I could, which didn't look as though I were really going to.

"I'll let you touch my tits if you'll let me see it."

They were only a few inches away from my face as it was, her comment redirecting my gaze back at them as though a magnet. God she had nice looking tits, and though like I said, almost the exact same size and shape as Diane's, for some oddball reason, they were even more alluring, more arousing to me. Perhaps that forbidden fruit thing. Though in this case, two fruits. Nice ripe full ones that I was in fact dying to touch, if not actually bite on and chew.

"Jesus," I said instead, feeling my cock throb at even thinking along those lines ... not to mention an additional press of my sister's now soaking pussy still pressing against it, even between the sheet. That small little spot had grown considerably from both sides. Obviously, she was adding a bit of her own arousal to the situation just as much as I was.

Almost before I knew what I was doing, I reached up, one hand suddenly surrounding each one of my own sister's breasts! Her eyes lit up, opening wide as she sighed upon feeling that, and then closed almost as quickly as she sighed again, this time grinding herself against me a bit more purposely and fully. I was soooooo tempted to suck on one of her tits, nearly doing so, but then catching myself, actually letting go of her breasts.

"Ok, ok ... before I do something even worse than I already have," I said rolling, forcing her to roll with me, effectively dumping her off me. I then slid out on my side of the bed, standing up ... literally and figuratively speaking as Sandy now lay there on my bed looking up at me. I figured the two or three second look was good enough, and began heading off towards the bathroom.

"Hey! Where are you going?" She asked scrambling out of bed, actually chasing me. "I'm not done looking ... yet!" She exclaimed in no uncertain terms.

"I gotta pee!" I said lamely.

"Ah huh ... what you want to do ... is jerk off don't you?" She accused me instead.

I actually wanted ... no, needed ... to do just that. But I wasn't about to tell her that either.

"Seriously sis ... I need to pee, bad! And if you don't let me ... then, well ... let's just say things will get a bit messy here in about two seconds."

"I like messy. In fact ... I want to see you do just that Brian. Make it messy. Let me watch you."

"Watch me pee?" I laughed. "Yeah ... right."

"No ... well maybe that too yes in fact. But no ... I want to watch you ... jerk off."

I had made it as far as the door, now standing there sideways looking at her. Looking at her as she reached up cupping her magnificent breasts, fingering her nipples. "Wouldn't you enjoy jerking off, looking at me? Looking at me while I masturbated for you?" She asked, one hand now slithering down her tummy, my eyes once again glued as she slipped her hand beneath the waistband of her panties. There was no mistaking where it had gone either, nor when she pulled it back up and out, holding those same fingers beneath my nose for a moment before sliding them across my open lips. I was too stunned to initially react to that. The smell of her ... the hot, horny fragrance of my own sister, not to mention the all too brief, tantalizing taste of her as she gave my palate something to think about.

"You're serious."

"Very," she said now bending over, easing her panties down her nicely toned legs. It was the first time I had actually seen my sister's pussy up close and personal. Unlike Diane's, Sandy still had a small neatly trimmed little tuft of hair just above her mons, which pointed down towards her swollen puffy lips like a neon sign. She stood there, now spreading herself, running her fingers up her furrow, her fingers showing a glimmer of liquid moisture clinging to them as she brought them back up to her mouth once again. Licking them off. "Please?" She added.

"Oh fuck!" I said. I was too far gone to argue any more, let alone think about what I was about to do for her ... with her. "After I pee," I said not really sure that I could now ... especially when she followed me into the bathroom. Obviously, Sandy wasn't letting me out of her sight. "In the shower," I then amended. Somehow, doing that in the shower, even with her there, didn't seem quite as bad as it would have otherwise. Don't ask me why ... it just didn't. And besides, I'd been masturbating in the shower for years while thinking about my own sister. It just seemed suddenly appropriate.

Standing in the shower with my own sister was a bit unnerving for me, but arousing too. It couldn't be helped. As much as I knew, and felt like this was wrong, just the sight of her standing there before me was enough to chase away those rational thoughts. Especially as she stood there smiling at me, fingering her luscious slit, toying with those amazingly hard nipples of hers. And her eyes locked on my purple, swollen cock the entire time as I stood there next to her stroking it.

"Fuck you're hard!" She said again for about the umpteenth time. "Doesn't it hurt? Ache?" She asked only then looking up into my eyes, an actual look of concern crossing her face. I laughed.

"Only if I leave it this way," I told her already feeling that tingling sensation down inside my balls telling me that when I did come ... it was going to be a BIG one.

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