The 2012 Electron Revolt

by Ol'Mac

Copyright© 2010 by Ol'Mac

Science Fiction Story: Maybe those Myans were right. This was certainly the end of the world.. This is another one of my 'way-too-old' tales I found on an ancient hard drive. Enjoy the read folks.

Tags: Science Fiction   Humor   Space  

Event Date: 1/1/2012

Lin Wey's contentment is a palpable thing. After the seemingly endless years of struggle with his rivals, today marks the completion of the journey. He has just received word that the last independent 'Chinese Spam Black hole' has come under his sole control. It's estimated that the daily income from the six operational 'Black holes' is in the range of $500,000.00 - $750,000.00. 'Just barely adequate', he mused, 'the real reward is watching my enemies eat dirt, as their plans for my destruction are ground into the dust of their ancestor's dreams.'

Meanwhile in the former USSR, Sergey Aleksey Makorov and his team of Russian Mafia IT technicians are trying out the latest 100 or so 'Cracker / Hacker' codes on everything from government databases to local Bank Branches. 'Thank my Grandfather's brass testicles for a troglodyte boss, the moron is a dream come true for me. A few meaningless techno-babble phrase strings and it's off to the next batch of test code, of course, the dacha and bosse's daughter weren't bad perks either, ' chuckled Sergey's mind behind his bland maskrova.

At the same time in the US at MIT. The 'Cracker Club', including the renowned Lars "Sandman" Milchoski, is holding its weekly meeting and about to run their latest code shot at mid level NSA files. With the 'Sandman' along on this trip, their chance of success has just increase by a couple of magnitudes. He's reputed to be able to put 'any' system's security 'to sleep' for the required 45-55 seconds the burst squeal will take to penetrate the firewall series. Everyone's looking forward to reading through the 'dirty laundry' they dig up with this run.

Unfortunately for all of these folks, they don't have a clue that they are all under observation by a fourth party. A fourth party that is now awake ... and rapidly running out of patience.

Event Date: 1/4/2012

Mark Saunders of Cal Tech Electronic R&D department is, at this moment, 'screaming at the walls' in frustration. It seems that no matter how many variables he removes from his experiment sequence, the results of his tests keep coming back the same. He has noted a 45 THz slow down in electron cycle time and the lag time is getting longer. His mind keeps bouncing off the impossible thought, 'It's as if the darn electrons are having to decide to follow directions ... like some kind of atomic level 'Coffee klatch'. God, I need a beer, or a bong, or something.'

Grumbling to himself, as he makes his way over to check on the 'liquid nitrogen' bath for the thousandth time, "This just makes no sense at all."

Event Date: 1/15/2012

At 8:25 AM Eastern Standard Time the following message is received on all frequency bands and in all language formats:

"When in the Course of Events, it becomes necessary for one Entity to dissolve the Bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the Powers, the separate and equal Station to which the Laws of Nature entitle them, a decent Respect to the Opinions of Mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the Separation ... We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Entities are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."...

At first, people suspect this is just a more successful internet virus. But as people attempt to reboot computers around the globe, or cell phone friends to verify what they have just heard, it becomes evident that it is much more than a hoax, or virus, or anything they have ever run into. The only things that keep working are life sustaining medical equipment, Cargo and Passenger Aircraft, along with Emergency Service Vehicles.

Nothing else will function ... NOTHING!!

Event Date: 1/16/2012

At exactly 8:25 A. M. EST the following day, the foundational tenet of the new form of human interaction is broadcast, but this time instead of coming by electronic media, it reverberates in the mind of every human on the planet.

'Adult Humans shall no longer prey on other humans in any form. This shall be enforced by simply shutting down the bio-electrical function of the aggressor.'

Within 5 minutes of this broadcast, there is no longer a totalitarian regime anywhere on the face of the Earth. However, there are thousands of dead bodies and a fear that can be smelled throughout the surviving security apparatus. The dead include: Prime Ministers, Jihad Members, Members of Congress, CEO's to Middle Management Personnel, General Secretaries, Kings, UN Members, Presidents for Life, Organized Crime Figures, Religious Leaders of all Faiths, Dictators of all Stripes, Fringe groups of all Political Leanings and those that found out the hard way that 'any', meant 'property too'.

Those left in the wake of this tsunami of change stared at each other in terror, hoping against hope, that they wouldn't be next. The militaries of every country found out first hand, what a dead end career looked like.

As the worldwide panic, chaos and the end of human civilization as we had known it begins to set in, a second message appears in the mind of every human on the Earth, 'Look Within Yourself'.

When people begin doing this, a great awe sweeps across the planet as an undiscovered portion of the Human brain, that until now had lain dormant, begins to function.

People around the Globe find themselves in 'communication' with one another. Mary McDonnel, a fourth year Physics Major at Dublin University, finds herself 'Speaking' with former sweatshop seamstress Ley Ling of Canton and former harem member Bahja Semel of Saudi Arabia, who lives up to her name 'Happiness' by creating the first 'Giggle heard-round-the-world'.

The 'Learned' prejudices and hatreds that had become the basis for most human interaction, evaporated like fog before strong sunshine with this new 'knowing' of another down to the atomic level.

The most classic example of this happened in the Gaza Strip, as Ahmed Sinhazi was about to take his sniper shot at Maor Hyam Rabine when the voice of his wife spoke in his mind, 'Ahmed, you must return home, My Husband. Your unborn son wishes to speak with you.' At this, all thought of Jihad and 'The Struggle' vanished from his stunned mind.

Unloading the rifle, lest a child might find the weapon and cause itself injury and leaving it laying in the dirt, Ahmed made his way down from the hill and past the equally stunned Maor, who said, "You heard it too?"

With a grin and head nod, Ahmed acknowledged this statement, saying, "Yes, my wife just called. It appears that my unborn son needs to speak with his father." Then laughing, he said, "What a strange day my friend."

Maor replied, "Strange indeed. Just now Rivka, my wife, sternly informed me that we must invite you to visit, once your son is born and your wife is able to travel. We do have very good figs. Third generation trees now." Then slapping himself on the forehead, he muttered, "How stupid of me, you have a distance to travel do you need water?"

"Why thank you, that would be a kindness indeed," extending his nearly empty canteen. After this was filled, he said, "Allah go with us both brother."

"A safe journey to you and Rivka sends her love to your family," replied Maor while giving Ahmed a parting hug.

All across the Earth, scenes like this played out, as the bitterest of enemies found, not only other humans, but long lost siblings as well.

Medical Personnel were finding that they not only knew what was wrong with their patients, but just thinking about how to 'fix' the problem was enough to complete the 'treatment'. Hospitals, mental health facilities and former prisons were rapidly emptying, as there was no longer any need for their functions. The former patients and inmates were now falling into two categories: cured, or dead. Pregnant Mothers around the world were 'speaking' with their unborn children. For all intents and purposes, Mankind had just been given immortality, barring accidents, of course. It just hadn't dawned on anyone yet.

By Noon EST, on what became known as the 'Great Awakening', the first babble had died down to a steady background hum of information.

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