Dogging My Mother

by emgeee

Copyright© 2010 by emgeee

Erotica Sex Story: Robert has fun with his mother and she wants more so he takes her dogging.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Son   Gang Bang   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

The next morning Robert lay naked in bed slowly stroking his cock, all he could think of was his mother and how they had ravished each other in the bathroom while his father was watching television.

Just as he was ready to get out of bed his naked mother came into his room. Robert had time to admire his mother's smooth shaved pussy. Her long legs and pert up turned tits. Robert loved her flat hard belly. She came in his room and crawled into bed with him. She lifted the covers at his feet and snaked her way up his body. When she got to his waist he felt her nibbling on his cock and balls. She used her lips to nibble, and her tongue to lick.

She took one of his balls in her mouth and gently sucked on in; she moved to his cock and nibbled on it like she was eating corn on the cob. She moved his balls away from his thigh and licked and kissed his naked body.

Tracy then took her tongue and licked her way to his nipples. As she moved up his body Robert could feel her hard nipples move across his body. He lay back letting his mother have her way with him.

She licked and sucked his nipples moving her body against her son's, making sure her tits were in full contact with is chest.

Finally she moved up on top of him and gave him a kiss on his lips. Soft gentle early morning kiss, no hurry, no passion, just a nice soft kiss.

Robert took her in his arms and flipped her over on her back. He moved on top of her, not moving fast but enjoying the feeling of skin on skin, both naked from their noses to their toes. Nancy moved her legs apart so Robert could nestle into his mother.

Robert kissed her ears and down her neck, nuzzling her, he could smell the sweetness of sleep on her skin. He kissed her shoulders and squeezed her to his naked body.

He slid off of his mother so he could touch her and feel her warm skin in his hands.

He loved to hold and play with his mother tits, so small, so firm, so warm. He played gently with her nipples before ran his hand down his mother's body. He ran his hands over her stomach and down to the swell of her pussy.

She parted her legs, to let her son know that she wanted him to touch and play with her pussy.

Robert cupped his mother's pussy in his hand and gave it a small squeeze. With one finger he parted her lips. Probing and moving ever so slowly he slid one finger into her. She pushed her hips up to hurry him along. His finger was deep in her pussy he could feel her wetness. He stroked and plunged his finger into her bringing her warm wetness to the surface. Using her natural juices to make her aroused.

He loved the feeling of his finger as it moved in and out of her pussy, made even more erotic by the small noises she was making as he played with her pussy.

He reached down to kiss his mother and she gently moved him on top of her, she made sure her pussy was in line with her son's hard cock.

With the same speed that he had entered his mother with his finger he pushed his hard cock into her pussy.

He loved the feel of the end of his cock, splitting his mothers pussy and feeling her juices engulf him. Ever so slowly he pushed as his mother lifted her hips.

Their kiss never broke until he was all the way into her, he could feel his balls on her body, and his cock buried in the sweet warm wetness.

They moved together, Robert nearly drawing his cock out of his mother's pussy then moving back in, Nancy letting him with draw his cock but with his down stroke she raised her hips to give him easy access to her pussy. In and out and up and down, Robert enjoying the cool air on his cock as he drew out of the wet warm sheath of his mother pussy and enjoying it even more when he plunged back in to his mother. The small noises grew in volume as his mother neared her climax.

With the next down thrust his mother locked her legs around her son and kept him deep in her pussy, she gripped her son tight with her arms and legs, lifting her hips up to him, Nancy felt his cum boiling out of his balls and down the length of his cock and into her pussy. When she felt his cum shoot out of her son's cock into her pussy she came. She scissored her legs and held him tight to her body, her hips lifting off the bed. She came and came their combined juices oozing out of her cunt.

Their bodies shook and they held each other tight as they came down from their climax they kissed, the kiss of lovers.

They both collapsed back on the bed. Robert felt his cock soften an slowly with draw from his mother. When he was free she rolled over on her side taking Robert's arms drawing them around her until she had his back to him. They lay like two spoons, Roberts hand holding her tits in his hands and his mother moving her hips until Roberts soft cock was between her ass cheeks.

The fell into a soft slumber.

Robert woke to his mother rubbing his hardening cock with her warm soft ass. She moved it up and down and back and forth keeping her son's cock in the crack of her ass.

Robert responded by sawing his cock up and down the crack of her ass, as he awoke his cock got harder and harder.

He heard his mother saying very softly, "do it, go ahead, do it" with the same rhythm of her movements.

Robert's mother slowly moved with her head down and her ass in the air, she spread her legs, her pussy and little pink ass hole came into view.

Robert watched as his mother put two fingers in her pussy then took them and pushed them in her tight little ass.

When she was down she spread her ass cheeks she whispered, "do it, do it"

Robert took his cock in his hand and lined the tip of his cock against her rose bud, he pushed forward his mother braced her self.

Robert felt her ass open for him his cock slipped in, all he could think of is how tight, how wonderful it felt. He inched his cock into her ass, slowly with one little push at time.

He looked down and could not believe how hot she looked bent over her small firm ass exposed to his eyes, the flair of her hips and the strength of her back.

One final push and he was buried into his mother's ass. He could not believe how it felt, her ass against his body. Robert grabbed his mother's hips and pushed deeper into her ass. He could feel her ass gripping the base of his cock, his balls hanging free and the end of his cock deep into his mother's ass.

With out warning he shot his cum into her ass, it burned with pain and relief at the same time.

His mother fell flat on the bed, as she fell he moved with her his cock popping out of her ass the last of his cum spilling on her ass and back.

Robert fell on top of his mother covering her from head to toe.

He rolled her over on top of his stomach, she lay face up flat on top of him.

Before he could move her in a more comfortable spot she jumped up and grabbed his arm and told him "go shower, clean up days a wasting"

When Robert came out his room dressed in shorts and tee shirt his mother was sitting in the kitchen. She had on a very short sun dress with buttons at the top were undone.

Her tits were exposed but her nipples were covered and she sat down her legs were exposed all the way up to hard firm ass.

She turned to Robert, " I feel real naughty to day, your father will not be home until late.

I feel on edge and want to do something nasty."

"Want to go to a porn heather?"

"No, but I like the idea of other people seeing me flash"

"Then lets go out in the country there is a place where people go dogging"


"Dogging is where you park your car and you stay in the car and strip naked or flash and people can watch you through the car windows, some times you can roll the window down and they will touch you or you can give them blow jobs"

"Wow sounds real naughty, lets go"

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