My Sister and Her Friends

by Netwanderer

Copyright© 2010 by Netwanderer

Erotica Sex Story: Sneaking out to the barn to spy on your older sister is a time honored activity for boys. Every so often you get caught, but depending on who does the catching, things can turn out better than you ever expected.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Mult   Consensual   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   Petting   Sex Toys   .

It was a dark and stormy night. No, really. It was. A hurricane was passing some distance offshore and the small beach community of Cottonbluff Heights was being assailed by wind gusts and rain.

The storm was far enough away that the town was in no danger, but no one was going outside for the evening. This turned out to be a mixed blessing for 13 year old Mitch Munroe and his friend Jeremy Wilson. On what seemed to be the negative side, plans for the evening were ruined, namely joining their buddies from school for a Friday evening of minor mischief. To make matters worse, the storm had knocked out the local cable feed, leaving them stuck with 3 snowy broadcast channels and no net access.

What would turn out to be mostly an upside however, was that Mitch's sister's friends on the cheerleading squad could not practice out on the school field as scheduled and so had chosen to use his family's barn out back, dashing through the rain.

Mitch's parents were next door at the neighbors, helping them take stuff out of their basement, where the waterproofing had apparently not held. That and the subsequent pumping would take several hours.

The Playstation 2 quickly lost its allure, so the two of them looked around for something else to do. Nothing else came to mind, so they settled on the time honored tradition of spying on his sister.

Throwing on jackets, they slipped out the back door and raced through the rain to the barn behind the house. Avoiding the closed main doors, the two teens ran around the back. Although there was no door on the back of the barn, there was an old tractor sitting next to an even older feed bin that allowed them to clamber up to the window that normally would be used to load hay into the barn loft. The Munroe's had never actually owned any animals, and the farmland had long since been turned into housing, so the barn functioned mainly as storage and a play area for the children or a rarely used workshop for Dad. For the most part the kids had it all to themselves.

The door over the hatchway was closed from the inside, but the kids had long since discovered that it was loose enough to slide a stick or something inside and pop open the large hook and eye that held it shut. The pouring rain covered any sounds the two made as they slipped in, pulling the door shut beneath them. Making their way through the boxes piled in the loft, they crept forward until they could see over the edge of the loft. By laying on their stomachs they could see most of the floor of the barn, and with the loft lights off there was little chance of them being seen.

The five girls were just finishing a routine set to the music blasting out of a boom box by shaking their arms out in front of them, facing the loft. (Since they were only practicing, they had left their pom-poms and uniforms at school). The local junior high and high school were combined, it being a small area, so all the kids knew each other, at least by sight.

On the left of the ragged line formed by the girls as they finished was Sarah Munroe, Mitch's older sister. She was a little taller than Mitch, with the same brown hair and blue eyes he had. She was wearing the blue sweat suit with yellow striping that made up their school gym uniform.

Next to her was Kelly Sampson, one of two twins who made up the junior squad. She was 14 also, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a grey sweatshirt.

In the middle was 13 year old Shakira Nelson, generally regarded as the most athletic of the squad, as she also competed in track and field. The slim African American girl had black hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a white zip up jacket over a dark brown tank top, with black shorts.

Just as a point of information, the barn had heat, although the girls had not turned it up high, due to the relative warmth of summer and expectation of exertions. Also, most of the concrete floor was covered by old shag carpeting the kids had liberated when the old Henderson place was remodeled, so it was warm enough in there to be comfortable.

To the right of Shakira was the other twin, Kimberly. Kimberly and Kelly were completely identical and only emphasized that by the way they dressed. They wore the same clothes, even cut their hair identically. Their parents had long since given up trying to break them of the habit. It was possible to tell them apart if you really knew them, but it wasn't easy.

Finally, there was Olya Butrskaya. 13 year old Olya was the only child of Russian parents who had emigrated to the US 15 years ago and done very well for themselves selling custom made dollhouses and accessories. Once the internet came along and they didn't need a store anymore, they had relocated here and shipped their products all over the world. The blonde haired blue eyed girl had competed for years in gymnastics, but a weak wrist and some early growth spurts rendered a professional career a non-option. Olya was wearing a pair of old bell bottom style black jeans with a bright yellow sweatshirt.

Having finished their routine, the five girls were sprawled out on the rug, resting. The boys listened as they talked about cheerleading, boys (both noting that they were never mentioned), and other girl stuff. They were starting to get bored and Mitch was about to motion Jeremy to leave, when Sarah asked the girls if they wanted something to drink.

The way the girls giggled when she said this made Mitch pause, and when his sister flipped the lever that bolted the barn door shut from the inside the two of them looked at each other curiously and settled back down.

After she closed the door, Sarah went over to a chest where the two of them kept some old toys. Mitch hadn't been in there in ages, but wished he had when she popped the lock and dug around inside, coming up with what looked like a bottle of whiskey. The two boys watched in amazement as the five girls passed the bottle around, each taking a shot of the potent brew. Jeremy shot Mitch a look that said "Well, this is getting interesting."

Mitch agreed. At the very least, he had blackmail material that should be good to get him out of a few scrapes! The girls continued to talk, some occasionally taking a small sip from the bottle. As the whiskey took hold, the conversation took a turn downhill.

Kelly had just asked Shakira how her date with Mark Gadsen, the starting fullback on the JV varsity team had went. Mitch and Jeremy's ears perked up. Now this could be good gossip. They had no idea.

Shakira started to tell her story. "Oh, it started nice enough all right. He took me to the movies over in Hanover, we saw that film with Jackie Chan in it. Anyway, he was fine in the movie, he just put is arm around me and his hand on my leg and stuff. After the movie, we got in his car and started to drive back."

"About halfway there, he pulled onto that old dirt road, you know, the one by the old park. Well, I knew what he wanted."

"Did you give it to him?" asked one of the other girls.

"Hush girl, let me tell it! Anyways, he stops the car and turns towards me. Then he kisses me."

"How was he?" asked Kelly.

"Not bad," replied the black girl, "tho he shouldn't really have had onions on that taco for dinner." The girls laughed.

Shakira went on. "Anyway, things kept going. He stuck his tongue in my mouth and he had his hand up my shirt..."

Mitch and Jeremy were in shock. Not only had a boy stuck his hand up her shirt, she wasn't even mad. When Mitch had tried that on his one and only date with Susan Bowdler, he had gotten smacked! And then a very embarrassing lecture from his mother!

Shakira was still speaking " ... he took so long with my bra, I finally took it off myself. You'd think he had never seen a set of tits before the way he was staring. I figured if this was going to get anywhere, I had to do something, so I started to unzip his pants."

All five girls were staring at her intently as she mimed her actions, while the two boys were hanging on her every word and gesture. "His thing was pretty damn big! Must have been 4 or 5 inches. I could barely get it in my mouth."

Mitch's eyes were almost bugging out of his head as the black girl described what she had done. Next to him, Jeremy was also staring in shock, not at Shakira but at Kimberly, who was clearly rubbing her crotch through her jeans. Without even realizing it, both boys were sliding their hands under their own waistbands only to jerk them out when a voice from behind them whispered 'Boo!'.

Convinced they were about to die, both guys scrambled over to see Monica Jefferson, the head of the JV squad. The 15 year old girl was squatting behind them, pressing a finger to her lips to indicate silence. "We're screwed" thought Jeremy.

Monica motioned them to the back of the loft and they scuttled after her like crabs. Keeping her voice low, and perhaps seeing the fear in their eyes. "Relax, kiddos. It's not like I never spied on my big brother. Here's the deal. Play along with me, and you'll see more than you ever dreamed of. Or, you can leave through the door."

She smiled at their expressions. 'What, you think you guys are the only ones who know about that? Please. Anyway, are you in?"

"What are you going to do?" asked Jeremy tremulously.

"Trust me." The two boys looked at each other. If this went bad, they would be in a lot of trouble, but they had the whiskey to fall back on. As one, they nodded.

"Fine. Lets go."


"To turn you in!" Before the two boys could react, she grabbed one of each of their arms and pulled them forward, shouting "Hey Girls, look what I found!"

The five girls on the floor all shrieked as the trio came into view on the loft. Monica called down "Hang on, I'll bring them down and we'll decide what to do with them!" "Relax. It'll be fine. Remember the booze!" she whispered to them.

Sarah was the first to say anything when the stairs. "Oh, man, is Mom going to kill you when I tell her."

"Oh yeah?" replied Mitch, "we'll go over and tell her right now." Sarah suddenly looked confused, until Mitch continued "and we'll make sure she smells your breath." His sister's eyes widened in shock as she realized how long he had been there and what he had seen."

"Alright, alright, it looks like both of you are screwed. Kind of a Mexican standoff. Which means it goes one of two ways, like the movies. Either you both shoot and kill each other, OR you put down your weapons."

"He spied on us!", cried Kelly.

"But you were drinking!" retorted Jeremy.

"Hmm. True. Okay, there is one other way out of this." Everyone looked at Monica. "You get so much dirt on each other that there is no way anyone is going to tell on what happened here."

"And how do we do that?" asked Olya.

"With a game," replied the oldest.

The younger kids all looked confused again. "How is playing a game going to get anyone in trouble?" This from Kimberly, or at least so Mitch thought, the girls had moved around and he wasn't sure.

"This game will. I learned it at camp. We'll need a deck of cards."

Still a little puzzled, Mitch said that there was one in the chest and went to get it, brushing the fairly heavy bottle of booze aside as he pulled out the cards.

"Okay, everyone sit in a circle. The boys should be across from each other." instructed Monica. Everyone did as she instructed, resulting in a circle that went clockwise from Monica: Mitch, Olya, Kimberly, Sarah, Jeremy, Kelly, Shakira, and Monica.

"Here's how you play. First, everyone gets 2 cards face down." Monica dealt out the cards. "Each turn, the dealer turns over one card without looking. If anyone has a card that matches the dealer, he or she turns it over. For every match, the dealer has to remove a piece of clothing." Everyone started to look around nervously.

"If no one has a match, the dealer turns over the other card and counts around the circle that number people not counting themselves. The dealer can then dare the person to do anything that does not involve removing any clothing! The only other rules are that no one can get hurt, and if you dare someone to do something with another person, the other person can refuse. If no one else volunteers, the dare is canceled. Whoever gets dared is the next dealer, or if there was no dealer, whoever had the matching card is the new dealer. If more than one matched, the first one to the right from the old dealer is the new one. Any questions?" Everyone looked too shocked to speak.

"Alright, lets play. Oh, and get the rest of that bottle out. I need a drink." As Monica dealt out the first cards, Sarah got out that bottle and another one and handed it to Monica who passed it to Mitch. The teen coughed as the strong alcohol burned his throat, causing the girls to laugh. The mild buzz hit him almost immediately and he decided to keep it to sips from then on. Jeremy seemed to have the same idea.

"I'll deal first." continued the older girl. "Oh yeah, you only have to match the number or letter on the card, duh, and every face up card gets put back on the bottom of the deck and replaced each round."

Reaching in front of her, Monica flipped over a card to reveal the 3 of hearts. Everyone looked at their cards, no one flipped on over. "Hmm. A dare already. Kind of boring with all these clothes on. Shakira, you need to take a big drink of booze." Shakira obliged, taking a slug as Monica picked up the face up card and handed the deck to her right. Shakira dealt her a new card face down.

Shakira flipped over the 6 of diamonds. Again, no match. She looked over at Olya and dared her to kiss Mitch. The young girl did, but only by pecking him on the cheek. When Shakira protested, Olya replied, "You didn't say where!". Olya took the cards.

Olya turned over the king of spades. With a shout, Shakira flipped over the king of clubs. Pouting, Olya pulled off her sneakers and threw them aside, while Shakira replaced both cards.

Shakira flipped the 5 of diamonds. No match. This time, she dared Kelly to kiss Jeremy, being very careful to specify on the lips. The twin pouted a little but leaned over and gave Jeremy a quick kiss on the lips, which caused him to blush.

Kelly flipped over the nine of hearts, which was quickly matched by Mitch and his nine of diamonds. The blonde stuck out her tongue at him as she pulled of her sneakers, then handed him the cards.

Mitch became the first boy to lose his shoes as his eight of diamonds was matched by Kelly's eight of spades.

There was no match for Kelly's three of spades, so she dared Shakira to kiss the boy of her choice on the lips. The black girl got up and went over to Mitch and leaning down planted one firmly on his lips holding the kiss for several seconds before going back to her seat. Mitch was a little flushed as well.

Shakira flipped over the five of spades, matched by Kelly's five of hearts and so lost her shoes as well.

Kelly got lucky and again had an unmatched three, this one of diamonds. This time it was Kimberly who got the dare, same one as before. She too chose Mitch, but didn't hold it as long as Shakira had.

Kimberly flipped over the four of diamonds and cursed as both Mitch and Olga turned over 4s, hearts and spades respectively. Shoes and socks were tossed aside, leaving her feet bare.

Mitch got the cards and turned over the nine of clubs. No matches. He looked at his friend Jeremy and decided to give him a boost, so he dared his sister to 'kiss him like Shakira kissed me.' Sarah shot him a dirty look, but leaned over to Jeremy and planted her lips on his, holding the kiss at least as long as the other girl had before backing away. Jeremy had a slightly stunned expression on his face.

Sarah turned over the queen of hearts. Mitch had the queen of spades and Shakira the queen of diamonds, so Sarah had to remove her shoes and socks. Shakira got the cards. As the cards were dealt, Mitch, a bright lad really, figured out the trick to the game. As the cards got picked up, the same numbers got bunched together, almost guaranteeing people would lose more cards the later the game went. He wondered what happened when you had no clothes left then realized he would probably find out.

Shakira cursed loudly when her ten of spades was matched not only by Monica's 10 of diamonds, but also by Jeremy's 10 of clubs and Kelly's 10 of hearts! She pulled off her socks and then slid the white jacket off her coffee colored shoulders. The two boys stared intently as she pulled the brown tank top up and over her head. Her C cup breasts were framed in a low cut black bra with lace trim, and it was all the boys could do not to drool. The only time Mitch had seen a girl or woman in a bra was one time his grandmom forgot to close her door all the way before getting undressed and he walked by. Eeeew.

Monica had the cards now and turned over the seven of clubs, which Olya matched with a seven of diamonds. Off went her sandals.

Olya turned over a six of clubs, to which there were no matches. Looking around, she chose Jeremy who looked a little scared when she dared him to kiss any girl of his choice. He looked around before picking Kelly next to him. His inexperience was obvious as he hesitantly pressed his lips to hers before quickly pulling back.

Jeremy flipped for the first time and showed a five of clubs. No one matched him either. Perhaps wanting to repay the earlier favor, he chose Mitch, then dared him to 'feel Shakira's titties.' The black girl seemed more affronted by him calling them titties than the dare it self. Meanwhile, Mitch went over to her and with hand trembling reached out and hesitantly touched the front of her bra with the tip of his finger. "It's not going to pop, damn it" said Shakira and used her hand to press his into her breast for a few seconds. Mitch stumbled back to his seat with the cards.

Mitch had some bad luck. His ace of spades was matched by Monica twice, with the ace of diamonds and clubs. Fortunately for him, the rules said once per person, not card, so he only lost his socks.

Noticing Shakira was getting a little chilly, Jeremy went over and turned up the heat while Monica dealt. The head cheerleader turned over the five of spades. No match. She looked at Sarah and told her to pick a number from 1 to 12. She picked five. Monica told her to count 5 people to her right and she had to kiss whoever that was. She almost freaked when she realized it was her brother Mitch and was very relieved when he chose to let her off the hook.

For his own part, Mitch had just realized he was very probably going to see his sister naked at the very least, and to his surprise found himself tenting up his pants at the prospect. At another time, he might have panicked, but the bottle that had continued to be passed around helped take the edge off his fear.

Mitch got a little closer to seeing just that as Sarah turned over the jack of clubs, to be matched by both twins, one with hearts, one with diamonds.

With her feet already bare, Sarah had to remove her sweatshirt, not the worst thing in the world as it was getting warmer in the barn. After that, she had to make a decision. With the other kids egging her on, now caught up in the game, a just a tiny bit drunk, she took off her green t-shirt, leaving her upper body covered only in a plain white bra. Mitch drew in his breath at the sight of the cloth covered mounds. They were not as big as Shakira's, but Jeremy couldn't stop looking to his left.

Kelly had the cards now and turned over the nine of clubs, which was matched by Olya's nine of spades. Kelly lost her socks.

Most of the kids had figured out the secret of the game now and realized the deck had been gone through probably at least once, and what would probably happen due to that. The tension ratcheted up a notch.

Olya turned over the queen of spades and no one was really surprised or disappointed when there were 2 matches, Sarah with clubs and Kelly with diamonds. Her socks were followed by her sweatshirt which left her in a blue belly shirt that kept her navel bare. She passed the cards to Sarah.

Her ten of spades was matched by Kelly's ten of hearts. Sarah had a real problem now. She stared at her brother for a long moment, daring him not to look away as she stood up. Everyone kind of held their breath as she pushed the top of her blue sweatpants down, revealing the plain white cotton panties underneath. Mitch was sweating with the thought his sister was nearly naked in front of him and he had to shift to keep the lump in his pants comfortable. From next to him, Monica looked down and grinned knowingly. Sarah sat down and crossed her legs to cover herself as much as she could. She had played strip poker once before, but this was different. Her brother was there, for gods sake. And the worst part was, she could see he was getting excited. No, that wasn't the worst part. She realized she was excited too.

Kelly turned over the three of clubs, the first non match in a while. She looked around and her gaze settled on Jeremy, who was trying and failing not to keep looking down in Sarah's lap. Mischievously, she dared him to put his hand on her thigh and leave it there until the next time someone gets a dare. When Sarah didn't object, the timid teen put his hand lightly onto her thigh, as if afraid he'd hurt her.

Using his other hand, Jeremy turned over the six of spades. Also no match. He was so discomfited, he blurted out the next dare, in which he instructed Kimberly to kiss the person of her choice. He was even more discombobulated when she chose him, crawling over and giving him a long slow kiss before heading back.

"Ahem." said Sarah from next to him. "There's been a dare. You can move your hand now." He snatched it back like it had been burned before she finished "if you want..." with a grin. Mitch suddenly felt a little uncomfortable at the thought of his sister and best friend touching.

Kimberly turned over the eight of clubs, matched by Monica's eight of hearts. Her sweatshirt almost flew off in the warm air. The white t-shirt underneath was a little tight, the wdges of her bra visible underneath.

Monica turned over the ace of spades and it was Kimberly's revenge as she matched with the ace of hearts. Socks gone and Kimberly had the cards back.

Kimberly turned the five of clubs. No match. Without hesitation, she dared her sister to kiss anyone in the room. Everyone was a little shocked when Kelly leaned over to Shakira and gave her a soft kiss on the lips, which the black girl returned. Monica and Kimberly didn't seem as shocked as the others, especially Mitch and Jeremy who were almost hyperventilating. The boys had seen that sort of thing in some magazines they found (and more), but thought it would be years if ever before it happened in their lives.

It was lucky that Kelly had some clothes left, because when she turned over the seven of diamonds, both Monica and Sarah matched her, and she had the fourth seven in front of her. A quick discussion decided the fact you did not have to remove clothing for your own card. She pulled off her sweatshirt and t-shirt at the same time. Her breasts were about the same size as Shakira's, showcased in a white silken bra.

Monica got kind of lucky because even though the ace of clubs and the ace of hearts were out there to match her ace of diamonds, they both belonged to Kimberly, so she only lost her overalls. Standing up, she undid the buttons by her shoulders and let the denim fall down, tugging it past her lips. Her t-shirt was long enough to cover between her legs, even when she sat down.

Kimberly matched her own nine but no one else did, allowing her to dare Mitch. Her dare was simple, he had to spread his legs and lean back. All the girls grinned at his embarrassment as the lump in his pants that he had been trying to hide was revealed.

Mitch's king was matched by Shakira so he had to lose his jacket, his Yu-Gi-Oh t-shirt underneath causing him a bit more embarrassment.

Shakira also got her ten matched, by Sarah. Completely unconcerned, she skinned out of her black shorts, revealing bright pink tiny panties that barely provided enough coverage, especially given how the material stood out against her dark skin.

Sarah turned over the ten of hearts and sighed with relief when no one matched her. She dared Olya to pick someone and that person would get to remove the next piece of clothing she lost. Olya picked Jeremy as Monica congratulated Sarah on a great dare.

Olya got her queen matched by Mitch and Kimberly (2x). Jeremy got up and slowly peeled the tight belly shirt up and off, trying to keep from touching her as much as possible. Underneath, she was wearing a pale yellow sports bra, her nipples were clearly visible through the fabric, immediately drawing the boys (and some of the girl's) attention. Underneath her bell bottoms were panties of matching color, judging from Jeremy's reaction, he liked the color.

Kimberly lost her t-shirt when Jeremy matched her 6, revealing a white silk bra identical to Kelly's.

Jeremy again got lucky, his four was unmatched. He was still fully clothed. His dare went to Sarah, giving her the same one she had given to Olya. Looking over her choices, she selected Monica, to Jeremy's disappointment.

Seeing that she had only 2 pieces of clothing left, and knowing what her chances were of losing them, Sarah asked the question on everyone's minds. "What happens when you lose all your clothing?"

Monica gave her answer, which sent the sexual tension in the air up another notch. "Anyone who matches you can touch you anywhere they want with any exposed skin." Everyone looked at each other, perhaps for the first time realizing what could happen.

Sarah turned over a 3, then tensed as first her brother, then Olya, and finally Shakira turned over matching cards. Wordlessly, she turned herself so that her back was facing in Monica's direction, allowing the older girl access to the clasp at the back of her bra. Moving forward, Monica made short work of it and the sides of the bra fell down, held up only by the shoulder straps. As she turned back, they too slipped and the bra fell off.

Jeremy stared unabashedly at the hard nipples, while Mitch, knowing he should look away still did the same. It didn't help as his sister stood up and began to slide her white panties down, deliberately facing him as if daring him to look away. The teen couldn't believe it. He was about to see his first pussy and it was his sister's! Well, there was no way he was telling anyone about this!

Meanwhile, as she started to pull down her panties, Sarah tried to make sense of the feelings running through her head. Seeing her brother stare at her crotch caused mixed emotions of fear and lust and she found her eyes drifting to his lap, wondering what she would find when it was his turn.

Finally, the panties cleared her thighs, leaving her shaven pussy exposed to everyone's view as they dropped down. Quickly, she clamped her legs together and sat down, hands in her lap. Jeremy had the decency not to stare. Much.

Shakira turned over a two, and it was immediately obvious she was the next to get naked as Mitch, Olya, and Jeremy matched. She showed no modesty as she reached behind her back to unhook her bra and let the dark mounds hang free. Sarah found herself looking self consciously down at her own smaller mounds as she gazed on the lighter colored nipples on her friend. She also felt a familiar tingling in her crotch as Shakira pulled off her panties, revealing a lightly trimmed patch of black hair. Next to her, Jeremy was trying to keep his tongue in his mouth.

Mitch knew he was losing clothes too, as soon as he turned over a five. Olya, Shakira and Monica had matches. He had no problem with the t-shirt, revealing a few wisps of chest hair, but found himself fumbling with the buttons on his jeans, until he finally got it open and stood up. Absurdly, as he started to pull them down, his thoughts were of mothers reminding children to wear clean underwear and he was kind of glad he did.

The girls chuckles as he struggled with his jeans quieted as the bulge in his briefs was revealed. Most of them had seen at least one naked penis, except for Kelly and Kimberly, but only Shakira and Monica had seen one this close or touched one.

Once his pants were down, Mitch self consciously covered the bulge with his hands. From next to him, Monica started to chant softly "take it off..." which was soon picked up by the other girls.

After a few seconds, Monica tugged at the leg band. "C'mon big boy. Either you do it or I will." Suddenly emboldened, Mitch removed his hands and turned to face her.

'Go ahead." he said, to everyone's surprise, including his own. Monica didn't hesitate, reaching up and gently tugging the white briefs down. As soon as it was clear, all five inches sprang out, just above her head, a tiny drop of fluid spinning away.

This time it was Sarah who knew she should look away but couldn't. Instead, she was concentrating on keeping her fingers from rubbing between her legs where they were currently resting.

Mitch sat down, but even Indian style, the head of his dick poked its way above his legs.

Olya was a little nervous as she took the cards. Everyone knew it was no longer a question of if, but when. An eight. Kimberly matched twice and Shakira matched once, but that was enough. Crossing her arms, she pulled the sports bra up and off. Several in the barn drew in their breath, freed of the tight spandex, Olya's breasts were larger than anyone's, except maybe Monica's. Still seated, she raised her bum off the ground by pushing up on her elbows, giving her enough room to get her panties started on the way down. As the dragged them over her legs, which she kept closed, she still inadvertently flashed Jeremy, who had to shift to adjust himself.

Kimberly turned over a king, and amazingly, Shakira was the only one able to match her. She only lost her jeans, leaving her in white silken panties with a small damp spot in the middle.

Shakira was the first totally naked player to flip and she showed everyone a six. Jeremy was the only one who matched, and quite frankly looked like he had no idea what to do. Before he could go over, Monica suggested a 30 second time limit per card, which everyone agreed to.

Nervously, the teenaged boy went over to the girl and knelt next to her. Softly, he put his hand on her breast, then a little more firmly when she sighed. For his time, he just lightly explored her upper body, which the black girl seemed to enjoy until he had to return to his seat. Everyone was squirming a little now.

Jeremy turned over a 7, giving control back to Shakira who had 2 matches. Amazingly, this was the first time he had to remove clothing, tossing his sensible black shoes aside, almost eagerly. (The poor kid, his parents still refused to let him pick out his clothes, which along with his thick rimmed glasses and good grades resulted in not a few run-ins with school bullies.)

Shakira turned over an ace, matching herself. Olya also matched. Everyone held their breath it seemed, waiting to see what the younger girl would do. Olya wasn't sure itself for a few seconds, it seemed, until she made up her mind and crawled next to the other girl. Wrapping her arms around the black teen, she pressed her lips to Shakira's and kissed her firmly, grinding their breasts together until time ran out and they reluctantly parted.

The nude Russian girl turned over a four, and for the first time, more than one person matched a naked player, namely Sarah, Jeremy and Mitch. By unspoken consent, Sarah and Mitch went to opposite sides of their victim as Jeremy knelt between her legs.

Sarah and Mitch each started to feel one of Olya's breasts, starting when their hands accidentally touched. The two naked siblings stared at each other as they caressed Olya's naked flesh. Meanwhile, Jeremy was running his hands over her chest, stopping just short of the area between her legs. They stayed that way for a few seconds after time was called.

Sarah turned over a jack, matched twice by Kelly and once by Monica. The 14 year old tensed as the two girls came over to her, then sighed as Kelly lowered her lips, giving her the first kiss she had ever had from another girl. Her body tensed as she felt Monica's hands on her left breast, then she gasped as she felt the older girl's soft wet lips on her other one. Somehow she could almost sense her brother's arousal as he watched her being pleasured by the other two girls. Monica had to stop after thirty seconds, but Kelly continued to kiss her for another thirty seconds, once pushing her tongue into her friends mouth.

Sarah was breathing heavily when time expired, and she looked across at her brother, noting that he was, if possible, even more erect.

Kelly turned over two queens of her own, to be matched by Monica and Sarah. She almost ripped her jeans bra and panties off trying to remove them, and it was a measure of the level of expectation in the room that no one stared, instead waiting for the next cards. In fact, no one mentioned she only needed to remove two.

Monica turned over her cards and looked just long enough to know that she was matched before pulling the t-shirt off and unhooking her bra, revealing firm breasts about the same size as Shakira's. Her panties followed soon after, revealing her shaven pussy. She sat legs apart, given everyone a clear view of the inner pink.

Kimberly didn't even look at her cards before pulling off her panties, and Mitch suddenly realized one way to tell the twins apart. Apparently while Kelly shaved down there, Kim did not, proving she was a natural blond.

Jeremy was the only one still wearing clothing and was declared the winner. When Monica asked for volunteers to give him his 'prize', Kimberly, Kelly and Shakira all went over to him and guided him to one corner of the rug.

Monica wrapped her arm around Olya and pulled her to another corner, leaving just Mitch and Sarah staring at each other in the center of the rug. Mitch whispered to his sister, "What about Jeremy?"

"Shut up and come here," she replied. As one, they moved together into each others arms. Mitch gazed directly into his sister's eyes as he tenderly kissed her on the lips. Fantasies he didn't even know he had hidden in the back of his mind came to the fore as he lightly cupped her right breast with his hand, causing her to sigh into his mouth. Unsure of what to do, he massaged the soft globe until her fingers guided his to her nipple.

Experimentally he pinched the tiny nubbin, a little too hard he realized as Sarah let out a tiny yelp of pain. He soon found the right combination of pressure and motion, guided by his sister's gentle moans.

Sarah slid her hand around her brothers naked back and traced her nails across it. He arched his body closer, sliding one knee between hers and pushing them apart slightly. She trailed her hand lower, until it rested at the small of his back, just above the crack of his butt. She had never realized how smooth his skin was, she realized as she stroked the muscles in his back, nor how much his body had developed in the last few years.

Kneeling as they were, the two siblings found their attempts to get closer blocked by their knees bumping into each other. Leaning to his side, Mitch pulled his sister down to the soft rug, using his free arm to prevent them both from falling. Stretching out his legs, Mitch used that same arm to pull Sarah against him. Their lips never parted during the whole process. Remembering earlier, Mitch experimentally pushed his tongue between Sarah's lips, getting a thrill of pleasure as she sucked on the probing flesh. As soon as he pulled it back, she did the same, and he sucked on it as she had, to her obvious pleasure.

Sarah felt a rush of heat between her legs as her brother gently sucked on her extended tongue as his lips mashed against hers. She felt the tips of her nipples rubbing against the firm skin of his chest every time they moved. As they shifted, she also noticed something else, something poking against her belly and leaving a tiny wet spot. She realized it was her brother's dick and started to reach down for it, when their attention was distracted by a shriek of "Oh, my god!" from across the room...

Guided by the older girl's hands, Olya hesitantly lay on her back at one corner of the large rug. Although she had practiced kissing with a female friend before (and that thing with Shakira earlier), she knew this was going to go a lot further than kissing.

Monica started slowly, perhaps sensing the younger girl's trepidation. Laying on the rug next to the slim Russian teen, she began by lightly tracing her fingertips along Olya's sides, causing her to giggle.

With each gentle motion, she moved her hand a little higher. Soon, her fingertips brushed the side of the younger girl's breasts with each stroke.

Lulled into relaxation by Monica's gentle ministrations, Olya suddenly felt a pleasurable buzz throughout her body as her nipple was stroked in passing. The feeling intensified as the wandering hand approached the valley between her legs, only to move away again. Trying to encourage her friend, she spread her legs a little wider.

Noticing Olya's arousal, Monica slid in a little closer, reaching across the prone body to cup one of the teen's tits as she lowered her face to meet her new lover's.

Olya's eyes were closed, so the first inkling she had of the approaching kiss was the feeling of warm breath on her cheek, followed by the soft press of lips to hers. Eagerly, she lifted her head slightly to increase the pressure. Tilting her head to get a better position, she experimentally pushed her tongue into Monica's mouth and was rewarded with a soft moan.

Feeling the younger girl thrust her tongue into her mouth sent a rush of adrenaline through Monica. Placing her hand on top of one breast and rubbing in slow circles, she used her other arm to lever herself up and swung her leg over Olya's prone form, so that she was positioned above her, all the while never breaking the kiss.

Olya felt Monica settle into position above her, and reached up to put her arms around the older girl. Doing so forced Monica to go onto all fours to keep her balance. Olya gasped as she felt Monica's tits brush against her erect nipples. Not needing her own arms for balance, she reached up and caressed the hanging globes, causing Monica to wriggle and moan.

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