Visiting Daddy

by Shani 34

Copyright© 2010 by Shani 34

Erotica Sex Story: A girl goes to visit her dad in prison, after he asks her to smuggle him in a cell phone. But she gets caught, and is dealt with in rather unofficial ways.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   Spanking   Light Bond   Humiliation   First   Anal Sex   .

Sandra had skipped a day off school to go visit her dad in the county prison. She hadn't seen him for ages, and was really excited. She just wasn't sure if they would let her in without her mom! She was wearing a smart blouse and skirt, white ankle socks and flat shoes, trying to look older than she really was without looking tarty. She tried to look confident as she approached the visitors reception desk.

The man explained that she was really too young to go inside without at least her mother's permission, but Sandra knew mom would never approve so she braved it out, looking coy and pleading, and the man agreed to let her in "just this once". He asked to see inside her backpack, and showed her into the visiting room and told her to sit down at a table. She asked if she could go to the toilet first, and the officer showed her were it was, and left her on her own. As instructed by her dad, she took the mobile phone from her backpack and stuffed it inside the sock on her left foot. Walking carefully so it didn't fall out, she went back to the table and sat down.

Soon after, her dad was escorted in, and sat down opposite her and the guards with him shackled him to his side of the table then left the room. She talked excitedly with her dad for a few minutes, telling him how she missed him and how she was doing at school and things. Finally dad lent forward and whispered "did you get it?" She nodded, grinning, and he said "okay put your foot up like I told you." She looked around to confirm they were alone, and then slipped off her left shoe, and shyly lifted her left leg up under the table, and slid it in between his thighs so her heel was resting on the front lip of his chair, the flat of her foot pressed against his crotch.

She felt his hand stroking her calf, reaching in under the sock, and taking out the phone. He grinned at her, and she started to put her foot back on the floor, but he said "no babe, keep it there, it would look suspicious if you take it away, girls often do this to please the guy they are visiting. Leave your foot there in case anyone is watching." She wasn't at all sure what he meant, but did as he said. He took her ankle in his hand and pressed her foot against him, and she felt the strange hardness of him there. He grinned as he slowly moved her foot up and down against him. She noticed his face was getting flushed. After several minutes he finally sighed and seemed to shudder, then he pushed her foot away and she put it back on the floor. Leaning forward he promised that he would phone her every day. A few minutes later his guards arrived, allowed them a very brief hug, and then he was taken back to his cell.

Sandra was shaking as she slipped her shoe back on, then stood and picked up her backpack and walked to the exit door. The guard she saw first opened the door for her and led her back the way she had come in. But instead of taking her to the exit he led her into a room with a desk, no windows, and only one chair. He shut the door, and went around behind the desk and sat down, signing for her to stand close in front of the desk.

"Put your backpack on the desk." She did, and watched nervously as he rummaged through it. "So, where is the cell phone you had in here when you arrived?"

Sandra went pale, and tried to invent excuses about how she must have dropped it somewhere.

"Young lady, you must think we are very stupid. On the contrary, we know exactly what you have been up to. We have video of you with the phone hidden in your sock, and of you allowing your dad to take the phone from you. Do you realize how much trouble you are in? You could be going to jail yourself for this."

Sandra was, of course, horrified, it had seemed just a silly prank when dad had told her what he wanted her to do. "Instead of having to queue up to use the one pay phone we have here, I will be able to call you whenever I want," he had said, and it sounded such a simple thing to do. And it had seemed to work! She just hadn't realized they had such comprehensive surveillance of the visiting room!

"Are you sure you are his daughter?" She blanched, and insisted that she was. "Just seems odd the way you let him masturbate with your foot. Not exactly typical behaviour for a daughter." She blushed scarlet, finally realizing what her dad had been doing with her foot! She stood looking crestfallen, and the man laughed. "Did he give you anything to take out of the prison?" She shook her head. "Sure he didn't stuff anything into your sock while he was jerking off with it?"

"I don't think so," she mumbled.

"Better check then, hop up on the desk please Sandra, sit down, and take your shoes and socks off."

She realized as she did this that he could see her knickers, but didn't dare twist around or anything. She sat there with her knees apart as he went carefully through both shoes and then both socks. "Okay, seems clear. When he hugged you as he left, did he stuff anything inside your top or anything?" Again she denied it, but he just smiled and told her to remove her shirt. Her fingers were shaking as she complied, handing it to him and putting her hands behind her to support herself. As he ran his fingers through the stitching and seams of the shirt, his eyes never left her crotch.

She was wearing a padded bra, because her dad liked that, and when the guard put down the shirt he instructed her to take off the bra. "But please do I have to?"

"Young lady, you are already in heaps of trouble. Resisting a search would really count heavily against you. I need to find out if he stuffed anything down your cleavage."

"I don't have any cleavage," she whined, "it's just padding."

"Exactly why I need to search it thoroughly."

She reluctantly reached behind her and unclipped it, and handed it over, then again sat back with her hands behind her on the table. She watched him closely examining the padding and stitching of the bra, but his eyes stayed mostly on her flat breasts with the embarrassingly prominent nipples. They seemed to be even more prominent than usual today!

"Stand up, Sandra." She struggled to her feet, looking down at him, in just her skirt and panties. She could tell from his eyes that he could see her knickers as he looked up at her. "Lift the skirt," he hissed, and she reluctantly obeyed. "Right up as high as it will go," he said, and she did so. He stood, and now his eyes were level with her panties. He raised his hands, gripped her panty waistband, and slowly drew it down to her knees. Then he sat down again.

"I want you to wriggle your legs and your ass until your panties fall to your feet. Keep holding your skirt up like that."

She had no idea why she had to do this, but had no choice but to obey, feeling silly as she shook and jerked and finally was able to step out of her panties. "Okay, now unclip your skirt, tug it down off your bottom, and again, wriggle until it falls to the desk."

Again she shimmied and twitched and managed to get the skirt to slide down her legs, then she stepped out of it and kicked it away. Naked now, she looked down at him as he ran his eyes up and down her body.

"Okay girl here is the deal. I have a bit more searching to do, but if I don't find anything bad I might let you off with just a spanking, how does that sound?"

"Um well ah thank you," she stammered, glad to avoid jail but not liking the idea of a spanking either.

"Get down off the table, come stand in front of me facing the desk, feet as far apart as you can get them, and bend forward with your elbows on the desk."

In this position, she waited helplessly while he explored the bits of her now on offer, fingers delving as far as they could go in her pussy, and all the way up into her ass. As he pushed his chair back and wiped his fingers on her knickers, he chuckled "so you are a virgin still?" and she nodded, not sure how he could tell.

"Have you ever had the cane?"

"Oh god NO," she moaned, watching in despair as he got up from his chair and walked across the room to a cupboard, opened it, and lifted out one of a row of wicked looking canes mounted in a row.

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