Hermiones Deal 2

by Mike S

Copyright© 2010 by Mike S

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Hermione and Hagrid return Norbert to Romania

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Mult   Consensual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   .

It was 3 days before Hagrid approached Hermione at the Gryffenwhore table as supper was about to start. Her pussy began juicing up as she looked up at him.

"Hermione, I have to go to Romania early in the morning for something and I'm going to stop and see Charlie Weasley and the dragons that are cared for there. I thought with your interest in the animals that you would like to come along. I've asked the Headmaster and have his permission to take you with me. Like I said, I'm leaving early in the morning, so as to arrive in Romania in the dark, and will return Sunday afternoon. The Headmaster says that he wants an oral report on what you learned when we return," Hagrid said. Hagrid thought back to the meeting.

"So Hagrid, Norbert is going home, eh?" the Headmaster had asked. "And I guess little Miss Granger wants more of his cock, maybe others there as well? Fine, fine, she can go, just have her report to me in my chambers upon your return. I want an oral report from her. I think I'll enjoy it immensely." Hagrid had been so stunned by the Headmaster's knowledge of Norbert's presence and Hermione's sex life it took him a minute to realize the Headmaster wanted Hermione to give him a blow job in payment for her sex trip. He was brought back to the Great Hall as Hermione answered him.

"I'd love to go Hagrid. When do we leave?" she asked.

"Be at my cottage about 3 AM" he said and turned to go to the staff table.

"Hey Hagrid, can Ginny and I go too? We'd like to see Charley," Ron asked before he could take a step. Hagrid turned back and looked down and the two redheads. He would like to take Ginny; maybe she would be as wild sexually as Hermione. But, he hadn't asked and didn't want Ron on the trip.

"Sorry Ron never asked for you, Ginny, Fred or George to go along. This is an educational trip, not recreational," Hagrid answered and quickly left. He had noticed the questions in Harry's eyes and was sure Potter knew something was up. As Hagrid hurried away Harry leaned over to Hermione.

"Since when are you interested in dragons?" he asked. Then he asked an astute question. "Or is it only their cocks that interest you? Ron and I don't give you enough cock to satisfy that hungry cunt of yours?'' Hermione blushed red at that but angrily whispered back.

"Ginny and I give Ron and you all the pussy that's asked for. How can you say my cunt is hungry? You and Ron and the ones with insatiable cocks, always wanting them in one of ours ass mouth or cunt, Ginny and I don't look you up and ask for cock. It's you guys that want to fuck all the time." Ron leaned forward to try to hear the conversation from the other side of the table. His right hand was busy under his sister's skirt as she sat beside him, her left hand massaging his cock and her right hand probably on George's cock as he sat on the other side of her.

"Hey guys, what's up? Why the secrecy?" he asked in an undertone, glad no one was sitting close by.

"Harry wants to know why I said I'd go with Hagrid. I guess he had plans for the weekend and can't understand I'm going as much to ensure he stays out of trouble as to learn more about dragons," Hermione answered.

"Aw come on Harry, she's right. Who knows what Hagrid will get into over there. Remember that dragon egg back in our first year? I wonder how Norbert is doing. Hermione, see if you can find out for us ok? As for the other, Ginny can handle anything that comes up there, although I think Cho Chang might help us out if you'd see her after dinner and be nice. I think she has the hots for you." Ron gasped as his sister squeezed his cock in a vise like grip. "I'm talking sex only Ginny, not a relationship. I know you think you're in love with Harry." Both the principles of that sentence blushed red but Ginny did lighten her grip on his cock.

"Actually, I think the Patil twins would like to get involved. I know they did a 3some with Harry and then recommended his cock to me," Hermione put in. Harry and the Patils were before Ginny's arrival at Hogwarts and was therefore a safer subject. Then there was the ways they still looked at him in classes and the halls. Yeah, the twins would definitely join their sex ring and she'd love to have them again. Her only time was when they talked about Harry's cock as she slurped on one pussy and finger fucked the other. After she had fucked Harry and he seemed to be off the market, they hadn't tried to get into her panties anymore.

The meal finally appeared before them and she ate hurriedly so she could get a nap in before going to Hagrid's cottage. Her pussy was so wet at the thought of the trip that the crotch of her panties was leaking and if she didn't get out of here quickly she'd leave a puddle of pussy juice on the bench where she sat.

At 255 AM, Hermione was hurrying to the cottage. She had given up on trying to control her juice flow and had shoved a tampon in her cunt and a pad was taped to her panty crotch. She finally reached Hagrid's and the door opened as she lifted her fist to knock. Hagrid stepped out and the two headed for the Forbidden Forest. Norbert was closer to the edge now that Hagrid knew Dumbledore was aware of his presence. Hagrid had already placed the sling on Norbert and Hermione could see where her back would be supported by a 12 inch wide plank set between two slings and then a pair of stirrups for her feet.

"Once you're comfortable on the plank, I'll get it adjusted so Norbert has all the cock you want inside you and then I'll position the stirrups for your feet. Norbert seemed to remember her as they both approached and he stood still for them. Hermione pulled her panties off, discarded the pad and placed them in her cloak pocket. Removing her wand she performed the Expando spell 3 times on her pussy for good measure, removed the tampon and told Hagrid to put her up on the sling. Hagrid picked her up and laid her on the plank her head and ass barely on the ends of the board. Norbert seemed to realize what was going on and settled onto all four legs as Hermione wriggled around and got comfortable.

"I'm ready," she said and Hagrid began moving the ropes along the dragons back toward his tail. When the tip was over her pubic hair, Hagrid swung her back.

"Grab hold and get him lined up," he said. Hermione reached down and took Norbert's immense cock and aimed it at her cunt. Hagrid slowly let her swing forward until Norbert's cock parted her pussy lip and stopped. Hermione took the opportunity to run the head of the cock through her folds and lubricate it with her river of juices that were in constant flow. She then nodded and Hagrid let the sling move to its natural position. Hermione purred in ecstasy as 3 inches of cock slid into her greedily grasping cunt. Hagrid again started working the support ropes to the rear and then would shove Hermione onto the cock and then work the ropes again.

"I think that's enough," he said after he had fed 15 inches of dragon meat into her pussy. He positioned the stirrups and slid her feet through so that they supported her ankles. Once she was totally in position Hermione began bucking her hips to feel the cock inside her. Hagrid quickly mounted Norbert's back and urged the dragon into the air and eastward over England, heading to Romania.

Below Norbert's belly Hermione swung up and back to the beat of dragon wings. She'd slide back up his cock as he lifted and back down as the wings came down. Six inches of cock were therefore fucking in and out of her. She had cum a half dozen times by the English Channel and was in constant orgasm by the time the crossed the coast of France. Norbert was shooting his third load of cum into her and she looked over the edge to see the overflow of sperm falling away to the ground.

"I hope that doesn't land on anyone's head," she thought as she continued to convulse from her constant orgasm. Hagrid leaned over far enough to see what was going on and got an instant erection as he barely heard Hermione scream out she was still cumming.

"Still cumming?" he thought, "that little bitch is in constant orgasm. I want some relief." He looked down to get his bearing and saw the Ardennes Forest coming up. He started Norbert into a slow descent and had him land in the middle of the forest. He quickly slid off the dragon and freed his cock as he approached Hermione's head. He saw her mouth was wide open as she gasped for breath as she came down off her orgasm. Since Norbert was no longer sliding in and out of her, she had finally stopped cumming. Hagrid laid the head of his cock in her open mouth and grabbed the rope. He swung her to him, forcing his cock through her mouth and into her throat as he pulled nine inches of Norbert out of her pussy. He then swung her back, impaling her on Norbert as his cock slid out of her throat and into her mouth. He then pulled her back. Hermione instinctively closed her lips around Hagrid and bathed the cock slipping down her throat as it passed the tip of her tongue. Hagrid established a steady rhythm and Hermione felt an orgasm building from the friction of the cocks in both ends of her body. Hagrid, sensing her excitement, sped up the pace of the swinging until she was getting a good fucking of her cunt and mouth.

"Gasp, I'm Cumm ... choke ... iinngg," Hermione tried to scream around the cock filling her mouth and throat as her hips bucked around the cock filling her cunt. She felt Norbert firing another load of dragon cum up her love canal and it put her over the edge again. She then felt Hagrid's cock throb and swell and it erupted, shooting his cream directly into her belly.

"Oh Hermione, that feels good," he moaned. He pushed her back onto Norbert so that his head was in her mouth and she could suck out the dregs in his balls and lick him clean. Once he was satisfied, Hagrid withdrew his cock, put it back in his pants and remounted Norbert and they lifted off again.

As Hagrid had planned, their stopping in France put them in Romania after daylight and Charley Weasley and two other wizards were in the clearing where Hagrid landed.

"Hey Charley," Hagrid called out as Norbert settled down. "Give me a hand here will you?" Charley and the others started forward when one of the others noticed the plank.

"What's that?" he asked.

"Merlin's beard," Charley gasped. "That's Hermione Granger and Norbert's cock is buried in her!" The wizards increased their pace and arrived as Hagrid started working the ropes back up Norbert's back and extracting his cock from the unconscious girl. Hermione had been fucked and orgasmed into the state about 10 minutes before arrival. As Norbert's cock left her body with a loud and audible "POP", a flood of dragon cum poured out of her.

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