The Deep Divide
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2010 by Kyng Kooba

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A businessman introduces his beautiful, classy wife to a horny, well-hung black man Interracial fucking

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Slut Wife   Interracial  

I have a story. The sort of story the readers of your dirty, little magazine might enjoy. It's about a promising, young woman who had it all and her gradual downward spiral into adulterous black fucking. The lady in question is my wife Anna and her tormentor: an African, bull of a man named Banba who once worked for me. When I bear witness as I often do, to their intercourse I have to ask myself if this is still the woman I married? The woman who

early last year bore a black baby and whose family quickly covered it all up. So many emotions run through me that I can only imagine what it must be like for her. Like any such endeavour, ours is one of chance, preparation and will. That I would be sitting here, writing this story to you is beyond my wildest dreams. A sure sign of how the times have changed and how relationships such as ours have come to flourish.

My wife is the second daughter of the Duke of Arbroath. When I first met her she was twenty one and a regular on the social circuit. A beautiful girl with a rich father and a handsome reputation in the bedroom. She was the centre of attention wherever she went: composed, fashionable, self assured and everything a man could want. We used to flock around her and she knew the power she had. I came to Britain in the mid 70's when marrying into rich Northern roots was considered extremely fortunate for a man like me. They are so especially proud of their family heritage over here. My own kin had made their money in Alaska and had sent me to Britain to make something of myself. With a good name behind me I was soon being noticed and introduced to people like Anna's father. I was slightly older at the time but despite the age difference her family considered me an ideal match. Obviously I was unopposed. Working in London but she was well known to my group of friends for her good looks, her family and her rather lavish shopping sprees. As her parent's firm favourite, Anna was raised with expensive tastes. She was a real prize and she always knew it.

Now, at 35 she has kept her figure and those upmarket, stylish looks. The crisp, intelligent face, flirtatious way and wicked beauty that over time made her quite the showpiece. Though perhaps not in the way her wealthy family had intended. The idea of a woman like Anna being with a man like Banba in those days was impossible. Such a union takes a lot of manipulation, time and luck and there were many reasons why a lady like Anna drops her expensive panties for ten inches of black cock. Why she might risk it all in a flight of fancy. After all, she had her family's fine reputation to think of, as well as her own recognised standing in the local community. We have lived at "Barkley Hall" in the English countryside for a number of years now. As my wife, she gained a notoriety in the local, country area though the quiet life was never for her. She needed more. Being wined and dined seven days a week with parties every weekend. She preferred the city life and looking back I guess boredom was a big factor. Only a week after her thirty fifth birthday Banba gave Anna much more than just the rampant fucking a woman like her so richly deserved.

I'd known Banba since I first came to England. As an immigrant himself perhaps we had something in common at least. For a brief time I was manager of a manufacturing plant were, with a number of cheap, black immigrants he was one of the workers. He had been one of several African men to bring his wife and family over due to the chronic labour shortage of the time. At well over six feet tall he was a striking, handsome figure, very obvious on the shop floor. His working-class looks were hardened and it was impossible to stand before him without feeling some sort of trepidation. Though our paths hardly ever crossed at first there was something in his rough, unruly style I liked. He was always causing trouble on the shop-floor and had a reputation on the quiet of being quite a dangerous man. I had all the employee records so I knew the background of everyone under my staff. Banba had infrequent dealings with the law but I was able to help out when I could. He didn't care for authority either and I found it compelling how though I often extended a helping hand there was rarely a word of gratitude.

Anna and I had been married several months when I worked there. She loved shopping in London and would occasionally call to see me on her way into town. With model looks and wearing the latest fashions she caught the eye of many of the men at the plant. Perhaps that was her intention. A group of them would often collect and watch the young lady with her permed, dark hair and big, pert tits from the yard. I daresay though she would never admit it she loved the attention. Anna had often secretly confided that she found shouldering her responsibilities difficult at times. Particularly in her youth. She would have loved she said, to be have been allowed to break free once in a while and 'let herself go'. Regardless she would take the whistles and calls as she parked her Merc and strolled up the stairs in a tight, short skirt that barely contained her round ass. I would never miss this regular occurrence from my window. It excited me tremendously to have other men look at her. Banba and several other black men were always among the group. From those first days it had excited me greatly to imagine an African man screwing a white, English woman. Particularly someone of my wife's ilk and stature. Though he seemed cautious of me at first I did my best to get to know him. My fantasies built and taking a considerable amount of risk I'd often invite him to my office were I'd steer the conversation towards Anna. He was no idiot. He knew what was in my mind though it took a while before he was comfortable referring to her by her first name instead of 'Mrs Ashton'. I don't think he ever really thought he'd actually get to use his big dick on her. Perhaps he saw it as his bosses perverse dreams. But dreams have a habit of coming true if you make them. We kept in touch. Maybe a few letters every twelve months or so.

As the years went by my wife had a string of affairs. Most came about when she turned thirty and her father did his best to conceal. She became very open sexually and went through a phase of filming ourselves in bed. She was very fond of telling me there was a new wave of freedom sweeping England and she wanted to be a part of it. Though she looked fantastic I knew she was conscious that she was not getting any younger. Vanity remained one of her greatest flaws. Her boredom and willingness to experiment grew in bounds. Her affairs did not bother me. They made her feel desired. Rest assured, though I was ageing too I enjoyed fucking her as much as I ever had. There was however a darker side. The dinner parties and chance to play hostess had, partly due to the recession been drying up. So too had our social calendar. Due to pressures at work I'd been showing her far less attention than she was used too and she'd started to drink in the afternoons. I suppose she felt ill at ease with her increasingly diminishing lifestyle.

The chance to have children for me had come and gone for me. Looking back that may have changed things and made her happier. Who knows? One day she went to a party and was gone over a week. When she returned, a little worse for wear she began talking about bringing another man into our bedroom. Anna knew I very much liked the idea as long as it was conducted discreetly and she often joked how much of a pervert I was. Suggesting we could have one of my wealthy work colleagues over for dinner were she could seduce him. That she reasoned would be the most subtle way and her eyes lit up as she talked about it. I couldn't hold it back any longer. When I looked at my wife all I could think of was my old friend Banba. One day I told her about him, our conversations, his promiscuous background and promise of a ten inch cock. She had listened without a word then been immediately dismissive. Frankly she was appalled by my remarks. A woman like Anna didn't just sleep with anyone, especially not a coloured factory worker at that. Then, as the twisted nature of it all sank in and with an almost cruel smile, she turned to me and said 'You'd like to see that would you?'

What a perverse women she was. I can't deny that she hardly reminded me at all of the young lady I first courted. Over the years had some of me rubbed off on her? Changing, corrupting. The woman I once knew would not have ever considered it. I contacted Banba in obvious good spirits, the phone sweaty in my hand. Years on he was a family man fulfilling an impoverished family lifestyle. He had four children, one with his first wife. Times were hard but he was finding work were he could. Still, he seemed his usual boastful self. His accent had come along and he was proud of himself and what he had achieved. He would be even more proud of himself soon and was happy to hear from me. I was pleased his taste for white women was as strong as ever, particularly for my wife. He was intrigued to know what had become of us and said he missed our old chats. Hardly able to contain my excitement, I put the question. Indeed, Banba nearly fell over himself when I told him Anna wanted to visit.

We arranged to go down one weekend to meet Banba and his wife Sahri. I remember that it was raining all through the long drive South. I couldn't distract my mind from what I was doing; taking my wife to meet another man like this. Their house was in a poor area of East Hampshire. A far cry from our own and I could see Anna having second thoughts as I drove the jag around the estate. She had been quiet most of the journey. Thoughtful, ponderous but no doubt anxious about what she had let herself in for. Avoiding potholes in the road and attracting stares from groups of youths I followed the instructions he had given us. Banba's house was on a row of five. Four kids were playing in the street outside. Two white, two half-cast. One house on the end was boarded up and covered in crude graffiti. Anna had been up and down all week as the meeting drew closer, changing her mind back and forth. What if we were discovered? How could be possibly consider this?

Despite playing down the visit as much as she could, she had taken an age to ready herself. A stiff G&T at the door before we'd set off. Outside the weather was chilly with a clear sky. Litter blew around openly in the street but for me the state of Banba's estate just added to the event. There was movement behind several curtains as neighbours peered out curiously. Anna had on neatly fitting and stylish, cream blouse with a matching skirt that she had worn for her younger sisters wedding. It was above knee length and quite tight on her shapely figure. She was wearing just a little makeup too but looked fantastic as ever. Especially with her dark hair tumbling onto her shoulders. Before we got out she put her hand on my arm and told me that she wasn't promising anything. I opened the broken gate for Anna and followed her up the path. Banba was going to love this. My wife smelled of expensive perfume and looked sexy and mature as she strode confidently ahead of me.

Sahri was at the door waiting for us. She was a pretty, fresh-faced black woman with short hair and a rounded figure. She wore a full length gown that wrapped around her forehead and had one of the kids on her arm, jostling him as he began to cry. She took Anna's hand warmly, keeping her eyes slightly averted to the ground as we followed her back into the cramped hallway. Children's toys were scattered around the threadbare carpet. There was a strong smell of cigarettes too, forming a light haze in the hall air. Sahri welcomed us both to their home and hoped our journey had been pleasant. I wondered if she knew what our reason for being here was. Probably not. My wife glanced back at me as the door closed and we both felt uneasy. I think we both wondered what kind of home Banba ran. Taking her coat from her I hung it up on the stand. The outfit was smart but quite revealing, certainly exaggerating my wife's breasts. With a knowing glance, Anna pushed open the door and stepped into the lounge.

I can't describe how excited I felt as I saw Banba sitting in the armchair. He looked as imposing as he always had but had put on a smart blue jacket and trousers for the visit. His round eyes and face lit up with satisfaction as Anna walked in. It had been such a long time since I had last seen him in person. Banba was a big man due to all the heavy lifting he had done years before. I guessed he'd endured a difficult upbringing in his home country. Well built with a lazy look in his eyes that hinged with aggression. His skin was a dark shade of brown, dotted with marks on his cheeks. Heavy arms hanging in his lap, the muscles stretching firmly against the fabric of his jacket. He rose from his seat, standing his full 6,2 and took Anna's delicate outstretched hand. His grin ran from ear to ear showing all his perfect white teeth as he peered generously down my wife's lovely body.

'A pleasure to meet you', Anna had said. There was a waver in her voice. Almost as if her breath were taken away. Already quite overwhelmed by the sheer size and power of the man in front of her. Banba nodded and motioned to a chair with his hand. He watched, licking his lips as Anna crossed the small room and took a seat on the large sofa.

We talked as Sahri brought in tea. Anna was polite and ever the lady. Just as she'd always been but I could see this was exciting her far more than she had anticipated. Her hands rested on her knee, showing off her cleavage which Banba was very keen to feast his eyes upon. He had never been a talker and his forthrightness was a little tribal and single minded. Sahri didn't seem to notice anything, certainly not her husband's definite sexual attraction to my wife. He only once referred to me, calling me 'Boss' as he always did. Anna led the conversation, asking him purposely about his time at the factory and was openly hoping to explore his native background. Particularly hinting at the times he had watched and called to her from the work yard. It was clear that she liked this big man and was interested in him. His stare ran rhythmically between her face, legs and tits. Pure lust, lacking any manners. Already an erection was looming through his blue trousers. I wondered if my wife saw it.

We left and on the drive home Anna admitted to me that Banba was quite a man. I was surprised to see she was flustered as we got into the car. We were soon back again. Much to my delight. Anna had also promised me that she would try to flirt much more with Banba on this visit and asked me if there anything she could do that I would like. In my opinion she set a good example the last time. Still, I suggested she wear something low cut and leave her bra at home as to reward him with a clearer view of her fine chest. It was so base and raw to see her act in this way. I'd never seen such a side to her before and when she shook his hand for a second time there was evidence of further attraction. Sahri, though mostly silent was pleased that we seemed to be making such good friends and Anna implored them to come and visit us sometime. We both knew better and such a thing would be impossible. It was all to take her attention away. Anna took every chance to flirt right in front of me. Exciting Banba no end as her confidence with the situation grew. She was enjoying herself, using her eyes and subtle movements. Particularly when crossing her legs which Banba had told me he particularly liked. Despite their great class divide, there was a genuine chemistry between my wife and this British/African man. I loved seeing her with suggestion in every move. Besides, Sahri didn't even seem to notice it. As though her senses where beaten down somehow. My wife worked her magic. Getting me to take her in the kitchen so she could talk and flirt with her husband.

It was the week after Anna's thirty fifth birthday when I finally happened. We were due to go down again on a Sunday morning. Maybe our fourth or fifth visit in four months. The children where getting used to us now. 'Aunt' and 'Uncle' talk, though Banba inevitably sent them to their rooms on our visits. It was the christening of their newest baby Sama that afternoon and Sahri wanted us to be there. She thought things were going so well. That we had become such good friends with these people seemed incredible. Meanwhile, behind her back Banba had been sending letters to Anna for weeks as well as frequently calling the house to speak to her. I got a surprise, on returning home from work one day. Anna said that she had something to show me. Taking me to our bedroom she showed me wrapping paper and a box lying on the bed. With a smile she lifted up the incredibly small, grey dress that lay within. A gift from her African admirer. Holding it against her figure, a suggestive smile spread across her face. The dress looked as cheap and thin as it did tiny. Typical Banba. A far contrast to the rest of my wife's expensive wardrobe. With it came a short note asking her to wear it that coming weekend.

My wife couldn't resist. I watched from the bed as she undressed, stripping herself naked and stepping into the dress. As she pulled it up her body, it was clear that it would leave little to the imagination. The garment was ridiculously short and so very tight, stretching between the very tops of my wife's waxed, toned thighs. I could see why Banba wanted to see her wear it for him and I implored her to put on a pair of high heels to finish the effect. Heart racing I gazed loving as Anna's breasts bulged heavily through the fabric, providing little support and without a bra, her flat, round nipples were slightly visible. She strutted in front of me, modelling the dress and asked what I thought.

'I think he'll like it' I assured her. Deep down, we both where very excited. We had been talking each other up all week long. I had bought my wife a set of extremely expensive diamond earrings and matching studded necklace as a gift for going through with everything. I hadn't stopped telling her how fresh and delightful she looked wearing his dress. How much I was looking forward to everything. She in turn had been promising me how she would be wearing the new jewels for me that weekend and would be thinking of me while Banba was screwing her.

We were soon sitting in the church, having met there for the service about three rows from the back. It was a small, mostly black congregation but happily we were not made to feel out of place. Banba and Sahri where seated at the front yet I couldn't wait for him to see my wife properly. Anna was wearing the dress with a long black coat over the top, far too cautious a lady to expose the slender garment in public. She was squeezing my arm and every few seconds he looked over at us. He wanted to see that dress on my wife's body and Anna could barely contain herself. I couldn't blame him for being more interested in that than his son. Sahri didn't notice anything she was so emotional. I was excited too but for very different reasons.

When it was all over we went back to their house. Anna was almost apologetic as I took her coat. Certainly, Sahri's eyes widened when she saw what my wife was wearing. Incredibly exposed and without any bra or underwear. 'We're going to a party later' I lied, quickly leading her away by the arm. Sahri seemed to take it, just about. I went with my wife into the lounge; both her breasts bobbling inside the dress as I gently held her smooth, warm upper arm. Banba came in through the front door behind us, eager to get a good look at what Anna was offering. His eyes nearly popped out when he found her standing in his living room, wearing the tiny dress he had bought himself. My wife's hands were casually placed on her hips and she was effectively posing for him. The trace of a smile on her lips. I noticed how she visibly stiffened as Banba gave her a good looking over. Since our first meetings he had told her of all the white women he'd enjoyed fucking and his intention of adding my wife to his list.

Sahri broke the spell as she came in and Banba went over to his chair. Already there was evidence of a hard-on showing through his pants. For years he had told me of his size and now I was about to see it used on my own wife. He smiled and spread his knees excitedly, eyes moving over her body. Anna sat slowly on the sofa, crossing her smooth white legs. She smiled at both of us obviously loving every moment. Already I could tell from her eyes that she was looking forward to later. The flush and intoxication in her face was wonderful, here and now in this alien environment. I had such an erection. My own cock felt ready to burst. The anticipation was as good as sex itself. The dress really was exceptionally short. To the very tops of her full thighs. Her eyes fluttered intermittently at Banba as Sahri made some tea. I wondered from the light whether he could see my wife's nipples showing through the material.

When Sahri left the room only Banba took his chance. Grinning broadly, he left his seat and sat closely on the sofa next to my wife. Anna watched him with amusement as the big man ogled her heavy breasts up close. He licked his lips and put out his hand. I was amazed by his boldness. He reached out and laid his palm on Anna's bare thigh, gently stroking up and down her leg. With that, Anna gave his hand a playful slap and he returned, quickly to his chair. We didn't have to wait long. When Sahri came in and asked me if I'd like to see young Sama, Anna's eyes told me to go. There was a wicked look in her eye and I knew Banba was desperate to get his hands on her body. She loved this and wanted to be alone with him for a little while. There was a massive lump in the front of his trousers that my wife was more than eager to get a closer look at so with a surprisingly heavy heart I went slowly upstairs with Sahri, leaving Anna and Banba to talk.

We were only a short while, though I wanted to keep Sahri away for as long as possible, conscious of what might be happening downstairs. When we returned my wife was almost pushing me to the door, her small handbag over her shoulder and her coat in her arm. I was surprised at her eagerness to suddenly leave but there was an abruptness about her manner. What had happened? Were we leaving? Had Banba overstepped the mark? When we got outside and began walking towards the car she smiled and suddenly seemed very full of herself. 'What's happening?' I asked. Then as she arranged herself I suddenly saw that Banba had been roughly groping her breasts through the dress. I went dry and my wife smiled again as she read my look. She sat patiently in the car while I got my camcorder out of the boot. I didn't want to miss anything. Flushed and excited Anna was so thrilled that I could positively feel her sexuality rippling through her. He had indeed in that short time finally had his hands all over her as she had his big African cock. Just for how long had she dreamed of doing something so wild and reckless? She was going to fuck with him. Anna Ashton's first black dick. The notion made my head swell.

With the small, leather handbag on her knee my wife was expertly adjusted her lipstick in a pocket mirror. She had never done anything like this before. Nothing so clearly daring and rebellious. I too realised that my dream was going to come true. A few agonising minutes past, then, suddenly Anna sat forward; looking towards the house as Sahri appeared and began pushing a pram up the street. The woman looked rushed and totally bewildered. Probably wondering what on earth was going on. She really hadn't a clue. To be rid of her for an hour Banba must have almost thrown her out. Then he came to the gate, tucking his shirt into his light blue trousers and gesturing impatiently towards the car. I felt my heart jump and shut the boot, the video-recorder in my hand. Anna got out of the car hurriedly, her high heels tapping on the wet road as she trotted over to him. The big man looked desperately eager, checking up the road for his wife then flashing a thankful smile at me. Then he placed his arm around my own wife's waist and led her quickly through the gate, up the path and in.

I followed them and closed the front door behind me. In my impatience I stepped on one of the kids toys causing a loud 'squeak' that startled me. They, the kids that is, were all upstairs not that I could hear them. They were too young to remember anything they might hear. As I closed the lounge door I got quite a sight. Banba's big hands were all over my wife's breasts, lifting and squeezing her tits through the thin dress. He was like an animal. Anna looked purposely towards the camera in my hand. She was smiling and wanted me to start. I put the lens to my eye and clicked the record button. As it began Anna turned, put her arms, gently around his neck and began kissing Banba passionately. His black, rugged hands moved quickly down her hips and thighs, gripping and lifting her ass. Anna seemed limp in his large arms, their mouths pressed together in a heated embrace. She rested back leisurely on his broad chest as he took the dress by the straps and pulled it roughly down to her waist. My wife's lovely breasts fell free and she laughed as Banba held her, kissing and running his hands all over her. By now, his cock was bursting through his trousers, a huge lump against her stomach.

Sahri wouldn't be long but it didn't seem to matter. I couldn't believe how exciting this was. Watching my wife and this man through the camera. Anna rested a hand on her hip, smiling purposely at the camera while Banba fondled each of her breasts in turn. I imagined all the times I'd slept with my wife. Throughout our years of marriage, never had been so excited or dreamt of seeing her like this. Yet I knew far more was to come. There was such a cruel look on her face as he rubbed her round nipples in turn with his thick fingers. I knew how much my filming would excite and drive her. There was a rush of urgency as Banba took Anna to the sofa. My wife perched on the edge, unzipped his pants and pulling out his cock. She was wide-eyed as she stroked it in her hands. Both her hands. Banba was really big. Long and black and seriously in need of relief. It seemed the stories I'd heard of black men where certainly true. Banba waited expectantly, hands on hips. In fact, there was only a slight look of hesitancy as my wife opened her lips and took him in. She moaned to herself, and then began sucking it. Her head bobbing on this well-hung man, making him groan and roll back his head. He looked down to Anna then gave another appreciative wink to me. Sighing as her lips and hand slid up and down his big cock.

I stood by the window, keeping lookout while Banba fucked Anna on the sofa. Only a fractional part of the time did I actually spend staring up the street. Not when the dream of my life was going on behind me. Banba had Anna's legs pinned apart, heels pointing upward while he fucked her with great aplomb. The groans and gasps of pleasure echoed vibrantly around the walls of the room. I'd fantasised of watching such powerful, interracial sex and here it was with my own wife. Banba's mammoth arms where planted either side of my wife's chest and she was looking up at him. I could see the inbred, confident look in her eyes tamed as she jerked back again and again on his savage thrusts. Taking his cock on each stroke and whimpering in pleasure. The strained look that knew that this man finally had her exactly where he wanted her. All ten inches of black meat driving in and out. His fast paced grunts combined with the slapping of his large balls against her body.

The camera captured every slow, building moan of pleasure from Anna's lips as Banba's hips romped furiously up and down between her legs. Forcing ever weary creaks of anguish from the old sofa. She looked right into the lens and it was then that I realised the twisted satisfaction she was taking. She wasn't just acting for the camera either. The sheer size of his cock was drawing an appreciative groan of submission from her mouth. As he powerfully fucked his cock deep in and out of her, I left the window and knelt on the floor to capture this action from the best of angles. From here I could see his meat quickly spreading and penetrating my wife's body to the hilt. Black on white such an exciting view. The steady, rhythm of their fucking a joy to my eyes.

Anna's hands where soon tightly gripping Banba's arms, her fingers digging in as she struggled to accommodate his size. It seemed like their mating had gone on forever but had in fact been just a few minutes. With a moan of satisfaction she reached orgasm, eyes fluttering. He groaned as her married hole squirted that he was close too, slowing to a stiff hump then building up again. Fucking harder and sending one of Anna's shoes tumbling to the tatty floor. With a gasp she encouraged him to fuck her to a finish, the wet slapping of they're bodies reverberating around the little room together with the now heavy creak of the sofa. It looked as if the sofa-chair was ready to collapse on itself. As his tight, brown balls slapped against her, my wife's legs stiffened and she came again. Incensed by my wife's second orgasm Banba heaved forward pumping his seed into her belly for what seemed like an age.

It had been such a quick, impatient fuck but the look on Anna's face said it all. Wiping the sweat from his brow Banba slowly pulled his dick from between my wife's legs and tucked himself away. She lay for a moment flustered and breathless before sitting up and bringing herself gingerly together. Visibly shaken from the stiff pounding she had just taken. She gave a favourable look to Banba but he was already quickly tiding up. Making sure that Sahri would never find out about this. At least not from him. Banba showed us out of the back door. I was amazed. Staggered even. This had easily been the most fun I'd ever had. Anna needed to lean on my arm as I led her back to the car. No one would have gotten any prizes for guessing she just been screwed by a black guy. Not in today's world anyway. As we began the long drive back to our country home my wife was quiet and thoughtful. Thinking perhaps about what she'd done. Not to mention the belly-full of black seed she carried. Maybe about doing it again.

Anna had experienced something new with Banba and she wanted more of it. The way she had teased him for nearly three months before letting him have her had been perfect. That night we sat in bed and watched the video. It felt incredible. Unbelievable in a manner that had begun so many years ago and finished that afternoon. Or had it? There was a vibrant, sexiness in my wife's attitude that made her more appealing to me than ever. She had loved the risk and dare of it all plus who was to say we could not continue. Banba would certainly relish more of my wife's body. This secret, unspeakable thing that we could never share with anyone else. There was more to come. Much more.

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