A Day on the Highroad

by Eldridge

Copyright© 2010 by Eldridge

Sex Story: Yuna, Rikku and Paine are tracking down a sphere on the Mi'ihen Highroad, when Rikky and Yuna get a little... distracted.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   .

Author's note : This story is just a fun little tale based on the characters of Final Fantasy X-2. If you haven't played either FFX or FFX-2, it won't really make a lot of sense, though you're welcome to still read it, of course. No, I'm not going to explain the meaning of all the terms I've used. Play the game and you'll understand. Alternatively, just ignore them and enjoy the two slutty fucktoys.

This came about when I was debating the FFX-2 characters, and whether they were lesbians or not, with a good friend of mine. We eventually mused on just how fun (and hot) it would be if Rikku was the one in charge of them, rather than the more logical Paine or Yuna, and Rikku was the naughty one who turned the other two girls into total sluts (especially Yuna.)

I wrote a two paragraph scene of Rikku making Yuna do some naughty things to her tight little ass, he urged me to write something a little longer, I said no, rethought my position the next day, and two days later, this story was finished.

It's just meant for fun, so if you're a huge fan of the games, kindly don't start sending me death-threats and all that crap. You can't tell me the designers weren't thinking of this kind of thing happening when they were making FFX-2, especially considering some of the outfits the girls wear! I'm sure Nomura has drawn Rikku a few times with a little "Slut" tattoo on her ass! I know I would have!

"Yunie! Pay attention!" Rikku shouted at her friend, who appeared to be off in the Farplane again.

"Uhh ... sorry!" Yuna mumbled, trying her hardest to concentrate and finding it extremely difficult. She couldn't help it, the distraction was just too great.

"It's okay," Rikku said reassuringly, knowing full well why her lovely cousin was unable to focus. It was her fault, after all, and she could never get mad at Yunie anyways. "Get ready though, Paine and I will distract it while you rush in and steal!"

"Why has she got the Thief sphere on anyways?" Paine asked from Rikku's left, dodging a blow from the flying creature above them, but still taking a scratch on her arm. "Don't we have enough of this junk already?"

"We can always use more," Rikku grinned, readying her gun and taking aim at the Zu. "Okay Yunie, go!"

As Rikku fired several times, Yuna dashed straight at the giant bird-like creature on command, nimbly dodging several boulders, then leaping straight in the air towards it. Rikku's breath stuck in her throat as she watched the flimsy skirt the brunette goddess was wearing creep up over her ass, exposing her completely. She felt her mouth water at the sight of Yuna's deliciously firm globes, but she also held her breath as her friend was momentarily helpless to defend herself.

The Zu was one of the more dangerous creatures to currently inhabit the area around the Mi'ihen Highroad, and even though she and her two best friends were far more powerful than it was, it could still mess them up pretty badly if they weren't careful.

Yuna gracefully arced towards the creature, landing on its back and plunging her hand into the feathers on its neck. She dug around for just a second, then yanked her hand out in triumph. "Got it!" she shouted, clutching a small feather.

The Zu squawked and suddenly bucked, easily dislodging the slender teen on its back, sending her plummeting towards the ground. The bird, apparently not satisfied with merely shucking Yuna, slapped at her with its wing, connecting solidly and knocking the slender brunette out cold in a single strike.

"No, Yunie!" Rikku shouted, launching herself into action before the thought had even formed. Small and athletically built, Rikku was extremely fast, and she quickly managed to close the distance to her spiraling cousin.

She heard the unmistakable sounds of Paine changing into a different dress sphere behind her but paid it no heed as she leaped towards the falling brunette, managing to grab on to Yuna just before she hit the ground. Rikku quickly flipped over onto her back, letting out a loud whoof of air as the two teenage girls fell down hard, skidding and tumbling across the dirt, Rikku taking the brunt of the punishment.

Rikku held on tightly to the still unconscious Yuna, determined to protect her from the worst of their awkward landing. It was her fault her cousin had been so distracted, after all, and she loved her too much to let anything else happen to her, no matter the cost.

She finally came to an ungraceful stop about ten yards away, scraped and battered, but fortunately really none the worse for wear. She was lying on her back, with her arms and legs curled around Yuna in order to shield her; Yuna was still out cold, but otherwise didn't appear too badly injured. Rikku smiled and opened her mouth to speak when a massive shadow fell over them.

The Zu hovered above them, its fiery red eyes alight in anticipation of an easy kill. Rikku quickly raised her gun and aimed it at the creature, but suddenly she was covered in an electrical spark as her dress sphere fizzled and died, returning her to her usual yellow bikini and miniskirt outfit, the gun vanishing from her hand as if made of smoke.

"Now that is what I'd call really bad timing!" Rikku muttered. She had a blade for backup, but she couldn't reach it the way she was lying. She quickly tried to turn, but being as entangled with Yuna as she was, she knew she'd never make it in time.

The Zu dove down at them, but before it could hit it was engulfed in a giant, boiling black ball of death. The creature shrieked as it was violently torn apart, almost disintegrating into a cloud of blood and feathers, fortunately none of which landed on the girls.

Rikku blinked a few times in surprise, then whipped her head to the side. Paine was standing there, dressed in massive black armor and looking a little woozy, with blood trailing down her face. "Are you okay?" Rikku asked in concern, even as she continued cradling her cousin tenderly.

"Yeah..." Paine said dully, her voice tinged with pain. "I hate this ability, though. Ow."

"You didn't have to do that, you know! I could've taken care of that stupid bird!" Rikku said, feeling her anger rise a little. She knew she was responsible for Paine having to hurt herself to destroy the Zu, and if there was one thing Rikku had never liked in her life, it was feeling guilty. Over anything.

"Yeah, I should have just let it kill you two," Paine sighed wearily. "I might have just done it too, if it'd just been you, but I like Yuna too much for that."

"Awww, you don't mean that," Rikku said, a little hesitantly. "Do you?"

Paine glared at the small, bubbly blonde for a second, then deactivated her dress sphere with a sigh. "No, I don't suppose I do," she said softly. The electricity sparkled over her, and she was quickly returned to her normal clothes; her black Maiden of Death ensemble that seemed oh so rebellious and edgy when she'd begun wearing it about a year ago. She was more and more beginning to think that Rikku was right, and she should perhaps dress in something a little less emo.

She wiped her hand over her forehead, wincing at the sting she felt, and she was a little shocked at the amount of blood that coated her hand. That damned spell always hurt her more than it seemed to hurt Yuna and Rikku whenever they used it, and she'd sworn she'd never cast it again. Of course, with the lives of her two best friends in the balance, what other choice did she have?

Paine slowly walked over to the two teenage girls, tenderly sitting down on a large rock beside them, her entire body aching. She watched as Rikku slowly took the feather from Yuna's hand and held it in front of her cousin's nose. Paine's own nose wrinkled in distaste at the memory of the smell of those feathers, but she had to admit they worked wonders in snapping people back to consciousness.

Yuna shuddered once, quickly yanking her head away from the smell, slowly blinking her eyes as she came to. She smiled as she saw Paine sit in front of her, and tried to shift a little, then suddenly let out a long moan. It seemed to be more a moan of lust than one of pain or confusion, however, and Paine frowned in puzzlement. Rikku was still holding Yuna tenderly, but didn't appear to be doing anything to her otherwise. Why was Yuna moaning?

"Are you okay, Yunie?" Rikku asked, her voice tinged with concern as she threw the feather away; they only ever worked once, for some reason. She slowly began to trail her left hand over her cousin's sexy stomach. She loved the way Yunie's Thief costume exposed so much of her incredible body and could never keep her hands off her.

"Uhh ... yeah," Yuna whispered, shivering at the gentle touch of Rikku's teasing fingers. "What happened?"

"You got knocked out by the Zu," Paine said. "We shouldn't be messing around with that bird, it's way too powerful to just casually dismiss as another critter. We don't need supplies so badly that we have to kill ourselves to get them."

Rikku managed a guilty look as she glanced between Paine and Yuna. "I'm sorry, I just ... I get so horny from watching her in this outfit!" she admitted, her voice husky as she let her gaze trail over her gorgeous cousin's body, feeling her desire rise.

Yuna's Thief outfit was almost as skimpy as Rikku's, and it had taken a lot of badgering before the former Summoner had finally agreed to accept it as one of her dress spheres. It was little more than a bikini top and a few pieces of cloth that formed a resemblance of a cross-stitched miniskirt around her luscious little butt. She was naked beyond that, except for knee-high red socks and shoes, and Rikku's mouth watered at the sight of so much of Yuna's tanned skin.

"Besides," Rikku whispered as she teasingly drew her tongue over Yuna's ear, causing her cousin to shiver. "She likes showing herself off for us, don't you, Yunie?"

"N-no," Yuna said softly, her trembling becoming more uncontrollable as Rikku started nibbling on her earlobe, even as she gave Paine a small smile. Yuna secretly, or perhaps not so secretly, loved everything Rikku did to her, but she also loved playing hard to get, especially because she knew how much it excited her outrageously horny cousin.

"Oh, don't lie now, Yunie!" Rikku grinned, clenching her teeth on her cousin's earlobe while she cupped both Yuna's firm breasts with her hands. "You're a little slut, admit it!"

Yuna was about to say something when she felt Rikku's crotch bump against her ass, the added pressure sending shivers of delight through her tight little hole. She let out another low, long moan and her young pussy twitched with desire. "No, I don't."

"Liar! Say it, Yunie. Say that you love being my slut!"

"Ohhh ... Spira!" Yuna moaned as Rikku tweaked her nipples through the thin pieces of cloth that covered her breasts. Her nipples were hard as pine cones and absolute waves of lust washed through her, most of them emanating from her ass. "Rikku ... please... !" she sighed.

"Please what, baby? What do you want?" the bubbly blonde asked, her face a giant smirk of excitement as her cousin, and lover, shivered under her touch.

"I want to cum."

"Mmmm, you want to cum, do you? Are you so horny?"

"Yes!" Yuna moaned.

Rikku glanced over at Paine to see the tall girl watching them intently, her bottom lip caught between her teeth and her cheeks flushed. Despite the way she pretended she wasn't into all their games, Rikku knew that Paine got turned on like crazy from watching the two of them tease and fuck each other. And, of course, she loved joining in too, though she didn't do it nearly frequently enough to please Rikku.

"Admit you're my slut, and I'll think about it," Rikku whispered evilly.

"I'm your slut!" Yuna moaned immediately.

"Oh, that eager, are you?"

"Yes! Make me cum, please, Rikku! Make your little slut cum! I want it so badly."

Rikku felt giddy with the power that soared through her at the sound of her cousin's words. To have the world-famous Yuna, the former Summoner who brought the Eternal Calm to Spira, so eager and willing to do everything she wanted was a rush unlike anything she'd ever felt in her entire—admittedly still short—life.

Ever since Rikku had realized she preferred girls to boys, several years ago, she'd been with quite a few of them, but none had ever excited her the way Yuna did. She'd fallen in love with her cousin from the very first moment she laid eyes on her. She'd ostensibly joined Yuna and her guardians in her quest to rid Spira of Sin, but secretly she knew the only reason she'd gone along was because she wanted to get in Yuna's pants in the worst possible way.

It had taken a few years of constant attention and devotion during their adventures for Yuna to finally give in, and the results had been everything Rikku dreamed of and more. Oh, so much more. Yuna was a practically insatiable little slut who eagerly submitted to every one of Rikku's whims, though the blonde knew that Yuna also loved playing hard to get. It was a game between the two of them: Yuna played hard to get because she knew Rikku loved it, and Rikku let Yuna get away with it because she knew her cousin liked pleasing her. The many layers of their relationship infused Rikku with a passion she had never known, and she'd never give Yunie up for anyone, ever again. Even Tidus. If they ever found him, Rikku would fight him for Yunie; to the death, if necessary. Yunie was her slut, now and forever.

Just thinking about Yunie being hers forever made Rikku's little cunt drip, and she groaned as she felt her own urge to cum rise inside her. She got a cruel little grin on her face as she untangled herself from her cousin, nimbly getting up and standing in front of her. The sun was setting in the distance along the Highroad, and the soft, orange glow gave an almost ethereal sheen to Yuna's amazing body.

"Yunie," Rikku moaned, her voice shivering with her lust.

Her cousin looked up, her large eyes wide open, trusting and oh so vulnerable. Rikku felt another shiver pull through her from the love she saw in those eyes, and again she marveled that Yuna had both a blue and a green eye. It gave her an incredibly exotic look.

"Yes?" Yuna asked, her tongue licking across her full, pouty lips.

"Eat me!" Rikku hissed, her horniness rising rapidly, and her need to cum almost overwhelming her. "Let me cum first, then it's your turn."

Yuna nodded wordlessly, though her eyes blazed with desire. She got up on her knees and positioned herself in front of her sex-kitten cousin, her mouth watering in anticipation of what was to come. She reached out and grabbed the hem of Rikku's little green mini-skirt, easily tugging it up onto the slender blonde's hips, then groaned as she saw the wet spot in Rikku's thong-like bikini bottom.

Yuna slid her tongue across the small thong, loving the taste of Rikku's pussy juice that soaked it. The smell of the young girl's slit was like a delicious drug, and Yuna quickly yanked the tiny bit of fabric aside, fully exposing Rikku's cunt. It was glistening moistly in the slowly fading sunlight, and Yuna wasted no time in burying her mouth between Rikku's cuntlips.

"Oh, fuck!" Rikku groaned as Yuna's tongue touched her eager clit. The small blonde shivered with desire, her legs trembling, and she knew she wasn't going to last long. She was too horny, and Yuna too skilled at eating pussy, to be able to withstand it for long.

She moaned deeply as Yuna's tongue slid between her soaked folds, driving deep inside her hot little cunt. Rikku entangled her fingers through Yuna's hair, pulling her cousin's face closer against her slit, and began to ride hungrily, grinding her cunt over Yuna's face.

Yuna gasped with pleasure as she felt Rikku's wet cunt slither across her face, drenching her with her cousin's wonderful cuntjuices. She'd eaten Rikku's pussy hundreds of times in the past year, but it still tasted as delicious as it had the very first time. She loved how Rikku had slowly and patiently instructed her in the arts of lesbian sex, and she also had to admit to herself that she loved what a dirty slut she'd become in her cousin's skilled little hands.

As she munched on Rikku's cunt, Yuna stared upwards at her lover, marveling at how tight and sexy her young body was. Rikku had told her many times she wished she had Yuna's body, but Yuna always berated her for being so silly. Rikku's body was perfect. A little smaller than her own, with slightly smaller boobs, she nevertheless screamed sex with every single move, her entire body a single, smooth flowing set of curves that tantalized and delighted anyone who looked at her. Her choice of wardrobe, inasmuch as it deserved that name, just added to the overall divinity of her unbelievably hot friend.

"Fuck, Yunie!" Rikku wailed, firmly grabbing her lover's hair to hold her in place, then gingerly stepping over her, putting her legs over Yuna's shoulders. With the slender brunette held tightly in place against her, Rikku began to hump almost desperately, sliding her cunt across Yuna's face rapidly.

It was all Yuna could do to just gasp for breath in between Rikku's thrusts as her entire face was soaked in the young blonde's juice. She moaned happily as she was used, loving every second of it; she loved being a whore for Rikku to use. Her own pussy was just a touch away from cumming, but she resisted fingering herself, knowing Rikku would see to her in a few moments anyways. She jabbed her tongue into Rikku's cunt again and again, flicking it across her cousin's swollen clit, desperate to make her cum.

"Yunie, I'm gonna ... Oh!" Rikku moaned deeply as Paine suddenly appeared behind her and mercilessly shoved two fingers in her tight little ass. The tall girl never said anything, instead locking her mouth on Rikku's neck and sucking hard, even as her fingers plunged all the way inside the young girl's forbidden passage.

Rikku groaned as she was inches away from cumming, and she absolutely loved being at that particular spot, her body so horny it overrode all other concerns, her entire mind swimming in a sea of lust. She wanted it to last forever, but Paine and Yuna were way too skilled, and knew her body too well, to let her float along right at that point for very long.

"Yes, yes, yes, fuck me! Fuck me! Oh, fuck me!!" Rikku screamed as her two lovers wrenched her lithe body over the edge, and a supernova exploded inside her. White light from within the deepest recesses of her being drowned out all other feelings except those emanating from her cunt and ass, and her vision was lost as she felt herself cum, thick streams of her girl gush oozing out of her cunt and onto Yuna's face.

"Cum, you little tramp!" Paine hissed at her right before biting down hard on her neck, the shock of the pain just adding more fuel to the all-consuming fire that raged within Rikku's body. Her ass clenched hard on the fingers as Paine relentlessly kept fucking her asshole and even shoved a third finger inside while she came. Rikku's body spasmed and wrecked from her overwhelming orgasm, and the soft sounds of Yuna's tongue lapping away at her cum nearly made her lose her mind.

Her knees gave out after the first spasm, but Paine easily held her in place as Rikku ground her cunt over her cousin's face, absolutely soaking her. She felt a thrill at the luscious moans that Yuna made, loving the fact her cunt tasted so good to her friends.

With a final, deep shudder, Rikku's orgasm ended, and she slumped into Paine's arms, her pussy twitching and shuddering against Yuna's tongue, which was still going at it. "Oh, Yunie, stop! I'm too sensitive right now, stop!" the blonde moaned.

Yuna pulled back a little and looked up at her small lover with desire and lust written plainly on her face. She was completely soaked in girl juice, and the edges of her hair were drenched as well. Her own horniness was raging in her eyes, both because of the smell and taste of the cum on her, and because of the feelings in her ass that had been distracting her all along.

"Will you make me cum now?" Yuna begged.

Rikku grinned as she gingerly disentangled her legs from Yuna's shoulders, giving a nod of thanks to Paine for keeping her from falling. Paine just smiled and slowly pulled her fingers out of Rikku's ass, much to the blonde's disappointment. She wouldn't have minded having those fingers inside her ass all night, but they all did still have a job to do, of course.

"I think we're running out of time a little, baby," Rikku teased. "We do still have to find that merchant, remember? We need that viewsphere if we're ever gonna get anywhere with this mystery."

"Rikku, you can't leave me like this!" Yuna wailed, trailing her fingers through the cum on her face and slowly licking it off, knowing how much seeing that excited her young lover.

"Hmm, what do you think, Paine?" Rikku asked as she turned towards her black-clad friend.

"I think you are a cruel little slut!" Paine said sternly, slapping her hand hard on Rikku's ass. The young blonde yelped at the sting, but just grinned in reply.

"You like that I'm a cruel little slut, admit it," Rikku said. "You wouldn't have me any other way."

Paine glared at her for a few seconds, then a huge smile broke on her face. "No, I wouldn't. But I think you should let poor Yuna cum. She's been teased enough already."

Rikku laughed delightedly. "And what do you say, Yunie? Should I stop teasing you and make you cum?"

"Yes! Rikku, please!" Yuna almost cried.

"What will you do for me?"


"Anything, really? Hmmm, that's interesting," Rikku grinned. She rummaged around in her small bags, but only found one double-sided dildo in there, much to her disappointment. Just a few days before, she and Paine had fucked Yuna up both her holes with a pair of dildos for hours, making the gorgeous slut cum again and again until she couldn't even speak anymore and was rendered a drooling wreck at the end, her pussy and ass fucked beyond belief. Rikku really wanted to repeat that, but she'd left all her other toys on the ship which was a good few hours away on foot, and she frowned in chagrin.

"I'll go find the merchant while you take care of her," Paine offered, mistaking Rikku's silence as a sign that she was thinking about not letting Yuna cum.

"Are you sure?" Rikku asked. "Yunie can wait if she has to."

"No!" Yuna wailed, her hands trailing down her sides and disappearing underneath her skirt.

"Don't you dare finger yourself without my permission!" Rikku said sharply, her sharp green, spirally eyes growing larger as if to demonstrate her seriousness.

"But... !"

"No! You can cum when I tell you you can cum!" Rikku chastised her. She knew she was being hard on her cousin, but she also knew that Yunie loved it, and she more than planned to make up for it later, of course. She had to admit she'd never let Yunie wait this long before, but she loved how unabashedly horny it made her little slut.

"Take care of her. I'll be back," Paine said, gently putting her hand on Rikku's chin and pulling her face closer for a kiss.

Rikku moaned as she felt Paine's tongue slip into her mouth, and her hands went towards Paine's large breasts almost of their own volition.

"No, slut, I have work to do!" Paine grinned, quickly stepping out of Rikku's reach as she felt the blonde's hands reaching for her.

"Sorry. You know I can't resist you!" Rikku said with a little smirk.

Paine gave her a wink, then bent down and kissed Yuna. "Don't let her treat you too badly, honey," the tall vixen whispered. "If nothing else works, pull her into your lap and spank her!"

Yuna nodded shyly, and Paine couldn't help but grin. She knew damn well that Yuna loved every second of being treated like a little fucktoy, and would rather die than raise her hand against Rikku. But some day she'd convince Yuna to join her in totally savaging Rikku, to fuck the small blonde beyond even her slutty little body's capacity for being fucked. Paine had been on the receiving end of some of Rikku's more extreme sexual excesses, much like Yuna, and she had vowed that she'd return the favor some day. Some day soon.

Paine activated her Black Knight sphere, and with a simple wave at her friends she walked off down the Highroad, once again clad in her massive black armor. Hopefully she'd find the merchant before the sun completely set.

Rikku wistfully watched her friend go, though she was happy Paine was going to take care of the mission by herself, leaving Rikku with plenty of time to fuck Yuna senseless. She wanted nothing more than to fuck and fuck and fuck some more for the next few hours, and the thought of doing so made her pussy leak again already.

She looked back at Yuna who was still sitting on her knees, her body looking so impossibly gorgeous in that skimpy little outfit. "Do you want to cum, Yunie?" she teased again.

"Of course I do!" Yuna wailed, her voice now partially plaintive and partially despairing.

"Will you do anything I ask you to for it?" Rikku breathed as she glanced out over the Highroad. Paine was already disappearing in the distance, but she could see a small group of travelers coming their way. Rikku got a really naughty idea, and just the thought of Yuna submitting herself to that was making her brain melt.

"Rikku, I'll do anything! Just let me cum!" Yuna cried.

"Anything? Anything at all?"


"Will you do anything I want you to?"


"Will you let me fuck you any way I want to?"


"Will you fuck anyone I ask you to?" Rikku grinned.

"Yes! Will you just ... wait ... what?" Yuna suddenly gasped.

"Too late!" Rikku grinned, kneeling next to her cousin and pushing her down onto her back. She slid the thin fabric of Yuna's makeshift skirt up onto her hips, grinning as she saw the little red thong that barely covered her cousin's pussy. She pulled it aside and teasingly licked over Yuna's cunt, relishing the taste and the smell. To call Yuna's pussy wet would have been like calling the Great Sea wet, and she knew Yuna was mere seconds away from cumming ... but she wouldn't let her cum just yet.

Rikku teased and played with Yuna's slit, sliding a finger inside to her second knuckle, while warning her cousin she couldn't cum yet. She glanced over her shoulder at the approaching group, seemingly all Al-Bhed males, grinning at their surprised reaction at seeing the two gorgeous beauties lying a little off to the side of the road, obviously fucking each other. Then her eyes widened in surprise as she realized who they were.

"Hey, you're the Al-Bhed Psyches!" Rikku exclaimed in the Al-Bhed language, momentarily taking a break from fucking Yuna, much to the brunette's disappointment.

"Yes. Do you know us?" the team's leader asked, also in Al-Bhed, as they stood about ten feet away, respectfully keeping their distances.

"Well, of course I know you! You're the best Blitzball team in Spira!" Rikku grinned. She briefly gave a mental apology to her friends, the Aurochs, but it was true after all. Especially now that Tidus was gone.

The leader smiled and nodded in acknowledgement of her compliment, but the men kept their distance, obviously not wanting to intrude.

"Well, come closer. We don't bite!" Rikku said, waving them closer.

"Rikku? What are you doing?!" Yuna gasped. She didn't speak Al-Bhed, but the tone and the wave left little doubt as to what she'd said.

"I'm gonna make them fuck you!" Rikku hissed hotly, again bending down to lick her cousin's cunt.

"What?!" Yuna exclaimed, her eyes turning wide as saucers as she let out a groan at the feel of Rikku's tongue touching her pussy.

"You said you'd do anything, and you'd fuck anyone," Rikku grinned.

"You tricked me!" Yuna objected, even as the Psyches slowly came closer.

"Yes, I did. But you'll still do it anyways, won't you? For me? Please, Yunie?" Rikku begged, putting the most vulnerable, little-girl lilt she could manage into her voice, and rejoicing inwardly as she saw the effect it had on Yuna. Yuna knew what a sham that voice was, of course, but she was powerless to resist it.

"Are you ladies alright?" the Psyches' leader asked, stepping forward a few steps. His rapidly hardening cock was easy to spot underneath his toga, and his voice was trembling with excitement.

"Other than the fact that we're not currently covered in cum, we're fine," Rikku grinned at him in Al-Bhed. "My friend especially wants you to drown her in it!"

The Psyches all gasped as they stared in shock at the two lovely girls, and Rikku let them think it over while she put her little ass up in the air, exposing her cunt and asshole to them even as she continued lapping at Yuna's cunt. She knew her ass was magnificent under any circumstances, so with her skirt slid up onto her hips and her thong pulled to the side, she was absolutely certain they would not be able to resist. At least she hoped they wouldn't, since her cunt was absolutely leaking at the thought of fucking her favorite Blitzball team. They were all in such great shape, it'd be awesome!

Yuna seemed like she would object, but the feel of Rikku's tongue rubbing over her clit quickly melted away any objections she had. She couldn't believe what a slut she was turning into, and more, how much she loved it.

"C'mon, fuck us already!" Rikku urged the Psyches on in between licks of Yuna's slit.

They stood there for several seconds, then they decided to throw caution to the wind as they quickly knelt down beside the two nymphs, pulling their robes off and revealing massively hard cocks. With Rikku's cunt being so inviting, they wasted little time as one of them knelt behind her and slid his big shaft right inside the teenager's cunt.

"Oh, fuck yes!" Rikku groaned. "Bury it inside me to the fucking hilt!"

Yuna stared in absolute amazement at her cousin, but her thoughts were soon swept away as another Al-Bhed grabbed her hair and fed her his cock. She gasped as the thick cock slid between her lips and thrust deeply, roughly forcing her throat open, while two other men were pawing eagerly at her tits. She felt them tear off the garment, and though she wanted to object she couldn't say anything with her mouth all filled up. Her top went flying, exposing her curvy tits, and soon after she felt her skirt being torn to shreds too.

Rikku's clothes quickly joined hers, and there both girls were, utterly naked along the Highroad, about to be gangfucked by the Al-Bhed Psyches.

Yuna felt Rikku's face rest upon her tummy, her lover and best friend gasping at the rough fucking she was receiving from behind. The Psyche who was penetrating her was in no way gentle, powerfully slamming himself inside her on every stroke, causing Rikku to mewl loudly at every thrust of his cock in her tight little cunt.

Meanwhile, Yuna's own mouth was getting thoroughly fucked, the cock driving all the way inside her as it roughly forced its way into her throat. Her nose was buried in the Al-Bhed's pubic hairs, even as she felt his balls slap against her chin. She wanted to protest, to say something, to refuse to do this, but the fire in her cunt betrayed her, and she knew she wanted more. Much, much more.

Her hand reached out and grabbed the cock of another player, jerking him sensually as she pulled him closer to her face. She put her free hand on the stomach of the Psyche who was facefucking her, pushing him back, and he complied after a few seconds, pulling his shaft out of her mouth.

Yuna let out a loud gasp, sucking in air as quickly as she could, while staring at the rod that had just been in her mouth. It was huge! She couldn't believe she'd swallowed that whole monster which now dangled in front of her face, covered in her own saliva, but she didn't really spend much time thinking about it, turning her face slightly and sucking the other cock into her mouth.

Another Al-Bhed joined from the side, and soon both her hands and her mouth were busy with pleasing cocks.

"Oh my ... Lady Yuna?!" one of them suddenly exclaimed, both in shock and in awe, as he recognized her.

Yuna tried to speak but she couldn't, the cock in her mouth preventing her from talking. She felt a blush spring up on her face, embarrassment coursing through her.

"Should we ... I mean... ?" one of the Psyches said haltingly, apparently a little hesitant at the idea of gangbanging the savior of Spira.

"Fuck her!" Rikku groaned in Al-Bhed. "Look at her go, she wants it. She wants all your cum! Give it to her! Turn into her into a little fuckslut!"

Yuna didn't understand what Rikku was saying, but she continued sucking and jerking the cocks in front of her, unknowingly giving truth to her cousin's words. She realized that she absolutely loved it ... loved being used like a whore and having people know what a dirty slut she was.

Seeing Yuna go crazy swept away all the Psyches' objections, and all of them eagerly stood around the two luscious girls, the ones who currently weren't being played with by the girls jerking on their shafts themselves.

Rikku was losing it as she was being fucked, the cock in her cunt nearly splitting her open, her face bumping against Yuna's tummy on every thrust. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" she groaned, wanting to be used like a little cumdump. She motioned for one of the players to kneel beside her, which he quickly did, and she swallowed his cock into her mouth in one smooth gulp, taking his entire length.

Filled up from both sides, Rikku felt like she was drowning in bliss, and she began to buck her body back and forth, loving how she was speared from both ends. She tried to gargle more encouragements, but the cock in her mouth filled her up completely, preventing her from speaking.

The Al-Bhed in her pussy couldn't hold it anymore, and his hands clenched her hips tightly while he shoved himself forward as deep into her cunt as he could. With a loud yell he erupted into her slit; thick, creamy ropes of his cum shooting inside her. Rikku moaned around the cock in her mouth, delirious at being turned into a little cumtoy. She used every trick she knew to make the guy in her mouth cum too, and before too long he groaned out, spewing heavy globs of his jizz down her throat.

Rikku almost screamed with pleasure as her cunt and mouth were filled, and she glanced past the man she was sucking off to see Yuna skillfully finish off the three Psyches in front of her, one blowing his load into her mouth while she jerked the other two off on her face. Long white strings of cum splattered on her face, draping themselves across her cheeks and chin, several of them shooting straight in her hair, and one splattering against her left eye, causing her to shut it quickly.

"Fuck, give me more!" Yuna moaned, absolutely losing herself in the feeling of being cum upon, her cunt screaming for release as she was showered in the players' seed.

Another Al-Bhed, who had been jerking off by himself, walked up to her, and with a grunt he blasted another load over her face, soaking it even further. Yuna began to laugh, a little giggle at first, but it soon turned into a full-out, throaty laugh as she was drowned in cum. She could feel globs start to run down her chin and neck, slowly oozing over her tits. She put her hands on her breasts, kneading them eagerly, and another player came to stand beside her, jerking off furiously with the head of his cock mere inches away from her tits.

"Do it!" Yuna hissed. "Soak my tits in your cum!"

Though he didn't understand her, the Psyche had no trouble figuring out what Yuna was asking for, and he let out a low, guttural growl as he exploded, a massive stream of his cum splattering on her left tit and totally drenching it. Rope after rope of cum was fired onto her breasts, and Yuna wasted no time in massaging the warm cream into her skin, loving how hot it felt.

Rikku crawled up and locked her lips on Yuna's nipple, causing her lover to moan loudly with pleasure. Yuna's slutty blonde cousin wasted no time in lapping all the cum off her tits, even as she was penetrated by a new athlete from behind.

"Fuck her!" Yuna bit at the man who was plowing into Rikku's cunt. "Fuck her slut brains out!"

"Yeah!" Rikku cried happily as the man did exactly that, his thrusts nearly lifting her completely off the ground. She closed her eyes as a small string of drool leaked down her chin, her entire body almost screaming with joy at the savage fucking she was receiving.

"Lady Yuna ... I fuck?" one of the Al-Bhed men asked hesitantly. On closer inspection Yuna saw that it was not a man at all, but a boy, probably Rikku's age if she had to guess. He was in excellent shape, and Yuna felt herself become giddy at the thought of that sexy body fucking her. She lay back down and spread her legs, nodding her permission.

The boy wasted no time in climbing on top of her, guiding his throbbing cock into her cunt in a single, smooth stroke.

Yuna screamed out in pleasure as she was penetrated by a cock for the first time in a long time, having solely been used by Rikku's toys over the past year and a half or so. The feel of a hot, steel rod shoving inside her set her brain on fire, and her last vestiges of rational thought were swept away in a sea of lust. She locked her legs over the boy's hips and pulled him deeper inside her.

"Fuck me! Fuck me like the whore I am! Fuck my little cunt and fill it with your cum! I want to have your cum!" Yuna groaned, and the boy moaned in pleasure, even though he probably had no clue what she was saying. She grinned happily as she realized just what a dirty little slut Rikku had turned her into, even as the boy started pounding her into the ground.

"Rikku, can I cum?" Yuna pleaded, her cunt on fire and her entire body struggling to keep her orgasm from tearing through her. She wanted it so badly she almost started crying.

"Not ... yet... !" Rikku groaned as she lay flat on her belly on the ground, lifting her head to look at her cousin being plowed. One of the Psyches was jackhammering her own little cunt, and he groaned loudly as he began to cum inside the slender teen. He shot what felt like a gallon of cum into Rikku's cunt, and she grinned as she felt it begin to ooze out almost immediately, the thick jizz leaking down her cuntlips to spill onto the dirt beneath her. Before she could even so much as flex, another player shoved inside her, and Rikku cried out happily as she was continuously fucked. She motioned for one of the Psyches to come sit in front of her, and she began to tongue his balls as he jerked off in her face.

"Fuck me! Make me your team's little toy" Rikku moaned. "I want to be your little cumslut!"

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