Millicent Safeguards Her Inheritance

by Honey Moon

Copyright© 2010 by Honey Moon

Horror Sex Story: When Millicent discovers her father has knocked up a common maid, of all people, the beautiful eighteen year-old is justifiably upset. She can’t just stand by and let her future inheritance be divided with the lowly bitch of a maid, or her little bastard offspring! Millicent takes some extremely drastic steps to insure her fortune, but not before securing a fall-guy to take the rap!

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Horror   Rough   Sadistic   Snuff   .

"How trite." Millicent said to herself as she entered the lobby of the high-rise she called home. "Trust daddy to not only hire a maid from Sweden, but to actually knock the bitch up! Why does he always have to leave things up to me to straighten out?" The eighteen year old beauty shook her head as she entered the elevator and waited for the doorman to use his key to select the penthouse level.

"You're certainly looking lovely today, Miss Conner." The middle aged lackey said as he leered at her trim athletic figure. "Your daily workouts sure do show."

Millie opened her mouth to snap at the stupid servant for being so familiar, but stopped the explosion before it started. She needed to stay on good terms with the perverted creep, at least for a little while longer. "Thank you, Bobby." She posed rather seductively and felt his eyes rove all over her figure. She knew she looked good. The bright yellow sundress caressed her figure lovingly as it hinted at the lack of foundation garments beneath. His eyes locked momentarily on the matching yellow linen gloves she swore. They were a perfect match for the gloves that were part of his silly Gilbert and Sullivan HMS Pinafore uniform. "Glad you noticed." She said softly as she gently touched the tip of her tongue with one linen encased finger.

His face lit up. It wasn't often such a beautiful rich babe gave him the time of day! "Any man who didn't notice is probably gay!"

What an utter ass! Still, she smiled sweetly. "You say the nicest things, Bobby!" She put her hands on his shoulders and gave him a quick little peck on the cheek. The elevator chimed and the door opened. "See you later!" The dark haired girl slipped out of the car and smiled prettily until the doors finished closing. She shivered dramatically. "Jeez! The pervert had a boner! For a second I thought he was going to whip it out and show me!" She had accomplished her self imposed mission though. Millie had managed to remove the decorative loops of gold cord from the right shoulder of his uniform jacket. The asshole didn't even notice! She shook her head again and went to the door of her father's suite. Pausing to check her diamond studded watch, she slowly slipped her key into the lock. "I'm nearly three hours early. I should be able to catch that immigrant whore by surprise!"

Millie slowly opened the door and silently stepped into the main room of the suite. She listened carefully as a frown formed on her lovely face. Yes, Helga was at it again! She could hear the soft moans as the lowly servant pleasured herself, no doubt dreaming of the huge child support payments her father would be forced to pay the pregnant bitch! Her hands tightened on the sturdy cord she held. "We'll just see about that!" she hissed softly as she crept towards the soft sounds of self indulgent masturbation.

It was just as she suspected. The bitch was pleasuring herself right in Millie's bedroom! The teen had to control the urge to just rush in and stop the filthy whore. Surprise just had to be on her side! Peering in her own room, Millie saw Helga sitting at her vanity. Shit! The fucking servant was using the dildo Millie had purchased from an online porn shop! Disgusting! She'd have to throw it away now! Worse yet, the nasty slitch was masturbating while looking at a yearbook! The sick bitch was getting off on pictures of Millie in her cheerleader uniform! Did she hope to bed her too? The angry girl tested the strength of the cord between her clenched fists. It was plenty strong enough for the task at hand!

The furious teenager took a deep breath to steady her nerves. It was now, or never! She rushed in and dropped a loop of cord around Helga's neck and pulled it tight! "You filthy little servant whore!" she shouted as the maid jerked in shocked horror. "You think you can trap my father into marrying a low class bitch like you?"

Millie pulled tighter, taking delight in the fact Helga seemed to be unable to make a single sound. "Look at that baby bump you so shamelessly show off! You aren't anywhere near close enough to term for your budding bastard to survive your death!" Helga frantically grasped at her throat with one hand, while the other went protectively to the gentle swell of her naked belly. Millie pulled tighter. "Why the hell couldn't you use birth control you greedy little cunt? I wouldn't give a damn if daddy fucks you from now to doomsday, if you didn't go and get yourself pregnant from it!"

The lovely blonde struggled wildly, but Millie would not let up. Eyes bulging in terror, the maid's mouth opened in a silent scream of anguish and pain as her hands pawed wildly. The blonde seemed to give up the thought of protecting the unborn baby as she frantically tried to loosen the cord compressing her windpipe. The teen laughed. "That's right whore! That sensation you're feeling is the approach of death! It's the best way I could think of to eliminate having a little bastard brother or sister to horde in on my future inheritance!"

Millie watched in fascination as Helga's tongue began to protrude from her gaping mouth. Was it normal for it to stick out so much? She laughed. "Damn, it's a shame daddy doesn't see you now. You're hideous, you dying bitch! You look like a gasping goldfish flopping around on the floor!" The teen heard a slight sound, and smelled a sharp scent. "You nasty thing! How dare you piss all over in my bedroom?" She pulled even tighter. Helga began to twitch and shake as the urine flowed freely from her quivering body. Her eyes bugged out comically as her face turned beet red. "Not long now, whore!" Millie put all her strength into pulling the cord just a little bit tighter. "See you in hell, bitch! I hope demons eat your unborn bastard's soul!"

The teen held on for about five whole minutes more before nimbly tying the cord in a tight knot. "Oh God, should that have turned me on so much? Jeez, I'm soaked! I need a good fuck!" She let the still twitching body of the maid tumble to the floor. "At least this makes the second part of the plan all that much more appealing!" Millie looked down in disgust at the dead woman. "You fucking animal! You went and shit yourself!" Shaking her head again, the teen left her bed room, closing the door behind her. "Oh well, I'll call a service to clean that up after the CSI people have their fun!"

The teen happily went about the second part of her plan. She needed her fall guy in more ways then one! "Damn, I hope this isn't addictive! It'll take forever to plan out another perfect crime!" She ignited the gas fueled fireplace and carefully tossed her yellow gloves into the roaring flames. She stood watch until they burned to a fine ash before shutting off the flames. Careful not to burn herself or leave fingerprints behind, she meticulously swept up the ashes and took them to the bathroom. She sprinkled the ashes into the toilet, and then flushed seven times.

Mindful of trace evidence, the lovely teen washed her hands as carefully as a surgeon. "Now I need a little stress reducing fun before the final act!" Millie slipped out of the suite and pressed the elevator call button. In moments the chime signaled and the elevator door slid open.

Bobby's eyes hungrily roved over her body. He couldn't help noticing how firmly erect her nipples were now. "Long time no see, Miss Conner. Going out again so soon?"

Millie smiled her most seductive smile. "No, I just needed a little help with something. Could you come inside for a moment?"

The elevator operator smiled in return. "I can't Miss Conner. I should be going back down to the lobby in case someone else needs me."

The lovely teen pressed her body tightly against his. "Surely you can stay and help me for a little while. Please?" Millie almost laughed as his erection pressed against her thighs. Men were so easy! This was going to be perfect! "I need a man to help me. I really do!"

"Well, maybe for a little while." Bobby the glorified elevator operator dared to cup a hand on her ass as she led him to her door. "If anyone comes, they can just open the doors and work the damn elevator themselves!"

Millie closed the door behind them and let her hand rub gently against the bulge in his pants. "What a big man you are! Show me how strong you are." She batted her eyes shamelessly at him. "Take me! Take me like a man! Not like the little boys I date!" Oh hell, she really was hot! "Little boys treat me like I'm made of glass. I need a man to put me in my place! Treat me like the whore you know I am!"

Bobby's eyes blazed with an inner fire. "You are a whore!" he hissed as his hand shot out! He grabbed a handful of her dress and yanked hard. "You're my whore now, little Miss Rich Bitch!"

Perfect! Millie gasped as her dress was torn roughly from her body. It was a bit painful, but that was all the better! She WANTED to be bruised and marked! She needed it for her plan! "No! I'm a good girl! I don't do things like this!" She made a big show of licking her lips and rubbing a hand over her full bare breasts with her right hand. He didn't notice the left hand behind her back as it triggered her I-Phone to begin an audio recording. She dropped the device soundlessly to the thick carpeting.

The aroused man grabbed the teen's arm and dragged her towards the sofa. "I'll teach you to be my bad little bitch, you teasing whore! I've wanted to put you in your place for two whole years!" He shoved her roughly onto the furniture.

The teen trembled in anticipation. She looked at the flawless skin of her arm and tried to will the bruise she knew was forming to appear even faster! "How did you get in here?" she cried as she laid back and spread her long legs invitingly. She moaned, and it wasn't fake. Millie was more turned on then any back seat fumbling had ever gotten her! "My daddy will pay you money!"

"No amount of money will make me stop now, bitch!" Bobby fumbled with his belt and dropped his pants. The horny doorman didn't even bother to take off his gloves! "By God, I'll show you how a man treats a little cunt like you!" He was on her in a second, and roughly wedged her legs apart with his own. In seconds he was trying to wedge the head of his huge cock between her thighs.

"I'm a good girl!" she cried, in a calculated effort to inflame him even more. It took all her willpower to hold limp and still, as her body burned to move with him, to welcome his hardness into her. His cock really was larger than any of the boys she had previously dallied with! She positively ached to have it within her, but somehow managed to lay still and unresponsive! "Please mister, I'm a good girl!"

"You're a bad girl now!" he grunted as he rammed his cock into her tight warmth. "You're a bad little whore who's going to take her breeding like the little slut she is!"

The teen's heart pounded. He was like an animal! Oh God! It was fantastic! "No!" she wailed, playing her role to the hilt. "Good girls don't have sex!" He slammed into her and she nearly screamed in ecstasy. "Please stop!" The teen wailed. "No! I don't want this!" Even as she screamed, she wrapped her arms around him to prove her words a lie, but very carefully kept her legs limp and motionless.

Bobby couldn't believe his luck! This hot little number was a serious freak! Sure she was a dead ass and just lay there under him, but Good God! He never met someone so into role playing before! Her rape play turned him on something fierce! "Take it, you filthy cunt! I'm going to pump you full of cum, bitch! That's what a real man does with teasing little shits like you!"

"Why Helga?" she wailed as the huge shaft plowed mercilessly into her body. "W-Why did you do that to Helga?"

Bobby looked puzzled for a second. Oh! Helga was the Conner's maid! That was one hot little trick too! "She was asking for it!" he howled as his climax grew closer. "That's what maids are for!"

Millie whimpered and moaned, trying desperately to sound like she was terrified, and not fast climbing to what promised to be a mind blowing orgasm. "Why f-fuck me?" she wailed. "You, you only did her with a dildo, before, before the other thing!" She was ad-libbing like mad, but was quite proud of the effect! "Why ruin me?"

This was fantastic! Maybe the maid was going to join them later! He'd go along with the act! "Why should I waste a load on a fucking maid, when I can try and knock up a rich little cunt like you? A dildo was good enough for her!"

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