Dickgirls of Faeruhn: 03 Raven's Pets

by Honey Moon

Copyright© 2010 by Honey Moon

Fantasy Sex Story: Based on the “Dickgirls of Faeruhn” series, by Lightswitch. Raven is overjoyed to finally be ready for her first rutting season. Barricaded in her home, she prepares herself for the hunt by playing a cruel game with her two captive sprites. The novice hermaphrodite is distracted by this fun and learns a harsh lesson in breeding. If you don’t go out for the hunt, the hunt may come in for you!

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual   Hermaphrodite   Rough   Sadistic   Torture   Snuff   Pregnancy   Size   Amputee   Big Breasts   .

"Based on the 'Dickgirls of Faeruhn' series, by lightswitch."

All day Raven had felt unmistakable and rather pleasant twitches and surges in her cock. They seemed to happen most often whenever she saw a Golden out going about her business. "This must be the warning sign." She whispered as she lightly touched the heavy but flaccid organ that hung between her strong shapely legs to bounce against her knees. A radiant smile lit her face. "I have reached maturity! I'll be able to rut tomorrow! I'm going to be a seeder!"

There was little doubt that the Ebon's body was mature enough for rutting season. The five foot seven inch tall Faeruhnite had the hugely ponderous breasts of her archetype. They rode firm and high on her well proportioned frame, jutting proudly forward as she walked towards her abode. Her smooth unblemished skin had the fine dark glow of burnished mahogany as she strode along in the late afternoon sun. She ran a hand along the tight curls of her shimmering black hair as leaned her back against the huge old tree that gave her home such delightful shade. "I'll bide my time tomorrow." She said as she looked up at her dwelling place. "With the shutters in place, I'll be invulnerable as I decide on a course of action! With a little luck, maybe I'll bag me a Golden on my first time out!"

As the sun set, Raven carefully closed every shutter, both on the lower and upper levels of her home. She slipped the bar into place, securing the shutters of her sleeping place. A narrow beam of sunlight showing between the finger wide gap between the thick boards was enough to illuminate the two cages that lined the far wall. "Tomorrow is a big day!" she announced to the pair of cowering sprites she had trapped. "We are going to have such fun!"

The larger of the two, a pretty three inch Ebon, glared at her. "You are of my bloodline! You must release me! I command you!"

Raven just laughed. "What does that matter? You are a nothing! Why should I take orders from a nothing?"

"My name is Cleo, and I am an enforcer!" the angry sprite snapped. "I will not be treated this way!"

The two inch sprite in the adjoining cage sneered. "How long ago was it since you were an Enforcer, mighty Cleo? How many babies were forced on you to make you fall so far from grace?"

"Shut your mouth! Where were all your brave words while you were being reduced to your present size, Snowflake?" The Ebon raged as she grabbed the twig she used as a crutch, and hobbled on her one good leg to the side of her cage. "If it wasn't for that rock fall that trapped me while I was exploring one of the underground dwellings of the ancients, I wouldn't have lost this leg!" she slapped angrily at the short stump that ended a hand's span above where her right knee used to be. "I should have qualified for a protection detail during rutting seasons, and received my disability pension rutting privileges among the prison population for being injured in the line of duty! I should have had my pick of any Fairy still big enough for my cock to fit into! Instead, I lost it all when I was stripped of my rank for disturbing a forbidden area! Next thing I knew, I had become easy prey for all!"

"The blame always lies with someone else, doesn't it, gimp?"

The Ebon sprite sputtered in rage. She flapped her wings, only to slam her head against the top of the low cage imprisoning her. "How dare you!"

The Snowflake laughed. "Maybe tomorrow I'll manage to break free of this cage, and then I'll plant my cock in your belly! Being a helpless invalid makes you all the more attractive for breeding!"

"I'd kill you first, you insignificant little broodmare!"

"Insignificant?" the Snowflake screamed. "I was a teacher! My students all called me Miss Lisa! I had respect!"

Raven laughed at her pets. "Girls, save some of that fire for tomorrow. You're going to need it!"

Raven fixed herself a light supper of some tasty fish she had caught from the nearby stream. When finished, she gave her pets some fresh water, but left them foodless and hungry when she retired to her bed.

She awoke at dawn to some slight sound at her window. It was followed by a rather loud thud. Peeking through the gap in the shutters, she only saw a Golden running towards the stream, with a Golden Enforcer slung over her back. "I guess they must have a mutual protection pact." Raven mused as she watched a rather short Ebon chase after them. She smiled while idly running a hand along the massive thirty inch length of her very first erection. "No matter, today is the big day!"

She walked over to the cages containing her pets. Oh wow! They looked even prettier with their cute little cocks all nice and hard! "Good morning, girls! Aren't you glad rutting season is here?"

"Eat us, and get it over with!" the former Enforcer cried. "I only hope that my body proves too big, and lodges in your throat so I can take you into the afterlife with me!"

The Snowflake had lost most of her bravery from the day before. "No, oh please no! Don't eat me! I, I'll willing stay with you! Please let me remain your pet!" she sobbed. "Nothing can get me if I'm in this cage! I'm begging you, please have mercy on me! If I get any smaller, something is sure to see me as food!"

"You misunderstand me." Raven said softly. "I plan on eating only one of you, and that all depends on the outcome of a little contest I have in mind."

"What kind of contest?" Cleo demanded. "What sick thing do you have in mind?"

Raven smiled. "I'd like to see how size fares over agility."

"I will win with no problems!" the Ebon shouted. "Since I've grown my sprite wings, I've been able to hold my present size for years!"

"That implies you simply flew for safety and hid yourself." Raven giggled. "Otherwise you would have made some progress in returning to normal size!"

"I never hide! It's just a matter of luck!"

"We'll see about that." Raven opened the Ebon's cage, and slipped her hand inside. "What happens if you can't fly any more?"

"No! Don't do it!" the sprite cried as a huge hand wrapped around her and withdrew her bodily from the cage. "Stop it! Leave me be!" It was too late! Raven grabbed the Sprite's left wing between thumb and forefinger, and gave it a savage twist! Cleo cried out as delicate bones snapped like twigs.

"Now it's time for the fun to begin!" Raven set the whimpering sprite on the floor, and watched as she made a determined effort to crawl on hands, knee and stump towards the perceived safety of the space under her bed.

Cleo whimpered painfully as she tried to hurry. Stabbing pain shot through her shoulder as her wing dragged uselessly behind her. "You monster!" she cried. "I never toyed with my food when I ate sprites!"

Lisa couldn't believe her eyes as she cowered in her cage. Cleo was making slow progress. Her huge breasts and erect cock jutting against the floor must have been a very painful impediment against speed as her fellow prisoner tried to make an escape. She squealed when Raven opened her cage. "No, don't hurt me!" she cried, but no hand entered.

"The window is shuttered, and the door is closed. I won't let you escape this room, but there is a very good reason for you to stay." She pointed at Cleo's painfully slow advance. "Go get her!"

The Snowflake's blue eyes opened wide. "You mean it? I, I can have her?"

"Sure! Do your best! The victor will decide who lives, and who will be a snack before I head out on my first rutting hunt!"

Cleo heard those words, and unaccustomed fear filled her heart. "I'll win!" She cried, as she pulled herself up, and stood unsteadily on her one leg. "Bring it, Snowflake! My cock will split you as I put my baby in your belly!"

Lisa shot out of her cage on a flash of silvery wings. She was a streak through the air as she dove at the waiting Ebon. "I haven't felt a pussy around my cock in almost fifteen years! I will not lose to a cripple!"

Raven watched excitedly as the smaller Snowflake slammed herself bodily into the Ebon. Cleo toppled to the floor, and Lisa was on her. The sprites began to fight for supremacy, slapping and punching in an effort to daze the other long enough for victory!

"I will not lose!" Cleo cried, as she finally managed to shove the smaller sprite away. "I will not let you..." Her eyes rolled back in her head when the Snowflake sprite managed to shove a leg between her thighs, and viciously stuff her dainty foot into the damp aroused vagina beneath the hard quivering cock. The Ebon's body began to tremble as the invading foot made her explode into a paralyzing series of endless orgasmic spasms!

"Oh, very good!" Raven applauded as if she was watching a dramatically staged performance of some new playwright's masterpiece. It took a lot of willpower to keep from grabbing her trembling cock and stroking along as she witnessed the erotic display!

Lisa took a moment to catch her breath. She felt the beginning of a black eye, but she would proudly wear it as a badge of honor! She giggled as tight damp warmth rippled and massaged her foot. "What were you saying, Enforcer?" she laughed as she struggled to stand. "What are you planning for me now?"

Cleo tried to speak. All that came out was a gurgle as the never ending climax consumed her. The Snowflake was standing over her, with one foot lodged up to the ankle in her sex! It was far from painful. It, it was glorious!

"Oh my, I guess somebody's genetic material is going to be wasted!" Due to the relative differences in their scale. The Ebon's hugely swollen cock head was just at the level of her mouth as she stood over her victim. "This is just perfect! I'm starving!" Opening her mouth as wide as she possibly could, Lisa managed to force the bulbous purple head past her almost painfully stretched lips.

Writhing uncontrollably, Cleo's stump knocked against the floor as gentle soft pale hands slowly began to stroke the massive length of her cock. The tight confines of the Snowflake's mouth were a delightful evil as she was brought ever closer to wasting this season's one and only load of precious seed into her tormentor's empty hungry stomach! The former Enforcer knew she had to stop this, but instinct and evolution made her powerless to do a thing!

"This is better then I ever dreamed possible!" Raven breathed as she watched. Too bad she had no witness. Nobody would believe this tale as she and her friends exchanged rutting season stories!

Lisa wriggled her toes inside her victim, as she made a determined effort to suck the huge hot monster filling her mouth. She stroked the shaft harder, craving, yet fearing the massive explosion to come!

Panic went hand in hand with pleasure as Cleo felt her orifices begin to spasm. She couldn't fight the impulse as her jaws grew slack. Panting and gasping, she felt her mouth form the "O" of complete subjugation as her body made ready for the final humiliation. Even as her cock began to jerk, she knew it was far from over!

Lisa was distracted by the lovely sight of the beautiful Ebon waiting for her kiss. The first powerful surge of musky warmth took her by surprise as her mouth filled with fluid! Waving her arms frantically, the sprite desperately tried to swallow fast enough to keep up!

Laughing, Raven moved in closer to watch as the Snowflake's cheeks puffed out drastically. "Stars above! If you're not careful, you'll drown!"

It was a close thing, but Lisa did it. Choking, with the hot salty tang of genetic material running out of her nose, she managed to get the cock out of her mouth as it made the last feeble little spurts. "My belly's full." She managed to gasp, while rubbing the noticeable bulge. "That was great! I'm not hungry any more!"

Wasting no time, she yanked her foot from it's warm encasement. Lisa fell upon her victim and got her cock lined up and slipping into that blessed heat! Grabbing the Ebon's ears, she tugged hard. Bending the larger, but limp and quivering sprite nearly double, she managed to pull the beautiful face close enough to hers to bring their lips together!

"Slow down." Raven laughed. "Timing is everything!"

That was good advice. Lisa eased the frantic thrusting of her hips, and enjoyed the thrill of her tongue growing erect. She moaned as it slipped easily into the nearly senseless Ebon's mouth, and gently explored the back of the throat. With a cry of joy, her tongue's quivering tip found the rippling gasping entrance to glory! The Snowflake thanked providence that even at this size, her tongue was long enough to worm its way deep into the Ebon's brain, and enter the glory of glories of her victim's honeypot!

Cleo could only whimper as all was lost. Intense pleasure rippled through her as the precious store of honey was slowly, sip by sip, siphoned from her brain. She could feel her strength ebbing, as this energy source was stolen away!

Lisa let her tongue squirm as deep as she could. The taste was far better then she had remembered! She didn't stop until she could sense not a single droplet remaining! With a sigh, she let her tongue withdraw and go flaccid once again. "I drained you!" she cried triumphantly. "I can feel myself growing stronger!" She resumed thrusting at a mad pace. "Now, now I'll plant my seed! I'm almost there! I'm going to put my clone in an Ebon belly!"

Raven watched carefully. Timing was very important after all. "Good! That's right! Nice even pace! You're almost there. I can tell. Just a few strokes more!" With that, the full grown Faeruhnite reached down with both hands for her pets.

This was it! Lisa was a heartbeat away from pumping her genetic material deep into her victim. She screamed in rage as giant fingers gripped her. Trying to hold on to her victim, the Snowflake wailed as she was effortlessly pulled off of the Ebon! "No!" she screamed as her cock slipped free of the Ebon's vaginal sheath just seconds too soon. "I, I was almost there! I need more! Just a couple more strokes!"

"That was close!" Raven giggled. "I cut that a little fine!" She watched in amusement as the little Snowflake's cock jerked and bounced, but fell just agonizingly short of actually ejaculating. "Damnation that must be frustrating!" She laughed louder. "I bet you want to cum, don't you? I bet you want to feel the genetic material blasting free, to spurt up inside our little friend."

"Please!" Lisa wailed. "Just let me stick it back in for a moment! I'm right at the edge! I need it!"

"I know you do, little one." Raven smiled sweetly as she gently placed the quivering whimpering Ebon sprite on the floor. "Have no fear; you'll be ejaculating very soon!"

It took a few seconds for the Snowflake sprite to realize what was happening. "No!" she shrieked as she was slowly lifted towards a grinning mouth. "You said the winner would decide who was eaten! I'm the winner! She's the loser! Eat that Enforcer bitch, not me!"

Raven just laughed. "I know I said the winner would decide. It has!" she licked her lips in eager anticipation. Your belly is now full of honey and genetic material. Your own honeypot is full, and you haven't yet spent your seed for the season. You have all the taste of two sprites concentrated into one body! I've wanted to try this ever since my teacher told me about it!"

The sprite flailed wildly as she was brought ever closer to the now wide open mouth. "Please no! You can't! I won! You should eat her!"

Cleo could hardly move from the exertions of her near seeding. Ignoring the pain of her damaged wing, she rolled onto her back and watched as Raven slipped the struggling Lisa into her mouth. A slow smile spread across her face as the Snowflake wailed loud enough to be heard from behind pursed lips.

Lisa screamed in the dark as the soft yielding surface of the Ebon's tongue pinned her helplessly against the roof of the mouth. "Stop it!" she cried, as the moist moving tongue made her cock surge and throb in fantastic pleasure. "I won! You can't do this!" She struck out with her fist, but the forceful blow only managed to break the bones of her hand against a bolder sized tooth. "Help me! Oh please, somebody help!"

Raven gently sucked as she worked her tongue. She loved the feeling of a sprite wriggling in her mouth. It was doubly exciting to know that if she didn't hurry, the sprite would begin to grow from all the honey she had just consumed!

Gasping warm moist air, Lisa slapped at the surface of the tongue as she was pushed over the edge. The pain of her broken and useless hand wasn't enough to distract her from the inevitable. With a groan of despair, her cock throbbed and jerked. It must have been from being interrupted the first time, but this climax shook her to her very soul! It was much more powerful then any she had ever known before! Thick gooey streamers of heavy cream blasted free, to bathe her face and the tongue that trapped her in the complete waste of all her genetic material.

With a sigh, Raven increased her efforts. The ejaculate was just a savory appetizer against her tongue! Cheeks going concave, she sucked for all she was worth! She just had to relieve the Snowflake of all the rest of her treasures!

Ears popping, Lisa started to cry. She managed to clap a hand over the back of her neck, covering her external orifice at the base of her skull, but it was no use! The drastic reduction in atmospheric pressure caused by Raven's sucking on her triggered her body's reaction. Quivering, she couldn't stop the flow of honey spurting from between her trembling fingers! Her lips parted, and her jaw went slack. The process was totally involuntary. Precious fluid ejaculated clear out of her mouth as her honeypot spasmed in the reduced pressure!

Her honeypot drained completely in only seconds! It wasn't over though! The moaning sprite felt the tongue under her move. Harder and harder it pressed her to the roof of the cavernous mouth. She couldn't breath! It was squeezing her! The tongue moved again until the tip was centered against her tightly distended semen and honey filled belly! The pressure increased drastically, but she managed to hold on! Suddenly, the tongue shifted her in the mouth. She was turned around sideways in the cavernous mouth. Lisa had settled on her distended belly, wedged between the upper and lower teeth!

Dazed and prone on the floor, Cleo saw a little bulge form in one of Raven's cheeks. She smiled grimly. So, the girl was a chewer, not just a swallower! She laughed softly as she could almost make out the outline of frantically thrashing legs.

Kicking her feet against the soft inside of Raven's cheek, Lisa was powerless as the pressure brought to bear slowly overpowered her! Pounding her hands against the tongue, the sprite finally found her voice. "No, don't chew me!" she shrieked. "I don't want to die! Please, let me live!" Screaming, Lisa's limbs writhed when white hot agony burned her soul as the teeth closed farther! Bones crunched and something deep inside her ruptured with a mind blowing burst of pain. The smooth white flesh of her tummy split wide open as the merciless teeth came together and ground back and forth!

Raven moaned happily at the wonderful taste flooding her mouth! There was quite a bit of blood, along with numerous other bodily fluids, but that only added a tangy zest to the overall flavor! Mostly it was the contents of the sprite's ruptured and torn stomach that she savored against her tongue. Very nearly pure Faeruhnite ejaculate, with a wonderful hint of honey laced throughout, excited her taste buds! Thank goodness her wise teacher had told her it was best to stave a sprite for a few days before eating!

Mewling pitifully, the mortally wounded Snowflake still tried feebly to hold on when the inevitable ending came to pass. "Please no!" she whimpered soundlessly as she shifted towards the entrance to the throat. In the darkness, her face collided with her own rear end! All reason left her mind when she realized she had been rendered in two! With a convulsive gulp, she was forced through the throat's opening! She slid down the slick tight confines of the esophagus, before entering the wider void of the stomach. Legs and hips missing, Even though her lungs were crushed and beyond being able to breathe, Lisa's arms waved weakly as she desperately tried to keep her head above the corrosive fluid. It was no use! She sank, and in seconds found blessed oblivion.

When Cleo saw Raven swallow, she rolled over and resumed her frantic crawling towards the cover of the bed. She had to hide! If she could get away, there was a slim chance, but a real one that perhaps she could find one of the almost microscopic sprites. If she could eat just one, it would start her mangled wing towards healing! She got under the bed, and tried to scramble all the way back towards the wall.

"Where do you think you're going?" Raven announced cheerfully, voice thick with the tasty treat she had just consumed. "You're still my treasured pet! Next rutting season I may find a fairy and see if her cock will rip you open!" She got down on the floor, and stuck her head and shoulders under the bed. That's when she heard a loud thump, and suddenly the room was in bright daylight!

"Poor little timid thing!" a voice called happily. "This is your first rutting season. Look at you trying to hide under a bed instead of going out to spread your bloodline!"

"What? No!" Raven cried as hands grabbed her and pulled out from under the furniture. "Get off of me!" she shouted at the grinning Golden that had just burst through her now wide open shutters!

The slender Golden showed surprising strength as she threw the Ebon face first onto the bed. "Jade surely had a good idea." She said with a laugh as she gazed joyfully at the struggling Ebon's delightfully round ass. "That girl has a good head on her shoulders!"

Raven tried to get up, but the Golden was on her in a flash! "Get out of my home!" she shouted as the invader sat on her back. "Get off of me!" she squealed when the Golden painfully dug her thumbs in at either side of her neck, just under the jaw line. Raven struggled but the room began to spin, and everything went gray.

Slowly the Ebon woke up. She had a bit of a headache, and something was jammed firmly in her mouth. "Oh good, you decided to come back. I was worried that I applied pressure for a bit too long and you would no longer be among the living. Direct pressure on the carotid arteries is a very efficient hunting trick we Healers use. I starved your brain of oxygen, and you passed out."

Raven sat up, and squealed around the object in her mouth! Her cock! Somehow the Golden had managed to lodge her beautiful thirty inch cock deep into her own mouth! Her lips were stretched painfully wide, and her jaws ached miserably! The head was actually jammed a good couple of inches down into her throat! Breathing heavily through her nose, Raven grabbed her cock with both hands and pulled. The head had swollen much wider then the entrance of her throat! It was stuck fast! No amount of pulling could free it! She let go when all the tugging and pulling only made her throat hurt, and her cock feel glorious! She was knotted into her own mouth, the way wild canines knotted to each other!

The Golden smiled. "That's a Healer secret. I'll tell you how I did it because it only works on Ebons. No other race has the sheer immense girth and length required!" she sat down next to the whimpering Ebon and went into lecture mode. "I'm not surprised you never heard of this. It's a technique known only to Golden Healers, and no Ebon would dare humiliate herself by letting others know how easy it is to render them helpless during rutting season." She laughed. "To even attempt it you need very strong hands. Here, let me show you how strong a Healer's hands have to be." She placed a hand around the base of the throbbing cock, and squeezed mightily. Her victim squirmed and whimpered at the painful iron hard grip.

"You see? It's all in the cutting off of the blood flow. Starting at the top, you squeeze the head as hard as you can, and then place your other hand directly under the first. You must be sure to squeeze just as hard with that hand before you release the first. It takes a lot of effort to work your way down, but if you're very good, and I most certainly am, you can cause a few inches near the end to grow quite limp and flaccid. Then you have to work fast! Keep that grip tight, and use your free hand to spread the jaws and then shove the cock just as far as you can into the sleeping Ebon's mouth. You must be sure to get the head completely into the throat! That's when you let go" She released her grip. "The cock surges once again to full rigidity, and that huge bulbous purple head you Ebons are so proud of locks the cock firmly in place! Since you can't get at the head to squeeze it while it's in your gullet, there is no way to free your mouth until you ejaculate or grow flaccid at the end of rutting season!"

Cleo cowered deeper under the bed. "It's her!" she breathed, remembering a similar explanation the first rutting season after she had lost her leg! Healer Dusty had been the expert retained to amputate her crushed and gangrenous leg in order to save her life. She had also been the one weeks later, to break into her home while she was recuperating! Cleo had been knocked out in that same Healer derived way! With only one leg, and her cock jammed deep in her throat, she had been totally at the mercy of the Golden Healer! Even now, shameful tears filled her eyes when she remembered how good it felt when she had received a Golden's clone into her belly!

Healer Dusty had been right. Cleo had never breathed a word to a living soul of how she had been so completely and humiliatingly betrayed by the length of her cock, or how without a fight, she had meekly become a breeder! For the last twenty-one years, Cleo had cursed her savior, and wished she had been left to die with her record of never having been bred left intact! Even after all she had done, Cleo would never wish this fate onto Raven, her bloodline clone!

Raven struggled to her feet. Stars above, he had to stoop! The cock lodged in her throat caused her to need to keep looking downward, with her chin snuggled into her abundant cleavage! Never the less, she tried to run for the door. Squealing in panic, she stopped, as something disastrous happened! The bouncing of her huge firm breasts sent waves of pleasure surging through her penis! If she took a few more steps, she would be in serious danger of exploding!

The Healer smiled. "Good, you discovered the safety feature, and the reason I don't have to bother binding your hands. The more you move, the better your cock will feel between those lovely jiggling mountainous globes you call breasts. I know this is your first rutting season. Do you want to remember it for the rest of your life as the season you wasted your seed ejaculating down your own throat?"

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