Life's a Bitch

by Honey Moon

Copyright© 2010 by Honey Moon

Science Fiction Sex Story: Windy Cloud is a gifted woman doing very profitable work for a large Bioengineering firm. A glamorous woman approaches her, and uses blackmail to convince Windy to smuggle out extremely valuable enhanced canine eggs. As there is no way to sneak a cryo-unit past security, Windy is forced to implant the unfertilized eggs within her own womb. What happens when Windy finds there is no extraction technique available, and she is forced to be impregnated by a dog?

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   NonConsensual   Blackmail   Lesbian   Science Fiction   BDSM   Bestiality   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   .

"They'll pay one million dollars each." Windy reminded herself for the one millionth time as she closed the door to her office with an almost soundless click. "My student loans can finally be paid off. I can buy mom a new house, or a new double-wide if I can't talk her into living in a real building. I can travel the world. I could meet a nice guy!" She placed her pink Hello Kitty lunchbox on the gleaming white work surface and opened it. "Any guys I meet will certainly never hear about this damn thing!"

She looked at the tapered instrument and sighed. It was very delicate and narrow. It wouldn't be like she was 'losing' anything important! "How in the world did I let her talk me into this?"

Windy knew that answer. She thought about the allegedly chance meeting of just yesterday morning. She had stopped at Queequegs for her usual morning coffee and had bumped into a very elegant and sophisticated looking woman. The red business suit she wore must have cost a fortune. It was exquisitely tailored to highlight the woman's equally exquisite figure. Windy was struggling with issues over her orientation, and the stunning raven haired Asian woman made her think wistfully of certain nights in college where her dorm mate Casey had overpowered and forced her into social networking of the bedroom kind.

The woman had smiled kindly as Windy tried not to spill her decaf double tall non-fat extra-dry cappuccino. "Windy Cumulonimbus Cloud, I presume." The woman had asked in a lovely voice with just a hint of a Chinese accent. "I've been hoping to meet you here."

The petite blonde felt her face grow warm. Nobody, but nobody knew her middle name! Windy Cloud was bad enough! It made her sound like a porn star or something! She didn't want anyone to know that she was conceived in the back of a van when mom got picked up by a group of storm chasers while she was hitchhiking cross country.

According to mom, she didn't have money to pay for gas, so she quite willingly offered a much older form of payment to square the deal. The worst part was, there were four of them! Without a paternity test, which mom had refused, there was no way to tell just who her father really was! Windy never had the nerve to ask for one herself once she was old enough. Besides, she cleaned up on birthdays and Christmases since all four had gone on to become very popular TV meteorologists in four major markets. Father's day was a bit of a financial drain though, but she had grown quite used to having four out of state daddies. "You have me at a distinct disadvantage." She finally muttered as she sipped her cappuccino.

"You may call me Jade. Miss Cloud. It isn't my real name, but it will do for now."

"Who are you? What do you want from me?"

"I represent a certain company. We rival the firm you have worked for these last five years since graduating from college. What we want from you is nothing more then a tiny free sample."

"Free sample?" Windy took a deep breath. "You're an industrial spy!" she snapped, but instantly lowered her voice. "No deal! I'm happy in my job, and there's no way I would help you! I'm no criminal! I never broke the law in my life!"

"Never, are you quite sure about that?" Jade placed her briefcase on the counter and snapped it open. "Have you forgotten something?" She pulled out a professionally bound copy of what looked like a thesis paper. "Are you sure you never broke the law?"

Windy's heart did a sudden flip flop beneath her breast. "Uh oh!" she let slip, before she could stop herself.

"Just as you say, uh oh." Jade smiled kindly. "Key elements of this paper were originally written in nineteen eighty-two. That is not really my concern though. How much did you pay for this?"

"You have to understand! I did write my thesis! My hard drive crashed and all my notes, the paper, and everything were lost! I was in a huge bind! I had only two days to produce something, or my scholarship would be history!"

"I have no doubt of that. I have seen all of your transcripts. Aside from this one paper, your studies in bioengineering were exemplary." The woman sighed. "Now answer the question! How much did you pay?"

"Um, five thousand dollars."

"Where did a struggling college girl manage to find such a sum? Our research tells us it wasn't from your mother, or even your time share fathers." The business woman tapped a long crimson nail on the paper. "It is in your best interests to tell me the truth, for you have no way of knowing how much I have learned already."

"I, um, I knew this girl who was, uh, putting herself through college, well, on her back." She giggled nervously. "You know, the world's oldest profession, prostitution."

"This professional girl paid you five thousand dollars out of the kindness of her heart?"

Fear and humiliation made Windy feel like she was about to cry. "I knew about it for some time, but after my drive crashed, I followed her around one night, and shot lots of pictures and video. I told, uh, this girl, that I would email the files to all her friends and family back home if she didn't help me."

"Very good. That is what Amanda Kincaid, now Amanda Anderson has told me. She was quite miserly with the information when we showed her a few carefully selected photographs. Thankfully, she could hardly stop talking once it was mentioned that we would pass ALL the files along to her wealthy young husband." Jade shook her head. "It was very foolish of you to keep that DVD. You should have given it to Amanda, or at the very least, destroyed it. Or, where you planning on turning back to blackmail some time in the future?"

"No, of course not! I wouldn't do that again!" A lump of ice seemed to fill her heart. The one and only copy of that damn DVD was at her house! "You, you were in my basement? What do you want?"

"Like I said, I represent a certain company. We just want a small sample of your company's work. We are prepared to pay you quite handsomely, too."

"If, if I say no?"

"Blackmail, as you know, is a felony. Did you know there is no statute of limitations on felonies committed in the state of Virginia? Are you willing to gamble on my being able to bring enough pressure to bear against Amanda in order to force her to confide in the police her wicked tale of woe?"

"Oh my God, I can't go to jail!" the blonde felt dizzy. "Okay, I, I'll help. What do you want me to do?"

"It's nothing very Earth shaking. In fact, we want only a few microscopic items." Jade smiled again. "My company is very interested in the breakthroughs that Microdyne Genetics has made in the custom engineering of canines."

"Then buy one!"

"Temper, temper, Miss Blackmailer." The beautiful woman slipped the paper back into her case. "Your company's delightfully intelligent and long lived beasts are only sold as males. To date, we have been unable to secure a female for our needs. As you know, the so-called super-mutts will not breed true with a normal everyday bitch. All attempts have produced no offspring."

Windy felt a burst of pride. "That was my doing. I came up with a proprietary chromosomal sequence that changes the characteristics of the canine sperm to a degree that normal dog eggs will not be compatible with them. As of this time, we don't even produce females. That's why you can't locate any. There are no females yet! We rely on banks of force grown ovaries nourished by artificial blood in a closed system. Once the eggs are fertilized, they are analyzed. Any female is separated and cryo-frozen for future projects. All our male pups are then decanted into synthetic uteruses that I helped design. That's why we cornered the market! If you want a dog with an average life span of seventy-five years, that can understand human speech completely, and can even write at a human ten year old level using a special keyboard, you have to pay Microdyne Genetics a quarter million dollars!"

"Exactly so." Jade smiled. "How much did you get paid for all your work in helping to ensure an illegal monopoly?"

That was a sore point with Windy. "Uh, I'm under contract. Anything I come up with while working for Microdyne Genetics, belongs to Microdyne Genetics. They um, they sent me a gift basket with some very nice soaps and scented candles in it though."

"That's all they gave to such a valuable employee? I think we can offer you much more then soap. All we want from you is as many viable ova as you can get to us. We are willing to pay one million U.S. dollars for every finished product you can deliver for us."

Images from the first Jurassic Park movies filled her head. "It can't be done! There's no way I can smuggle anything out of the facility. Sure I can bring my lunchbox in with no problems. Going home is an entirely different matter! If we are carrying anything home, it's visually inspected and then subjected to a blast of ionizing radiation to sterilize any genetic material. There's no way to make shielding small enough to protect something that could fit in a lunchbox or briefcase! Before you ask, there's no way to build such a cryo-device that would fit, uh, up inside me, either! Once in the locker room we have to strip and our scrubs are incinerated! Finally, as if that's not enough, they pat us down, and run us through metal detectors at the exit! We aren't even allowed to leave the building with our company issue laptops. No other electronic devises are even permitted on the property. Even if all that weren't true, the fertilized ovum are guarded better then Fort Knox!"

"But not the unfertilized eggs, correct?"

"No, not them. I work with the ova-banks on a daily basis." Windy looked thoughtful. "Sure, I can get as many unfertilized eggs as I want. The smuggling out still stands! There's positively no way to get them out of the building! Any kind of freezing unit would be discovered instantly and I'd be arrested if I tried to sneak it out!"

"The risk is too great of losing an egg if we should clumsily freeze them. Our research department has developed a much safer form of transport, which will be totally undetectable by any known means."

"What method is that?"

Jade pulled a different paper from her briefcase. "Are these dates correct?"

Once again, Windy blushed. "Hey, what are you doing with that?" she snatched the paper away from the woman, and gave it a more careful look. It was a scan of calendar pages! It wasn't from the one hanging in her kitchen, either. This was her very personal private one. Just because she a tiny bit confused on gender issues and wasn't dating anyone just now, didn't mean Windy wasn't careful! She always charted her cycle. That way she'd know if it was safe to let "Mister Right" claim her virginity!

"Answer me, Miss Blackmailer. Are these dates correct?"

"Yes! Yes they are!" The pretty little blonde felt like sinking into the floor. "I'm as regular as a clock. What's that have to do with anything?"

Jade explained.

Windy shook her head, bringing her back to the present. She stared at the little cylinder with its micro computer guided extendable ovipositor. It had been waiting for her on the kitchen table when she got home from work yesterday. The function was simplicity itself. Windy had to just swipe as many unfertilized eggs as she could, and load them into the astoundingly sophisticated device. The dispensing was completely automatic. That was the easy part.

The hard part came when she had to pull down he pants and insert the nasty thing up inside herself! Thank God it was narrow enough as to not disturb her precious virginity! Jade had known that she would be at the right point of her menstrual cycle today, thanks to her calendar. The endometrial lining of her uterus was at just the right thickness for egg implantation. The computer controlled ovipositor would plant the doggy eggs into this blood rich lining and her own body would cherish them until Jade extracted them later tonight.

She took a deep breath. "Let's get this show on the road!" Picking up the device, she slipped it into her lab coat pocket. The pretty little blonde tried to calm her racing heart as she casually strolled down the corridor. She felt the eyes of the security guards on her, but it was nothing more then the usual checking out of her 44DD breasts, and the way her hips swayed as she walked.

She reached lab fifteen, and put a baby blue eye to the biometric retina scanner. The door soundlessly slid open. Good, she had the place to herself. Windy did her legitimate job for about a half hour. She carefully checked the readings of each banked ovary and recorded her observations. Now came the tricky part! Using the remote manipulator micro Waldos, she began the daily harvest.

As usual, more eggs were ready then were actually needed by the technicians in what they referred to as the "Womb Garden". The discrepancy always varied, so swiping a few would go wholly undetected. Knowing where all the security cameras were located was a great help. Windy managed to keep her body between the cameras and her work, while diverting twelve healthy viable eggs to be loaded into the ovipositor.

Minutes later, Windy found herself locked in her office's private bathroom. Jade had given her plenty of pointers on how to do this. One tip was first and foremost in importance. In order to make things more comfortable, Windy should be in a state of arousal before attempting to implant the eggs. The blonde was far too nervous to be aroused. This called for drastic measures!

What she needed to do now, she had never done without taking off all of her clothes. She was afraid it wouldn't work any other way. "This is so embarrassing!" she breathed as she began to undress. Sure, she had used this bathroom hundreds of times, but Windy had never stood naked in it before! Her fingers trembled as she slipped out of the hospital style scrub shirt she wore. Looking at herself in the large mirror over the sink just made her blush from head to toe as she shrugged out of her bra. "This feels so wrong!" she gasped while kicking off her slippers and then slipping out of her slacks.

"Okay, this is no different then when I'm in bed." The nervous young woman washed her hands with nice warm water, and then gingerly slipped one between her legs. "This is so nasty!" she whimpered as her fingers began to tease in their accustomed way. She closed her eyes tight. "Only a pervert would masturbate at work!"

Well, her body knew what it liked, even if her mind was embarrassed. Just touching herself was enough to make the warmth begin to spread throughout her body. Whoever thought she would be diddling herself in the bathroom at work? As the minutes passed, her nerves settled. Opening an eye, she peeked at the nasty woman in the mirror, playing with herself in a sort of public place. "This, this is kind of nice." She breathed as her fingertips teased the swelling little pearl of her clitoris. "This is really nice!"

The panting blonde thought of several cute guys she had known. Windy's special problem resurfaced before long. Thanks to Casey forcing her into it, her concentration weakened. More and more, she thought about women as she pleasured herself. She still liked boys, but girls were just so much nicer! As her fingers worked their magic, her mind settled on the glamorous Jade! A big part of her was afraid of the woman blackmailing her, but still, she was just so beautiful!

"I, I wonder if she shaves down there, like Casey?" she gasped, imagining what the lovely woman would look like naked. "I wonder if she likes girls."

Fondling her full breasts, Windy tweaked her nipples, pretending it was Jade gently nipping them between her teeth the way Casey used to do. Panting rather heavily, the blonde stroked herself into a near frenzy. Meaning just to arouse herself, Windy took it a little too far. Standing up on her toes, she gave a mewling cry as her body shuddered. Naked and trembling in the bathroom at work, the lovely young woman was consumed by the power of the first self produced orgasm she ever had while not in bed!

"Oh shit! That was good!" Already she was thinking that this was a much better use of her lunch break then mere eating! "Damn, I better do what I came in here to do!"

Picking up the slender device from the counter top (she had scrubbed clean first) Windy put a foot up on the toilet seat. 'It's no different then inserting a tampon!" she whispered as she used one hand to spread herself, and the other to guide the device towards her opening. The end of the probe passed easily through the little opening of her still intact hymen. Once again she was glad she would still technically be a virgin! Slowly, she pushed the instrument in deeper.

Feeling a slight whirring, Windy knew that the onboard computer had taken over. Since she was very near ovulation, the walls of her cervix were looser, and the canal had widened. She only felt a slight discomfort as the narrow tip eased up into her uterus. "This is it." She whispered as a soft musical tone indicated the start of the first implantation. Thankfully the blood lining had no pain receptors. Still, Windy winced at each tone, as they signified the point being driven home.

Normally, an unfertilized egg would not implant itself, and be lost. The twelve canine eggs would remain safe though, as they were pretty much shot into the lining like microscopic little cannon balls. In less then five minutes, a louder beep signified the end of the process. Smiling in relief, Windy slowly slipped the now dormant ovipositor from her body. Without thinking, she licked off the tip, only to end up blushing again. "Jeeze, I'm turning into a real pervert! Oh well, that was kinda fun! I only hope the technicians can handle the removal as easily as this thing did the implanting!"

The final act was simplicity itself. Dressing hurriedly, Windy once again slipped the ovipositor into a lab coat pocket. Going about the rest of her day normally, the course of her duties brought her near the chute leading to the incinerator. It was a simple matter to drop the little device in, along with the normal medical byproducts of her job. In moments, the intense flames melted and finally vaporized the expended tool.

At the end of the day, Windy smiled and handed her pink plastic Hello Kitty lunchbox to the silent unsmiling security guard. She watched as he set it on the conveyer belt that took it through the lead lined shielded wall and into the specially adapted food irradiating equipment. The ionizing irradiation wasn't strong enough to disintegrate the nucleus of any atoms making up the objects passing through the field, but Windy had a bit of a phobia about it anyway. She feared such disintegration would somehow happen after repeated exposure, and set up a low level radiation hazard in her lunchbox! That's why she had selected this one. Both the pink plastic box and the little matching insulated bottle had absolutely no metallic content. There was very little chance of residual radioactive buildup due to nucleus degradation in the organic compounds of the plastic. Besides, it was so darn cute!

Not for the first time, Windy thought the security chief was more then a little bit paranoid. She stepped into the locker room and stripped out of her company provided hospital scrubs, including slippers socks and underwear. These went down their own incinerator chute, insuring nothing was smuggled out in anyone's clothing. Blushing as the female guard's eyes watched her every move, she extended her arms wide and did the required full turn to show nothing was taped to her body. Windy thanked heaven that a cavity search wasn't required! Like she told Jade, there was still no way to build a cryo-device small enough to fit up there! With a sigh, Windy opened the cubby containing her street clothes and began to dress.

Ideally, having females as observers in the locker room was supposed to avoid embarrassment. This didn't seem to be the case. Windy was the only woman in her sector, and as such was always alone with the guard. Ms Coates never said or did anything inappropriate, but it was quite obvious in what direction the muscular, well built woman's interests led. As always, Windy felt more then a little embarrassed that her naked body responded to this attention.

Finally ready to leave, Windy approached the guard. "Um, could you make sure someone puts in the proper requisition forms?" Feeling herself grow warm, she managed to continue. "This morning I used the last bra in my size."

The Amazonian proportioned redhead smiled. "What size would you be wanting, Miss Cloud?"

"Um, 44DD." She managed to whisper, knowing full well that the guard was VERY interested in that number. "Please make sure there are some here tomorrow morning, okay?"

"For you, anything!" the guard made a note on her clip board and then watched as Windy walked away.

Feeling a little self-conscience, the petite blonde tried to appear carefree as she walked down the long corridor that lead to the parking lot exit. No less then six cameras had her in view the entire time. It felt like anyone would be able to see that she had twelve dog eggs implanted in her womb! She accepted her pat down and frisking from the final guard without comment and walked through the metal detector to retrieve her lunchbox as it slid to the end of the conveyer belt. Once she reached the warmth of the late afternoon sun, she decided that the security chief may be paranoid, but he obviously wasn't paranoid enough! Daydreaming about twelve million dollars, she whistled happily while heading to her car.

The clock on the dashboard told Windy she was right on time as she pulled into the parking lot of the Queequegs she always stopped at on the way to work. She tried to tell herself it was because of the money that her heart raced when she found Jade in the coffee shop waiting for her. Today the woman wore a stunning black suit. She looked very mysterious and glamorous behind the dark sunglasses that hid her lovely eyes. "Do you have news for me?" she asked in her lyrical voice. "I need to know exactly where we stand."

Windy smiled and patted her tummy. "I, um, everything went perfectly." She hesitated. "What's the next step?"

Reaching into her pocket, Jade removed a hotel swipe key. "Meet me tonight at ten o'clock, room 612 at the Pageant hotel. Then we'll complete our transaction." Leaving the card on the table, Jade gracefully rose and left the shop.

Windy took the card and tapped it on her lower lip. "Curiouser and curiouser. Damn, I forgot to tell her how many eggs! They better not have a problem with paying that much!"

Time seemed to stand still as Windy waited to leave for her appointment. Was there a secret lab set up somewhere in the city? Maybe the equipment needed for the egg extraction was just as portable as the ovipositor. "Will Jade want to perform the extraction herself?" That thought kept running through her mind as she showered and dressed. Wearing jeans and a baggy sweatshirt, Windy paused as the thought once again made her blush. "It wouldn't be so bad if she did the extraction." The blonde grinned sheepishly, and pulled her clothes back off. She hurried to dress again, but this time wore her very best bra and panty set, a cute little black skirt, and her best silk blouse. If Jade was going to see her get undressed, she didn't want to look like a frump!

Promptly at ten, Windy swiped the card through the electronic lock on the hotel room door. She opened the door and nervously stepped into the luxurious interior. At first she thought the suite was empty, but then she heard a steady sharp clicking growing closer. A nose poked out from the adjoining room's door, and Windy watched as a truly beautiful, blue eyed Siberian husky entered the suite's sitting room, and walked calmly up to her. "Hello boy!" she said cheerfully. "How are you?"

Wagging his tail, the dog turned to an oversized keyboard sitting on the floor next to a laptop computer. Draping himself over a specially shaped cushioned support, the dog began tapping away with his now freed front paws. "I'm good, how are you?" the computer synthesized voice spoke when he hit enter.

Windy smiled. It always made her feel good to meet one of the 'boys'! "I was supposed to meet someone here. Do you know anything about that?"

Once again the sound of industrious keystrokes filled the room. "Are you the one who is helping my friend? She said someone would visit me today."

"That's me! My name is Windy."

"My name is Maximilian. You can call me Max." The dog slipped off of his support and went to Windy's side. He sat on his hunches and extended a paw to her.

Smiling, she took the offered paw and shook it solemnly. "I'm very happy to meet you, Max!"

He returned to his keyboard. "I'm happy to meet you too, Windy."

The human smiled at a sudden realization. "I recognize the voice you're using in your synthesizer. Isn't that David Tennant?"

His tail wagged even harder. "Yes Windy, I love Dr. Who. It's my favorite show." He typed some more. "Matt Smith is okay, but I think David was better. Did you know that in the old episodes, the Doctor had a robot dog named K-9?" Max's little happy yip showed that he thought this was very funny indeed.

"I'll have to track those down and watch them."

Tongue lolling, Max seemed to grin at her. "If you bring over some blank DVDs next time you visit, you can put them in the drive for me and I'll burn you copies."

The door opened, and Jade joined them. "I see Max has been keeping you company. I hope he wasn't boring you with his obsession with anime."

"Windy likes Dr. Who." He typed. "That's what we talked about."

The blonde smiled. "I like anime too, Max. Maybe later we can trade titles."

"Max, you can talk to Windy later. Right now we have business to discuss."

The dog gave a soft bark and clicked away. "Okay Meiling. Can I watch anime now?"

"Certainly. We're on vacation. You can do what you want."

Windy followed the woman into the bedroom. "Meiling is a lovely name. I like it better then Jade."

"Why, thank you. I suspected Max would give me away. I never told him I was using a nom de plume." She smiled. "He wouldn't have liked me doing that. Names are very important to him."

"Listen, Meiling, you said your company was trying to acquire a female. You didn't hurt Max in any way, like taking tissue samples or anything, did you?"

"Certainly not!" anger flashed in her lovely brown eyes. "I may have purchased Maximilian, but that doesn't mean I think of him as property! He's my trusted companion and bodyguard when I travel!"

"Don't be angry!" Windy sighed. "I was just worried you were trying to reverse engineer something from his genetic pattern. That's all."

Meiling shook her head. "I do apologize. Yes, we have experimented, but I assure you Max's role was quite benign." She smiled. "He thoroughly enjoyed every attempt we had him make to sire puppies on normal bitches. He fancies himself quite the stud now. As for samples, all we were interested in was his seminal fluid. We had quite some trouble at first. He simply couldn't produce what we needed. He was too embarrassed to tell me what was wrong, and it took me a week to realize that all the techs that had tried were men! I think he may have fallen for me, uh, for the woman technician, when she finally managed to 'extract' a semen sample from him." Meiling laughed and made a motion with her hand like she was shaking a can of whipped topping.

"Okay now, that was too much information!" Windy screwed up her nerve and continued. "Let's talk about my payment."

"As I promised, you will be paid one million U.S. dollars for every finished product."

"Good!" Windy blushed and patted her tummy. "I scored you an even dozen! When do I get my twelve million?"

Meiling's eyes opened wide. "Twelve? I was expecting three or four!"

"Hey, that's not fair! You said a million each!"

Taking Windy's hand, Meiling drew her towards the bed. "Yes, I did say that." She thought for a moment. "We'll pay you fifteen million, to cover the cost of the added inconvenience."

Nervously eyeing the bed and rather large lump under the covers, Windy tried to stop Meiling from pulling her towards it. "What's that?" she asked cautiously. "Is that the equipment for the extraction?"

"Extraction? Oh, oh yes, that is for the extraction." She sat on the bed, and drew the smaller woman down next to her. "Let's worry about that later." She leaned close and stole a kiss.

"Wow, um, I mean, what are you doing?" the blonde asked softly.

"I have to prepare you, and make sure you're comfortable."

Windy giggled. "Um, if you wanted me aroused for the extracting, uh, that is a good way to start."

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