Dickgirls of Faeruhn: 02 Jade at Rest

by Honey Moon

Copyright© 2010 by Honey Moon

Fantasy Sex Story: Based on the “Dickgirls of Faeruhn” series, by Lightswitch. Jade, a Golden Enforcer is sidelined during rutting season by an injury. Healer Dusty, another Golden, and trusted friend, has her locked safely away while she herself goes out on the hunt to impregnate one of the other 3 races of hermaphrodites. How will Jade fair when a two-foot four-inch fairy hermaphrodite servant breaks into the locked room, with the intention using the helpless Enforcer as a broodmare?

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual   Slavery   Hermaphrodite   BDSM   Rough   Pregnancy   Size   .

"Based on the 'Dickgirls of Faeruhn' series, by lightswitch."

Jade whimpered softly as Healer Dusty adjusted the weights cords and pulleys attached to her ankles. "Why now, of all times?" the lovely Golden complained. "It just isn't fair!"

"Hush now, child. The older Faeruhnite smiled. "Some would say life isn't fair, my dear Jade." The Golden Healer made a final adjustment and rose to her full five foot two inches of supple slender height. "Just be grateful that a member of your own archetype found you! Two broken legs would have made you easy prey for any race to mount and inseminate!" She placed the unneeded weights and cord on the bedside table. "That, would have truly been unfair!"

With a shudder, Jade sighed. At twenty one years of age, Jade had never yet let that indignity befall her! She was a seeder since she became erect at the start of her very first rutting season! She was justifiably proud of her perfect record! Each and every season, she had never failed to mount a victim and ejaculate a clone into a fertile belly! Ten Snowflakes, six Coppers, and four Ebons knew that for a fact! (Technically, it was only nine Snowflakes. Jade had managed to nail the same one twice, a couple of years apart! Not many could claim that!) There was no way she could let herself be disgraced and become a broodmare! "Thank you, Healer Dusty! I really do appreciate all you've done for me." The prone patient blushed when she saw the Healer's massively erect cock bump against one of the cords supporting her damaged legs. "I'm very sorry my clumsy fall scared away the Ebon you were stalking. I didn't mean to frustrate your efforts!"

The Healer laughed as she ran a hand through her long shimmering black silken hair. A very few rather becoming silver strands told of her age and status. "At sixty-two years old, I like to think I've developed some little will power! My calling has led me to miss conquests in the past, after all. There have even been quite a few rutting seasons where I was far too busy in my craft to hunt, and had to settle for what ease my hands could bring me. Besides, I could not leave my favorite Enforcer laying there in pain while I took my ease with that sexy little Ebon."

Jade's sixteen inch cock gave a quite noticeable twitch. "She was small, wasn't she? I've never had a three-footer before. I usually like to bag first season virgins, or at least those that managed to regain full growth. Those are the ones who have the most to lose. They give the best struggle, and are so cute when they cry when I'm all finished with them. I do wonder what the smaller ones are like, though."

The distinguished Healer giggled, sounding like a school aged novice before her first rutting. "They're wonderful! When you find them that small, you won't fit completely but you can get more then half of your staff into them. They're so warm and tight though that it's well worth the effort!" The Healer laughed again. "I just happened to see her sneak by when I was bathing in the stream that runs past my quarters. I dropped everything to give chase!"

"I, I think I better not think about it." Jade sighed as her cock wobbled and danced, the head bobbling inches above her breasts.

"I'm sorry, my dear. You'll have to sit this rutting season out." Dusty closed and barred the heavy shutters over the window, and lit several candles to fight the resulting gloom. "You just try and rest." She placed a large empty pitcher on the bedside table next to the equipment she had used to provide traction for her patient's legs, and a tankard of water in case Jade grew thirsty. "While I'm out hunting, you may want to ease your need with your hands. Please be considerate and try to collect all of it in the receptacle I have provided. I keep my servant locked up during rutting season, and I have no wish of scrubbing your issue off of the floor when I return."

"Yes, Healer Dusty, I'll be very careful!" she smiled up at her benefactor. "Good hunting!"

"Thank you, dear!" The Healer grinned. "You rest easy, and have no fear. I'm locking this door, and the outer one. You will be quite safe from any hunters until I get back."

When the Healer left, Jade shook her head. "Of all the stupid first season stunts! Why in blazes did I have to fall out of that damned tree?"

It had just been so tempting though! That tree grew right next to the dwelling place of an Ebon just old enough for her first rutting! Jade had seen only just yesterday that a thick branch grew to within inches of a poorly shuttered upper window. Access would be easy! Her cock had been giving warning twitches all day too. She had known that she would awake hard this day at the beginning of another rutting season! She would catch the Ebon before she awoke, and plant her clone in the dark skinned beauty before reporting to headquarters for duty! Jade had always been in the habit of being an early riser. The Golden loved to greet the dawn while working her muscles to a delightful ache while training as befits one of the city's Enforcers. She had no problem waking before dawn, and made her way back to the tree.

Climbing the huge tree had been no problem to someone of her abilities. Jade made it up faster then the small nut foraging rodents ever could! The big problem had been avoiding treading on them. Their rutting season corresponded with that of the Faeruhnite masters of the world. It was always amusing to see the cute little furry hermaphrodites fight over just who would inseminate who!

Once in position, Jade peeked through a gap in the heavy but poorly fitted wooden shutters. The foolish Ebon was still sound asleep. Jade smiled as she watched the huge dark cock sway as if it were the mast of a sailing vessel while the lovely heavy breasted beauty slept on. That cock would be seeding no one for the next three rutting seasons! Jade pulled a slender branch from the tree, and slipped it through the gap. She had been quietly working at lifting the stout bar that fastened the shutters when she spotted Healer Dusty about to spring on an unwary little Ebon. The pretty little thing was just at the threshold of losing her citizen status if she was to diminish in size any more! Turing to watch the respected Healer in action, Jade's foot had broken off a chunk of the old tree's bark. That simple little mischance had caused her to slip and fall!

Thank goodness Healer Dusty came to her rescue! Jade remembered the tearing pain as she was picked up, thrown over the Golden's shoulder, and hustled back to the building at the edge of the city where the good healer lived and worked.

"Damn it to blazes!" she scolded herself. "I have no wish to stroke myself to release! I'm not some timid fool afraid to venture out to spread her seed, or an unfortunate whose skills could not provide her with a fertile womb to plant a clone in!" Still, her cock ached for attention, despite the totally different sort of ache from her splinted and immobile legs.

"Maybe just this once." It galled her, but it couldn't be helped. Her much envied streak of never failing to knock up a victim each season looked like it was finally at an end. She had often teased those friends and fellow Enforcers who in the last waning hours of rutting season, still sported an erection that spoke volumes of their failure to spread the bloodline! Thankfully no one could watch now, and witness her shame as she stroked herself into wasting her genetic material into a pitcher! At least she could gift her issue to Healer Dusty to drink when she returned. Her benefactor would appreciate the quick energy boost after a strenuous hunt! She sighed and reached for the receptacle, but froze when she heard a sound. "What was that?" she hissed, when she heard the thumping a second time. Seconds later, there was a jarring crash. Jade's blood ran cold. How secure was Healer Dusty's servant confined?

She heard the sounds of someone moving beyond the door. "Damnation!" she whispered, looking at her splinted legs raised so high and wide! She looked almost like one of those poor lost souls who craved to be used as breeding stock, until they diminished into spritehood and the food chain! "Blast it all! If she gets in, I'm in huge trouble!"

A voice spoke from beyond the door. "I see you!" it sang out cheerfully. "That self serving fool must be growing old! She never noticed that I had hidden a blade in the tiny cell she locks me up in every three months! It took some doing, but I was able to lift the bar high enough to gain my freedom!"

She laughed. "The idiot forgot to come back and suckle my erection to release after her morning bath too! She always orders me to stick it through the hole she had bored in the door! Season after season, I'm never permitted to so much as see her precious golden body while she makes my cock erupt in her greedy mouth! She doesn't even let me out when I'm spent of genetic material and useless for rutting! You should be thankful she forgot on this fine day! The witch may have escaped my revenge, but she left me nice and hard for you, Golden!"

Shit! The freed servant must be staring at her through the keyhole! "You won't get in here so easily!" Jade shouted bravely. "Healer Dusty will be back before you manage that!"

A metallic scratching sounded softly in the convalescent's room. "I'll have the way of this lock mastered before you know it, pretty Golden!" There were a few more scratching sounds. "This is going to be fantastic! I've missed out on thirty-two rutting seasons in that tiny cell, thanks to that Healer witch! She's afraid I'll lose out again, and become too small to be of any use to her! At least that kept her from draining my honey! She would have made me a sprite before I knew what was happening if it didn't mean she'd have to train a replacement to help in her work!"

The scratching noises became more frequent. "Today is the start of my new life! Imagine that witch leaving me a pretty slant-eyed present all tied and waiting for breeding! Best of all, you're an Enforcer! I always thought it looked so very sexy the way you busy-bodies keep your hair cut brush bristle short! You're going to put me on the road to growth! I'm going to squirt my clone in your belly and ravage your honeypot dry! Then I'm getting out of here to hunt down sprites! In a couple more rutting seasons, I'll be big enough to claim my rights as a citizen once again! No more scrubbing floors! No more eating the scraps of food that witch turns her nose up at! I'll be free!"

The scratching noise was replaced by a sort of grinding click. Jade's eyes opened wide as the heavy wooden door slowly began to swing open. The Golden had only seconds to act unobserved as the servant opened the door. Without even thinking, she grabbed the cord and weights on the bedside table and thrust them under her pillow. "Stay out!" she ordered in the voice of command. "I order you to keep away!"

"How are you going to keep me out?" The two foot, four inch tall Snowflake fairy asked as she stepped off of a box and into the room. Her little seven inch cock bounced merrily as she advanced towards the bed. "All I have to do is avoid your arms. You're helpless, and that's just the way I like them!"

"You like pitting yourself against a helpless opponent, you non-person nothing?" Jade sneered at the advancing fairy. "That's because Snowflakes are known for their lack of hunting skills!" her eyes narrowed. "Why else is your race's population thinning out so much?"

"I'll be helping to bring our numbers up today!" the little blond grinned. "That is as certain as day turning into night!"

The prone Golden thought fast. Jade had one slim chance, but she needed to distract the Snowflake first! "It isn't certain if Healer Dusty comes back now! She could walk in at any second, and pull you off of me before insemination takes place!"

The fairy paused. "There is that." she looked at the two pieces of wire she held. "I just better relock the door. If I then leave my picks inside the mechanism, it will take her ages to get in here!"

Jade held her breath as the dainty Snowflake turned and closed the door. Reaching up over her head, she slipped the pieces of wire into the large opening meant for the iron key Healer Dusty kept tied to her wrist with a leather thong. The soft scratching sounds began anew. The injured Golden began to work as the Snowflake was absorbed in her own task. Silent as the grave, she slowly pulled the cord and the smallest of the weights out from the hiding place under her pillow. Nimble fingers tied the strong cord through the loop in the top of the rough little lead ball.

The creaking click sounded again. "There, that's got it!" The tiny hermaphrodite laughed. The two pieces of wire protruded at angles from the lock announced that she had jammed the mechanism as promised. "By the time that witch manages to get in here, you will be well and truly seeded, my pretty broodmare!"

Feeling calm, Jade watched as the Snowflake turned towards her. She hefted the lead ball in her hand. It was little more then the weight one would tie to a fishing line, but it would serve the purpose nicely. She waited a moment for her attacker to come closer. "Catch!" she called softly, while gently tossing the weight. The gamble had paid off! Acting on pure instinct, the Snowflake caught the metal ball in both dainty hands. "What is this?"

"Victory!" Jade shouted as she gave a little flick of her wrist. Several turns of the light strong cord whipped around the startled Snowflake's delicate wrists. The Golden immediately gave a mighty tug!

The startled Snowflake squealed as she nearly flew across the room! There was a soft thud as the would-be inseminator fell forward and her head made contact with the rough iron frame of the bed.

Jade peered over the side of the bed and sighed. "That was unexpected. I thought I was going to have to smash Healer Dusty's pitcher over the little fool's noggin! I'm glad she's not dead though. I want her alive and well for what I plan!" She pulled the rope and easily hauled the unconscious fairy unto the bed with her. Jade sighed happily as the little one lay across her flat stomach, with the Golden's eagerly twitching cock bouncing lightly on the Snowflake's snow white back. Experienced hands worked gently and swiftly to bind both delicate wrists to their corresponding ankles. This was so much easier then restraining a struggling prisoner! An extra turn around ankle and thigh prevented any means of the Snowflake straightening her legs to stand.

There was plenty of cord left, so Jade got creative. She wrapped a couple turns around both hugely round breasts, and pulled them tight. It made the proportionally giant orbs look that much more pronounced, and the nipples responded by growing hugely erect and dark. Strong muscles rippling in her arms and shoulders, Jade propped the tightly bound Snowflake fairy in a kneeling position on the bedside table. Dipping her fingers in the tankard, she flicked cold water in the unconscious one's face.

With a sputter, the Snowflake opened her eyes. In the span of a heartbeat she understood completely what had happened. "Oh no!" she whimpered, while struggling uselessly against the bonds that held her immobile. "Please, it, it was a joke! I'd never claim an injured Enforcer!" she gulped dramatically. "Please let me go now. I, um, I have to go back to my cell before my mistress returns!"

"What's your name, pretty one?" Jade asked, not unkindly. "I always like to know the names of the ones who carry my clones."

"Crystal!" the Snowflake cried. Her eyes opened wide in panic as she looked up at the sixteen thick inches of Jade's erect staff. "No, I'm too small to take you into my body! You can't seed me! Besides, that witch, uh, I mean my mistress would surely throw me out, rather then deal with a pregnant servant!"

"How is that my problem?" Jade laughed. "What do I care if Healer Dusty throws you out like so much spoiled food? Would you expect me to prevent her from disposing of a broken chamber-pot? Servant troubles do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Enforcers, unless the servant tried to harm her mistress in any way. As you know, in those cases the fairy responsible is imprisoned and bound during rutting season. Free roaming sprites are traditionally given safe passage to inseminate and drain the honeypots of the fairy prisoners each season until they become sprites themselves."

"I didn't harm anyone!" Crystal wailed fearfully. "I was only making a joke! Untie me so I can return to my cell!"

The Golden ignored the outburst. "Any given rutting season, we have a large number of freshly formed sprites in captivity to give us a nice energy supplement before we head out on the rutting hunt!" she grinned. "I know several Enforcers who eat the larger newly formed three inch sprites. I don't care for them myself. I always stick with those one inch or less. I don't like having to chew the little wrigglers before swallowing them." She smiled in happy reflection. "Besides, I'm quite good at trapping the wild ones. It's so much fun!"

"I'm not a sprite!" Crystal wailed. "I'm still somebody!"

"You're nothing but a servant, little one!" Jade grinned. "You shall serve me quite nicely."

Wriggling as best as she could in her convalescent bed, Jade made some room at her side. Crystal cried out when she reached out and pulled the hapless Snowflake back onto the bed with her. "Please no!" the fairy cried as she toppled onto her side, presenting her quivering little erection towards the Golden's smiling face. "Please! I'm begging! Don't do this! Let me go! You could arrange it! Let me inseminate one of your prisoners! I swear I won't ravage her honeypot!" the lovely pale face blushed. "I, I've never managed to plant my seed in a victim before! Let me do it just once and I swear I'll let you seed me next rutting season!"

"I see. This pretty little cock has never known the warmth of penetration?" Jade stuck out her long narrow tongue and let it swipe playfully over the little seven inch member.

Crystal's whole body jumped at the cursed wonderful feeling! "Please no! I give you my word that you can seed me next season!"

"A fairy's word has no legal standing." She gave another gentle lick. "You may as well ask me to accept the word of a bovine raised to be butchered for its meat!"

The Snowflake whimpered when Jade leaned closer to take the cock completely into her mouth! She had grown used to Healer Dusty's eager rapid sucking leading to a quick release. This Golden had a totally different technique! "Please don't!" she whimpered as the tongue very gently swirled against her hardness.

Long experience as an accomplished inseminator had taught Jade many things. She knew that if she worked to increase her victim's pleasure, it would make the shame of being bred proportionately larger by comparison! She pursed her lips around the finger thick member and added their friction to her tongue's slathering. Humming softly, she slowly began to thrust her face at the squirming struggling fairy.

"Stop it!" Crystal whined as something strange began to happen. Although tightly bound, the fairy's hips started to jerk forward! "I don't want to spend in a mouth again!" she cried, as her body ached for nothing else! "It isn't proper! I, I can't stop!"

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