The Forfeit II

by Rhino9784

Copyright© 2010 by Rhino9784

Erotica Sex Story: Following on from The Forfeit, Kelly and her friends gang up on me again for more CFNM fun.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wife Watching   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Swinging   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

I was upstairs when Linda arrived. Kelly had teased me about how much Linda and I had enjoyed ourselves during our forfeit session with Janet the other time and had admitted that she had got a buzz out of it too. Being the plaything of, not only my girlfriend, but her delicious redhead friend of course appealed to me, so when Kelly suggested Linda join us for another "game" I was all for it. Mind you, now it came to it I was more nervous!

I heard the girls chatting and laughing as I arrived downstairs. I gave Linda a kiss on the cheek. "Hey, is that all she gets?" asked Kelly laughing. "For now," I said, though I gave Linda an appreciative look as I did. She was looking great, her curvy cleavage smiling up at me from her plunging necklined top. "So, is it the same game as before?" asked Linda. "Nope," said Kelly, "he's not gonna get us naked this time - he was having way too much fun last time. This time, he's gonna give us more of a performance."

I wasn't sure I liked the sound of that ... hmmm...

Kelly explained, "It's dead simple. We spin one die - if it lands on a 1 or 2, I take one of these counters." She indicated a bowl of tiddlywinks on the table. "If it lands on a 3 or 4, Linda takes one, and if it lands on a 5 or 6, Pete takes something off."

"What's the deal with the counters?" I asked,

"You'll find out when you're naked." my girlfriend answered.

The game was really simple and went pretty much as I expected. The girls won counters each, and I shed clothes. By the time I was down to my boxers and socks, Linda had got the biggest stash of counters.

The die came up with a 6. I took off a sock.

The die came up with a 1. Kelly took another counter ... now what on earth were they going to do with these counters? Hmmm...

I threw a 4. Linda took a counter from the pile. She had about a dozen of them now.

Next throw was a 5. I removed my last sock and stood there in just my boxers.

"Excited, Linda?" asked Kelly.

"I've seen it all before!" laughed Linda, though her eyes were wide as saucers and she looked like she couldn't wait to see my cock again.

Next throw was a 6. Time for me to lose my boxers, then find out what the deal was with the counters. I reached down to take them off. "Stop!" commanded Kelly. "Not yet. You need to follow me."

Kelly led me upstairs to the bedroom. Linda followed. "OK Linda, over to you."

Linda grabbed my cock through the boxers. "Right, I have the most counters which means you have to do MY forfeit ... If Kelly had won, you'd have had to wank while I took photos of you which we'd have sent to our friends. But she didn't win."

I breathed a sigh of relief. It was one thing to be at the mercy of Kelly and her mates behind closed doors, quite another for the evidence to be posted out there!.

"So ... my forfeit..." said Linda, as she pulled my boxers down. "Lie on the bed."

I lay on my back. Linda pulled some silk scarves out of her pocket. She was wearing a suit. She tied my wrists to the bedhead. I looked across to the computer and noticed that it was on. Kelly was there, and had the webcam trained on the bed. I could see myself on the screen, naked with a boner pointing back up at myself.

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