OSL: Elyse

by bluedragon

Copyright© 2010 by bluedragon

Erotica Sex Story: Elyse Laughton has everything going for her: exquisite beauty, great friends, and family wealth. This is the story of HER teenage sex life. WARNING: This is not a "happy ending" kind of story.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Incest   Father   Daughter   First   Oral Sex   School   .

The following is a side-story within the Ordinary Sex Life series. This story assumes you know the primary characters from that series. Don't bother reading this if you haven't at least read An Ordinary Teenage Sex Life.

-- SEPTEMBER 1996 --

"Cut it out, Jake!" I swatted the boy's hand off my ass and glared at him with venom in my eyes. But rather than look apologetic, Jake Harbor just gave me a goofy grin and backed out of range. He knew that I could ... and would ... actually kick him if he stayed within reach.

But while I stood there, glaring at Jake, I felt another hand goose my asscheek. And I immediately whirled in the other direction to glare at Trevor Hansen. "Jeez, guys. It's not funny!"

"Hey! Knock it off!" Candy yelled, coming to my rescue. The blue-eyed brunette quickly walked up to Trevor and slapped him upside the back of his head. The big lug rubbed the spot where she hit him, but chuckled and grinned at my pretty best friend. After another few seconds of getting stared down, Jake and Trevor shook their heads and walked away toward the cafeteria. But they still laughed and gave each other high-fives along the way.

I sighed, and then Candy and I gave each other little smirks. "Boys..." I drawled, as if infinitely annoyed (but quietly pleased) by their perpetual attempts to cop a feel of our asses and developing breasts.

"Boys..." Candy grinned, relishing the attention just as much as me.

Our academic Eighth Grade had just begun. Yes, it would be annoying to have to fight off the boys every day at school. But at the same time, it gave us a little thrill to know that WE were the ones the boys were after. And for now, we could handle it. Candy Carter and I had been friends before, but ever since our boobs really started growing in over the summer, the boys had been that much more aggressive with us whenever we met up as a group by the beach or around town. And over the last few weeks, we'd bonded together to watch each other's back.

"You do something different with your hair today?" she asked, crossing her arms and holding her binder over her chest.

"Yes!" I bubbled, turning my head and pointing to my new plumeria clips. My jet black hair neatly flowed past my temples, behind my ears, and down to my shoulders. "Daddy bought them for me in Maui. I thought the first day of school would be the best time to show them off. You like?"

"They're cute," Candy enthused, her blue eyes twinkling.

Flirtatious giggling sounds echoed down the hallway, quite loud and quite familiar. I knew exactly who it was, but looked over anyway to confirm that the boys had cornered Donna Kincaid against a row of lockers. The busty blonde didn't seem to mind being cornered, and indeed was practically letting Jake and Trevor walk their hands all over her.

"Gawd, Donna is such a slut," I drawled.

"Totally," Candy sighed. "You know I heard she let Eric Bradford get to second base last weekend?"

"No!" I exclaimed, completely scandalized.

Candy nodded seriously, her expression telling me that it was 100% truth.

"Slut!" I gasped.

"I know..."

"Is that ALL you're getting?" Candy furrowed her eyebrows at me, then gestured to my lunch tray which had a bottled water and a stack of raw carrots on it.

"I have to watch my weight."

Candy rolled her eyes. "You're already skinny."

"Yeah, but I want to STAY skinny. Remember Cosmo's tips on dieting?"

"I think dieting is for girls who need to lose weight. Or at least for girls over thirteen."

"Whatever." I waved her off and continued up the line, ignoring the grumbling in my belly as I caught sight of a juicy burger on the grill. Discipline, discipline. Stay focused. You will be gorgeous.

We paid for our à la carte meals and headed for the gang's usual table. Summer MacIntosh and Janet Wang were already there. Stacey Whitehouse was in line somewhere behind us with Ji-hyun Jeon.

"Heyyy, Elyse," Robbie Pederson called as I cruised past. I didn't answer, except to smile and put a little extra sway in my hips. Robbie WAS pretty cute.

Only when Robbie was past did I turn my head around to look after him. The cute boy ambled along, continuing on to his own table with his friends. But just when I was about to look in front of me again, he paused and glanced back my way.

Realizing that I had also turned to look, Robbie stopped and grinned, quite proud of himself. He gave me a cocky little head nod, and invited me over with a wave.

I like flirting with him, but appearances had to be maintained. I gave Robbie an aloof little head shake, then deliberately turned and walked away.

But yeah, I kept up with the hip swaying.

By now, Candy had already reached our table. I was already organizing exactly how to tell her about my little encounter with Robbie, but just as I was about to catch up, a plaintive voice found its way into my ears.

"Please ... just leave me alone."

"Relax, babe," a distinctly male voice grumped. "I just want to know your name. You're new, aren't you? I know I would've remembered if I'd seen you around before."

Turning my head, I realized that Jake and Trevor had cornered some poor girl against a wall. She nervously held a tray of food in her hands, and kept her eyes down while using the tray as a shield to keep the horny boys at bay. "Yes, I'm new. Now will you please leave me alone?"

"You still haven't told us your name," Trevor continued. "Really, is that so much to ask?"

"Such a pretty girl HAS to have a pretty name, right?" Jake drawled charmingly. "It's a shame you're wearing such a baggy flannel. You look like you've got a very nice body hiding under there."

"Hey! Back off, jerks!" I barked, marching up and whacking both boys upside the backs of their heads at the same time ... hard.

"Oww!" Jake complained at the significantly greater force than usual in my smack. "Elyse! What gives?"

"She asked you to leave her alone," I scolded, reaching forward and taking the blonde by the hand. "Come on."

The girl let me tug her away, looking back in fear at Jake and Trevor. The boys just watched us go while rubbing their heads. I brought her directly over to my table with the other girls, and she looked at me in obvious gratitude. "Thanks..."

"Don't worry about them," I nodded back, where Jake and Trevor were already walking off to meet their own friends. "They're just boys all messed up by puberty. Can't handle the rush of hormones."

The young blonde winced and looked down. Only now did I get a good look at her. She was as tall as me, which was unusual because I was one of the tallest girls in the class. And beneath her baggy clothing, I could tell she had a fairly developed body. But her face was more child-like. "Are you a new eighth-grader?" I asked, doubt already in my voice.

She shook her head. "No. I'm only in seventh."

I arched an eyebrow. "How old are you?"

"Tw ... twelve."

Candy whistled.

Janet complained, "No fair! I'm a year older, but I'm still flat as a board!"

"Relax, your boobs will grow in eventually," Summer drawled. "And if they don't, that's what plastic surgery is for."

I looked over at Candy, then over at the boys. Twelve or not, the horndogs were sure to be all over this new girl. At our age, boobs ruled the world, and the blonde certainly had them. "I think you'd better stick with us. Otherwise the wolfpack over there will eat you up."

We were still holding hands, and she squeezed it in fear.

"It's okay," I soothed. "What's your name?"

The girl looked up at me, her hazel eyes wide. "Adrienne."


"There you go. Chin up. Look down your nose. Flirty giggle. Now turn away and leave. Leave!" I hissed.

Adrienne couldn't hear my directions; she was clear across the courtyard. But she had done everything perfectly, and I couldn't help but smile as the beautiful almost 13-year-old sashayed back over to the lunch table. She didn't look back, but I did. And I had a perfect view as poor Michael Hendrickson stared longingly after her with his jaw on the floor. The guy was a year older and one of the more popular guys at school, but he was only putty in my little protégé's hands.

"Nicely done," I complimented. Almost a full academic year of schooling the young girl was paying off.

"Having fun?" Candy chimed in.

"Yep," Adrienne beamed at me.

"It's all about control," I reminded her, even though I'd told her this a dozen times. "Men are sheep. You've got what they want, and they'll follow you anywhere you lead them. As long as you maintain that control, they can never hurt you, and you'll always get your way."

"Got it," Adrienne grinned, then picked up her backpack. "You guys want to come to my place tonight? My dad's away for business again and I've got the house to myself."

"I'm in," Summer nodded.

"Me, too," Stacey agreed.

"Can't make it," Candy sighed. "Ji-hyun wants me and Alex to double date with her and Jae."

Summer frowned. "Ji-hyun and Jae are back together?"

Candy grinned. "For now. They've already broken up what ... three times since seventh grade?"

"Well you guys have fun," I waved them on. "I've got something else going on."

"This cute older man you keep dropping hints about?" Adrienne grinned at me.

"Yeah, right." I laughed. "No, my dad is coming home early from work. He wants some father-daughter time."

"Lucky you," Adrienne mumbled, her eyes going adrift for a moment. We all knew she was a neglected kid. But then she sighed and smiled. "Have fun tonight."

"You too."

I stared forward, leaning well over the sink until my face was only inches away from the mirror so that I had a clear view of my own eyes. I delicately touched up my mascara and then carved a fresh eyeline. And after finishing my lipstick, I leaned back and smiled at my own reflection.

I was only a few months past my fourteenth birthday, but I already had a figure most high school girls could only dream of. Constant dieting had kept me slim, but hadn't stopped my growth spurt. I was already 5'6", and my boobs were a solid B-cup. The latest Victoria's Secret inventions made my cleavage look even bigger, and as I stepped back and critiqued myself from head to toe, I knew I was a hot, young babe...

... just like Daddy wanted me.

"Oh, my goodness, girl..." Daddy suddenly groaned behind me as he appeared in the bathroom doorway. "You look good enough to eat."

"Is that a promise?" I asked, smiling at his reflection in the mirror.

"For you, baby ... anything."

I giggled and spun around before leaning back against the sink with both hands. I jutted my hip out to the side, just like the models posing in magazines. And tilting my face downward a bit, I lowered my eyelids to show off my long lashes before batting them demurely. "Do you like my outfit? I got it just for you."

"Oh, baby ... I love it," Daddy breathed as he took two steps into the room. His gaze began at my feet, staring at my pink-painted toenails before traveling up my legs. I thought they weren't very shapely, still too skinny like a baby horse. But then his eyes quickly locked onto my crotch, and the powder blue lace panties I'd worn just to tease him.

I stuck my thumb into the waistband, tugging the material away from my body so that he could see just a fraction of an inch more of my creamy skin. And then I gently drew my thumb across the front, low enough that he just might see the top of my trimmed pubic hair, but fast enough that he would get only a momentary glimpse at most.

Daddy groaned pitifully, sounding no different than Robbie Pederson when I gave my boyfriend this exact same tease. Boys, men ... didn't matter. They were all the same.

I pulled my hand out and trailed my fingertips up my flat belly, briefly closing my thumb and forefinger over the front-clasp of my matching powder blue push-up bra.

"Ohhh, baby..." Daddy breathed, his eyes fixated on my tits.

Rather than open the clasp, however, I turned around and started collecting my jet black hair in my hands, expertly bunching them just as I needed to put my hair up and clip my silky locks into place.

"Oh, don't tease me," Daddy groaned and quickly walked up behind me. He leaned his hips forward, bending his knees enough so that I could feel his bulge against the cleft of my ass. He still had his slacks on from work, but there was no mistaking the outline of his throbbing erection behind me. At the same time, his hands circled around my waist to my belly. And then his palms began tracking upwards.

"No-no-no!" I cut him off harshly. My hands quickly batted away his while I shoved out my ass to push him back. Turning around, I raised my index finger and waggled it reproachfully. "Nuh-uh-uh. I didn't give you permission to do that."

"But baby..." Daddy groaned, whimpering. "You promised."

"Go to your room," I ordered imperiously, feeling flush with energy. I loved this feeling: being in charge, having such power over a fully grown man, and my own dad to boot. "Take a shower, and then pour yourself a drink. I'll be there in a minute."

Daddy whimpered, but obeyed. He took one last longing look at my youthful body – clad in nothing but the skimpy bra and panties – and then walked away. And feeling quite proud of myself, I grinned at my own reflection.

I may have been fourteen, but I was the one in charge of this relationship. For the last three months, I'd had my Daddy dancing for me like a puppet on a string. Like I always told Adrienne: it was all about control. I had the control, and because of it, I got my way.

I hadn't meant for things to turn out like this. A year and a half ago, Daddy was taking Mom's divorce pretty hard. He was a good-looking man, but I'd gotten my looks from Mom, who was out and out gorgeous. I wasn't the only one to realize this, and Mom loved to be the center of attention. So I wasn't really surprised when she told us that she'd been having an affair.

It bothered me a little that she didn't want custody of me. But the truth is: Mom was never around. She was always more interested in her own friends and going to parties and doing all the things that she wanted to do. Really, Mom only ever saw me as a burden, even going so far as to tell me that I was an accident and that she never would have married Daddy if she hadn't gotten pregnant. After she told me that, I told her good riddance.

I knew my parents had a pretty active sex life before the divorce. I could hear them at least five times a week at night in their bedroom. Mom was kind of a nympho. Once she was gone, I don't know exactly what Daddy did for relief. Candy told me he must be masturbating just like all the boys at school. It seemed kind of weird, to think of your own dad jacking off like a teenager.

But then, it made sense. Daddy was a male, and males needed to shoot off every day, didn't they? It made even more sense when I realized that Daddy's eyes would wander over my body the same way dozens of boys at school would check me out all the time. He tried to be secretive about it, but I caught his looks just the same.

As an only child, I hadn't been all that particular about being fully-clothed going around the house. Oh, I still made sure I was covered with a towel going from my room to the bathroom, and I didn't walk around half-naked. But it was no big deal for me to wear just a pair of panties and a cut-off T-shirt when the weather was hot. And let's face it: it's ALWAYS hot in Orange County.

So one day when I was facedown on the floor, propping my head up to watch MTV, I happened to glance behind me and caught Daddy staring at my panty-clad ass. He quickly turned his eyes away, but then I noticed his hand was over quite the bulge in his shorts. It didn't disgust me. Right then and there, I got the same kind of powerful thrill I got when teasing the boys at school. And so over the next few weeks ... well ... I kept teasing him.

Maybe the towel was tied off a little low across my boobs when I walked out of the bathroom. Maybe I'd lean over a little deeper at the dining table so he could see my cleavage. Maybe I'd bend over at the waist to pick something up off the floor. And well, I kinda stopped wearing full pajamas around the house. Panties and cut-off T-shirts without a bra became the uniform.

Daddy tended to spend a lot more time in his bedroom with the door locked. I could hear him grunting every night.

The first time he copped a feel of my ass, he tried to pass it off as an accident. But Jake and Trevor had already done it enough times for me to know the difference between an accident and an "accident". I just smiled at Daddy and wiggled my butt at him, asking if he thought it was cute.

He said 'yes'.

Another day, I wore this wispy linen button-down shirt that was so sheer that the darkness of my areolas were visible. I walked right up to Daddy, gave him a hug, and then backed away far enough that he could see them properly. And then I asked him ... no, I told him ... that I was going over to Candy's house for the rest of the afternoon.

Staring at my chest, he readily agreed.

Daddy soon figured out I was teasing him on purpose. He stopped feeling embarrassed about it, and started ogling me rather obviously. I encouraged his actions, but still didn't let him touch me. And I milked him for everything I could get.

Curfew? Forget about it. Shopping? Daddy bought almost anything I asked for. Decisions around the house? All mine, if I wanted them. The tacit agreement was simple: I kept showing him my body, and I always got my way.

Of course, like with any boy, you have to keep upping the ante. No male, young or old, is gonna be satisfied with the same exact view over and over again. They need more: more skin, longer duration, even ... touching.

That trip to Maui last summer was a first for just the two of us. I spent the entire week wearing little more than a bikini. And for the last three days of the trip, I didn't even wear the bikini top in our hotel room, letting Daddy stare all he wanted. Yeah, my boobs were bare and out in the open. So what? I got those plumeria hair clips I'd shown off to Candy, along with matching earrings.

The first week after we came home, I let Daddy touch my budding breasts. He spent about three minutes just fondling them, and then raced into his bedroom to jack off. He was in such a hurry, he didn't even lock the door. That's when I got my first look at a real dick.

He palmed my naked ass the next day. I let him suck on my tits two weeks later. And things just kind of snowballed from there.

I gave him a handjob last month. The timing worked out, because Robbie Pederson wanted the same thing, really. I knew Daddy would let me practice on him, to get it right. So I got Daddy off three different times before I finally did it to my boyfriend.

Now Daddy wanted me to put it in my mouth. I told him that sounded icky, but he promised me I'd like it. I wouldn't do it, at least not until a few days ago. That's when Daddy convinced me to let HIM eat ME. And after Daddy tongued me to three orgasms that were WAY better than any I'd fingered myself to, I finally agreed to do him. I'd even agreed to try and swallow his cum, even though I was pretty sure I wouldn't like the taste.

And today was the day.

While Daddy took a shower, I put my fingers into my pussy and fingered myself to a quick orgasm. It took the edge off for me, making me less nervous, and also put me in a nicely aroused mood. The idea of sticking a man's ... penis ... in my mouth was a little disgusting. I mean, guys pee with that thing. But Daddy was taking a shower, and he knew that if his thingy smelled even one bit like urine, I wasn't going anywhere near it.

I then checked my appearance again, making sure I looked as hot as I possibly could. My makeup was perfect. My hair was up, so it wouldn't get in my way. And I'd saved this special lingerie ensemble for just such an occasion.

So taking a few deep breaths, I steeled my nerves and went to Daddy's bedroom. He was dried-off and naked, sitting upright in the easy chair in the corner. His dick was already hard in anticipation, and I licked my lips before going over to the bed and grabbing a pillow. Candy had the smart idea to use a pillow for my knees, she just didn't know who for.

"I love you, baby," he breathed, staring at my body.

"I know, Daddy," I replied nervously. I tossed the pillow onto the floor in front of the chair. Taking a deep breath, I then stood in front of him and stiffened my spine. And in an imperious tone I stated, "I want a new stereo system for my room. There's a six-disc changer I saw in the Circuit City advertisement."

"Done." He nodded immediately, eagerly.

I grinned, feeling the rush of power through my limbs giving me confidence. And then I backed away from the chair and over to the bed. Sitting on the edge, I reached down and pulled off my panties. His eyes immediately zeroed in on my pretty pussy, and it stayed locked there as I slid back across the mattress and spread my legs to the sides. "You said I was good enough to eat. I want you to give me an orgasm before I give you yours."

"Oh, baby..." he breathed as he got up and approached the bed. But rather than immediately dive between my legs, he leaned over me, planting his hands on the mattress to keep himself up. Daddy ducked down, nudged my bra cup away with his nose, and took a quick suckle at my left nipple, which was already erect in anticipation. He then switched over and did the same to the other. And after raising one knee onto the bed as well, he leaned across me and I felt the hot tip of his cock rubbing against my thigh.

"No, Daddy. Not that," I stammered quickly, clamping my legs shut.

"Oh, no ... no. I didn't mean to," he quickly apologized. At the same time, Daddy's eyes were filled with longing. I knew that if I gave him the slightest window of opportunity, he would bury his dick inside me before I even had a chance to scream.

"Eat me," I commanded.

He did. I got a pretty good orgasm out of it.

And then kneeling on the pillow, while Daddy slid his hands into my bra to cup my boobs, I gave my father my first blowjob.

I was right: I didn't like the taste.


"You did NOT!" I exclaimed in astonishment.

Adrienne giggled. "Uh, huh."

"You're only a seventh-grader!" I argued.

"Eighth, technically now."

"But you and Blake have only been going out for three weeks!"


"Haven't you learned anything I've tried to teach you?" I sighed, exasperated. "You need to stay in control. And by giving it up that fast, you lose your leverage!"

"I didn't give it up! I just gave him a blowjob," Adrienne drawled. "And even though you complained about how awful it tastes, I think I like it."

"Told you," Candy chirped, looking proud of herself. "Alex is yummy. I think you just need try different flavors."

"Don't encourage her," I snapped at my best friend before sighing.

"Relax," the pretty brunette replied. "She's got Blake eating out of the palm of her hand."

"Yeah..." Adrienne sighed dreamily. "You should see the way he looks at me now. I finally get it. The sex stuff is just okay ... But it's such a RUSH every time I see that look in his eyes."

"Power trip?" Candy drawled.

"Uh-huh," Adrienne nodded with her eyes staring out into space, then settled down and gave me a more serious look. "I just gave him the one. And I told him under no uncertain terms that he wasn't getting another one unless he earned it."

"Well at least there's that," I conceded. "But now that you've set the precedent, you're going to have to give him one every now and again if you want to keep him." I knew that with certainty. After giving Robbie a single blowjob just to find out if he tasted any better than Daddy (he didn't), I stopped giving them to my boyfriend. And since I wouldn't surrender my virginity either, he'd eventually broken up with me.

The young blonde shrugged. "Not a problem for me. Like I said, I kinda like it."

I just made a disgusted face. The stuff was so... slimy. I still gave blowjobs to Daddy every once in a while, just because I loved him so much. But even then, the idea made me nauseous, and I always pulled off before he spurted in my mouth.

"Thing is," Adrienne continued. "Blake doesn't know a damn thing about eating pussy."

"Of course he doesn't," Candy snarked. "He's a stupid boy."

I sighed. "He'd never done it before, had he?"

Adrienne shook her head. "And I don't really know how to teach him, either. I mean ... I know what feels good to me. But I'm not sure how to direct him."

Candy and I darted glances at each other. My best friend and I had a few secrets we'd shared with each other. She knew about me teasing my dad, letting him catch peeks of me and dressing slutty around him, although she didn't know I was actually getting to third base with him. I knew she was doing the same with her older brother, although I didn't know if she was taking things further either.

But one other thing that we shared with each other, and with no one else, was that we both liked girls. The confessions had come a few months ago, late one night when we were having a sleepover at Candy's house. We'd swiped a bottle of her dad's vodka and gotten a little tipsy. And in our drunkenness, I admitted that I would check out other girls while we showered after gym class.

She admitted the same, and we had our first girl-girl kiss that night. Things had progressed in the past few months, to the point where we'd both eaten each other out. Casual makeout sessions were common, and Candy and I both had decided that we were bisexual.

We'd also talked about what other girls we thought were hot and sexy. And there were two very specific reasons why she and I were giving each other significant looks right now: One, we both had practical experience teaching someone else how to eat us out. And two, we both wanted to have sex with Adrienne. Summer was pretty hot as well, and Stacey seemed to have an inner slut lurking beneath the surface. But though Adrienne was a year younger than us, my little protégé was incredibly sexy and desirable.

Adrienne noticed Candy and me giving each other weird looks. Her eyes darted back and forth between us for a moment before narrowing on me. "What?"

"Well..." I began carefully, not wanting to scare her off in case she wasn't ... receptive. I knew Adrienne trusted me, and I knew she thought I was pretty. But going from thinking you're pretty to wanting to cross the gay line are two different things entirely. "If you're interested ... and if you've got an open mind ... I think I might be able to teach you how to teach Blake."

"Oh," the young blonde replied with a smile, nodding agreeably. But Adrienne was a smart cookie, and a second later she got the extra layers of innuendo in my voice. Her eyes went wide and she blurted, "Wait a sec..." She darted her eyes between me and Candy once again. "Do you mean you'll tell me how to teach Blake... ? Or do you really mean... teach ... me?"

When I glanced over at Candy, she blushed and averted her eyes, breathing heavily. I felt the tension in the room thicken in an instant, and as I returned my attention to Adrienne, I had to force myself to meet her gaze. But once I did, I saw the fire in the gorgeous blonde's stare, and I started to relax. Adrienne was panting softly as well, clearly aroused by the idea and not turned off at all. So I grinned and leaned into her. "I mean... teach."


"Ohhh..." I moaned, bunching up Adrienne's sunny blonde locks between my fingers as I gripped her head and pulled it tighter against my crotch. The girl was a natural born pussy licker, and she was going to town on my clit as my hips bucked up and off the bed.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" I screeched, uncontrollably thrusting while Adrienne simply grabbed onto my thighs and held on for the ride. Her tongue slid up and down through my cleft several times before wrapping around my clit. And she hummed beautifully, the vibration sending me into pleasure orbit as I thrashed around her bed and actually squirted a few jets of juice right onto her pretty face.

"Oh ... gawd damn..." I groaned when the orgasmic tremors finally passed. I stretched out my legs and let my arms flop to the sides as I went limp.

Adrienne backed away from my crotch, standing herself up and delicately wiping my pussy juice from her face. Her hazel eyes burned bright golden as she looked down at me. "My turn?" she asked brightly, with a little smirk spreading across her face.

"Of course," I nodded, breathing heavily. "Just gimme a sec to recover."

"No prob." The gangly blonde turned and started stripping. Although we'd stripped me naked before she went down on me, Adrienne was still clad in her bra and panties. The eighth-grader was a tall, skinny thing, with narrow hips and overly-big boobs that made it look like she would topple over at any moment. I glanced down at my own body, realizing that it was very much the same. Indeed, despite being a year younger, Adrienne and I had equalized in height and figure to the point where we borrowed each other's clothes pretty often. We were twins, except that she was a hazel-eyed blonde while I had green eyes and black hair.

So my blonde doppelganger got herself naked and then took my place on her bed. She scooted back so that her shoulders and head were supported by some pillows. And with a finger scratching through her golden muff, she spread her thighs to the side in invitation.

I noticed something different right before I started licking. Adrienne, Candy, and I had become a trio of best friends, and we'd been dyking it out with each other for months now. Even though Adrienne and I now went to different schools, we still got together enough for me to be pretty familiar with her pussy. And in the bright glow of Saturday afternoon sunlight, I could clearly see that the tender petals of my young friend's labia were red from recent wear and tear.

"Waitaminute," I blurted and popped my head up, staring straight down at my young best friend's cooch. "What happened?"

The blonde giggled. "Guess!"

"You didn't!"

"Uh, huh. I was wondering if you were going to notice."


"This morning. That's why I really wanted you to come over today."

"Who'd you do it with?"

She bit her lip and gave me an impish grin. "Charlie Derenger, of course. He IS my boyfriend."

My eyes went wide. "You haven't even been dating him for two months!" I shrieked.

Adrienne shrugged. "I wanted to. I was curious. And who knows? Maybe we'll get married someday."

Yeah, right. I blinked rapidly, my brain unable to process that my young best friend had cashed in her V-chip. I wanted to scold her for thinking she might marry this stupid 13-year-old boy. I wanted to reprimand her about losing it already, to say that being thirteen herself was too young. She needed to maintain control over a guy, and the best way to do that was to hold the carrot of sex out in front of him, but never actually give it up. More to the point, I was still a virgin, and I couldn't possibly fathom that young Adrienne had gotten fucked before I did.

But despite the urge to chastise her, my own curiosity was too strong. Adrienne had actually had sex, and rather than snap at her, I blurted, "How was it?"

She winced. "It was ... okay. He took it slow, just like I asked him. I didn't feel much. But I was expecting it to be awful and all those bad things you hear..." Adrienne's eyes unfocused as she drifted away for a moment.

But then she quickly came back to reality and sighed. "It wasn't so bad. The second time was better, but only a little. I didn't cum either way." She grinned. "Not like I cum with you and Candy."

I smiled at that and sat up. Even though we were talking about sex. I wasn't horny anymore. I was full of questions, and sensing this, Adrienne also sat up and closed her legs. "You HAVE to tell me everything," I insisted.

She beamed at me. "Of course. Like I said: that's why I invited you over here."

I bobbed my head up and down in Daddy's lap, moaning as I sucked on his cock. I felt him bunch up my raven locks between his fingers as he gripped my head and pulled it tighter against his crotch. The spongy head of his penis pressed against my throat, insistently wanting its way inside. But I gagged and he immediately released me so that I could back away and breathe. Two tears rolled down my eyes at the pressure. But he quickly wiped them away with his thumbs and smiled down at me.

"I'm sorry, baby."

"It's okay, Daddy. Someday I'm going to learn to deep-throat you."

"You don't have to," he said gently. "I know you don't really like putting it in your mouth. I love you for just doing this much."

My stomach queased. I really didn't like giving blowjobs. But I clenched my gut and forced myself to continue. "You're my Daddy. I want to make you happy."

"Thank you, baby," he soothed, brushing my hair. Gripping my head again, he then firmly pushed my face back down toward his prick. I wasn't quite ready, but I willingly opened my mouth and took him back inside.

For Daddy, I told myself. ONLY for him. I resumed bobbing my head up and down, sucking on auto-pilot. Really, I didn't want to think about the blowjob too much, because to do so would make me sick to my stomach again. I thought of other things, and one thing that had been weighing heavily on my mind for a week now was that Adrienne had already lost her virginity.

Developed body or not, she was a year younger than me. Wasn't I supposed to be the one doing things first and then teaching her? Wasn't that the way it had always been? But now my protégé had beaten me to something, and beaten me to the biggest something of all. It didn't feel right. When Adrienne, Candy, and I had gotten together last weekend to discuss it, we talked about how Candy had already lost it to her boyfriend as well. At least Candy had been with him for almost four months. Was I going to get left behind?

Should I have sex with Joey? He was MY boyfriend, after all. He was pretty nice ... for a boy. He let me manipulate him like he was my puppet. And he loyally did pretty much everything I asked of him. But was he worthy of my Big V?

No, not really. He was just another boy. My cherry should go to someone special. But who?

Maybe Daddy.

I truly loved my Daddy, and I told myself I would do anything for him. Why not this? Maybe our sex games had started just because I loved teasing him, because I wanted to test out my ability to control boys ... and men ... with my body. But he was still my Daddy. When Mom had abandoned us, he'd always taken care of me.

So I maybe I really should give him everything.

I pulled my face off his prick, and Daddy groaned. His hand tightened in my hair, and for a moment, I thought he was going to force me back down on him again. But before he could, I spoke up. "I want you to put me on the pill."

"Wha-?" Daddy's eyes flew open and he took on a hard edge.

"I want to go on the pill," I repeated nervously, biting my lower lip.

His eyebrows furrowed and Daddy glared harshly at me. Abruptly, his body went tense and his spine went stiff. "Who are you fucking?" he snapped.

My eyes flew wide open. Wha-? "N- nobody!" I stammered.

"That snot-nosed Joey?" he roared, starting to get up.

"Daddy, no!" I took a deep breath, grabbing his waist to hold him and plaintively looking up into his eyes. "For you..." I finished quietly.

Daddy's jaw dropped and his hands fell away from my head. I saw his fingers shaking a bit as he heavily sat back down in the chair. "M ... me?"

Kneeling on the floor in front of him, I nodded solemnly, doing my best to look like an obedient, good little girl. Though since I was half-naked and still holding his hard dick, I think "naughty" little girl was a little more appropriate.

A huge grin slowly spread across his face. After a few seconds of simply beaming at me, he reached up to stroke my cheek and enthused, "Oh, baby, yes."

I smiled and giggled a little, realizing that I'd finally made the decision to lose my cherry.

"Let's finish up here, and then I'll take you to the doctor straight away."

I nodded and then started jacking his prick in my hands. Daddy was a little more urgent, grabbing my head again and forcing me down around his prick. He was really revved up, and I'd only taken a one or two sucks on his cock before it abruptly started belching bursts of hot, creamy jism into my mouth. I jerked away, trying to avoid the disgusting semen, but his hands held fast. And I didn't have a choice but to stay there and take every jet of his cum as it filled up my mouth.

When he was done, I quickly covered my mouth and ran into the bathroom, hurriedly spitting it all out into the sink. I immediately felt better, having gotten the nasty stuff out of my mouth. But the foul, salty taste was still there, and as I hunched over the counter, a nauseous feeling curdled my stomach. I felt the wave lurching up my throat, and all I could do was bend over and just endure it as I vomited up what was left of my dinner.


Daddy promised he would go slow. He didn't.

It really hurt when he popped my cherry, and it hadn't stopped hurting by the time he was finished. I felt his sticky sperm swimming around my insides, and felt his slobbery drool against my cheek. He didn't even kiss me before immediately jumping off me and running to the bathroom to clean my blood off his dick. I wanted a hug, but he just ordered me to take a shower and clean myself up before we did it again.

The second time was a little better. I was sore, but it didn't hurt as much. I asked him to go down on me when he was done, but he told me it would be disgusting for him to do it after he put his spunk inside me. I knew how much I didn't like the taste, too, so I kind of understood that.

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