Old Friend and New One

by nokyguyup

Copyright© 2010 by nokyguyup

Erotica Sex Story: An afternoon of sex at a friends house turned into something more and enjoyable.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Consensual   Gay   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

I got online and saw that my friend was also on. We chatted for a little while when he invited me over to have some afternoon fun. Now usually our fun times involved me showing up, getting undressed, I would suck him then he would fuck me with his nice black cock eventually cumming in my ass. Feeling rather horny I readily agreed and got to his apartment a short while later.

When he answered the door, my friend Ron seemed kind of hesitant. I asked if everything was ok when he admitted that another buddy had shown up to hang out. I told him it was ok with me if we just hung out for a while. His friend was sitting in the living room, an older, heavyset black man. "Hi, I'm Dave" I said to him. He smiled, "Mike" was all he said. We all sat around in Ron's living room, just talking about crap when Mike asked me if I came over often. "Not as much as I would like" I said, smiling and looking at Ron. Ron started to laugh but stopped as Mike looked at him. He must have known something was going on between the two of us. Ron and I keep things discreet, and behind closed doors but I guess some people can tell. "So what exactly do you and Ron do?" Mike asked suddenly. Deciding to be bold I looked right at him and said "I like to suck Ron's cock then have him fuck me". Ron's eyes got big in surprise but Mike just smiled looked over at Ron and asked him "You like fucking younger white guys?" Ron was a little taken aback but replied that he did especially mine. Mike's next response surprised us both. "I like a tight ass sometimes, especially white guy".

Well it didn't long after that, that all three of us were naked and in the bedroom. Even though Mike was heavy, with a belly that drooped, his semi-flaccid cock looked impressive, real dark color, thick head. I started to move towards him when he stopped me and told me to take care of Ron first. I did as he said moving in between Ron's legs, grabbing his hardening dick and started sucking him. I sucked his black dick for several minutes when Ron said he was ready to fuck me. He got off the bed to grab some lube and I laid down on my stomach raising my hips slightly which is not only my favorite position but Ron's as well. Ron climbed back on the bed, rubbing lube over his cock and spread some around my ass, slipping a finger inside. He then positioned himself between my legs placing his cock against my hole. With one push, his cock head slipped into my waiting ass. He held it there a moment before sliding it in farther, withdrawing slightly then sliding in more until he was balls deep in my ass. Once he was all the way in, Ron started slowly fucking me, pulling his cock out until just the head remained then thrusting forward. By this time I was moaning as Ron's cock always felt just wonderful.

I completely lost track of time or even how long Ron fucked me. I even forgot about Mike being in the room, just caught up in the moment and pleasure I was feeling. After some time, Ron's pace started to quicken and I knew he was close to cumming before he even said so. "Fuck me, fuck my white ass with that black cock. Fill my ass with your cum" I started saying to Ron, which drives him crazy. His pounding of my ass got harder before with one big thrust which drove me into the mattress he unloaded his warm cum deep into my ass. He held his cock deep in me and I could feel it pulse as he emptied his balls. Ron slowly removed his cock and I turned over on my side smiling at him then looked at Mike who had been sitting in a chair stroking his cock which by this time had gotten nice and hard. It was real thick, about the same length as Ron's but much thicker and with bigger balls. "Did you enjoy the show?" I asked. Mike didn't say anything but got up and walked over to the bed. Ron had left to grab a wash cloth and cleanup which is our usual routine. Finally Mike said "You ready for another cock in your ass" as he grabbed his erection and held towards me "Yes, you want me to suck you first?" "No, I'm going to fuck that white boy ass with this black cock. Get up on your knees." I did as he said as he got behind me. "Ron fucks you bareback?" Mike asked. "Yes" was all tha

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