Daze in the Valley
Chapter 141

Copyright© 2010 by Jay Cantrell

Drama Sex Story: Chapter 141 - Adam Walters is a 19-year-old farm boy going to college in the big city. Reeling from the deaths of his parents and struggling with the financial hardship those deaths bring, he takes the advice of a friend and enters the porn world. With the aid of his pals - and some exceptional young women - Adam helps to transform a business known for wicked excess and questionable integrity into a stable, profitable enterprise. Note: Codes represent only physical acts between main characters

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Humor   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Size   Slow  

Adam headed straight to the deck after breakfast on Wednesday. He kicked himself when he realized he was bored. He had spent so many months racing from one place to another that he didn't know what to do with himself when he had nothing on his schedule.

Everyone else was studying for their classes. The others all had a project on the front burner. Adam had sex – but lots of it.

A smile came to his face unbidden.

"Why don't you help me out today?" Erin asked as she sat across from him. The sun was on the other side of the house so she was completely clothed.

"Sure," he answered. "What do you have in mind?"

He didn't think she meant sexually but he was happy to help either way.

"A couple of things, actually," Erin said. "I'm moderating an open chat for Sarah. She and Karlie are doing theirs at the same time. Leslie is going to do the filming for Sarah. Allie and Tyanna are going to help out with Karlie."

"What do you need me to do?" Adam asked.

"Just sit with me and watch what I do," Erin explained. "I know you can do the cameras if we need you to, but moderating takes a little, uh, well, I think you're going to find it more difficult than just about anything else. The internet is anonymous. At least people think it is. Mary has ways to track ISPs and that sort of thing."

"And people are douche bags when you get right down to it," Adam continued. Erin laughed.

"Well, yeah," she admitted. "It's not so bad in the open chats. Most of the guys there are sort of cool, actually. They sign in to see what is coming up next and offer suggestions. Some of their ideas really aren't too bad. Then again, some of them are wildly improbable. We get a lot of females asking about the industry, too. Still, it can get stupid at times. The other chats are worse. You get a drunk college kid sitting there making lewd comments. You get people who think that for $15 a month they can call the shots.

"We've learned to handle it. There is a delay between what is posted and when it appears. You have about four seconds to nuke a comment before it hits the chat screen. It isn't much time but it's as much of a lag as we're comfortable with."

"Do we warn the perpetrator?" Adam asked.

"Sometimes," Erin said. "That is purely your call. Well, it is the moderator's call. If it isn't something hideous, I sometimes send a quick PM telling him or her to knock it off or get booted. If it is something bad, I just can them. That is one of the reason I want you to sit with me. The girls expect a little bit of abuse, you know."

"I didn't know," Adam said.

"Well, I mean, we let them say things like 'show us your tits, '" Erin explained. "We don't let them say things like 'I want to stick a telephone pole in your ass and watch you bleed from the splinters.' You'll see more when we sit down. The other reason I want you to learn this part is because I'm seriously considering joining the site. I'm still wavering about doing scenes outside of the site but I think it would be cool to do something like this."

Adam nodded.

"So long as you're sure," he said, unnecessarily.

"I'm not sure but I'm leaning that way," Erin reiterated. "I've talked it over with Sean and Mom. They're OK with it. But once a picture like that is out there, it is never going back in the closet. If I post something on the web, it will always be there to be found by all and sundry."

"True," Adam said. He was happy that Erin was taking a long look at this before wading in. "So, do I need any technical knowledge to moderate a chat?"

"Do you know what an X looks like?" Erin asked with a chuckle.

"Uh, yeah," Adam answered.

"If you don't like a comment, highlight it and hit the X key," Erin explained. "If you don't like the poster, highlight his name and hit Apple-X."

Adam sat beside Erin for most of the hour that Sarah participated in her open chat session and it was fairly painless. As always, he was impressed by how articulate Sarah was during the discussions. It had to be difficult to hold a conversation while reading things on the big-screen along the wall. It was almost like a politician reading from a teleprompter.

Erin elbowed Adam and got his attention. She pointed to the screen where a particularly interesting question had appeared. She clicked a couple of keys and a yellow highlight appeared around it.

"Hi Donny16210," Sarah said. "Thanks for your compliment. I do enjoy what I do. I will admit I've enjoyed it much more in the last couple of months than I did the first couple of months I was doing it."

She paused to read the highlighted section.

"We did see the story in the Chronicle, LaddyBoy," she answered. "It was interesting. And it wasn't a coincidence that it appeared the same time a similar interview appeared in Peaches. We gave that interview almost two months ago and I think it was the catalyst for getting things out in the open. But like the story said, there were a lot of groups working behind the scenes to stop this from the moment someone figured out what was going on."

"No, CoyStory, I don't work with anyone but my guy, Derrick," Sarah answered another question. "It's personal for me. I don't find it unfair that Derrick works with other women. I work with other women, too."

She laughed and her breasts, held in a bikini top, jiggled nicely.

"Actually, Derrick is here helping me with my chat," Sarah said. "Say 'hi' to the fans, D."

"Uh, hi fans," Adam said. Sarah smiled but rolled her eyes.

"Derrick is a wonderful man," she said. "But he is, as our own Rita Looker says, a technological nincompoop. What I meant was come over here and sit with me for a minute."

Erin gave him a nudge so Adam walked over and sat on the bed. Sarah greeted him with a kiss.

"This is Derrick's first chat session so be nice to him," Sarah said. Derrick was surprised at the number of highlighted questions that popped up. He realized that Erin was highlighting questions for him in light blue.

"Answer that first one," Sarah said.

"OK," Adam said. "Uh, hi, StudlyStallion."

He grimaced slightly at the moniker.

"It isn't hard to break into the business if you plan to bring a female into it with you," Adam said. "It's harder if you want to break in by yourself unless you want to do gay work. There are a few studios and web sites that hold open castings and there are some agencies that you might contact. Do a little research on PornLife if you have specific questions."

He paused.

"Oh, and spend a little more time picking out your porn name than you did your screen name," he advised.

Sarah burst out laughing but Adam really wasn't joking.

"That is good advice," she said. "Also, don't expect to be able to have a career if you and your girl only want to work with each other. We figure there are about 100 females in the business for every male. That means if your girl is the jealous type – or you are opposed to having your girl work with other girls – you need to rethink your decision. Opening your own couples-only web site is always an option."

She perused the screen again and spotted a name that was familiar.

"SuzyQ, hey again," Sarah said. "Did you send your audition tape?"

There was a pause but a highlighted answer appeared. Erin really worked hard, Adam decided. The answer was "no."

"Well, if you're not sure, I would advise you to hold off on taking that step," Sarah said. She gave a little background on SuzyQ, a member of Sarah's site who had solicited information similar to what Adam had given to the guy earlier.

"I agree," Adam said. "I've said this before and I'll say this again: This life isn't for everyone and it is not as glamorous as what a lot of people might think. If you have any idealistic notions of what the life of a female porn star can be like, I suggest you log on to the 'Los Angeles Chronicle' and read those stories."

"We have a link to the series on our free page," Sarah said. "But Ad-, Derrick is right. We were all pleasantly surprised at how factual everything was in the story. We expected it would be the typical thing. We figured it would vilify the industry without really looking into other factors that contributed to the situations described. But he's right. This life is not for everyone. And if you do decide to come out here and give it a try, you still need to be careful about who you trust. Feel free to e-mail us here if you have any questions. OK?"

Adam hadn't noticed any other blue text so he stood to head back to sit beside Erin. Sarah hooked the back of his pants and pulled him down on the bed. She crawled across his chest – purposefully pointing her bikini covered bottom at the screen – and kissed him. Then she hopped off and turned back to the screen for more questions.

"Couldn't let him get away without a little loving," Sarah announced. "But you'll have to go into the paid area before you can see anything more than that. Hey, that's an idea. Derrick, maybe you could guest star in my next members chat. Crap, you can't. It's Saturday and I know you're busy as hell that day. We'll schedule something soon though. I promise.

"Let me give a shout out to 'Cotton Panty Chronicles.' We've got a big deal with them coming up this weekend. I'll be doing a scene with Derrick and Jenny Cinnamon – who you can see right now in the member's area – and with the red-hot Kenzie Cole. It is going to be a smoker so make sure you look for it. Derrick will also be working with the sultry Michelle Foxx for that site.

"The other 'Sweet Things' girls will also be doing scenes for the site. Cassie Charms will be doing her first guy-guy-girl scene and her first interracial scene for the site. Ashley Malibu will be working with the super sexy Rita Looker, too. Keep checking that site for the updates. I think you'll be really happy at what is coming up there. What else is going on, Derrick?"

He had only barely recovered from the kiss Sarah had laid on him.

"Well, I would guess a lot of things," he said. "You've got a scene out at 'Best Breasts in the West.' I hope folks head over there and vote for you. I don't think there is any question about who has the best breasts in the business."

"Shawna Young and Lia Pepper might contest that assertion but I thank you," Sarah said, pulling Adam around for another kiss. "Jenny Cinnamon will be appearing with the gorgeous Betsy Hamilton on 'Lady Lovers' soon. Oh, and I have to give this a promo. 'Sporty Spinners, ' ladies and gentlemen.

"In a couple of weeks, you're going to see a great scene featuring Cassie Charms, Ashley Malibu, Derrick Driller and a very special guest, the Danube Dove, Anya Kovec. I haven't seen it yet but you can bet I'm looking forward to it. I have heard it is going to be a heart-stopper. Derrick, anything you want to add about that particular scene?"

"I think you hit it pretty well," Adam said. He wasn't really sure how much detail he could go into. "It was really nice to work with three great performers. Those three are just bundles of energy. They did a fantastic job and I think that anyone who enjoys 'Sweet Things' will love that scene."

"That was the second scene you did with Anya, wasn't it?" Sarah asked. It was almost like she was conducting an interview.

"It was," Adam confirmed. "The first was for Daystar. I'm a bit embarrassed that I don't know which of their web sites it will appear on. I was a last-minute substitute and, well, I forgot to ask. It might already be up. I did it a week ago and the Daystar people are really good about uploading things pretty quickly."

"I have a note from my moderator, Fallon," Sarah said. "The scene was posted this morning on their 'Small But Sexy' site. That pretty well sums up Anya Kovec. She is small but she is oh so sexy. I don't mean to name drop but we got to spend the weekend with Anya and Ekaterina Federova. They are both represented by Budapest Central Casting. I have to tell you, those young women are just as sweet as they are sexy.

"So, we've got to wrap up in a minute or two and I want to give a shout out to my sponsor, Dazzle Video. They also have some really great things going on over there, including a great debut scene from Molly Caudill with Betsy Hamilton. It is one of the hottest girl-girl scenes I've seen in my life. Oh, and I hope to have both of them here in the coming weeks. Thanks folk, I hope to see you Saturday morning for my member's chat. Remember, we'll be on at 6 a.m. Pacific Time. Bye for now."

Erin had barely cut the connection when Sarah grabbed Adam again for another kiss. Once she had him distracted, she dug her fingers into his side to tickle him.

"Pile on," Leslie yelled, racing across the room and jumping on the pair. It didn't take Sarah and Adam long to team up and start tickling the little blonde terror.

"Stop, stop," Leslie said. "I have to pee."

She vaulted off the bed as soon as Adam and Sarah stopped.

"Suckers!" she said, sticking her tongue out and diving back onto the bed. She caught Adam and Sarah completely off guard and managed to stay on the offensive for a full 10 seconds before Adam simply stood up – despite the fact that Leslie was draped across him.

"Sucker?" he asked, peering down at the girl he held like a baby.

"Uh, I didn't mean it," Leslie tried. She was grinning broadly despite her precarious position.

"She meant it," Erin said from the sidelines.

"I wonder if Karlie's fans would like to see Cassie Charms get her bare bottom spanked?" Adam asked.

"Ooh," Sarah said, her eyes brightening. "I bet they would love that. Let me see what Karlie has going on. I mean, I don't want to interrupt if she's fingering her box or something."

"You're not going to spank me," Leslie said, rolling her eyes.

"Really?" Adam said. "You forget, I did a soft bondage scene last week. I bet I can tan that hide for you pretty good. If I can't, I'm sure Sarah and Karlie will help. Erin, Allie and Tyanna might even chip in. You've been a little full of yourself lately."

"I was full of you last Thursday!" Leslie giggled.

"It's a go," Sarah said, popping her head back around the doorframe. She winked at Adam. She knew he was just picking on Leslie and wouldn't actually hurt her.

"Oh, crap," Leslie said, suddenly realizing he might be serious when he started walking out of the room.

"You should have thought of that earlier," Adam advised. "This is what happens when your mouth gets ahead of your brain. Now you've gotten your ass involved."

Sarah could barely keep a straight face when Adam carried Leslie in. She wasn't struggling, she noticed.

"Oh, look at this," Karlie said. "We have a special treat for the members. Our very own Cassie Charms has been a very bad girl. Today, she is going to find out what that means. We've brought in Derrick Driller to give Cassie a little attitude adjustment."

Leslie had been remarkable silent since her "oh, crap" comment. Adam saw the smiles on Allie and Tyanna's face when he entered – and he noticed the computer was already shut off. The chat session was over.

He walked over and dumped Leslie on the bed.

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