Daze in the Valley
Chapter 140

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Drama Sex Story: Chapter 140 - Adam Walters is a 19-year-old farm boy going to college in the big city. Reeling from the deaths of his parents and struggling with the financial hardship those deaths bring, he takes the advice of a friend and enters the porn world. With the aid of his pals - and some exceptional young women - Adam helps to transform a business known for wicked excess and questionable integrity into a stable, profitable enterprise. Note: Codes represent only physical acts between main characters

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Humor   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Size   Slow  

Wayne stayed the night in Los Angeles and used Walt's Auto CAD program to revise the plans. He took them to the planning commission the following morning and they were approved with only a cursory look by a mid-level bureaucrat. It wasn't much different from life in smaller communities, he decided.

"You'll need to obtain ecological and environmental surveys before you start," the woman said. "Once you have all your permits in order, stop back in and I'll issue a building order."

The survey crews had been out the day after Celina purchased the property to take their samples. They promised a report later in the week and everyone had his fingers crossed that they wouldn't find an endangered species living nearby.

The woman explained in painstaking detail the hoops Wayne would need to jump through to build the structure and that he would need to schedule no less than four inspections during the building process and two after it was completed before occupancy would be permitted.

He nodded and took notes. Every municipality had different rules about disposal of topsoil but the actual building codes were established by the state. Each city or town could add to the codes but few did in any meaningful way. That was the case this time, too.

From there, Wayne headed back to present his findings to his son. Like the rest of the parents, Wayne Carter wasn't exactly thrilled at having his son involved in the adult industry. He was from a small town in Central Nevada and he had heard horror stories about the lifestyles those people lived. Yet when he and his wife met the group for the first time, he was hard-pressed to guess who did porn and who didn't.

Oh, a couple were obvious. The little blonde girl's actions simply screamed, "Look at me!" and the stacked blonde girls had bodies Venus de Milo would have envied. The one who looked Hispanic had a sway to her walk that made you look twice.

But the rest of the group he wouldn't have guessed. He was surprised as hell to learn the little black girl was in porn. The same with the tiny redhead. They were both so adorable and sweet. The Russian girl seemed so shy, too. Shelly he remembered from his previous visits. His wife was shocked to learn that she had entered the industry but Wayne wasn't so surprised. He had seen early on that there was something lurking beneath the surface just dying to get out.

Even the guys didn't act like he figured they would. He had met Adam once before and there was no difference from how he remembered him to be. But the others were just as thoughtful and pleasant. He always pictured porn actors and actresses to be junkies and streetwalkers. He didn't realize that some of them were typical kids not much different from his son.

Adam lurked in the shadows and waited for Rebecca to return from her morning class. He had decided that he would catch her walking to lunch and redirect her to a different venue. Finding shadows in an area with few trees wasn't as easy as it might seem, he decided. Still, he managed to slip up behind her and take her elbow and cull her from the herd headed to the main house.

Rebecca was the last of the group to spend a little alone time with Adam so she wasn't exactly surprised. Still, he caught her off-guard and she flushed slightly when she saw where they were going. They went directly to the basement, causing Rebecca to titter and giggle slightly.

"So, I've heard a rumor," Adam said, sitting beside Rebecca on the bed.

"Oh?" Rebecca asked.

Adam nodded.

"I understand it is your habit to find girls alone and direct them down here," Adam answered. Rebecca simply nodded. "Then once you get here, you are, let's just say, somewhat uninhibited and are willing to do anything to please your partner."

Again, Rebecca's only reply was a nod. Of course, she was unbuttoning her shirt at the time. In only a moment, she slipped it off her shoulders and stood before Adam in only a lacy tan bra and her shorts.

"So this rumor is true?" Adam asked as Rebecca was lowering her shorts to the floor, revealing a lacy thong beneath them. "I ask only because I wanted to let you know that the opposite is true today. I will do anything you want to do today."

Rebecca responded by pushing Adam back on the bed and crawling atop him until her face was only an inch from his.

"That is a dangerous offer, Mr. Walters," Rebecca said. "As you might recall, I have a public persona to maintain. However, when I am behind closed doors, I feel free to let my hair down."

She dipped forward and kissed Adam gently.

Rebecca was trying to be humorous when she made her comment but it was partly true. Her web site was fairly tame when compared to those of her contemporaries. In many ways, Rebecca Stein was saddled with the brand of Rita Looker. She had started her site as a way to critique higher-end fashions for younger girls. It was in business for more than two years before she moved to modeling swimwear. Less than a year later – emboldened by the substantial increase in subscriptions and the positive comments from her customers – she moved to modeling bras and panties when she turned 16.

It was her boyfriend-turned-webmaster who decided she should take her site to the next level. Her parents were mostly hands-off and had little or no influence on her developing sexuality. Rebecca knew she would never be compared with the classic beauties of her age. So she allowed Patrick to push the envelope. She drew the line at having intercourse on camera but she did succumb to pressure (from her customers and from Patrick) to liven up the site by doing a blowjob video.

The astounding response to that video, still one of the best seeded torrents on many sites a full two years after it was released, convinced her to do more of them.

But Rebecca Stein was not Rita Looker. It took her some time to find her true personality, although she tried many on for size before settling on who she really was. For a time, she emulated her on-screen persona. She was haughty and wore only the finest clothing. She always carried an expensive handbag and had the highest-end electronics for her site.

For a while, she allowed Patrick to control much of what she did and a lot of how she viewed herself. Much like Shelly, Rebecca finally figured out that she was trapped in a situation where she could never be happy. The next change was a polar opposite. She became demanding and decisive in her professional life. In that, she followed Patrick's lead.

Still, her personal life was unsettled for a while. She had a sexual persona that was far different from her on-screen character. Rebecca wanted to be adventurous. She loved the feeling of doing something slightly naughty. She found she enjoyed the illicit nature of being risqué.

Rita was viewed as demanding. Rebecca was a giver, particularly in the bedroom. She enjoyed leaving her partner quivering on the bed. There was very little she wouldn't do to accomplish that. Sticking her tongue in Karlie's butt wasn't the highlight of Rebecca's life but she enjoyed it because Karlie liked it so much.

She had spent almost an hour licking and sucking on Shelly's nipples. She had allowed Allie to play out a fantasy of dominating a much-taller woman (probably spurred by her treatment as a young girl). She had fucked Sarah's ass with a strap-on dildo. She kissed perhaps every inch of Erin's body while slowly fingering the woman to what seemed like an endless series of orgasms. She had done her best to make Trinity cum a hundred times.

She enjoyed not only the perversity of the actions but also their unexpected nature, because her lovers had invariably been surprised ... All of them had walked away from the experience with a big smile and trembling legs. That made it even better for Rebecca, who was as surprised as the rest of the group to find herself in love with seven people. Intellectually, she knew it was reasonable and feasible. But practically, it never worked. Yet no one was jealous of the others – or really of anyone.

The women weren't even jealous when Adam worked with someone else. In fact, they took a sense of pride in Adam showing off what he could do. She wondered if she wasn't right in her initial assessment: it was a matter of ego for all of them because they got to have Adam as often as they could and the others only got him when they allowed it.

The smile that crept on to Rebecca's face when she realized where they were headed blossomed. Adam noticed immediately and the woman in front of him was transformed into a beauty. A person could not help but smile back at Rebecca. It simply wasn't possible.

"So, you've decided what you would like?" he asked.

"Oh, I've been plotting this afternoon for a while," Rebecca said, her smile broadened further. "But I think I changed my mind."

Adam was almost positive he knew what Rebecca had in mind. Her face was remarkably demonstrative and he had watched her expression change from pensive to excited to conclusive.

"Can I guess?" he asked.

"Absolutely," Rebecca replied. She believed whatever Adam had in store for her would be wonderful even if it wasn't exactly what she wanted. She giggled when he wrapped his arms about her waist and rolled her to her back. Her long red hair spilled across the pillows. Adam was still nestled between her legs and she felt his arousal through her shorts. He had never failed to be erect when he was around one of his ladies.

"Today, my love, is all about you," Adam said, dipping his head downward and gently pressing his lips to Rebecca's. His hands stroked her cheek and her hair before he ran the back of his fingers down her neck.

Rebecca shuddered. Somehow he had picked up on whatever signals she had given. Slow and gentle lovemaking with a man she loved was exactly what she was in the mood for – and he knew it. Her hands found themselves atop the smooth muscles of Adam's back as he moved his lips to her freckled shoulder and down her body. He sat up briefly to remove his shirt but left his shorts on. He wanted to feel her skin against his – which was exactly what Rebecca wanted.

Adam work his way lower and planted a kiss atop Rebecca's foot before working his way back up. He took several minutes to massage the muscles of her calves while raining kisses from her ankle to her knee. Then he repeated the process on her toned thighs and hamstrings.

Rebecca couldn't believe how erotic the whole thing was. She had never experienced something that felt so innocent but also felt so naughty. Adam noticed the wetness at the juncture of her legs but he bypassed the erogenous zones at her midsection. He planted a kiss at the top of her panties and on each hip but refrained from burying his face in her mound like he wanted to do. Rebecca couldn't help but notice the large stain on the front of Adam's shorts. He was aroused by what he was doing, too.

Adam altered his routine for Rebecca's upper torso. He kept his kisses soft and light on her skin but his hands no longer massaged the muscles beneath. Instead he used long, gentle strokes of his fingernails up and down Rebecca's ribs. He knew Rebecca wasn't very ticklish but his movements caused her to squirm with another sensation.

He lowered the straps on Rebecca's bra off her shoulders until her erect nipple made an appearance. His pink tongue met her tanned bud softly before he moved his kisses to the rest of her small breast. He moved back to kiss her lips after repeating the process on the other side.

"Let's roll you over," Adam said when Rebecca wrapped her arms tightly around his neck to lengthen the kiss. Rebecca gulped. She wasn't sure how much more of this she could take. She was enjoying it greatly but she was also about ready to explode.

"We have all afternoon, Gorgeous," he continued. "We have all afternoon so we can take our time and I can enjoy every part of your sexy body."

Rebecca smiled again and released her hold long enough to roll on her stomach. Adam unhooked her bra and kissed the slight impressions it had left on Rebecca's back and sides. He spent several minutes kissing and massaging her back before slipping over to her hands.

Rebecca's fingers, like the rest of her, were long and graceful. Adam rubbed her palms while kissing the backs of her fingers.

He wanted her to know that he understood her. He wanted her to know that he had looked inside the person everyone else saw and found the woman underneath – and that he loved that person as much as he loved anything in the world. The look on her face when he rolled her to her back and slid her panties down told him he might have succeeded.

Adam couldn't help but run his fingers through the fiery red hair that appeared when Rebecca's panties slipped off her legs. He also couldn't help from dipping his tongue downward to sample the nectar that emanated from below that red hair. Once he was there, he couldn't bring himself to stop.

Rebecca spread her legs further to give him access to her center. She was ready for this part of the afternoon to get underway. Like the rest of his movements, Adam's tongue moved slowly and softly through her petals. Rebecca found herself shifting her hips to try to force more urgent contact. She gasped and came when Adam slid his finger into her moisture.

"Please," Rebecca panted. "Please come up here and make love to me."

Adam was more than ready to accede to that request. He slipped his shorts and boxers down and moved upward until he was face to face with Rebecca again. She reached between their bodies and lined him up as they shared another warm kiss.

Another orgasm hit when she felt the head split her lips and slide across her clit and inside her. But Adam didn't pick up his pace. He continued to provide gentle pleasure, never allowing Rebecca's sensations to recede completely. She could feel almost every inch of his cock slide in and out of her, dragging itself across her sensitive hood. His lips never left hers and they held hands as he made love to her.

"Let me on top for a while," Rebecca urged. She had either been on the verge of orgasm or experiencing one for almost 40 minutes. Adam didn't pull out. Instead he pushed in further and they rolled together. It was a move Rebecca had never managed to accomplish successfully before.

They didn't even break their kiss.

Rebecca's hands sought out Adam's again and they intertwined fingers as she began rocking back and forth on his intruder. She had lost count of the number of cums she had experienced, mostly because they had started to run together from almost the instant Adam had entered her.

Her movements gained more urgency until she felt Adam empty his load into her pussy. The sensation made her last orgasm the strongest of the day and she put her head on Adam's shoulder to recover. She loved the fact that he was tall enough for her to cuddle on him. She loved the fact that she was tall enough that she could cuddle with him while he was still inside of her.

She was happy and desired and appreciated and loved. It was the best feeling in the world for her.

Rebecca awoke suddenly, still lying across Adam, his cock still embedded inside her. He had pulled a sheet across her so she didn't chill from the drying sweat on their bodies. Her head was still tucked against Adam's shoulder, her hair spread across his chest and the pillow. She felt his hand cradling her head and the other on her back. She glanced upward to see him holding her and smiling downward.

The look on his face sent a shiver down her spine. His gaze spoke of nothing but the love he held for her, the happiness he felt from having her as a part of his life.

She kissed him. She couldn't help but kiss him. This time she crushed her lips against his. She wanted him to know she felt exactly the same way.

Her body began rocking backward again. She wanted more.

"Can we?" she asked.

"We have all afternoon, Gorgeous," he said. "We can do whatever you want for the rest of the afternoon."

Rebecca smiled broadly. Then she showed him a few other things she had been thinking about.

It was barely after 6:00 p.m. when the business phone rang with another international call. Veronica was hanging out with the rest of the group but she knew the call wasn't for her. She handed the phone to Adam, pointing to the Caller ID.

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