Daze in the Valley
Chapter 81

Copyright© 2010 by Jay Cantrell

Drama Sex Story: Chapter 81 - Adam Walters is a 19-year-old farm boy going to college in the big city. Reeling from the deaths of his parents and struggling with the financial hardship those deaths bring, he takes the advice of a friend and enters the porn world. With the aid of his pals - and some exceptional young women - Adam helps to transform a business known for wicked excess and questionable integrity into a stable, profitable enterprise. Note: Codes represent only physical acts between main characters

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Humor   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Size   Slow  

Rita and Cassie sat and simply stared at the cell phone on the table between them. Neither could believe the message it contained. Their parents were going to be away for a week and they expected the girls to get along in their absence.

"This ain't happening," Cassie said to no one. She certainly wasn't speaking to her bitch of a stepsister.

"What were they thinking?" Rita asked the room in general. "Look, Shrimp, I'm not changing my plans to suit yours."

"Fuck you and your plans," Cassie said. "They said we need to find common ground. I'm fine with that. You die; I'll bury you and then I'll piss on your grave. It can be our common ground."

"This is bullshit!" Rita spat. She grabbed Cassie's purse and raced from the room.

Cassie and Rita were not friends. In fact, they were mortal enemies even though their parents had decided to marry one another after the girls went to college. Neither girl minded her new stepparent but she was not enthused about her new stepsister.

A few seconds later, Rita returned to the room with a triumphant look.

"Good luck finding your stuff, Nerd," Rita hissed. "Or rather, good luck reaching it when you find it."

She strutted from the room while Cassie steamed. It took Cassie only a few minutes to locate her bag. It was on the roof of the porch. Cassie stood on the banister but still couldn't reach the hanging strap.

"Need help?" a voice asked from behind her. "I saw Rita toss something up there. I figured it might be something of yours."

She turned to see Derrick, a guy she recognized from high school but didn't really know. He was not cool enough to run with the group that Cassie hung out with. But he would serve her purposes as well as anything. Plus, he had always seemed like a nice guy.

Derrick stepped on the porch.

"I heard Mr. Looker married your Mom," he said conversationally. "How is that working out?"

"They are happy," Cassie said with a shrug. "I am not."

She hadn't realized how tall Derrick was. He literally towered over her. It wasn't until she glanced down as Derrick reached upward that she saw the Derrick was more than just tall. Cassie barely pulled her eyes from Derrick's crotch in time for him to hand over her purse.

"Thanks, Derrick," she said as she made up her mind. "Do you have time to help me with a couple of other things I'm too small to reach?"

"Sure, Cassie," Derrick said. "I'm not busy. By the way, I live next door if you need help with stuff. I'll be around most of the summer."

"Cool," Cassie said. She could already think of a couple of things she could use Derrick's help with. She led him into the house and down the hallway. "Can you change the light bulb? It went out and even with a ladder I can't reach it."

A small smile crept across Cassie's face when Derrick asked if she had something he could stand on. Even as tall as he was, he couldn't reach the fixture. She left and came back with a small riser. She figured it should be just about the right size.

As Derrick reached upward to unscrew the light globe, Cassie took the opportunity to slip his shorts down to his ankles. The cock that sprang forth almost hit her in the face – which was where she was aiming for eventually.

"Cassie!" Derrick said.

"I just want to thank you for your help," Cassie said as she stroked his erection. Her hand looked tiny around the massive member. "You don't mind, do you?"

"Well, no," Derrick answered. "But you don't have to."

"Oh, I want to," Cassie said as she licked around the head. "I really want to."

Cassie's mouth took as much of Derrick's cock as it could – which wasn't much. But she did her best, providing stimulation with her hands, too.

Rita heard voices in the hallway and stepped out to see Cassie bobbing up and down on a huge dick. It wasn't until she stepped out of the shadows that she saw the cock belonged to her neighbor.

"Need some help, Sis?" Rita asked. Cassie shot her a look but saw Rita was actually being sincere.

"Sure," Cassie said. "I think there is enough here for both of us. You can play if you're nice."

Rita was so tall that she had to bend at her waist to help Cassie suck Derrick's erection. Her style was different from Cassie's. She preferred to lick around the base of the head and use her hands to fondle Derrick's nuts. He was enjoying the hell out of it.

"What do you say we move this to a nicer venue?" Cassie asked.

"My room or yours, Sis?" Rita wondered. They led Derrick down the hallway and into a bedroom as Ashley yelled, "Cut."

"Cassie, that was really good," Shelly said. "You did a great job of keeping Derrick to the camera. Plus, your delivery is just fine. It sounds natural, like you're just having a conversation. You too, Rita."

"We're off script completely now," Sarah added. "So it will be up to you three to decide what sort of dialog you want. I'll nudge if you get out of character but really the characters are thin anyway."

"I like it," Cassie said with a smile.

"Are you OK?" Derrick asked both girls. "If either of you are uncomfortable, let me know. We'll switch or change or just scrap it."

"I'm ready," Rita said, then blushed. "Well, I am. Cassie, which do you want first?"

"I was thinking about going down on you while you go down on him," Cassie said.

"I think it will work better if I do you," Rita responded. "You know, since I was the bitch and you found him first."

"Cool with me," Cassie said. "How do you want us?"

"Him on the bed and you on your knees sucking him, I think," Rita said. "I'll do you from behind. That way everyone can see what a great butt you have. Plus it will keep the action linear for a while. Derrick, does that work for you?"

"Like I'm going to complain," he answered.

Rita and Cassie led Derrick into the bedroom and to the bed.

"You have really good taste in cocks, Cassie," Rita said.

"Why thank you," Cassie replied. "That is the first nice thing you've ever said to me."

"Let me make it up to you," Rita told her. "I can show you some of the things I learned on the basketball team."

Rita wrapped her arms around Cassie and lowered her head for a kiss. Derrick watched with fascination as two girls he'd fantasized about since he was 12 made out in front of him. The action continued for more than a minute before Rita pulled back.

"Help me undress her, Stud," Rita told Derrick. "If you want to, I mean."

Derrick scrambled off the bed. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he was almost the same height as the diminutive Cassie. She leaned forward and kissed him. She only pulled away from the kiss long enough to lift her shirt over her head then she was right back.

"You have to try this, Rita," Cassie said. "He is a great kisser."

Rita knew Cassie had completely broken character but she didn't mind. She leaned forward and kissed Derrick passionately. His lips were soft and yielding. He didn't plunge his tongue into her mouth. He let her set the pace and firmness of the meeting. She was impressed.

"Damn, Sis," Rita said, pulling Cassie back into the scene, "you're right. He's good."

Cassie was standing in only a pair of shorts and a bra she didn't need. Derrick used the conversation to slip Cassie's shorts downward and remove her bra. Her breasts were mostly just nipples on a flat chest but he pulled her forward and ran his tongue around the bud anyway. Her reaction was stronger than he suspected. She gasped and pulled his mouth tighter to her chest.

Rita saw how Cassie had responded and sat beside Derrick on the bed. She tipped her head forward and mimicked his actions on Cassie's other tender nipple.

"Oh, fuck," Cassie said as a pair of tongues danced on her breast. Derrick slipped over and helped Rita, providing double the stimulation, earning another exhalation from Cassie.

"I think she likes this," Rita said unnecessarily. "Let's see what else we can double up on."

They shifted off the bed and laid an almost nude Cassie on the bed. Derrick slipped her bikini panties to the floor and Rita buried her head between the blonde's legs.

"Do the top half for a minute, please," Rita told Derrick. Derrick alternated deep kisses to Cassie's mouth with soft nips at her breasts while Rita licked and sucked on her pussy. Cassie's moans turned into mewls and then into grunts as her climax neared. Rita and Derrick kept up their actions until Cassie's first orgasm washed over her.

"That's for being such a bitch to you," Rita said as she kissed Cassie warmly and shared a taste of her own pussy with her. Derrick moved behind Rita and lifted her shirt over her head. She gave it up without protest. She wore no bra beneath her shirt and Derrick rubbed her breasts from behind as he kissed her neck and shoulders.

"I want to watch you fuck her," Rita said breathily. "She's ready. Slip it in her, Derrick. Let's take care of Cassie first. Then you can take care of me."

Derrick wasn't sure if Rita was having second thoughts or simply playing out the scene. Either way he didn't mind a bit when Cassie spread her legs as wide as she could for him.

"Do you want to be on top?" Derrick wondered.

"Not yet," Cassie said. "I want to feel you slip that hard cock into me."

Derrick put the tip at opening and pressed forward. Despite the wetness, it was a tight fit. He used only the first inch or so to spread moisture further upward and gradually more slipped in. There was still more than half of it outside when he softly bumped into Cassie's cervix. He knew this was as far as he could go with the tiny girl.

He took his time sawing his cock in and out of Cassie's moist, tight cunt. She kept urging him to go faster but he didn't want to cause her pain. It was evident to him that nothing he did so far had produced even the slightest discomfort.

"I'm cumming again," Cassie said moments after Rita reached down and started to diddle her clit. "Oh, God, Baby, this is so good. Get your panties off, Rita. I want to get you wet for him."

Cassie waited until Rita's thong was on the bed before she pulled the taller girl across her. Rita and Adam were close enough in height to kiss while he fucked Cassie and Cassie licked Rita's twat.

"Damn, Cassie," Rita muttered. "You must have learned the same thing in cheerleading as I did in basketball. You have a great fucking tongue."

"You have a great fucking pussy," Cassie muttered barely distinguishable among the other sounds in the room. Derrick felt Cassie's pussy tighten around his cock again and knew she was climaxing again. She must have signaled Rita somehow because the redhead moved away from Cassie's mouth and lay beside her on the bed.

"My turn, Derrick," Rita told him. "If you make her go off again she'll sleep for a week."

"Do you want to be on top?" Derrick asked again.

"Do you mind?" Rita replied. "I don't get to do that as often as I like."

"Anyway you want," Derrick told her.

"Jesus, Rita, go for every way," Cassie muttered in a thick voice. "That boy has some serious skills. Damn."

Derrick shifted around and Rita climbed atop him. Cassie rolled up to kiss him briefly and then put her head on Derrick's stomach to watch his cock disappear into Rita.

"Take it slow, Sis," Cassie advised. "It's a lot of cock and you've got a really tight box."

Rita nodded.

"Want me to help you line it up?" Cassie offered. She took Derrick's cock in her tiny hand and ran the head through Rita's wet furrow. Then she popped it forward and sucked it into her mouth. "Um, you taste good. We taste pretty good together."

Derrick could not believe how tight Rita's pussy was. It was tighter than even Shelly's – something he didn't think even remotely possible. But it was. It took her several minutes of slow movement before she loosened up enough to accommodate even half of Derrick's thick cock. But she was enjoying it – and Derrick learned the demure Rita had a vocabulary that matched Ashley's when aroused.

"Holy fuck," Rita said. "He is splitting me in half with that big fucking thing."

Derrick had started to shift away from Rita when she said that but she put her hands firmly on his chest.

"This is the best fucking thing I've ever felt, Derrick," she said, her eyes wide. "I am not complaining. I am complimenting you. If I knew you had this in your pants, I would never have been such a twat to you."

Once Rita found her rhythm she started to move with more urgency. Cassie gained her second wind and put her pussy across Derrick's mouth. He had been so focused on making sure Rita was comfortable that he was nowhere near cumming when Rita screamed out her orgasm. He felt her hands on his chest with almost all her weight and Cassie scrambled off his face to help her lay across him.

"That was awesome," Rita said. "I have never cum that hard. I saw stars. I swear to God, I saw stars."

"Let's cut right there," Ashley said. "We need to get some water and a cool rag for Rita. Then we'll reset and see where they want to go from here."

"You weren't kidding!" Cassie said as she drank a bottle of water handed to her by Jenny. "Do you keep four or five girls in reserve just in case he wears you all out?"

Ashley laughed. She knew Cassie had done a lot of scenes and she knew a good one when she saw one. The fact that she was impressed with Derrick's prowess gave a strong sense of pride.

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