Daze in the Valley
Chapter 67

Copyright© 2010 by Jay Cantrell

Drama Sex Story: Chapter 67 - Adam Walters is a 19-year-old farm boy going to college in the big city. Reeling from the deaths of his parents and struggling with the financial hardship those deaths bring, he takes the advice of a friend and enters the porn world. With the aid of his pals - and some exceptional young women - Adam helps to transform a business known for wicked excess and questionable integrity into a stable, profitable enterprise. Note: Codes represent only physical acts between main characters

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Humor   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Size   Slow  

Allie, it turned out, needed no assistance from anyone but Adam. She had already cum four times and she was starting to tire. Still, she didn't want to quit. It still felt good to be wrapped around Adam's pole. It still felt wonderful to have her arms wrapped around his neck and her lips pressed against his.

Karlie took no convincing. She had been given a week's worth of orgasms in a five-hour window and she wanted more. She had never been more aroused in her life. She linked hands with the girls and headed toward the couch.

She saw a fine sheen of sweat across Allie's back. The frantic motions of the early stages of their union were slowed. She was still gliding across Adam's erection, pulling upward until only the head remained inside her then pushing backward until six inches disappeared. She was still kissing Adam – long, passion-filled kisses. One of Adam's hands stroked Allie's sides and her bottom; the other tweaked and rubbed her nipple softly. It was a beautiful sight, Karlie decided.

Sarah directed Karlie to Allie's left side while Shelly took a spot on her right. Allie looked up with a dream-like gaze. The girls saw instantly that she wouldn't need any help from them. Sarah and Shelly had seen the look before – Allie had reached the point where she was cumming almost continually.

"He's doing me so good, Angel," Allie said to Shelly. "So, so good." Shelly offered a smile and leaned forward to capture Allie in a kiss. Allie returned it with enthusiasm.

"Do you mind if we play, too?" Sarah asked from behind Allie. Karlie couldn't decide if she was asking Adam or Allie. Allie answered for both of them.

"I will go off like a bomb if you two help," she said.

"There are three of us," Shelly corrected. Karlie's heart had dropped a little when Allie had mentioned two. The huge smile that lit the small girl's face when she turned to face Karlie brought it even higher than it had been before.

"Even better," Allie said. Karlie noted she hadn't missed a stroke and was still rocking back and forth on Adam's monster – although with far less penetration that she been getting earlier.

Shelly's head dipped downward and latched onto one of Allie's pink nipples. Allie glanced downward at the new sensation then back at Karlie with lust.

"I get the other one," Karlie said. "Do you mind if I kiss you first?"

Allie drew Karlie into a kiss that was just as passionate as the one Karlie saw her share with Adam. Her head continued downward to suck and nibble on Allie's breast bud. It was awkward, so Karlie sat beside Adam on the couch and leaned forward to let her lips encircle the nubbin. She felt a warmth surge through her when she felt Adam's strong hand on her back. She wished she'd taken off her clothes like Allie had.

Allie stiffened a moment later and let out a loud cry.

"Oh, Lover," she said quietly. "She put her tongue in my butt. Oh, God."

The "oh, God" mantra continued for almost a minute before Allie abruptly shifted and stood. She started to rub her clit on her own but Sarah's mouth beat her.

"Cum in my mouth, Cutie," Sarah urged while shifting beneath Allie's pussy. A second later Karlie saw something she had only read about: Allie ejaculated. Her pussy gushed fluid that even Sarah's mouth couldn't catch. Allie was mewling and moaning, her head tossed backward. Adam and Karlie both put their hands around her waist to steady her and keep her from falling backward completely.

Karlie felt a surge of lust race through her. She had helped to cause that reaction. She had helped to stimulate Allie to the point that the awesome-looking redhead had squirted. Allie was trembling so Karlie stood and wrapped her arms around her. Allie put her head on Karlie's shoulder, her mouth hanging open and her eyes glassy. Sarah's top was soaked with Allie's spend. Shelly's face as well as Sarah's glistened with moisture, as did Allie's thighs. Adam's lower legs were wet.

"Help me to the couch," Allie muttered, her voice slurred. Karlie complied and Allie lay down with her head on Adam's stomach. She was so spent that even though she saw the erect cock only inches from her, she knew she couldn't do much with it.

Shelly and Sarah were licking each other's face and bodies clean. It was evident that Allie's reaction had brought their excitement back, too. Adam simply sat on the couch looking sheepish. Karlie decided there was no reason for him to feel that way.

"I guess I get to lick it off of you," she said, kneeling on the floor.

"You don't have to," Adam answered. He knew that Karlie had been reluctant to engage in girl-girl play. Licking a girl's nipples was one thing. Licking her juices off a third person was quite another.

Karlie smiled but didn't answer. She leaned forward and ran her tongue along Adam's knee, getting her first real taste of someone else's cunt cream. It tasted similar to her own, but different. Maybe a hint of spice. It wasn't bad. By the time she had finished one leg and moved to the other, her opinion had been modified from "not bad" to "really good."

The three girls were smiling brilliantly – well, Allie's smile was dimmer but it was still the best she could offer because of the slightly dazed feeling that still pervaded her brain.

"Are you too sore or would you like to see what making love to Adam is like?" Sarah asked.

Karlie pondered the question. She wasn't sore. She had been stretched out but there was no pain. The girls had been right. Adam, in his Derrick persona, had gone to great lengths to ensure she not only enjoyed the sex but that she wouldn't regret it in the morning.

"I'm not sore at all," Karlie said. "And I do want to feel Adam inside me again. But I want to make love with all of you, not just one of you."

"Are you certain?" Adam asked. "You don't have to do anything you don't want. This isn't a test or a requirement."

"I want," Karlie said eagerly. His concern for her overrode any lessening of her stimulation that the pause might have caused. "I really want. God, I love it here. I love the fact that you know me and you still care for me."

"We do, Darling," Allie said. "We really do. We like you a great deal if we're willing to share this with you."

Karlie knew Allie wasn't talking about Adam's dick. She was talking about the entirety of the situation. The overwhelming feeling of acceptance and love that she had experienced over the past two days caused her smile to brighten the room.

"I want to do it just like Allie did," Karlie stated. "I want to have all of you with me. Is that OK?"

"Anything you want," Sarah said. "If we're not doing something you want or we're doing something you don't like, move us. I enjoy doing this with people I love almost as much as I enjoy having it done to me."

She helped Karlie get seated on Adam's lap and lined up his cock for her. Karlie slid backward and it felt even better than it had earlier in the day. The initial nervousness was gone. She not only had secondhand testimony that Adam wouldn't be rough, she knew it from personal experience. It wasn't that she didn't trust the girls. Her actions made it evident that she did. It was just that what one person might find gentle another person might find uncomfortable. Now she knew.

"Where to you want us?" Shelly asked.

"Anywhere, everywhere," Karlie gasped. The girls' fingers had felt wonderful but there was nothing quite like having this particular cock buried inside her. Never again would her fingers be the standard against which all orgasms were measured. She realized that standard was likely to climb even higher in the weeks, months and years to come.

"I saw today you like your butt played with," Shelly said. "Is that OK?"

"God, yes," Karlie moaned. She understood that no one was going to do anything unless she agreed or put them there. "Allie, I know you're tired. But you can shift back to his stomach if you want, maybe lick me down there. I don't think it will take much effort on your part."

Allie felt a surge of renewed energy when she heard that. Karlie wanted her to lick her little pussy. She slid down Adam's chest to his belly. Shelly had moved around behind Karlie. Neither girl moved until the others got their assignments.

"I can't kiss Adam without crushing Allie between us," Karlie said.

"What a way to go," Allie answered.

"So Sarah, I'd like you to kiss me and for Adam to play with my tits," Karlie finished. Allie's tongue darted out and found Karlie's clit. She could taste some of Adam's seed from earlier in the day. It tasted different. It had a different smell. At least twice, Allie had been subjected to cum that had languished in a pussy for hours, both during girl-girl scenes with older actresses. Apparently that was one of the ways they "broke a girl in."

She had found each time revolting. The first time, she had gone along with but kept her tongue mostly above the offending smell and taste. She second time, with a female producer she knew didn't put up with such crap, she asked for the scene to be stopped and for the woman to wash herself.

The producer threw a fit – not at Allie, but at the other actress – and canceled the scene on the spot. Not only was in unsanitary but it presented a health hazard, something that Allie hadn't considered the previous time. Allie was sure she made an enemy for life – but she was OK with that – when the director refused to pay a cancellation fee to the second woman and instead recited a standard contract clause that mentioned creating an unsafe work environment as grounds for stopping the project without compensation.

But this time was different. Maybe it was because Allie knew the source of the protein additive. Maybe because she knew Karlie had never planned to have someone down there. Maybe it was because Karlie had such a pleading tone to her voice when she asked. For whatever reason, Allie found it very enjoyable to lick, nibble and suck on anything she could get her mouth to below Karlie's waist.

Shelly was certain that Karlie just wanted her to finger her butt but she had other plans. She knelt forward and used both of her hands to part the girl's cheeks. She could see Adam's cock disappearing into Karlie's box. She saw Adam's balls glistening with not only Karlie's spend but also what she and Allie had left behind. She timed it as well as she could and licked from Adam's nuts up over the portion of his cock left outside Karlie's twat and didn't stop until her tongue rested on Karlie's asshole.

"Fuck," Karlie murmured. She had fingered herself back there. She even stuck a few items inside of that passage. But no one had ever licked it. Shelly wasn't just flicking around. She was making love to Karlie's anal opening with her tongue. Shelly, for her part, was surprised when the opening parted and the tip of her tongue slid inside. It was a strange feeling and the only reason she didn't find it unpleasant was because of the loud, guttural moan that escaped Karlie's lips.

"She is fucking my ass," she said, her voice ragged. "She is tongue fucking my asshole. Oh, Jesus, that feels incredible, Shelly. So fucking good."

Shelly endeavored to get more of her tongue up the passage but it was fruitless. She would have to be content with what she had accomplished. The lasciviousness of the situation caused her to reach between her own legs and to stroke her clit. Sarah was kissing both Karlie and Adam as frequently as she could. From her standing position, she could see everything. She could look down between the bodies and see Allie's action. She could look down Karlie's back and see Shelly's little pink lips literally wrapped around Karlie's puckered aperture as she tried her best to bring the girl more pleasure. Sarah leaned her head down and whispered to Karlie.

"I bet you would love for me fuck your pussy while Adam fucks your ass, wouldn't you?" she said huskily. "I could get a big strap on and you could have a big cock in your pussy and a bigger cock right in your tiny little asshole."

She had hit on one of Karlie's most frequent masturbatory fantasies – taking two dicks at once. She had been fixated on anal sex since she was in her mid teens. She had overheard a boy at school talking about how his girlfriend had let him put it in her butt. Karlie had tried the act at home that night, using only her finger, and she loved it. It had produced the largest orgasm of her life to that point. She had graduated from her finger to her hairbrush to a candle and finally back to two and then three fingers. It was rare for her to diddle her pussy without also fingering her asshole. She loved the way she could feel the dual intruders through the thin membrane that separated her ass from her cunt. The results were always very satisfactory.

The sensations overwhelmed Karlie again and only Adam's strong hands kept her from toppling off him as she moaned loudly and then went limp.

Karlie took a little longer to open her eyes this time. When she did, she found Adam's face close by as he wiped her head with a cool cloth. The others were doing the same at various places on her body as she lay reclined on the couch.

"Damn," she muttered.

The girls smiled at her.

"We've got your number now," Sarah said. "We know just what you like and don't think we won't use it to our advantage."

Karlie wondered if Sarah really knew what it was the turned her on so much. Sure, the mouth on her clit was great. The words Sarah had whispered helped. What Shelly was doing to her backside felt amazing. Adam's cock in her pussy was terrific. But it wasn't really any one thing that sent her into oblivion.

Just as it wasn't just Derrick Driller's cock driving into her cunt this afternoon that accomplished it.

It was the attention. She loved the fact that Adam – Derrick, she reminded herself – had focused solely on her. He was transfixed by her. Oh, she was certain that he was aware of everyone watching them. But his whole goal was to make her feel wanted and appreciated. He didn't care if anyone else enjoyed the show. She wasn't even certain he cared if he enjoyed the show. But he wanted to make sure she enjoyed it, remembered it and relished it.

The same was true now when all four of them had joined her. They were paying attention to her and what she liked and what she needed. Adam hadn't cum. She was sure of that. She didn't think he was even particularly close. The girls had all gotten their cookies earlier, to some extent. But Karlie didn't think for a minute any of them cared about that. They cared about her – as a person. A glance at the faces around her – except Adam, whose looked betrayed nothing – showed her that they girls understood what she was about. They understood and they accepted it. They accepted her for who she was.

She felt tears welling in her eyes as Adam crouched beside her. She giggled slightly, despite the tears, because his penis was still sticking out obscenely.

"She didn't mean that the way it sounded," Adam said soothingly. It took Karlie a minute to understand what he was saying.

"Oh, I know," Karlie answered, smiling and touching him on the cheek. "Besides, I'm sure if it's to their advantage it will be to mine, too. I just, well, I'm happy I'm here. I'm happy I'm here with all of you."

"We're happy, Darling," Shelly said. "That's your new nickname. Allie is Cutie; Sarah is Sweetie; I'm Angel. We used to have sillier nicknames for each other but we liked these better."

"What's Adam's?" Karlie asked.

"He's got two, depending on the circumstance," Sarah replied. "Sometimes we call him Hon, as in Honey. Other times it's Lover."

"Actually, Lover gets passed around a bit," Adam put forth.

The girls laughed.

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