Daze in the Valley
Chapter 30

Copyright© 2010 by Jay Cantrell

Drama Sex Story: Chapter 30 - Adam Walters is a 19-year-old farm boy going to college in the big city. Reeling from the deaths of his parents and struggling with the financial hardship those deaths bring, he takes the advice of a friend and enters the porn world. With the aid of his pals - and some exceptional young women - Adam helps to transform a business known for wicked excess and questionable integrity into a stable, profitable enterprise. Note: Codes represent only physical acts between main characters

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Humor   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Size   Slow  

Walt and Sean were in their usual spots when Adam arrived. They nodded a greeting and then went back to their video game competition. It ended moments later when Sean's car crashed in a ball of flames.

"Got you, you rat-faced prick," Walt said.

"I thought I was the rat-faced prick," Adam stated. "He is the dickless wonder."

"Oh, yeah," Walt said. "I get you two confused from time to time. My bad. Got you, you dickless wonder."

Sean nodded his head gravely and glanced up at Adam.

"You just couldn't let me be the rat-faced prick for even a little while, could you?" he asked. "I had to go right back to being the dickless wonder."

"Sorry," Adam said. "You can be the rat-faced prick if you want to be."

"Too late," Sean said, breaking into laughter. "I'll be the dickless wonder. Don't worry about my feelings of inadequacy."

Adam plopped down on the sofa and looked at his best friends.

"Uh, listen guys," he said, still wondering if it was a good idea to do what he was doing. "I think the girls might have something up their sleeves."

"Good luck with that in bikinis," Walt jibed.

"You know what I mean," Adam said. "I mean, I think they might have something planned for shock value, you know. Do we want to play along or nix it?"

"What sort of shock value?" Sean asked.

"I can't say but nothing bad," Adam answered. "I promised I wouldn't give away the main surprise. But they planned this thinking I was out of earshot. The nice thing about being a rat-faced prick is the extra hearing it offers."

Walt chuckled.

"So you don't really know what's happening but you suspect it's something," he tried.

"I know part of what's happening but I suspect there is something more," Adam said. "And I gather it was hatched yesterday and that all of them are a part of things."

"Let's just see how it plays out," Sean said with a shrug. "You say it's nothing bad. I can't imagine any of the girls getting involved in something that might get out of hand."

Walt did a double take.

"Play that back in your head," he insisted.

"Yeah, you're right," Sean remarked, shaking his head. "That was stupid and I knew it was stupid when I said it. Let me try this. I can't imagine Allie and Sarah going along with something that might cause hardship."

"Better," Walt supplied. "They might cause hard dicks but not hard ships. That sort of helps with our instructions, too. We're supposed to get to the pool, pull out eight loungers and wait. I assume we're allowed to use three of them. Plus, the girls got dressed in the bathroom. Then put on robes. I don't even know which suit Mary has on, not that she has a selection to pick from."

Adam was torn about alerting his friends but opted against it. They were good sports. They knew the girls would draw appreciative glances regardless of what they wore.

"She had on the one from the lake when I saw her," Adam offered.

Walt laughed.

"Shelly let slip about how hot you think she looks in it," he said. "Maybe it's an all-out tease for Adam."

"Maybe," Adam said. "But if it is and you guys are uncomfortable, say something. I don't want hard feelings between us because they didn't think something through."

"No worries from me," Sean said with a shrug. "I know you won't let things go too far. Besides, if Chelle is teasing you, she won't see me checking out Allie, Sarah and Shelly."

"Ditto," Walt tossed in. "Come on, let's get going. We can have a few minutes of relaxation before they arrive and stir things up."

Adam, Walt and Sean waited for almost a half an hour before the girls made their grand appearance. And no other words besides "grand appearance" could convey the way they walked in. Each wore a silk kimono that hung to her thighs. That drew stares not only from the three men in the lounge chairs but from the half-dozen or so men and women clustered around the pool.

They ushered Walt, Adam and Sean to where they wanted them. Walt was near the right end, with only one chair past him. There were two open chairs on his right, then Adam was stationed. After another empty chair, Sean was ushered. There was a final open chair past Sean on the left.

Mary stood in front of the chair to Walt's right, on the very end. Allie stood in front of the chair beside him and Shelly beside her. After Adam, Sarah stood and Rachelle stood in front of the chair on the other end.

All conversation stopped when, after a nod, five kimonos were untied and dropped from the shoulders. Adam felt his mouth drop and he knew Walt and Sean's were in the same predicament. The first sound he heard was the sound of one of the women on the far side giving her boyfriend a ration of shit for starting so evidently. But who could blame him?

Mary's suit, if it can be called a suit, fit her like a glove. The bottom barely covered her pussy and the top was only two small pieces of fabric that fit over each nipple.

Allie had on a green micro bikini that fit so snugly that Adam was certain he could see her clit poking through. The top was two small triangles on a piece of yellow string.

Shelly wore a red bikini only slightly larger than Allie's. Her nipples were evident as were her puffy pussy lips. The only difference from hers to Allie's was the back of the bottoms. Shelly's was perhaps two inches wide and Allie's was a thong.

Sarah wore a tiny pair of black bikini bottoms held up by suspenders over her shoulders. She had on a tight white bikini top that left nothing to the imagination.

Rachelle stood proudly in a silver suit that came perhaps a millimeter above her pussy lips. The top consisted entirely of a silver piece of material that covered her nipples – barely – and nothing else.

"Good God!" Adam said. He felt a moment away from sensory overload.

"Uh, yeah," Sean uttered. He couldn't decide where to look. He loved Rachelle but none of the girls appeared willing to move until the guys had taken a look at each of them. Mary actually stepped backward so he could get a gaze at her.

"You all look absolutely terrific," Walt came up with. "Did you find new suits yesterday? I didn't think you managed to make it shopping."

"They were a gift from a very dear friend," Rachelle said, finally taking a seat beside Sean. The rest of the girls soon settled down, too.

"These are super expensive," Sean remarked. "Your Dad didn't buy them, did he?"

"God no," Rachelle said. "My Dad still thinks I should be wearing floaties on my arms and a suit with ducks on the butt. These came from Allie."

All heads turned to the redhead sitting to Walt's left.

"I thought they would look good on the girls," Allie said simply. "It turns out I was right."

"Good?" Sean said. "This is not good."

Allie's face clouded before he could finish.

"It's great, Allie," Sean got out quickly when he saw her look. "I mean, you ladies always look good. But this is, well, amazing is a good word."

Allie managed a smile of relief.

"So you're not upset?" Sarah asked. "No one thought you would be but I worried. Some guys get territorial, you know."

"Oh, if anyone comes over to mack on you five, you'll see territorial," Walt said. "But as far as minding if Mary looks like a wet dream come true? I'm OK with it."

"Me, too," Sean said. "I mean, you get used to it. Mary and Chelle turn heads wherever they go. It's no different here. You five would be the best looking women at the pool if you showed up in potato sacks. But this just confirms what everyone here already knew – you are hot."

Reservations quelled, the group settled down for a few minutes of chatting – until Phase II of the operation got under way.

"Sean, you look like you're getting burned," Rachelle said. "Sarah, you've got the lotion. Why don't you put some on his back?"

"Sure, Chelle," Sarah said brightly. "You don't mind, do you, Sean?"

"Uh, no," Sean answered with just a touch of hesitation. He looked toward Adam and winked.

"Walt is going to fry, too," Mary put forth. "I'm too lazy to help. Would you take care of his back, Allie?"

"Be glad to," Allie answered. "I was just getting up for a drink of water. Does anyone else want some?"

No answer came from anyone because she bent forward at the waist to get the water from the cooler and everyone fastened his or her eyes on Allie's ass. She stood up, took an ice cube, and ran it down the front of her torso, trailing water behind it. Then she picked up the lotion as if she hadn't made half the guys in the pool cum in their pants, and poured some on Walt's back.

"Want me to do your back, Mary?" Shelly asked. "You're looking a little pink, too."

"That would be great," Mary replied. "Looks like Walt is going to be tied up for a bit and I don't' want to get burned."

"Could you do me, Adam?" Rachelle asked. There was a clear double entendre but no one mentioned it but her. "I mean could you do my back for me?"

Sean gave Adam the slightest of nods and another wink. He was enjoying Sarah's hands on his back. She almost giving him a massage rather than making sure he didn't get too red. One look down the row showed that Walt and Mary were getting similar treatment.

"Make sure you get my butt good," Rachelle said as Adam knelt beside her. "It doesn't get much sun – as you can plainly see."

There were tan lines but they were hardly noticeable on Rachelle's dusky skin.

"Sure thing," Adam said. He saw another smile cross Sean's lips so he knew he wasn't in dangerous territory.

Adam started at Rachelle's shoulders, taking care not to get lotion on her new suit. He bypassed her nicely rounded behind on the first go, running his hands down her thighs to start with. Then he lifted her leg and gave her calf a nice, thorough massage.

"That feels wonderful," Rachelle gasped when Adam kneaded her calf muscle and her ankle. "Where did you learn that?"

"I just saw Sarah do it to Sean," Adam admitted. "It looked like he enjoyed it so I thought you might, too."

"I do," Rachelle said. She gasped again when Adam massaged the instep of her foot and then beneath the toes. "Oh, wow!"

"I've heard women's shoes sometimes create tension spots here," Adam remarked. "Guess it was right."

"Do my other leg," Rachelle said. When she shifted, she spread her legs obscenely, to the point Adam knew beyond a doubt that her pussy was completely bare just like she'd promised. He gulped, the first sign any of the men had of cracking under the strain of the teasing. But he averted his eyes and started to rub her other leg, her hips gyrating beneath the tiny suit.

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