Daze in the Valley
Chapter 21

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Drama Sex Story: Chapter 21 - Adam Walters is a 19-year-old farm boy going to college in the big city. Reeling from the deaths of his parents and struggling with the financial hardship those deaths bring, he takes the advice of a friend and enters the porn world. With the aid of his pals - and some exceptional young women - Adam helps to transform a business known for wicked excess and questionable integrity into a stable, profitable enterprise. Note: Codes represent only physical acts between main characters

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Humor   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Size   Slow  

The girls forced Adam to draw first.

He had already pretty much persuaded himself that staying in Allie's apartment was a good idea. The information that Mary and Walt were involved in a bout of hot monkey love removed any doubt. Not only did they deserve the privacy, he deserved the relative quiet of being somewhere else.

Adam held out the eight of diamonds for inspection. Shelly went next and came up with jack of spades. Sarah pulled out the nine of hearts, leaving only Allie to draw. Allie surveyed the three faces in front of her and realized it didn't matter to her what partner she drew. She would be just as happy sleeping with Adam or Shelly as Sarah. She smiled inwardly and pulled a card from the deck.

"Is an ace high or low?" she wondered.

"High," Adam answered immediately. "I mean, it's always high isn't it?"

"Don't play much poker do you?" Sarah joked. "An ace is high or low depending. But he's right. For our purposes, high is fine. So you're with Adam and I'm with Shelly. Cool."

Allie shrugged and laid down the four of diamonds.

"I was just asking for the next time we use this method," she joked. "Come on, Shelly. Let's get ready for bed."

Shelly leaned forward and gave Sarah a firm kiss on the lips – then traced her hands down the girl's torso and fondled her breasts lightly. Allie took her cue and sat down on Adam's lap. She kept her hands about his waist but kissed him with as much passion as she ever had kissed a man. She sighed when she felt his hands first on her small breasts and then on her butt. She tried to press tighter toward him but their clothing prevented her from getting as close as she wanted to.

"See you in the morning," she said, when she finally pulled back. She hopped off his lap and switched places with Shelly. Shelly straddled Adam's waist – and Allie did the same to Sarah. The sounds of passionate kissing and soft moans filled the air as each couple let their hands wander wherever they could reach. Shelly was surprised when she felt cool air on her breasts and realized Adam had slipped her shirt up. His hands were incredible on her sensitive nipples and she gasped out loud when he dipped his head down and sucked on them into his mouth.

"I'll bet she could cum from just having her nipples sucked," Allie whispered to Sarah. "I'll let you know in the morning. Wait, that doesn't count as oral, right?"

"No," Sarah said. "It doesn't count as oral."

She and Allie returned to kissing the other good night. After a few more moments, the couples parted and went to their separate bedrooms. Sarah wasted no time in pulling the band from her hair and letting it loose. She turned to look at Adam, who appeared somewhat nervous.

She went and took his hand and led him over to the bed.

"I think for safety's sake you should keep your underwear on," she said. "I don't wear clothes to bed but I can if you want me to."

"No, it's OK," Adam answered quickly. Sarah smiled and leaned in to kiss him. The kiss started tentative but progressed more quickly than Sarah would have guessed. She felt heat rising in the pit of her stomach when Adam ran his hands up her back and through her hair. She pulled back and licked her tingling lips.

"We have some ground rules," she said.

"I overheard them," Adam admitted. "I'm fine with them and you don't have to do anything at all you if you're uncomfortable."

Sarah's laughter filled the room.

"I can't do half the things I really want to," she said. "So, let's just kiss and see where it leads."

Things progressed much quicker in the other bedroom. Allie had barely cleared the doorframe when Shelly was naked and laying on the bed, her arms and legs spread wide to Allie. Allie laughed and pulled off her top and unhooked her bra.

"I am going to kiss every freckle on your chest," Shelly said. "Twice."

Allie blushed a little. In her relationships with other females, she had taken the lead, been the pursuer – at least initially. But there was no mistaking the fact that Shelly found her desirable.

"And I am going to lick and suck and bite your nipples until you leave a huge wet spot on the bed," Allie replied. "I have a bet that I can make you cum without even touching your sweet little pussy."

Shelly's nipples became even harder at the prospect of that. Until that time, she had been the only person to ever play with her breasts. Adam's gentle touches and warm tongue had shown her how great it could feel to have someone else play with them and she was interested to see what Allie could do.

There was no hesitation when Allie lay down. Shelly rolled toward her and kissed her deeply.

"There is no rule about how often I can get you off with my finger," Shelly whispered. "So we might go for the record tonight."

Her head bobbed down and her tongue licked one of the smallish pebbles that rose from Allie's tiny breasts. She regretted the rules she had agreed to so readily because she could smell the arousal emanating from Allie's pussy. Shelly would have enjoyed nothing more than continuing her trek down Allie's torso to locate the source of the fragrance.

Allie was fastidious about her appearance. She was always well groomed and she smelled like lilac body lotion. Even her hair smelled delicious, Shelly decided as her mouth worked its way back upward, paying special to kiss all the freckles, which came to the front as the blush of desire spread across Allie's chest.

Allie's mouth met Shelly's at the same time Shelly's fingers darted between the redhead's slender legs and brushed against her clit. Allie was no stranger to pleasuring herself. Often her video shoots would provide just enough stimulation to get her going without providing enough to get her over the edge. She would take care of that aspect in the shower afterward. Even the scenes with other girls lacked the emotional attachment she already felt for Shelly.

Shelly's touch was light but not tentative. Her fingers teased Allie's clit deliciously, sweeping downward momentarily to scoop up moisture from her drench pussy hole and bringing it up to her bump at the top. But Shelly's movements were nothing like Allie's. Allie used a hard circular motion to achieve orgasm. Shelly would drag her digits one at a time over the bundle of nerves, prolonging the pleasure for several seconds. Then she would drag her fingernails softly across Allie's clit on their downward trek.

Allie moaned loudly and pulled Shelly into a tighter kiss. Shelly lost her rhythm momentarily as Allie pulled firmly on her nipple, sending a hot spark straight to Shelly's clit. Allie's other hand was trapped beneath Shelly's neck and she was at her mercy. She couldn't think of a better place to be in the world because Shelly was bringing her to places she had never been with just a finger before.

Shelly's tongue darted into Allie's mouth at the same instant her slim finger penetrated the young woman's pussy lips to her warm center. A thumb brushed over her clit and Allie felt the first rush of her impending orgasm nearing. Shelly sensed this and her thumbed worked more insistently on the slightly raised nub as first one finger then a second sped up their motions a little lower.

At precisely the right moment, Shelly switched from her thumb to the palm. The change in texture and pressure gave Allie the boost she needed. Shelly felt Allie stiffen beneath her and she curved her fingers, searching for any way to help Allie feel good.

She must have succeeded because Allie went off like a rocket. She broke the kiss as her head thrashed from side to side, red hair spilling out across the pillow. Her hips humped against the invaders in her wet twat, increasing the pressure of her clit against Shelly's palm. The sensation seemed to roll through her forever. Finally her free hand found Shelly's wrist and pulled her hand away. It was too much, even though Allie wished to continue.

"My God!" she said. Her voiced sounded breathy and slurred. "You just made me fucking cum in like three minutes! Damn girl."

She pulled Shelly down for another soulful kiss. The feeling of Shelly's nipples against hers sent a thrill through both of them. Allie knew she could roll right over and go to sleep almost instantly. The orgasm she had just experienced was far more than she could have managed herself. In fact, outside of the very thorough fucking she'd received on Thursday, it was probably the best she'd ever had. It was without a doubt the most intense solo session she'd ever had.

As her breath came back to her, she grabbed Shelly's shoulders and pushed her back on the bed. Allie had been with several women in her life – professionally and personally. She knew she could give back to Shelly what Shelly had given to her or maybe even more. She kissed Shelly warmly, lovingly. She figured that Shelly was used to rougher treatment but she probably had only one experience – the night before – with anyone who was interested even in the slightest in her pleasure.

Shelly's eyes already had a lustful sheen. Her breathing was already coming quicker than usual. There was no mistaking the smell of arousal coming from her pussy. Allie was familiar with her own scent. The smell from Shelly's opening was thicker, muskier than her own. She had tasted the fluids directly from the source only two days before and it was wonderful. A heady, full flavor. It certainly didn't taste of the remnants of alcohol, marijuana and tobacco that her female co-stars were afflicted with. Sarah's hadn't either.

Shelly almost came when Allie put her warm mouth over her breast and sucked in not only her nipple but the areola. Her lips locked tightly around the orb as her tongue and teeth danced a rhythm across the distension. Shelly thought Allie might live up to her promise and make her cum without even touching her pussy. In fact, she felt a small orgasm wash over her from just anticipation as she felt Allie's fingers gliding slowly and softly over her flat stomach. Allie's fingers parted her sparse pubic hair and found her clit.

Shelly's experience mirrored Allie's as she found the sensation of a different set of hands on her most intimate area utterly stimulating. Allie traced slight circles around Shelly's clit, never breaking contact but alternating the intensity of her touch. Shelly couldn't keep her hips still. They moved in cadence with Allie's ministrations. She raised her ass off the bed to try to increase the contact and gasped when she felt a wet fingertip slip past her rosebud and into her anus. The downfall of her hips pushed the middle finger of Allie's left hand further up Shelly's asshole. Allie's thin index finger slipped easily into Shelly's soaked but incredibly tight pussy.

The feeling of having both of her holes plundered in unison was too much for the inexperienced girl. Her own hands found her long nipples and she tugged on them urgently as the start of her orgasm come to a head. Taking her cue from Shelly's fierce pulls at the tender breasts, Allie slipped her right hand downward and delivered a series of short, firm taps on Shelly's clit. The moan of excitement would have awakened the neighbors – if Allie had any.

"Oh, fuck, that's it," Shelly said loudly. "Right the fuck there. Harder in my ass. Put your finger all the way up my asshole."

Shelly's thrashing accomplished that task before Allie could act. It also drove Allie's thumb from the base of Shelly's sensitive bump into the woman's pussy, sending forth another series of moans from the girl lying on her back.

"God, Allie," Shelly said, again louder than she thought she had. "Fuck that cunt. Fuck my ass. I'm going to fucking cum again. You're fucking making me cum again!"

Allie thought Shelly might wind up breaking her fingers off with her movement. She could feel Shelly's vaginal muscles trying to milk cum from a non-existent cock and Shelly's anal muscles contracting tightly around the finger there. With a shuddering breath, the muscles relaxed and Allie retrieved her fingers, but not before tapping gently on Shelly's clit two or three more times, cause Shelly's breath to catch in her throat.

Allie leaned forward and brought her hand to her mouth to lick off the juices. She was surprised when Shelly started to lick the other side of her finger and sucked the digit that had been up her ass into her mouth, with her tongue circling it completely.

"You gorgeous fucking bitch," Shelly whispered as she pulled Allie down to kiss her. "You gorgeous fucking, perverted fucking bitch. You just fucked me in the ass. It's a good fucking thing I'm not in porn. I would insist on two fucking cocks every scene."

As Allie kissed her, the excitement of Shelly's orgasm faded and she became less profane and more passionate. Her kisses became less those of a lover and soon moved to a kiss of someone who was loved.

Sarah and Adam lay on the bed, both fully clothed, for several minutes. Their kissing grew progressively warmer and their hands soon found new and interesting items to caress. Sarah couldn't remember the last time if felt so good just to make out with someone. Kissing Adam was different from anything she had done before. His tongue didn't force its way into her mouth. He didn't crush her lips with his or attempt to swallow half of her face. Even her former boyfriends had only used kissing as a prelude for the next step. It was never an event unto itself – until now.

When he gently sucked on her lower lip, offering a small playful bite, she wished she had the foresight to remove her shorts before she had lain down. As it was, they were going to have to stop kissing when they got to that point.

Her hands untucked Adam's shirt without breaking their joining and she felt the strong, tight muscles of his stomach and chest. Adam followed her lead and pulled her shirt upward until it bunched above her breasts. There was no fumbling when he found the catch to her bra. She felt her breasts fall free and then Adam's warm hands brushing across her nipples.

He was so gentle it felt like a feather. It was not the pinching and pulling she had become accustomed to. She felt her nipples grow harder than they ever had in her life. Every small brush across the raised buds sent a chill through her. Adam gently kneaded Sarah's large breasts, drawing a moan from the woman into his mouth. Sarah was surprised when Adam gasped slightly when she brushed across his nipples.

She found that she was unconsciously rubbing her covered pussy against Adam's leg. She felt the wetness and knew she was leaving a stain in her shorts but she hoped the stain would be much larger before long. She felt a slight tugging at the button of her shorts and heard the zipper go downward. A hand slid past her pubic hair. She shifted slightly, allowing Adam access to her core.

He was ever so gentle. He didn't jam his hands into her pants. He slid them slowly downward, taking great care not to pull her nether hair. Sarah lifted her hips slightly and felt the soaked material pull away from her slit and Adam's warm hand replace it.

"Incredible" was the only word that popped into Sarah's mind to describe what she was feeling. Adam wasn't finger-fucking her like most guys did. He was making love to her with his hand. His palm grazed her clit and she saw spots appear before her eyes. She felt his warm chest against her breasts. His other hand continued to play with her nipple, sending even more sensations to a brain that was close to overloading as it was.

She wanted to mount him. She wanted to rip his shorts down, grabbed his raging cock and plunge it as deeply into her pussy as she could get it. She wanted to ride that hard-on for as long as he could keep it up. Her pussy opened to accommodate one of his thick fingers as Sarah threw her leg over Adam's. His hand was trapped between them. She felt the probing digit in her moist opening and his rough but gentle hand against her clit.

Sarah closed her eyes and imagined Adam beneath her. She was sliding up and down on his pole, urging him to shoot his cum deep into her pussy. His finger was his cock. His hand was his pubic bone. He was so close to cumming and in her mind, she felt the hot jism spurt into her just as she went over the edge herself.

Only when she opened her mouth to moan did she realize that they had kissed the whole time. Their lips had never parted. Her arms flew around Adam's neck and she kissed him with as much passion as she had stored up inside her. It was a kiss filled with satiation but also with promise. She knew – she absolutely knew – that the images that flashed through her mind weren't fantasies. They were a premonition of what the future held.

With a slight grunt, she broke the kiss and rolled off Adam. Her shirt was twisted around her torso and her bra was half hanging off. Her shorts were down to her thighs.

"Thank you," she said. It felt so inadequate for what he had just given to her but it was all she could offer. She felt tears leaking down her cheeks. He kissed them away and she tugged his lips back to hers for another long, satisfying kiss.

"I've never felt so wanted," she said when she finally pulled away from the kiss. "I've never, ever had someone who didn't want to just use me to get himself off. I can't believe I came so hard from that. I can't believe we kissed the whole time. I..."

She faltered again, feeling a warmth spread across her as Adam gazed across at her. His soft eyes telling that she was wanted, that she was desired. Not just her parts, her pussy, but all of her. He found all of her desirable. She leaned across and nuzzled against his neck just as Shelly announced her orgasm to the world.

"Well, apparently it is contagious," Sarah said, the romantic mood broken. Adam leaned forward and kissed her again. Just like that, it was if they had not heard a sound from the next room. They were the only two people in the universe again.

"Can I tell you something without you laughing?" she asked.

"Of course," Adam said.

"I want you to tell me when you're close to cumming," she said. "I want us both naked on this bed and I want to watch you cum on my tits. But until then, I want to kiss you some more."

She leaned forward and kissed Adam gently for a brief moment before standing and struggling out of her twisted clothing. She felt Adam place a soft kiss on each of her breasts and then on her smooth stomach.

"You are absolutely beautiful," Adam said with awe in his voice. "Sarah, you are the most physically beautiful woman I have ever known. And the inside is as beautiful as the outside. I can't tell you how happy I am to be here with you."

"I'm happy, too," she said. She straddled his lap and kissed him again. He felt her pulling the bottom of his shirt upward and broke the kiss long enough to pull it over his head. Sarah's eyes never left his as she knelt on the floor and motioned for him to lift his hips. She pulled his shorts and his boxers down in one movement. Her eyes dipped momentarily to his cock which jutted out in front of him. A wicked gleam entered her eyes as she took the copious amount of pre-cum that leaked out of the tip and spread it around.

Then she reached into a box beside her bed and produced a bottle of clear liquid. She poured some of it over her hands and more over the tip of his cock.

"It's warming gel," she said as her hands started slowly manipulating his dick and spreading the movement everywhere. "I use it when I have to attend to my own needs."

Sarah stood up and maneuvered Adam to his back. She knelt beside him and kissed him as her hand went up and down the length of his cock. He trembled when she fondled his full balls for a while before moving upward.

As the intensity of her kiss picked up, so did the speed of her hand. Sarah thought back to the last scene she had done – jerking off two fat guys in Miami. For some reason, she had initially expected this exercise to be similar. She had little experience with hand jobs, particularly since she learned about fucking and blowjobs.

There was no sensuality in Miami. Her only goal was to get the two cocks off as fast as she could, collect money and get out. The guy' goal was pretty much the same. They wanted to cum. There had been fumbling attempts to stick a finger in her dry pussy. She purposefully had not lubed up because she didn't want the guys to get the idea that anything was going inside her.

But now was entirely different. She could feel moisture on her thighs. Her pussy was crying out for Adam's cock to be inside her where it belonged. She thought he must be reading her mind because his fingers started to lightly stroke her clit. She couldn't understand how she could be so aroused again so quickly just from playing with a guy's dick and having him stroke her clit. Still, she couldn't deny it.

Inspiration struck. She wasn't sure she could do it but she wanted to try.

"Tit fuck me," she said. She hated to break the kiss but she wanted this. Boys had been obsessed with her tits since they made their grand appearance when she was in her early teens. The boy who took her cherry would barely speak to Sarah the girl. But he was all about the set of jugs that Sarah toted around with her. All the boys she had fucked had asked – at one point or another – if they could fuck her tits and cum on her face.

She had always said no or changed the subject. But she wanted Adam to do just that. She shifted on the bed and poured liquid from the tube between her breasts and smeared it around. The warm sensation on her breasts made her even hornier.

"I've never tried this," Adam said.

"Me either," Sarah replied. "We'll see how it feels for both of us."

Adam was amazed at the sensation when he put his cock between Sarah's orbs and she squeezed them around it. He could see her pinching her nipples and using her hands to continue stroking his erection as it passed between her tits. Once they had a decent rhythm established Adam knew he would cum quickly. He reached behind him and started to play with Sarah's sweet pussy again.

"Oh, that's good," she said. "We will be doing this again and again. Jesus, Adam, to think I wasn't sure if I would like this. Is it good for you?"

Adam could only grunt. He knew in only a minute or so he would be shooting jet after jet of hot cum onto Sarah's magnificent mounds. He answered by speeding up his fingers on her pussy. Sarah's own hands were on her nipples and Adam's palm was rubbing her clit. She hesitated for a moment before asking for what she needed to get off.

"Put your finger in my butt," she begged. "Just a little bit, the tip. That's it, oh shit Adam. I'm cumming again."

"Me, too," Adam grunted. Sarah, despite her mind careening around the galaxy, focused on what she was doing. She released her own breasts and started stroking Adam's cock feverishly. She used a greasy hand to pull him forward a bit, forcing a tiny bit more of his finger up her tight ass. She grunted in pleasure and she felt his dick throb in her palm. She lifted her face off the pillow just as the first rope exploded from the prick she was adoring. It caught her on the nose and the second landed in her open mouth. She wished she had used a flavored lubricant instead of something oil-based because rules or no rules, she would have sucked his cock until there was no cum left in his body.

Sarah relaxed her hand slightly and the third jet covered her from chin to forehead. She continued to jack Adam's cock until the final spurts dripped down on her tits. She looked up to see his head thrown back and his chest heaving. She realized his finger was still in her asshole and his palm was still resting against her pussy which was spasming happily. The taste of Adam's cum and the feeling of it on her face, neck and breasts – coupled with the finger in her backside – had prolonged and intensified her orgasm.

She felt an emptiness when Adam's finger slipped from her butt. He reached for the first thing he could find – his shirt – and started to wipe Sarah's face. But she stopped him.

"Leave it for a second," she said. He slipped off of her. Her tits were shiny with his spend and the gel. Her face was plastered with his cum. A little of it dripped from the corner of her mouth. As he stood up, he saw Sarah's thighs were covered with her own secretions. He smiled at her and she laughed.

"I'm going to next door to see if those sluts want to give me a tongue bath while it's still warm," she said. "Then we got to change these sheets."

Adam helped her to her feet, unsure about whether she was joking about the visit to the next room. Apparently she wasn't, because she walked though their door, stopping to beckon Adam to join her, and entered Allie's room without knocking. Adam followed along, his cock starting to droop and the final vestiges of his semen leaking out the end.

Allie and Shelly were awake and kissing on the bed. They looked up when Sarah entered and laughed at the messy girl.

"I came to see if you wanted to share my good fortune and you laugh at me," she said in a mock pout as she pulled some cum from the side of her face into her mouth. She swallowed it greedily and smacked her lips. "But I guess I have my answer."

"Wait," Allie said. She sat up and gave Sarah a long lick up her cheek. "Still warm. Nice."

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