An Incestuous Episode: Jack and Etta

by The Purvv

Copyright© 2010 by The Purvv

Erotica Sex Story: A 14-year-old girl can't help but to notice a subtle change of attitude in her father toward her and soon his sneak peaks arouse her. Then they find themselves alone for the night. As the title says, this is an episode, nothing more.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Incest   Father   Daughter   First   .

It had only started a couple of months ago. Etta had known about incest but it was in an abstract way, because the 14-year-old girl was still a virgin and also because she didn't know of anyone that was directly involved in the forbidden practice.

That changed when she found out that one of her best friends was having sex with her own father. Upon hearing of that, the shocked girl talked to her own parents about what she had found out. Although both of them told her how wrong sex was between family members, to her surprise her mother somewhat condoned the practice, telling her not to condemn her friend because there was no way of knowing if maybe she was forced or even if maybe there was something in her genes that fueled the urges. And even though her father didn't comment, Etta couldn't help but notice that as she and her mother discussed this topic, he seemed to be studying her reaction.

Etta was very confused. The thought that things like that could happen was something that she had not honestly believed until now.

It seemed as if from that day forward, her father was looking at her more intently than he had ever done before, and Etta couldn't help but notice. First, he was seemingly studying her face, and soon his eyes began drifting to her body, most notably her breasts. Her immediately reaction to this was embarrassment, but that began to change when his attention started to cause a heated flush within her.

As the days passed, the 14-year-old girl began to take notice that whenever her mother was not around, her father's eyes were looking more and more at her body; and no longer was he stealing looks at her breasts only. On more than one occasion, with her back to him, Etta would glance around and find him looking at her buttocks.

The youngster could feel that there was something more than a fatherly interest, especially when she caught him stealing glances, looking directly into her crotch. By then she was also noticing a strange (masculine?) look in her father's eyes as he looked at her body. Soon, this toppled over into her own feelings of heat within her body, when he would stare at her. It was only a short time after she began to suspect her father had sexual thoughts about her that Etta happened to glance at his crotch. It was then that she confirmed her suspicions, when she managed to see that he was aroused.

Her immediate reaction was fear. For a few nights after her realization, as she lay in her bed, she toyed with the idea of telling her mother what she suspected, but when the initial shock eased, she began to rethink her position. It wasn't as if her father was attacking her. Besides, she knew that she was quite a hot looking girl; even some of the seniors in school were after her.

Her dad was only normal, she told herself. Men looked at girls, she knew. She and her girl friends discussed that on more than one occasion; it seemed as if a guy at any age would look at a girl, no matter how young. They were often surprised to catch some of the male teachers eyeing them up.

Etta wouldn't be able to put a finger on just when her thoughts began to transform further, but the truth was that with each passing day she was not only accepting her father's stares more and more, but indeed, she was actually becoming somewhat heated by them, and she began to return his interest. Two or three times a night she would catch him looking at her and would look up to his face; staring at him until he ceased ogling when he realized that she was watching him. Then he would look up into her eyes and they would stare at each other.

The 14-year-old beauty came to the full truth one Tuesday evening. Usually, Etta didn't remove her bra until she put on her night things, but on this night, because her nipples were super sensitive and sore, right after dinner she went up to her room and rid herself of the encumbrance of the restraining garment. With her boobs free beneath her shirt, she felt much relieved.

Shortly thereafter, while her mother was not around in the living room, she happened to bend down while facing her dad. Then, while still in the bent position, she suddenly realized that if her father was looking, he had a clear view down her shirt front and her breasts.

She lifted her head. He was!!!!

Then they both raised their eyes to one another. A soft half smile came to his lips and he then looked back down into the shadows of her flesh. Although Etta was flushed from nervousness, she was also flushed and heated from the feelings that her father's eyes on her flesh were causing. Of course, she should have immediately straightened up, but instead, the youngster remained in that position for almost fifteen seconds, until the sound of her mother returning back into the room alerted her; only then did she stand upright again.

Her mother took no notice of what had been happening. She sat alongside her husband and immediately began to watch the TV. Etta looked at her father and could see how excited the whole incident had gotten him. His face still had the look of one who was caught doing something wrong. The 14-year-old girl could also see that he shifted himself so that his wife wouldn't notice the hardness in his pants. Her father had apparently gotten a hard-on from looking at her!!!

For weeks this went on. Etta's masturbation fantasizes switched from a few of her singing idols to her father. After much struggling with the truth, she finally admitted to herself that her father wanted her and she actually was feeling 'something' for him... sexually!!!

By the time of Etta's oldest sister's first anniversary, both she and her dad knew that if they ever found themselves alone, that something explosive might happen. When her sister asked her mom to watch the baby while she and her husband celebrated by spending Saturday night at a motel, both Etta and her dad realized the potential.

For most of Saturday, whenever Jack looked at his daughter, their eyes would meet and it was as if they were talking without words. Etta could sense that this would be the night that her father would approach her. As excited as she was at that thought, she was just as afraid. She couldn't be sure how this was going to unfurl and she had no idea what her response was going to be.

At 10 o'clock, she went to bed, as was her usual Saturday night time. Her mother had to be at her sister's by 11 and Etta had deduced that if her father was actually going to do things with her, he would come up by her as soon as her mom left.

For the next fifteen minutes she struggled with herself, until finally her weeks of secret urges culminated in a decision. 'Okay daddy, I'm yours!' she thought. Lying in her bed in only her panties, she suddenly slid her hands down. Lifting her hips, she pushed them down her legs and off of her ankles. Then she turned out all the lights except the dim table lamp, lay back, after lying beneath the sheet, and nervously awaited for what she knew was going to happen.

Fifteen minutes later she heard the footsteps coming up the stairs. Her little heart began to beat harder and she fought the fright that was going through her.

Then her door pushed open gently. Her father stepped into the room and looked over toward her bed. Etta was looking into his face; she looked frightened. He closed the door behind him and continued to look toward his daughter. He could see her heavy breathing beneath the sheet.

Jack had realized for weeks now that this was going to happen. As much as both of them knew how wrong it was, father and daughter wanted each other!!! There was no stopping this!!! He opened his robe and let it fall off of his shoulders as he approached her bed.

The youngster's heart was beating even harder now as she suddenly realized that her father was not wearing anything. His cock stood out, erect and proud.

Softly he spoke, his tone assured. "Let me see you baby."

Etta's mind wanted to run away, but her body was aching. These weeks of fantasizing and masturbating had her in knots. As afraid as she was, she obeyed. With some trepidation, she tossed the sheet from her body to her side and lay there openly.

Jack appraised his young daughter before him. She had very small breasts, which were still developing. Her mound was only partially covered with soft downy hair that did not hide her womanly treasure.

Etta lay on the bed and felt lost in the soft embrace of the mattress. It was wonderful. Her father joined her on the bed.

"Daddy..." she said with a worried tone.

He put his finger to her lips. "Shush."

Finally, he leaned over her and pressed his lips to hers. It was a long melting kiss. This was not her father, but her lover! Etta moaned quietly. She felt his hand on her belly and she trembled. It moved across her soft flesh, closer and closer to her breasts. Etta felt her skin becoming warm and she experienced strange feelings again. There was warmth and dampness between her legs. Her father's fingers found her breasts, circling them, then closing on her nipple. She gasped at the sensation.

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