Tis the Season

by The Purvv

Copyright© 2010 by The Purvv

Erotica Sex Story: A teacher becomes obsessed with a 17-year-old student, who has a crush on him. He manages to keep lustful feelings to himself until one day when he finds that his wife has been cheating on him, which leads to some hot sex. The love/rape scene is a little rougher than many would like to read.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Rape   Pregnancy   Teacher/Student   .

Author's Note: This story was constructed a few years back at the request of a teen reader, one of the most remarkable young girls that I ever had the pleasure of dealing with. There is no doubt in my mind that if she had wanted to, she could have written this on her own and made something that I would have been proud of to read. As it was, there are a couple of big paragraphs that she wrote at my request. I argued to put her as a co-author but she insisted that she did not want her name associated with this story, preferring to remain anonymous.

Part 1

Daniel had determined that he was going to 'confess' to his wife. After all, their ten-year marriage was nothing, if not based on faith, honesty and trust. As soon as his sixth period class was over he was going to skip the 7th and head home early. He had arranged for a substitute teacher to take the next class for him, and a fellow teacher was going to do him a favor and pick up his kids at their school for him.

He had been agonizing over this for two months; today was the day. He and Martha had gone through a lot together. They had first met when he first entered college and within a year, while he was still a freshman, they had gotten married. Their two children were born before he even graduated. Those were hard times for the young couple. She stuck with him and even helped finance his tuition by working two jobs, while juggling that around her motherly duties. In addition, those first few years that he taught as a replacement teacher were just as tough on her, but they managed to get through it all together. As he built up his tenure during the last seven years at Tilton High School, things became easier on the young couple.

Now at 34, Daniel was breezing along and living a relatively happy life with Martha and the two kids. His whole demeanor and lifestyle made him probably the most well-liked and well-respected teacher in the school. With his seven years of permanence, he was the senior English teacher.

Daniel was a religious and righteous family man whose affability and charisma made him a favorite amongst his peers. Moreover, that same charisma made him a favorite of almost all of his students. His strong looks were quite impressive while wearing casual suits with slacks and ties that took conscious thought about his appearance. He had a buzz cut that actually made him seem a couple of years younger than his age. In addition, his dark, good looks with his trendy and dark facial hair and his attentiveness in his dressing habits made him especially a favorite of the girls. However, he was always careful not to get too personal with any of the kids -- until now.

He looked up from the book that he had opened and glanced up at the object of his distress.

Sitting in the front row of his 6th period class was the girl who was, by far, the student with the most potential. Her essays and poetry were a breath of fresh air in this era of slackers and loadies. During the two months of class, Daniel's intellectual side was quickly drawn to the girl whom he found to be a witty companion in the pre and post class moments.

More and more the teacher found himself lingering nearer to her desk and maintaining eye contact with her over the other students, as though her opinion on his lectures were truly of great value to him.

However, it wasn't just her words and thoughts that had him focused on her. She also was an extremely attractive girl and, fortunately, not one of the common cheerleader types that leapt around school giggling and gossiping. She stood maybe around 5'5" with full raven curls that he accurately guessed were not naturally shaded as such. She had large dark eyes and a dazzling smile that glowed when she chose to show it.

She wasn't an outcast among her peers; nevertheless, she steered clear of them by her own choice. He admired that in her.

Her clothing always had somewhat of a morbid touch. Dark colors, lace and satin always draped her well-curved body. The necklines of her blouses always dipped low, while her skirt-lengths were always borderline scandalous. This, of course, drew a great deal of attention from him. She had an almost artistic quality ... which might even be described as beautiful.

As a well-educated man, Daniel was drawn to her on many obvious levels. He wasn't sure when his interest in her as an intellectual equal shifted to a near-obsession of her as something to be owned -- taken.

Although the frequency of sexual intercourse in Daniel's otherwise apparently sound marriage had declined sharply over the past several months, he did not connect that fact to his growing sexual obsession with his young student.

But once the idea was planted in his head, he found that he could not shake it loose, putting him in a dangerous and stressful yet, intriguing position; which is exactly why he had to tell his wife. He needed someone to guide him so that he didn't step over the unseen line.

As Daniel fought with himself, he was becoming more and more terrified in his growing fixation for his student, afraid that some other student or a fellow teacher would notice. Indeed he was becoming so frightened with his thoughts that he even had considered just hopping onto a plane; deserting his family. Even that would be preferable than a criminal conviction for acting on his thoughts.

On this day he finished off the class and did not leave any questions open. He didn't want any of the students lingering to take up his time. As soon as the kids filed out of his class he hurried to the parking lot, got into his car and headed for home, determined that this was the answer to his problem.

About three miles later he was in his little community and nearing his house. He brought the car to a halt as he approached the corner stop sign. About to turn onto his block he looked out of his driver side window, toward his house. It was then that he saw his neighbor Adam coming out of the front door of their (Daniel and Martha's) house. He watched the man trot across the street toward his own house and go inside.

'I wonder what he wanted?' Daniel asked himself, but brushed the thought aside as he drove up to his house. He pulled into the driveway, got out and entered his house, expecting to see Martha downstairs. He was somewhat surprised not to find her there, because their neighbor had just left. He went upstairs, thinking she must have gone up immediately after Adam left. When he reached the top of the stairs he heard the water running in the shower. This startled him completely.

She must have gone up as soon as her neighbor had left and that surprised Daniel, especially because the front door was left unlocked. He walked into their bedroom to await her and suddenly he was taken aback. Martha was impeccable and always had the house immaculate. Yet now he found the bed completely unmade and in disarray. Scattered about on the floor were his wife's skirt, blouse, panties, bra and shoes. Suspicion started to creep into his brain as he looked around. In the background he barely heard the water to the shower as his eyes became riveted to the white blobs of sticky liquid in the middle of his mattress.

Soon he heard Martha start to shut down the water in the shower. She would be drying herself off and be out of the bathroom in a minute or two. Daniel reacted. Instead of waiting to confront her, he knew that he now had the excuse that he needed. He hurried out of the room soundlessly. Without losing a step he silently rushed down the stairs and out of the house.

Part 2

It was later that night when the final pieces were put into place in Daniel's brain. Although he was hurt to the point where he would have loved to kill his wife, he was also grateful that he had been able to find out about her infidelity before he spilled his guts to her about how he was feeling toward young Sarah. As he lay in bed pondering what happened with his wife and what was happening to him, he began to realize that this was the best thing that could have occurred.

Now that he didn't have to worry about his wife's feelings, he began to realize that his own feelings were much stronger for Sarah than he had ever cared to admit to himself before. He thought of all of those times that he had fought with himself to tear his eyes away from the teen. He knew that he was totally captivated by her brains, her charms, her beauty and yes, her body; maybe especially her body. If it was at all possible to fall in love with a student with whom one hardly knew anything about, then maybe that was what was happening to him. He loved her and hated her for how he was feeling. He was convinced that she was doing it to him on purpose. Then he thought of his wife enticing and bedding down their neighbor and Daniel felt hatred for women's power over men.

For all of his feelings of hatred toward his wife and lust for the young girl Daniel was still able to manage to control himself in a professional manner during the next few weeks. Nevertheless, his feelings for the student began to become hard to control. Each school day for the three weeks leading up to Christmas the pressures within him became worse.

Although he retained his professional composure, inside his feelings and urges were building; creating a whirl of inner excitement. Looking at the youngster's shapely legs, which more often than not showed at least six inches of exciting flesh over her knees and inside of her thighs, he had to fight to keep his eyes off her body. Occasionally she would bend, and out of the corner of his eyes he would notice her movement. He couldn't stop himself from turning his head, hoping to get a glimpse of flesh beneath the low V of her blouse.

Sarah realized the affect that she was having on Mr. Cofield and a multitude of thoughts were active in her brain. She was excited, embarrassed, amused, afraid, and secretly interested in her teacher's masculine behavior. She knew his attentions were wrong but she enjoyed bringing the beast out of him, which she realized she was doing. She had noticed the tent in his pants a few times when she did something with her body that caught his eye.

By the time that Christmas week rolled around, Daniel found himself dreading the first five periods and waiting anxiously for the sixth. By then, his nights at home were becoming more and more uncomfortable as he couldn't stop thinking and fantasizing about his student. He also had convinced himself that Sarah wanted him as much as he wanted her.

Part 3

It was on the Thursday before Christmas that his mind flipped from fantasy mode to the hope of it becoming reality. As soon as the sixth period began Daniel knew that today was the day. Seeing Sarah sitting there, he caught his breath. As usual, she was wearing dark clothes, but today she was wearing something completely new and breathtaking. Whether or not this was bought as a matching outfit didn't matter. The affect was the same. The girl was wearing a leather blouse, which was opened provocatively low, exposing more of her chest than she normally showed. Without her even bending Daniel could see the exciting exposed flesh of her white mounds.

Furthermore, even with his eyes above the girl's waist he somehow could see that she was in cock-hardening-form under her desk. He lowered his eyes beneath the desktop and his heart momentarily stopped. Although Sarah's skirt was also black leather, it was so high up on her long, crossed, exciting legs that he didn't even notice it. Her legs were so exposed that he knew if she uncrossed them that he couldn't help but get an eyeful of the youngster's panties.

As the class progressed Daniel found that his hands were actually trembling. He had to fight to keep his eyes off the teen's hot looking body. At one point he looked into her beautiful face and their eyes met and held. He swore that there was a twist of a smile playing at the corner of her mouth and he mentally imagined that wide infectious smile on her face. As their eyes locked Daniel saw Sarah's tongue push out from between her lips and slowly roll from one side of her mouth toward the other, moistening her lips in what he interpreted as a message to him. His cock shot up in his pants and for the rest of the period it stayed fully erect. He remained in his seat throughout the end of the period.

Finally, the class ended. The kids rose and started to filter out and Daniel watched her begin to stand. He swallowed nervously and cleared his throat. "Sarah France, could I see you a second?" His voice was almost hoarse.

She had been about to walk from her desk when he called. She looked at him inquisitively. She paused and then slowly approached his desk. His eyes roamed wildly as he watched her sensuous walk as she neared. By the time that she had reached his desk, just about all of the kids had filed out of the class.

Daniel's eyes momentarily riveted to the open area of the youngster's blouse. His cock twitched. He forced himself to tear his eyes away and look up into her hot looking face. Her eyes captured his and it was almost as if the two of them were talking but no words were coming out. She knew what he wanted and her heart began beating heavily in her chest. This was something that she had fantasized and even brought about on purpose with her alluring dress and poses. She always opened an extra button on her blouse for her sixth period. She had some sort of a wild attraction for this man. Yet, as they looked askance at each other, she was frightened.

"Did you want something, Mr. Cofield?" she asked, and did so in such a manner and voice that he felt the inside of his shorts becoming soaked.

Daniel was almost afraid to speak; afraid that his voice might fail him. He licked his lips and shifted uncomfortably in his chair, feeling that wetness. Yet his cock remained stiff. He only had a small window of opportunity to talk to her because the kids from the next period would be drifting in at any moment.

"I ... I'd, er, I'd like to see you after my next period. Do you have anything else going on?"

'Oh my god, ' she thought, 'It's going to happen ... He wants to do me... '

The girl was both excited and panic stricken. Teachers and students just don't do these things. Yet she knew that if she didn't put a stop to this that it was going to go forward. She could see the lust in his eyes. He couldn't hide his desire. She had seen this building up in him and she played up to it. Now that she got her wish, what should she do?

"Nothing, sir, Mr. Cofield. I ... I can be here. Am I in trouble?"

"Oh ... No, sweet ... er Sarah. It's just, well we've ... I just er thought it was time we talked," he said, and then with their eyes locked, he asked, "Don't you?"

The girl's legs actually became trembly and she had all she could do to gather her emotions and just nod her agreement with his statement.

The first of the next class started drifting in.

"Good ... er ... See you then ... okay?" he said in a whisper. She nodded, nervously.

Then she turned and hurriedly walked away. His eyes moved down to her perfect ass as it swayed from side to side in its tiny skirt. Finally, she was gone.

Sarah rushed to her physics class. She was the last one in the class and she moved rapidly to her chair. Her mind was racing. What was she doing? Where was this going to lead? It was one thing to daydream but to actually do something, she didn't know if she should or even if she could go through with it. Sure it was exciting to have Mr. Cofield eyes on her but how would she react when he wanted to put his hands on her? She shifted her position on the chair and realized that her panties were wet from the excitement. She closed her legs tight trying to stop the fluttering feelings that were flowing within her crotch area. She would have loved to relieve herself from the bubbling sensations that she was feeling.

Part 4

The 7th period class had emptied out of the classroom and Daniel sat nervously at his desk, wondering if she would come. How would he handle it? True, he was good-looking and seemed so worldly to everyone, but the truth was that when it came to sex he was a novice. In fact, Martha was his first and only, though he never admitted that to anyone but her.

Sarah opened the door and stood just inside. She looked across the room at the teacher. Her eyes showed her nervousness.

"Close the door and come on in, Sarah," he commanded, sounding much braver than he felt.

The girl swung the door closed behind her but she remained standing in her place. The full realization of the situation had brought a real fear into her brain.

Daniel looked across the room at the beautiful girl, dressed in short black leather. No girl had ever looked so hot to him in his life as this young lady looked at this very moment. How had he avoided touching her this whole term, he wondered. This was the most luscious looking teen that he had ever set eyes upon, and she wanted him as much as he wanted her, he told himself.

He sat there waiting for her to come to him. He was staring intently, his eyes running up and down her young body; her long shapely legs, naked all the way up to her mid-thighs, over her front and onto her exciting chest, and finally up to her beautiful face and her full mouth.

The young girl wanted to run, but couldn't. Something was drawing her to the magnetism of this man. She started walking slowly toward him. His eyes raced frantically over the approaching body of the 17-year-old student. Both of them were breathing heavy and their hearts were pounding within their chests. His temples were also pulsing wildly. As she was nearing, he stood up to await her.

She walked right up to the desk and then they stood about a foot apart, facing each other. Their eyes searched one another's face and they both saw the lust that was obvious in the face of the other.

"W ... What did you want me for, Mr. Cofield?" she whispered quietly.

Foreplay and love were not his thing. He was suddenly unsure how to proceed. He bent and grabbed a term paper from the desk and held it up, almost as an offering. She reached her hand out to accept the paper and he gently grabbed and held her hand. They both froze and stared at each other.

Suddenly, his hand was gently pulling hers as he started to move backward and he found his voice to whisper hoarsely, "Come here, I ... I, er want to show you something."

He was just slowly walking the six feet toward the rear room behind the blackboard, pulling her after him, without force. She nervously allowed herself to be led away until he stepped inside of the clothes room, totally out of view, should anyone look into the classroom. Sarah stopped. Her heart was beating more fiercely than at any time in her life.

"I, er, no Mr. Cofield. I er don't think that we ... I should ... please," she said as she tried to pull her hand back.

He suddenly gripped her hand and wrist tightly and pulled at her, trying to lure her into the room. His eyes were wild with lust as they clung to her young chest-flesh within the black leather blouse. A struggle was beginning as all of the young girl's fears and apprehensions manifested themselves at this moment.

"Come on ... Sar ... it's okay..."

He was pulling harder now and, although the young student was semi-resisting, she could not match his strength. She was pulled in the clothes room by the teacher, who didn't know how to continue. Holding her one hand in his grip, he pulled her body into his, while his other hand awkwardly thrust into her blouse, pushing it forcefully beneath her bra. She gasped at the touch of a man's hand on her naked breast.

Daniel's cock tightened into a pulsing knot. He pushed his hips forward into the young girl, and their crotches met. He groaned as Sarah cried out, "No, don't... ! Please Mr. Cofield, don't, don't please... !"

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