Schooling My Lover's Son

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: If I have a single goal in life, it's to keep my pussy happy and filled. I'd had it all, all I could ever want, until my lover asked me to teach his fourteen-year old son the wonders of sex. Oh, I learned a lot.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

I've been told I was beautiful for twenty-five years. I'm now twenty-eight so it began, at least that I remember, when I was about three when people began telling me how beautiful I was.

I was certainly cute when I was a preteen and once I began to develop, well, I know it sounds like bragging but I was beautiful. I developed early, by fourteen I was already tight in a 34-B bra and before I turned fifteen, I went up a size. So, I was built.

I was also reasonably tall, at fourteen, I was five-five, now I'm five-seven, slender but with hips that were certainly female, no question of it.

There were hours that I would stand in front of my full-length mirror in the nude, examining every facet of my young and lush-becoming body. I had perfect breasts, they were very firm, not soft and floppy like some girls, but they really stood out and when I jumped up and down, no jiggle at all, none, nada, solid.

My skin was perfect, not a blemish anywhere and, believe me, I looked. I loved my body and was only six or seven when I found that my body was also a source of pleasure.

Then, as a teenager, I was masturbating several times a day, often on the floor, my head propped up on a pillow, my feet on either side of my floor-length mirror, my pussy, pink and wet and happy reflected back to me as I pleasured myself. I also sometimes got myself off squatting over a desk mirror I put on the floor under me as I fingered and rubbed that wonderful opening between my legs. I just loved to see the mirror slowly become obscured as my juices dripped from inside me onto my reflection.

So, into young adulthood, I was put up for various beauty contests including the Miss America contest in my state when I was seventeen which I won. Now, before you think I might have gone on to win the National Miss America Contest, I'll tell you right now that I didn't. And, I'll also tell you that my state is one of the lower in population size so maybe that helped me win, coming, as I did, from a small state.

Truthfully, I loved my looks and was a pretty highly-sexed young woman who had a few erotic tastes just a bit out of the ordinary. First, let me tell you that I have always thought that sex is just part of the human condition. It's a normal thing and meant to be enjoyed.

I also love to have my pussy, shaved since I started growing pubic hair, just as I did with my underarm and leg hair, enjoying the open air. I seldom wear panties or a bra, the latter, as I've said, I certainly don't need, I'm as firm and solid now at twenty-eight as I was at fourteen and just adore the feel of my nipples rubbed by whatever I'm wearing on top, I love that tingle. If I wear pantyhose at all, I trim out the crotch so my pussy can enjoy the fresh air. Well, that's what I like.

And, I like sex. No, actually, I love sex. I loved the feelings I could give my own body and when someone else began giving my body good feelings, I loved it even more.

My first real sexual feelings with another person occurred when I was eight, one Sunday morning when I was in bed with my parents. Mom got up to go to the grocery store and Dad and I stayed in bed and were soon wrestling around and I was up over him, remember, I, even then, almost never wore panties, and in the course of our roughing with each other, my dad's pajamas were open, unknown to me at the time as I began rubbing my clit and pussy lips back and forth along the long underside of his erect cock as it lay on top of his abdomen.

My dad was rock-still as I straddled him rubbing back and forth, looking back at it now, so obvious, so blatant, getting myself off rubbing along his long, hard cock. It never happened again but it surely introduced me to the pleasure another human body can bring, something that I made a part of my life from then on, a major part.

I've mentioned that I like the open air on my pussy, well, if I could just be naked all the time, I'd love that even more. So, one warm summer day when I was thirteen, I knew my parents had gone out and also taken my brother, he's a year older, with them, so I decided to get up (I usually slept in the nude, you know I love my body on display even just to me) and had gone downstairs for my cereal. Whenever I had the house to myself, I enjoyed being nude and would caress my skin as I enjoyed my time alone.

I was going to go back up and shower when I turned out of the kitchen door and bumped into my brother just stepping off the bottom of the stairs. Also naked.

"Shit, I thought you were with Mom and Dad," he barked.

"Well, I thought you were."

We stood there eyeing each other's rather obvious physical differences when I saw the prominent one of his begin to become more prominent as it started to rise rather unaided. It went from hanging down right up to looking like a flagpole in what seemed like seconds as we stood there just inches from each other.

He was on the first stair and had turned so that when I went by him to go up the stairs, his penis brushed along my middle and the feeling was sensational. I went up two more steps, stopped and said, "Why don't we go to my room, Bobby, okay?"

He followed me up and we had our hands all over each other the instant we got in my room. We were kissing like lovers, feeling, groping, his hands were on my boobs, I was stroking his wonderful cock, we both gave each other oral sex and decided that he had to get us some condoms so we could fuck.

We had until almost noon together and did a lot to and for each other. It was my introduction to just how stunning a man's tongue can be and I also learned how wonderful I felt when the first gush of cum splatters in the back of my mouth.

By the next day, Bobby had condoms and we fucked from then on, basically every day after school and two or three times a day during the summer. His dick was in me all the time. We usually just stayed naked when we were together, maybe we both have a 'nudity gene' or something, we both love being nude and, together, it involved a lot of sex, just all the time. We were always trying things with each other asking if this felt good, or that felt even better.

Our hands were always on each other, me rubbing his cock, him feeling my boobs, fingering me, sucking my nipples, my licking his cock, just sexual fun as much as we could. And, yes, we still do. We're both married and we still fuck about once a week on average. My husband knows, his wife doesn't.

Maybe this is a good place to mention Leland, my husband.

We met in college, it was instant sexual attraction, and we fucked our way until he graduated and ever since. We were married when I was a senior about three months from graduation. Our sex is wonderful, we have sex just about as often as we can. Probably averages almost once a day, though there are days we miss and some days we double-up.

I also don't have a perfect record of fidelity to my husband. He's found out that I've had lovers at times and we've finally worked out an agreement that we fuck as much as he wants and I can fill in my needs beyond that. We no longer keep any secrets and I tell him when I've found new lovers. It just works out better that way.

The first time he found out, I told him that I just want sex so much that he couldn't count on me ever being faithful. After thinking it over he told me that he couldn't live without me and my beautiful body and that he would allow me the sexual freedom I wanted and needed. He knows I'm happiest with a man's hard cock inside me.

So, Leland knows about my main lover, Sam Johnson, a wealthy local business owner, who supplies me with a Lexus from his dealership, and an apartment where we meet regularly. He also buys me clothes and provides me with a rather substantial stipend which is extremely generous and mostly goes toward the household expenses of Leland and me.

Sam is a middle-aged man, as I said, very wealthy and with a libido almost the scale of mine. We meet at the apartment nearly every day, sometimes just for a quick fuck or for me to give him a blowjob, other times, most of the day and even, sometimes, nights together.

On the days he's too busy, I have a few guys I can call upon to provide me with a bit of diversion. If you look like I do, there's never any shortage of men.

It is through Sam, that I became involved with my newest lover.

Last July, on a beautiful, warm sunny day, we were laying in each other's arms after a particularly energetic lovemaking, that he told me his wishes.

"Lisa, there's no woman better at sex than you. You are the most perfect sexual partner I've ever had or ever heard about. It leads me to ask you a question that is very important to me."

"Sam, you know I'd do almost anything I could for you. Yes?"

"My son, Sammy, just turned fourteen and I would like for you to introduce him to the wonders of sex. I can think of no one better suited or able. I love my son and would only really trust him with you."

"Sam, I'm really touched. I know that seems maybe superficial but I really am pleased. I know how much he means to you."

"And you mean so much to me as well, Lisa. That's why I ask you to do this. He's somewhat shy, like his father was at his age. Yeah, I know, grown out of it, haven't I?"

"Yes, you most certainly have, Sam. And, yes, I'd love, really be honored to offer Sammy everything I can."

"Well, he's out of school right now, being summer, um, what about if I bring him here, say tomorrow morning, um, say ten, could you be here?"

It was set and I let myself into the apartment at about nine-thirty and freshened things up.

Chapter 2

Precisely at ten, there was a soft rap at the door and I jumped up and let in a rather beautiful young man, about five-five, curly brown-blond hair almost to his shoulders, in a tennis shirt, khaki shorts and sandals, holding a dozen roses.

I haven't described his father much, but Sam is a handsome man and his son is inheriting his looks genes right down the line. I was also hoping for him to inherit another physical trait from his father and figured that I would know that rather shortly.

"Hi, I'm Sammy, these I brought for you," and I took the flowers and closed the door after him.

"Thank you, Sammy, and thank your father for me, they're lovely."

"It was my idea, not my father's," he offered, seemingly proud of his budding sophistication with women.

"Let's get them in some water, then," and we soon had the roses in a vase and us on the sofa.

"Has your dad told you why you're here?" I asked realizing that I'd never fully quizzed Sam on how he was handling things with his son.

"Yeah, kind of. He was telling me about sex and girls and said that he knew the best teacher there was. But I don't think you're really a teacher, are you? You're sure pretty, though. He was really right about that. You're beautiful."

"Thank you, Sammy, no I'm not a teacher but I like your Dad and you seem a lot like him, so maybe we can just get to know each other better."

Now, I was dressed in heels, a brief pair of panties (I wanted it to be as normal and natural as I could), a pretty blouse that showed just a hint of cleavage and a short skirt to show off my legs. You know I don't wear a bra, right? I wanted to interest him but not scare him off so I did wear a bra, after all, it would be a good lesson for him to learn how to take one off, and I was going to take things slow, nice and slow.

We had a Coke and I decided to take the time to show him around the apartment, so I took his hand and led him from room to room ending up in the master bedroom.

I turned to him and said, softly, "Would you like to help me undress, Sammy?"

He stood there a minute, then I decided to get him started and raised his hand up to the buttons on my blouse. He slowly began opening the buttons until he got to the bottom, then I shrugged the blouse off and stood there as he gazed at me.

"Want me to do this next?" he asked as he nodded to my chest.

"Have you ever done it before?"

"No, this is the first time."

I turned and said, "Just press the two sides together so the hooks come apart," and I felt it loosen as I turned back to him and stood there with my bra loosely over my breasts.

"Go ahead," I smiled and he lifted it off and placed it on the bed.

"You are so beautiful. My father said you were perfect. He was really right."

He just stood there, so I reached down and took his hands and bought them up to my breasts where he began massaging them softly.

"You're so soft, it's really incredible."

"I like it when you feel me like this, Sammy. I like it a lot," I said very softly, smiling at him trying to make him comfortable and relaxed, knowing that he must be rather nervous, I would be.

"What I'd like even more is for you to suck on my nipples, it really makes me feel so good."

His head bowed as his lips surrounded my nipple and took it into his mouth where I felt him begin to pull on my nipple sending those wonderful, familiar lovely feelings to my pussy.

I stood there for a few minutes as he sucked my nipple and fondled my other breast, then, I led him to the bed and we got on together, stretched out, him still fully-clothed, me now topless, as I gently led his head back down to my breasts for more.

His head was cradled in the crook of my arm and he looked so lovely as he sucked and petted me.

"Are you happy, Sammy?" I asked as he grunted, "Umm-hummm," and nodded his head.

"I'm happy, too. Very happy. That's what people can give each other, happiness."

I caress his face as he sucked me, I'm in no rush, I just wanted us both to enjoy the day we had together, it wasn't even quite ten o'clock, we had plenty of time.

"Have you kissed many girls, Sammy?"

Another grunted answer, this time in the negative.

"Well, I'd like for you to kiss me, would you?"

His lips pulled off my nipple, he was clearly enjoying my breasts, and he wiggled his way up to face me head on.

I puckered my lips and he gave me a nice, fourteen-year old kiss.

"That was nice, Sammy. Let's do that some more," and he leaned back over and kissed me nicely and softly as I felt his hand return to my breasts.

"This isn't quite fair to be kissing me so nicely just like it's our first date when I am naked on top. Maybe you should try kissing me like, well, like you have my top off, okay?"

He seemed more relaxed now, less nervous, and his next kiss was harder and longer. I was still not going to rush him, even pretty much deciding to stay dressed as I was until after lunch, to let him get used to my bare breasts before we get to the next few bases.

"Do you know how to french kiss, Sammy?"

"I've heard about it but I've never done it. You put your tongue in each other's mouth, right?"

"That's the general idea but it's nicer than just that. Would you want me to french kiss you so you can see?"

He nodded, so I put my arms around him and gently pressed my lips to his, then slipped the tip of my tongue just between his and moved it in and out, just like I was fucking his lips with the tip end of my tongue.

After a minute, I raised up and asked him if he liked that.

"That was pretty sexy. That's sure more than just a kiss, isn't it?"

"Well, don't you agree that it's a more appropriate kiss when you have your hand on a girl's breast like you do now?"

I saw him blush slightly but he sure didn't move his hand away as he nodded.

I leaned over and kissed him once again, this time, moving my tongue farther in and using my tongue to stroke and caress his. I could tell that now his feeling of my breast was more determined and purposeful and, as I withdrew my tongue, he brought his into my mouth and frenched me.

All I wanted to do at that point is drop my hand down and begin rubbing the bulge in his pants but I just didn't dare. The last thing I wanted was to scare him off, so we just stayed kissing for a while.

I talked him through some additional french-kissing techniques and to touch the girl on the neck, throat, face to increase the intimacy of the kiss. He was a very fine student and was soon kissing me like we were no longer on our first date but more like he had my blouse and bra off and was feeling my boobs.

There seemed like a good moment to break off what we were doing and I raised up and whispered, "All this is making me hungry, Sammy, shall we stop and have some lunch?"

He agreed, he was hungry, too, I figured that for a boy his age, hunger is the second most driving passion.

"Would you like me to slip a shirt on while we have lunch or do you like me like this?" I asked, pretty certain that I already knew the answer.

"You're so beautiful like that, Lisa, I'd love it if you just stay the way you are. It'll give me something to dream about tonight," he said with an impish grin.

So, I took him by the hand and we went into the kitchen and I prepared us some sandwiches as he got us more Cokes. We sat there eating, just chatting about school and the few dates he'd had, the girls he liked and why and as we were almost finished I reached over for his hand again and brought it to my breast and said, softly, looking in his eyes, "You really turn me on, Sammy, when you touch me like this," and I leaned over and french-kissed him like a girl might who had even better things than kissing on her mind.

Then, I sat back up, stood and took him by the hand back to my bedroom.

We sat on my bed as I asked him how he thought our day had been so far.

"Well, I was really nervous when I came. Dad had told me what it was all about and, well, I really couldn't tell how it might all go, who you were, what you were like, just what would happen. But, it's turned out really great, there just isn't a more beautiful woman I could ever learn from, and you're not just beautiful, you're really nice and easy to be with. Even like this," and he nodded to my bare breasts and grinned.

"You like my breasts, don't you Sammy?"

"Oh, I love them, they're just perfect," and I gently pulled his head down to suck them once again. This time, I lay my hand softly on his bare thigh right below the hem of his shorts. His sucking was so lovely and peaceful as he kneaded my other breast and I began gently rubbing his thigh.

"Maybe you should take the rest of my clothes off, Sammy. Would you want to do that?" I asked in a whisper.

His head lifted up and I heard him say softly, "I really do want to see all of you, Lisa, you're so beautiful and so sexy."

So, I unfastened my skirt and lifted up my hips and he pulled them off.

"I bought these panties just for you, Sammy. I want you to take them home with you to remind you of our time together." I lifted my hips again and he lowered them down and off and laid them next to himself.

I stretched out on the bed and pulled him to me as we kissed, him just over me on his elbow, his free hand on my breast as I moved it down to my stomach. He seemed to take it from there as his hand slowly rubbed down to my mound which I had carefully shaved before he arrived this morning.

As his hand slowly moved over my slit, I widened some to make it easier for him to get to my pussy.

Then, I feel his finger travel down my wet slit back and forth so I moan softly just to give him the idea that this is something that I like, that I really like. I also moved my hand down and brushed my palm across the bulge in his shorts.

I moved one of my feet up, opening the space between my legs as he slid a finger inside me.

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