Susie, the Twins and 'the I'

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2010 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: Ignored by her husband, Susie is stalked and taken by her twins. An incest fantasy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Reluctant   Incest   Mother   Son   MaleDom   .

Susie and Herb Miller had two children. They were the proud parents of twin boys, Ronnie and Donnie. The two boys were always a handful, fairly exasperating for their father and more of a constant merry chase with their indulgent Mom.

At a rambunctious 18 years of age, Ronnie and Donnie were indeed an awful lot for either of their parents to keep up with. Herb, older than Susie, had drifted into a kind of middle age that mainly consisted of golf, and work. He had gotten a bit of a pot belly at he neared fifty. Susie too had gained some weight and considered herself by now, at 43 officially 'fat', and she complained of it.

Of course, Susie's 'fat' was impressive to the boys, for she sported a bust line of an eye catching 38c, and hips of 36, and, as far as the guys were concerned was she was marvelous.

Raising the boys was difficult and Susie did it the best that she could, and much without Herb's aid. His nose was in his business and certainly not at home these days. She never thought that he was playing around but knew that he wasn't playing at home much either.

She made do with a fairly wild fantasy life; it was a life where she got to be the submissive little girl that was preyed upon by others. She had her times at night, in the dark, when she played with herself with sneaky, clever fingers, softly, so as to not wake Herb from sleep.

She was also aware that the twins, as they got older and, really, bolder, turned her on too. This notion she fought but it never left her. Giving in to them had become a way of life for her. She was fine with that, since they were outrageous but never really bad. But there was a far corner of her mind that held wishes and longings about these two gorgeous boys making sexual demands on her. She shut the door to that part of her mind as often as its presence became known. But she knew it was there.

As life wandered on in the Miller household, it became more and more obvious to Ronnie and Donnie that Herb had his eye on the golf ball more than he ever had his eye on Susie. They began to call him 'Herb the Inattentive' or, for short "Herb the I", which gradually worked its way into calling him, between themselves but also to their giggling Mom, "the I". They also took to calling their Mom 'Susie', which she rebelled at, at first but then settled down with, since it was obvious that they weren't going to not call her that, especially, when they knew it bothered. It became kind of an endearment to her but it taught them a lesson about Susie, and how she would put up with what they wanted. It let her little secret leak out just a bit.

Of course, after a while, between themselves, it became 'Susie the Body', as they appreciated their Mom more and more.

For her part Susie referred to the boys as 'her handful'.But they had a different outlook at 18, and a newly proclaimed project between them and referred themselves as 'Susie's Mouthful'.

They'd come to this outlook in a very strange way. They shared a girlfriend, Amanda Grey. She'd been mostly friend for a long time but almost by accident, as a result of a conversation about sex, that the three of them talked about, they found out some things about Amanda that opened their eyes to great vistas and possibilities.

They found, as they talked about sex, and Amanda balked about talking about it, that they could fairly 'bully' her into talking about things that they wanted. Amanda was pliable, Amanda was submissive, Amanda was fun.

It was on a cool evening the three of them had gone for a ride and were going to 'park', which in those days was a code word for 'make out' with your babe.

Ronnie and Donnie had discussed what they wanted to do with the very pliable Amanda that evening, and they proceeded with their plan. The talk turned to sex. They were eager to speak about things and Amanda was blushing. She was hesitant but as usual, they forced her to do what they wanted.

They turned the topic to blow jobs and wanted to know if she'd ever 'done it'. Her first statement was that 'no' but she knew of girls who had, and at their insistence, mentioned a few names of girls that they knew. They kept at her until she admitted, under their questioning, that she had indeed done it.

They were pleased because they could see that this was progress. The pressed Amanda, pushed her beyond her reluctance, ignoring her half hearted 'you guys are awful' complaint and made her answer questions:

"How did it feel to do it?"

"How did it taste?"

"Was the cock big?"

(Her answer was: "No, it really wasn't that big." And then Ronnie made her say it again and this time use the word.) Amanda said: "You guys are awful," and then repeated: "No, his cock wasn't that big. Satisfied?"

Donnie said: "No, not yet; did he cum in your mouth?"

Amanda sighed a sigh and said: "He tried to but I took it out and he made a mess on me."

Both of the guys laughed and said: "Hey facial!"

"Facial?" Amanda said.

They laughed: "Get with it, Amanda, it's what it's called, when the guy cums all over a girls' face."

"Well, I didn't like it," Amanda said softly.

"They you'll have to swallow ours, when you blow us!" Ronnie said.

There was a silence in the car. It was unbroken for a couple of minutes. Amanda's response was very instructive:

"No, guys, please! I don't want to."

They grinned at each other; Amanda Grey had just been had.

Donnie took it up then:

"Yes, but Amanda, we want you to! Do you understand, Amanda?"

She shook her head 'yes', after a few seconds, and they 'high fived' each other.

"You guys are awful!" Amanda complained, but then she said: "Where? How?"

They were in a remote area, and the moon was shining.

"Out here," Ronnie said, "You kneeling."

She got out of the car, and they did also, and then with one glance at them, she went to her knees: Amanda the Pliable.

"Go first, dude," Donnie said, and Ronnie went to Amanda and unzipped his pants.

"It's so much bigger than his was," Amanda said and Ronnie grinned at his brother.

Amanda opened her mouth, her hand around the base of Ronnie's prick and gave him the blow job that he was demanding.

She developed a quirk immediately: She asked him not to look at her, while she sucked his cock. He tried to do as she wished. She worked, she sucked, he came and she swallowed.

Then Donnie lined up for his chance and the scene was repeated, but with the same request: "Don't look at me."

That was the beginning of their 'blow job experiments', as they called them. Their demands on the very pliable Amanda Grey continued:

"No hands!"

"Naked to the waist." A.K.A. "Show us your tits!"

"Only wearing panties!"

"Do it naked tonight!"

The one place that Amanda had proved stubborn was her refusal to let the fuck her. She took her stand there, and the twins, deciding not to ruin a good thing, simply went along with that.

In their breezy way of looking at things, they never considered Amanda less than the 'girl friend' that she had always been. It was just that part of her being 'the girlfriend' now was that she was 'the girlfriend who gives us blow jobs'.

Gradually they did, of course, transgress Amanda's one law: They loved to watch her work at the blow jobs. They had fairly big pricks, each of them and watching those big pricks slide in and out of naked, kneeling Amanda's mouth was a treat.

Each time it happened, Amanda got really angry about being 'watched'.

They laughed about it with each other. It was during a conversation, in their room, about Amanda's quirk and sex in general that Donnie made the observation that sent this whole event spinning in a new direction:

"Hey," Donnie said, "You know who Amanda reminds me of?"

Ronnie turned his attention to his brother and asked: "Who?"

"Susie the Body!" Donnie said.

Ronnie was curious about this: "How?" he wanted to know.

"You know," Donnie said, "When we press an issue with Susie the Bod, she invariably gives in to please us. I know it drives Herb bonkers."

Ronnie thought about it and a smile crossed his face: "Too true!" he said, "Too true!"

The project was born.

It was Donnie who continued the thought:

"Do you think that Susie would object to our watching her give us blows jobs, like Amanda?" He snickered as he asked it.

Ronnie laughed too: "Only one way to find out; plan and work on her. If she's like Amanda is, you know kind of submissive, we should be able to work it out."

Donnie laughed: "Watch out, 'I', here come the boys! And, Susie, honey, you'd best be ready."

A few days later, Ronnie came bursting into their bedroom and said, out of breath:

"Hey, dude, 'the I' is going on a business trip!"

"Gee," Donnie answered, "Thought that he never would!"

"Plan can be put into action," Ronnie said next.

"I guess!" was Donnie's answer.

They had been given lately for their birthday new, fairly complicated Nikon digital cameras, and they decided to use them in their plan.

The made an appearance down stairs that morning in time to see their Dad leave for the business trip. He was going to park at the airport. He got a fairly perfunctory kiss from their Mom at the door, which caused Donnie to look at Ronnie and raise and eyebrow in surprise. Ronnie just nodded. Then their Mom came back.

"Any plans, hooligans, for today?" she asked.

"Maybe fiddle with the new cameras," Donnie answered.

"Nice idea," she said.

"What do you need here?" she asked, referring to breakfast.

"We're cool, Mom," Ronnie said and she nodded.

"I'm for the mall with Nancy," she said, referring to her friend Nancy Carter. "So if you're set, I'm going to shower and then dress to go."

"Cool, Mom," Donnie said and Ronnie echoed the sentiment.

Susie went off to her and Herb's bedroom in order to shower. As she went, the thought crossed her mind:

"What are those two up to now?"

They were a handful and it was more than apparent to her that they had already figured her out for the submissive that she was. She just hoped that the truth of that matter never occurred to their busy teenaged minds.

A little voice inside of her whispered to her then:

"If they have, then Susie, you're in for a ride; you know that?!"

She dismissed the thought, even though she was aware that the thought turned her on.

As soon as she was gone, Donnie turned to his brother and said:

"Now we have to time this right."

Ronnie agreed and they went upstairs. They listened and heard the shower being turned off in the master bathroom, which was adjacent to their bathroom. They nodded to each other and began counting the time that they had previously decided it would take Susie to get herself dried and into the bedroom.

Watching the time carefully, they went to her bedroom door and, with a nod to each other knocked and entered.

Ekureka! They got her. Susie stood there hiding behind a bath towel, a rather full one that did cover her.

"Whaaaaa?" she cried. "What?"

"Susie, calm down," Ronnie said. He was pleased that she did as he told her immediately.

She hardly noticed it at first but was then aware that Ronnie telling her to calm down had indeed worked. He told her what to do and she simply did it.

"What do you want?" she asked calmly holding the towel in front of her.

What she, of course, didn't realize was that she was standing in front of the bedroom, full length mirror, so that her back and her magnificent naked ass were on display. They weren't disposed to tell her this fact right away either.

"Lookin' good, Susie!" Donnie said to her.

She blushed and nodded a thank you.

"That's our girl," Ronnie said then, "We didn't mean to frighten you; we just wanted to ask your help."

"Can it please wait until I'm dressed?" she asked softly.

"Well, not really," Donnie said, "This situation right now can get our project started just right."

"I don't understand," she said meekly enough to them.

"We've joined an on-line camera class," Ronnie explained. "And we have a series of photos to take, and some are figure shots. We need a model and think that you'd be excellent, I mean that now that 'the I' is gone on his business trip and all."

Despite herself, she giggled, when they mentioned 'the I'.

"You shouldn't call him that," she said, still giggling.

"Well, hell, Susie," Donnie answered, "When is he ever attentive to you?"

"I know, honey," she said.

"Not nearly as attentive as we are!" Ronnie said.

"Yes, thank you, honey, but about this figure modeling?"

"Oh, yeah!" Ronnie answered. "We want to use you as our model. We'll just begin with a few photos of you now."

"Now?" she asked incredulous, but secretly getting wet at the thought.

"Sure," Donnie said, "This pose is made for it. Here's what you do, Susie..."

He went on to give her instructions. He told her to lower the towel from her neck line just a bit, only to suggest that she was naked on top. Then he also instructed her to move the towel a little to the left, so that one naked hip line showed.

Susie did as she was told. The result was amazingly sensual.

"Great, Susie!" Ronnie said, "Now hold that and we'll take pictures."

They did from different angles, being sure that some of the photos included the reflection of her naked ass.

"Cool," Ronnie said, "We'll let you get dressed now, Mom, and thanks."

"Welcome, honey," she said, smiling and a bit flushed from her sexual turn on.

Just as they were about to leave the room, Donnie turned to her and said:

"Oh, Susie,"

"Yes, love?" she asked.

"Look over your shoulder," he finished.

She did and let out a loud shriek! As soon as she looked over her shoulder, she realized that all the while they were able to see her naked ass in the mirror.

When her head snapped back to them, they were grinning at her and leaving the room.

"Thanks, Susie!" they said together.

"Hooligans!" she barked at them, and they left laughing.

But Susie Miller was breathing hard; she sat down on the bed, once they were gone and had an immediate desire to play with herself but she wasn't sure that they wouldn't barge in on her again, in the midst of it, so she dressed as calmly and quickly as she could.

It was white shorts and a tee shirt, with a matching set of pink undies for her. She decided that she'd go find them and talk to them about the incident. She found them in their room, they were bent in front of one of the computers.

She opened the door and said: "Boys!" but stopped short, when she saw a photo of herself on the computer. She was holding the towel up, in the manner that they had arranged, with the beginning of her cleavage showing, and one rounded naked hip showing also but in addition, in the mirror behind her, you could see all of her back and her naked ass.

She let out an uncontrolled "Eeeeeep", when she saw the picture.

"Hey, Susie," Ronnie said, "Come and look at the photos that we took."

She went into the room and said, defensively:

"I don't have much time, Nancy is coming."

"Hmm," Donnie said, "Old T & A Nancy!"

"What?" Susie said, and both boys grinned.

She lapsed into her: "Hooligans!" statement to them.

They were grinning.

"But, Susie," Ronnie said, "Before you go, look at our photos."

She went closer to the computer screen. The photos of her were really very good. She had to admit that:

"They are good. You're not going to ... er send them out, are you?"

"Susie, Susie," Donnie said, "Would we do that to you?"

She shook her head, and then said:

"It does show that I have a big ass!"

"What?" Donnie said, and turned to her. "Bend over."

She just stared at him. She was upset now; upset by how much looking at the photo had turned her on and then the turn the conversation had taken, upset by letting it get to her.

"What do you want?" she asked.

Donnie said very patiently:

"We want to look at your ass, Susie; we're the photographers, remember."

Unaccountably, Susie turned and bent over at the waist.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," she said.

"Sure you can, Susie," Ronnie said.

Then Donnie chimed in with:

"Nope, that's final, not too big at all, what'd you think, bro?"

"Definitely nice," Ronnie said, "Beats old 'T & A Nancy' hands down."

Susie giggled then and said: "How do you know?"

"Research and observation!" Donnie said and they'd say no more.

"I'm out of here!" Susie said. As she got to the door, Ronnie said to her:


She turned and said: "Yes?"

"Nice pink panties!"

She was too flustered to say anything but 'thank you."

But Donnie wouldn't let her go:

"Bra to match, Susie?"

"Yes," she admitted, against her better judgement.

"Care to show us, Susie?" Ronnie asked.

"No!" she said in a voice that reeked of finality.

"We can wait," Donnie said pleasantly.

"You'll have to!" she shot back at them and then added:


They both joined her in laughter.

"What am I going to do with you two?" she said then as she was leaving.

"That's what we're planning to figure out!" Ronnie said.

"Stop it!" she called back at them. "I'll be back in a few hours."

"Bring old 'T & A' with you," Donnie called after her. "We'll show her our photographs."

"That'll be the day!' she called and left them laughing.

They looked at each other and gestured for a 'high five'.

"Got Susie on the run!" Donnie said.

"Definitely do!" Ronnie agreed.

Nancy was already there outside, when Susie finally left the house.

"Hey, kid," Nancy said, kissing Susie's cheek. "You look flushed; what's up?"

"The Hooligans!" Susie said.

"They boys strike again!" Nancy said. "When are you going to take my advice and simply go to bed with those two gorgeous hunks?"

"Wait 'til I tell you what happened," Susie said next, as they left the driveway.

"Let me guess," Nancy said, "Herb is on a business trip and the guys are on the prowl."

"With a vengeance," Susie admitted. Then she went on:

"It happened this morning. It was as if they had timed everything."

She went on to explain their invasion of the bedroom with cameras and their request about needing a model and taking photos of her standing there, arranging the towel to show a bit of cleavage and one naked hip.

"Sounds erotic!" Nancy said chuckling. Then turning to Susie she said:

"You do know that if I did women, which I normally don't, I'd solve your frustration problem myself!"

"Yes, but my sons!" Susie wailed.

"Hunks!" Nancy said.

"They call you 'Old T & A Nancy', by the way," Susie said then.

Nancy broke out into an all out laugh at that.

"I love that but tell me about what happened."

Susie went on then about the photos and their final statement about her looking over her shoulder, and seeing her naked ass in the mirror.

"That's wonderful!" Nancy crowed. "Did they show it to you? Did they?"

"Yes, they did, after I was dressed," Susie admitted. "The photos were really, really good. But they have them on the computer."

"Oops," Nancy said, "Prepare to be famous!"

"Do you think so?" Susie said worried.

"Or blackmailed!" Nancy laughed again.

"I'm not sure it's so funny," Susie said.

"Sure it is," Nancy said, "Lighten up!"

Susie sighed and said: "Maybe you're right. But there's more."

Susie then went on to tell how she'd said that she had a big ass, and they made her turn around a bend over.

"Did you?" Nancy asked.

"Yes," Susie said miserably.

"They've got you where they want you, Sue," Nancy said.

"Really?" Susie asked.

"Yep, I think so. You do what they tell you to do!" Nancy went on.

"I know," Susie said, "And I hate to admit it but it turns me on!"

"BINGO!!" Shouted Nancy. "They've got you where they want you."

"They also said that my butt is nicer than yours," Susie said.

"Did they really?" Nancy said. "Hmm, we'll see about that."

"Why? What are you planning?" Susie suddenly wanted to know.

"Maybe a little challenge," Nancy said.

"Oh, no; don't you go making my situation worse," Susie said, pleading.

"We'll see," Nancy said.

"But what am I going to do?" Susie wanted to know.

This conversation lasted all the way into the middle of lunch. They kept returning to it often.

"Ramp up the fun!" Nancy said.

"What? How?" Susie said then.

"Now listen," Nancy explained calmly, "If you're serious about getting them to jump on your bones, then you need to do something to move this along."

"I'm not sure!" Susie said.

"I think that you're sure and are waiting for the courage to act," Nancy said next.

"I don't know," Susie answered, "But you might be right."

"Good, here's what you do," Nancy said next and explained a plan for Susie to accidentally expose herself to the boys and see where it would lead.

"I don't know if I can do that!" Susie said.

"You mean that you don't know if you want to or don't know if you can get yourself to?" Nancy asked.

Susie hesitated and sighed and said:

"I don't know if I can get myself to do that," Susie said softly.

"Exactly!" Nancy said. "At least that's clear."

"Clear?" Susie asked.

"Yes," Nancy returned, "At least we know where the problem is. What you need is to follow the plan. Try it!"

Susie looked at her friend and said: "I certainly have to do something; I'm ready to jump out of my skin. I'm not even sure that I care any more if Herb begins to notice me or not."

"At least they do," Nancy said.

"Yes," Susie admitted, "At least they do."

The two of them went to Susie's house, after their shopping and lunch.

The twins were there to greet them:

"Hey, Susie," Ronnie said.

"And Nancy," Donnie said.

"You mean 'Old T & A Nancy'," she said.

"Susie, you've been telling!" Donnie said, and Susie grinned and blushed.

"She also told me," Nancy went on, "That you two think that her butt is nicer than mine!"

"Contest!" Ronnie called out.

"No!" Susie cried but she was over ruled and Donnie told her to:

"Bend over and be quiet."

She did as she was told. She went to the middle of the room and bent over from the waist.

"Nancy, get in line," Ronnie said, and she did.

The two boys were now facing the women, who were bent over and presenting their butts to them.

"Formidable!" Donnie said.

"Gee, maybe we need to see them without the jeans!"

"Dream on," Nancy said, "Make a judgement with what you see."

The two boys declared it a tie.

"Better!" Nancy said, "Now how about those photos."

"She told you everything?" Donnie said.

"Yep," Nancy answered.

They went to the bedroom and the guys turned on the computer that had Susie's photos on it.

"My, my!" Nancy exclaimed, looking at the photos. "Extraordinary!" She said.

Turning to the twins, she said: "These are really, really good."

"Yes, and look at the ass on the model!" Donnie put in.

"Yes, there is that!" Nancy said. "Well, I have to get back to Sid. He's going to have a lovely, exciting night thanks to you two!" she said with a smile.

Susie snorted at that but the twins just grinned at her.

She turned to Susie, as she was leaving, and said: "Maybe sometime you can loan these two boys to me; I can probably use them."

"Nancy!" Susie said but Nancy was grinning at the twins, as she left.

"Well, she seemed happy," Donnie said.

"Maybe she was upset by our judgement about your butts," Ronnie put in.

"I don't know," Susie said. "I just don't know."

The twins looked at each other then and smiled. They went to Susie and put their arms around her. She just nestled into the midst of them and said:

"I just don't know what to do with you guys anymore!"

"It's okay, Susie," Donnie said.

"Never lose sight of the fact that we love you, Mom," Ronnie added.

"Ohhh, my darlings!" She said to them. "I want so much to be everything to you."

"We know, Mom," Donnie said.

"I have to go and start on our dinner," she said, and left the room.

"Almost there," Donnie said to his brother.

"Almost there," Ronnie agreed.

Then Donnie got serious and said:

"I really think it's what she wants; but we have to make sure that she's okay."

"We will!" Ronnie added, "We will."

All of it swirled inside her head, as Susie made the dinner. She'd been afraid that Nancy was going to pull her jeans down to show them her ass. She'd been more afraid after that, that Nancy would take the boys home with her and leave her with no one. That thought surprised her. Thoughts of carrying out Nancy's plan were in her head, now more serious than before. She actually, at this point, thought that she might just do it.

She was confused but the sense of wanting to have them make her, force her--she wasn't just sure--to do something was strong and growing. Herb never even entered her mind. The only thing on her mind was having the courage to be her own, obliging, submissive self with the boys.

"Maybe it should be Nancy's plan," Susie said to herself. She realized then that she was more than half way convinced about it.

After dinner, she settled down for a movie, just to allow herself to unwind a bit. After just a little bit both boys came to sit with her. Donnie brought with him a huge bowl of popcorn for them, and they sat companionably on the couch in the family room for the movie.

Susie was tired after a long and, in many ways, exhausting day. At one point she simply leaned over and put her had on Ronnie's shoulder. She put a hand on Donnie's hand on his leg, and they simply took the time to be together.

When the movie ended, she said to them:

"I really appreciate you two guys taking time to watch a movie with me tonight. Especially after all that happened today!"

Donnie leaned over and kissed her cheek and said:

"We love you, Momma."

"Yes, we love you, Momma," Ronnie echoed.

She kissed the cheek of each of them. I'm off to shower and bed. As she got up, a grin rolled across her face and she said:

"Promise me no digital cameras or invasions tonight!"

"You are so unreasonable, woman!" Ronnie quipped.

Her grin broadened and she said:


"Promise," they both said, holding up a hand to show that they meant it.

She finally was finished with the shower, and in bed. She wore a floor length pink nightgown. It had thin straps and was ultra revealing. The lights were out and she was staring up into the darkness. A small voice in her head said:

"Too bad they can't see me wearing this nightgown!"

She giggled at that, as she tried to settle down to sleep. There was also another voice:

"You have to talk to them about those pictures."

"Tomorrow, maybe tomorrow is soon enough for that."

Then the first voice was back again:

"Tomorrow's the day, when you put Nancy's project into motion. Big day after that."

Just thinking about it made her nervous. But it was 'Nancy's project' that was on her mind, when she went to sleep.

Her dreams that night were heavy. In them she woke and they both were in her room. They'd taken off the covers and were stripping off her nightgown. She helped them get it off, and lay there as they took their photos, as they approached the bed, having put the cameras down, she said to them:

"Tell me what you want me to do!"

Then she woke. She woke as sexually excited as she ever remembered being.

She felt down under the covers and discovered that her night gown was tangled up around her waist. She crept a hand down to worm its way inside of the waist band of her panties, and played with herself. She tried to suppress her moans but was not totally successful.

In their room also awake Ronnie said to Donnie,

"Hey, did you hear that?"

"Yeah," Donnie said. "Was that?"

"Yeah," Ronnie agreed, "Sounds like Susie the Body is playing a home game tonight."

"We need to work on her tomorrow," Donnie said.

"Got that right!" was Ronnie's agreement.

They were up earlier the next morning. They decided that they needed to do some more planning.

For her part, Susie lay awake a while before getting up. She'd had a few dreams during the night but the one that she remembered most clearly was the one of them stripping her nightgown off. She felt vaguely disappointed that she'd come awake just as her boys were going to do something sexual to her.

It was as if right about then all of her fantasies were surging to become reality. Thoughts of Herb didn't enter her head. She was obsessed, upon waking, with the idea that she wanted to submit to the twins, do what they wanted, whatever it was, from being their model to, 'yes, ' she thought, 'being their whore.' The thoughts were heady and she knew that she was ready for Nancy's plan.

"If I only make a fool of myself," she thought, "I'll kill that woman!"

She got up and went into the bathroom. She combed her hair to make it look nice. Then she took off her nightgown and hung it behind the door. Her panties were pink, bikini and fairly transparent. She tested by standing in front of the mirror and turning around to make sure that both her pussy and her ass were showing clearly.

"Take it to a new level, she said," Susie thought to herself. "This should do that!"

She opened the bedroom door and heard the twins talking in the kitchen. She went back to her bureau and picked up the styrofoam cup she had there, since the night before. There was an angry buzzing sound of the trapped wasp. Then she started out.

The guys were sitting at the table and drinking coffee; they already decided that they'd let their mom fix some breakfast, when they heard her voice s she approached:

"Open the door! Donnie, Ronnie, open the door, I have a wasp that I trapped. Hurry!"

Then she came rushing into the room and they both were wide eyed, and knew that suddenly their luck was in.

She was indeed rushing toward the door but the main point was that she was dressed only in see-through panties, nothing else at all.

It was Ronnie that got the door for her, and as she passed him, he lashed out with a hand and slapped her panty covered ass.

"Eeeeeeeeek!" she protested, letting the wasp go.

With a laugh, just as she was outside on the back deck, Ronnie shut the door behind her. She turned with a loud squeal and tried the door.

"Let me in!" she cried, "I'm almost naked."

"We can see that, Susie, and you look very pretty!" Donnie said.

"What's the password?" Ronnie wanted to know.

"I don't know," she wailed.

And what happened then was important. Instead of getting angry at them, she pleaded:

"Please let me in, guys, I'll be good; you can take photos."

"And anything else we say?" Donnie asked.

"Yes, I promise, faithfully, and anything else you say," she said, still pleading.

"No matter what it is, Susie?" Ronnie asked.

"No matter what it is!" she said.

"Let's let our Susie in before she raises the whole neighborhood," Donnie said and they opened the door for her.

She was grateful, still not angry, grateful:

"Oh, thank you, thank you for letting me in! Thank you!"

They looked at each other and smiled. They knew that they had her.

"Why, our Susie," Donnie said, "Look at the way that you're dressed!"

"Eeek!" she shouted, as she pretended to realize it only now, and crossed an arm across her tits and a hand in front of her pussy.

"Now, Susie," Ronnie said, "This is the test. I'm going to tell you to do something and if we find that you were lying to us, and won't do as we say, we're going to throw you outside again, only this time we lock everything and leave you. Do you understand, honey?"

"Yes,..." she said with hesitation and a hanging word, "I ... uh ... understand."

Donnie looked at her and said the missing word: "Sir!"

She caught it and, with a sigh, realizing that this was working and she was about to live out a fantasy with her boys, said:

"Yes, sir, I understand."

"Good, Susie," Ronnie said. "Put your hands behind your head! Any hesitation and you're outside, and we take your panties first."

She moved her hands immediately to put them behind her head. It lifted her tits up and showed them her already stiff nipples.

"Now, love, you just stay that way, while we get our cameras," Donnie said.

"Yes, sir," she said, "I won't move at all."

She didn't. She stayed that way, waiting for them to come back, feeling the wetness gathering at her panties' crotch.

Then they were back, cameras in hand.

"This will help us with our Susie material on the computer!" Donnie said.

"You'll like that, won't you?" Ronnie asked.

"Yes, sir," she said, "I will."

"And then we'll invite Nancy over and show her; maybe get some photos of her for our computers also? Nice idea?" Ronnie continued.

"Lovely idea!" Susie said. "Just tell me what to do here, please."

"Oh, we will," was Donnie's answer, as they circled her and took photos.

"Into the family room, Susie," Ronnie said and she went to the family room, really, really excited now, and trying to remember to thank Nancy. She kept her hands clasped behind her head, since they had not told her to release them.

Then Ronnie started taking close ups: Of her tits, centering on a nipple, of her ass through the panties, of her pussy through the panties.

He crowded her, and Donnie was taking pictures of all of it happening.

Susie could feel her temperature rising, with the nearness of Ronnie and his camera.

Finally, she had to speak:

"Boys," she began.

They stopped what they were doing immediately to listen to her.

"Yes, Susie," Donnie said.

"This is so exciting!" she said in a tiny voice!

"Yes, it is," Ronnie said, "We won't ignore you like 'the I' does."

"I know that," she said.

"So, tell us, Susie," Donnie began, "What do you want to do?"

Without hesitation, now lost in the realm of her fantasy, and fully willing now to follow the fantasy out, she replied:

"I want to do whatever you want me to do!"

"Well, first," Ronnie suggested, "Take off the panties, and we'll get some naked shots of our Susie."

"Yes, sir," she said and hooked her thumbs in the waist band of her panties.

"Slowly, slowly, Susie," Donnie cautioned her, as he took photos of the ultimate act of undressing that she was doing.

With them off, she held them out and Ronnie took them, while Donnie continued to photograph the scene.

Then they repeated the former photos, only this time with their Mom naked. She posed for them in all sorts of ways: They had her bend over to take pictures of her ass from behind. You could see her pussy too as she bent over. They took more closeups, and finally, they told her to reach back and spread the cheeks of her ass to take a photo of her ass hole.

She blushed a bright red then but did as they told her to do.

Then she straightened up, looking at them for guidance. It was Ronnie who came up with their next pose.

"Susie," he said, smiling, "I want a photo of you sucking Donnie's cock."

"Ohhhhhhhh!" she sighed.

"Problem?" Ronnie asked, in a threatening voice? "You can go outside, if you don't want to stay inside and cooperate."

"No problem, sir!" she said quickly. It had certainly all been leading in that direction, and this next thing was part and parcel of her fantasies. So then she went to Donnie and got on her knees in front of him. As she fished Donnie's stiff cock out of his shorts, Ronnie kept taking photos of the proceedings. She began to lick around the head of Donnie's prick, and took it in her mouth to blow him in earnest.

Donnie looked at Ronnie and the both smiled.

"She doesn't mind being watched at all," Donnie said.

She stopped and looked at them for an explanation. They told her how angry Amanda Grey would get, when they watched her sucking their cocks.

She pulled his prick back into her mouth and took it as far down her throat as possible.

Next she began to bob her head to make him cum with her mouth. She reached around and grabbed his ass cheeks to steady herself, and, when he came, she began to take it all in her throat. He held her head to his stomach, despite her moans of distress, until he was finished cumming.

Then Susie went back on her knees and smiled at them.

"I liked that!" she said without any hesitation or shame or humiliation, telling the simple truth.

"We thought you might," Donnie suggested.

"Now?" she asked.

The twins looked at each other and Donnie said:

"Now it's time to fuck the slut!"

"Is that what I am, love? Your slut?" she asked softly.

"Is that what you want to be, Momma?" Ronnie asked.

She thought a bit and said:

"Yes, I think it is."

Then Donnie said to her:

"Call Nancy on the phone; tell her what you're wearing; tell her what you just did; tell her what we're going to do now and tell her to get over here, if she wants to watch."

"Yes, sir!" Susie said, and made the call.

"Hey, Nancy," she began. Then Nancy greeted her and asked her what was up.

"The twins told me to call and tell you that I'm with them here and I'm naked. I just sucked Donnie's cock, and they're going to fuck me now. If you want to watch or anything else, they told me to tell you to come over."

"Really?" Nancy said almost explosively. "Wouldn't miss it," she added, hanging up the phone.

"Greet her at the door naked," Donnie ordered.

Susie went to the door to wait for Nancy, naked as she was told. She was nervous. It was, of course, only Nancy, but this gave Nancy a hold over her somehow. She felt it and didn't know exactly what it meant.

The doorbell rang and Susie opened the door. Donnie and Ronnie were in the background watching.

"Hi, Nancy," Susie said.

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