New at School: the Sumata Craze

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: A tale of how Sumata got started in my home town. What's Sumata? Well, it sure feels like fucking.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Safe Sex   Masturbation   .

"She does what?"


"Is that like sushi? What are you talking about, Sandi?"

"It's a way to have sex."


"Yes, Keiko was telling me that she did it in Japan. She wasn't on birth control, so she did this thing with the weird name with her boyfriend. All the kids our age there do it this way. Sumata."

"Okay, so what?"

"She said she'll teach us how to do it. Give us all lessons."

"You're kidding, right?"

"No. She said she'd teach us how to do it with our boyfriends."

"So she'll tell us what this is and how we do it, this Sumata?"

"No, she'll show us. If we get a boy for her, she'll actually show us all how to do it."

"Am I right that, well, since it is sex, I guess, this Sumata means you're naked when you do it?"

"That's kind of the way it seems, yeah. She's not the easiest to understand but, yeah, I think you have to be naked. Most sex you do, right?"

"And then we use it with our boyfriends?"

"I think she wants to show us how with our boyfriends, all together with them."

"Now, you're kidding me right?"

"I think that's what she wants to do."

"Who does she want to show this to?"

"All of us. You and me, Maria, Heather and Tammy."

"All five of us?"

"Well, really all ten of us, she said it would be with our boyfriends. So ten of us. Oh, and she needs a boy for her, all together twelve of us."

"She's crazy and you're even crazier."

"Yeah, but she says it's a way to both get off just like you're fucking but you don't get pregnant and it's really sexy. And, no condoms."

"Okay, that sounds good but, really, twelve of us? Get real."

"It's not settled yet but it looks like Heather's parents will be away and she's staying with Tammy but we'll use Heather's house next Saturday."

"Crazy, it's just crazy. All twelve at Heather's doing some kind of kinky Japanese sex stuff?"

"Yeah but we'd all get to watch each other doing it. I don't know about you but I'm pretty wet just thinking about it. Six naked boys. Including Lonnie, you'd like to see his dick wouldn't you?"

"You think that'll get me to do this, Lonnie's dick? What if Jeremy catches me looking at Lonnie's cock, what then?"

"Oh, girl, there'll be six cocks to look at, just think about it."

Well, I was thinking about it. I've seen Jeremy's, of course, sucked it lots of times, jacked-him off plenty. But the boyfriends of my other girlfriends, well, that might be fun. And, well, this sushi, or whatever it is, did sound interesting. Geez, all of us naked together getting off with our boyfriends.

"Look, yes, it's making me get tingly in my panties, just the thought of it. I mean, how hot it would be, all of us naked, doing sex with our boyfriends, all that."

"We're always talking about the sex we're having with them, why not watch it happen?"

"And all twelve of us are in her bedroom doing this thing with our boyfriends?"

"No, you've been to her house. That big indoor swimming pool and exercise room, it's huge. And she said we can use mats and hose it all down after."

"You guys are farther along on this than I thought. Twelve of us, six girls and our boyfriends. Naked, all naked and fucking. Well, not fucking but this Japanese thing that's like fucking but isn't. But it's what they do where Keiko comes from, right?"

"Yeah, Sumata. She says they all do it and it's really sexy."

"Yeah, but so is oral sex. Jeremy and I do it all the time."

"But, Sandi, she says this is lots more like fucking."

"Okay, I'll talk to Jeremy about it. Has anyone else agreed to do this? And when is this lesson thing?"

"A week from Saturday at Heather's house. And you're that last one to decide."

"Everybody else is going to do this?"

"Yeah, including Dawn and Lonnie. You'd get to see if it's as big as Dawn says."

"Well, Jeremy'll think I'm crazy but I'll ask him. Let you know later."

And that was how I found out about the Japanese technique of mutual masturbation known as "Sumata" that swept through our middle school like an epidemic. A very sexy epidemic.

So, Jeremy agreed that we should go and learn this new way to have sex. In fact, he seemed even hornier than usual, which would be massively horny in the days leading up to the big lesson at Heather's house.

Heather's folks were away, she was staying with Tammy and we all arranged to be at Heather's by ten in the morning, not knowing what this Sumata really involved.

Heather led us all into the pool and gym area which was really large. She's got a lot of money, her Dad owns a large trucking company and she's always dressed like a million which figures.

The girls had arranged for the twin brother, David, of one of the girls, Maria, to be the guy with Keiko who was wearing a beautiful kimono. There were exercise mats on the floor, each one with a small squirt bottle next to it. Curious, I thought.

Heather started, "Well, we're all here to learn how Keiko has sex with her boyfriend in Japan. They do this all the time and she's told me that it's a lot like regular sex, like fucking, but you don't get pregnant. So, she's here now to show us. And Maria has kindly lent Keiko her brother, David, to demonstrate it on. So, take over, Keiko, it's all your's," and Heather swept her hand toward Keiko who stepped forward.

"I will teach all of you the way I was taught in Japan. We were taught in a group like this with our boyfriends on how to have sex the Sumata way. We begin," and she opens her kimono sash and robe and drops it to the floor.

She is beautiful. Slender, about five-four, short black hair framing her face, small breasts but just perfect for her body, each with a tiny dark red nipple, narrow waist, her pussy shaved clean, pretty, graceful legs and small, really beautiful feet. She just looked like a stunning Japanese doll, a naked doll.

David pulled off his tee, lowered his shorts and pulled down his briefs to stand there next to Keiko, his dick pointing right out, a slightly nervous look on his face as he looks at his partner for the day.

Keiko takes David by the hand, leads him to a mat, picks up one of the bottles and says, "Bottle have nuru gel, made from seaweed. Very slippery, you will see. Can also use baby oil or lotion, even mineral oil. David will lay down now."

Her partner got down on the mat and she knelt down spreading his legs apart, getting up between them. We were all moving around them, getting a good place to watch, the sexual feeling already warm and heavy in the air.

She bent down and kissed the tip of David's cock, then leaned back up and squirted some of the gel stuff right on her abdomen and smeared it around over her pussy mound. It was a clear, very thick gel, shiny looking that coated her pubic area.

She then took her hands, coated with the slippery gel and rubbed it all over Davids crotch and up and down his dick. Oh, did he look happy when she did that.

Then she scooted closer and held under his dick to rub its bottom side along the groove of her pussy, both of them glistening with the shiny gel. She was sweeping her pussy lips up and down along the underneath of his dick.

"Mmm, that feels good, Keiko, rub me more like that," David moaned.

She raised up and lay his cock on his abdomen, then got up over him and lowered her pussy down onto the underside of his cock, slid her hand up under the head of his dick pressing it up onto her slit and began scooting up and down on the underneath of his gel-glazed cock.

"You like, David? Do I feel good?"

"Oh, man, that's terrific. Feels really good. Your pussy's rubbing on me, oh, wow."

She lay forward and began humping back and forth sliding her pussy lips along the underside of his cock, it really looked like they were fucking, you really couldn't tell the difference.

"Now you see, this is Sumata. Just do not let him go inside. He must be on the outside of you with your pussy sliding on his dick. Feel good, David?"

"Oh, it feels great. Keep this up and I'll cum for sure," he said as his hands rubbed up and down her butt as she scootched back and forth on his well-lubricated cock.

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