In the Mirror

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My little sister had a girlfriend of hers over to spend the weekend while our parents were away. I discovered that they were getting off together and they made me promise not to tell. Oh, I sure won't, not ever. Not now.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

I live in Denver with my parents and my little sister, Lisa. I'm seventeen and will begin my senior year in high school this fall and my sis is thirteen and will be an eighth grader.

With four years difference between us, we really don't hang out together or share much in the way of interests and such. I have my friends and interests, she has hers.

My love life right now is a bit barren, I was going with a girl, one I'd dated for two years when I got dumped rather inauspiciously about two months ago. My sis doesn't date though she's pretty cute and is becoming a rather pretty young woman. She's even shed her stick-figure and added some curves in the last year, year and a half, so I expect she's soon to be on the dating scene.

Our parents had gone away for the weekend, it was their twentieth anniversary, and Lisa had told me she was having a friend, Amy, over to spend the weekend. I had been at a friend's house and came back home around eight and went up to my room.

I heard some music from down the hall and walked down to let my sister know I was home. As I turned into her room, there was Amy on the bed, naked, knees up and spread, her head propped up on a pillow facing a mirror as she rubbed her pussy.

Well, oops, I thought, and was backing out of her room as Lisa came out of the bathroom, also, like Amy, completely naked.

"Oh, shit, Jack's home," she shrieked and ran past me into her room where she and Amy quickly pulled sheets over themselves. They were both crying.

"Oh, please don't tell Mom and Dad, please, please, please. I'll just die. Please say you won't tell on us, Jack."

"Settle down, girls, just calm down and relax. Look get dressed and we'll talk, okay?" and I walked down the hall to my room, snickering a bit that my little sister was getting into sex. I guess it's inevitable with everyone growing up.

They were soon standing in their nighties before me as I lay on my bed, both of them looking scared and anxious.

"We're here, Jack, please tell me you're not going to tell on us."

"Look, girls. I promise. What I saw never gets told to Mom and Dad. Never, okay?"

"Oh, thank you, Jack," my sister cries as they both hug me.

"Now, look, girls, masturbation is fine. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just a natural thing for people to do. Boys do it, girls do it, even grown-ups."

"Have you ever done it, Jack?" my sister asked. Hmm, I guess I have to answer that.

"Well, yes, pretty much everybody has done it."

"Do you still do it?"

I had no idea what her question meant, maybe she thought that some people just tried it then stopped. Not likely, in my book.

"Um, yeah, I still do it, sure."

"How often?" Amy asked.

"Well, um, you really want to know, huh?"

They both nodded, so I went on, "Well, usually at night in bed and sometimes in the shower in the morning. Maybe more if I have the time and place during the day."

Their eyes widened as my sister asked, "What's it feel like for a guy? You swell up, right and stuff sprays out?"

"Well," I chuckled, realizing their rather novice status about the world's most popular pastime, "Um, yes, normally a guy is relaxed and kind of droopy and when he gets excited or it gets rubbed, um, it does get bigger and harder. Enough so, well, um, so it will be able to go up, um, inside a girl. You two have had sex-ed, right?"

"Oh, yeah, but it's pretty bogus. Okay, so it gets hard, what about the stuff?"

"Well, yes, when a guy has an orgasm, right, his semen spurts out the end and can actually go flying out maybe even a foot or so."

"Really, a foot, cool," Amy said.

"So, girls I just want you two to know that masturbating, even with each other, is fine. You're gonna learn and experience a lot about sex in the next few years and it should be fun and enjoyable. So, whatever you two want to do, it's fine with me."

Both girls jumped on me and kissed me, frankly, in their little nighties, it was a bit arousing as I lay there as they both kissed me, their nighties hanging open enough to see their pink-tipped young breasts.

"Is that because you're excited? You look kinda hard right now. Did we make you excited, Jack?" Lisa asked me as she pointed at my shorts which, of course, had a rather substantial bulge. So, what am I to say?

"Well, yeah, I guess it is and, yeah, I guess having two pretty girls in their nighties kissing me might have made it happen."

"You mean we did it, Amy and I? Made your dick get hard like that?"

"Well, look at you two. I mean I can see through your nighties, your nipples show through, what do you expect. Of course it made me hard."

"And when you masturbate, you get relief from that? From the hardness?"

"Yeah, that's kind of right. It relieves my horniness. Have you girls heard that word?"

"It means, um, wanting sex, having sex thoughts on your mind, right?" asked Amy.

"Right. It does that for girls, right?"

"Yeah, that's why we do it. Do you want to do it with us?" asked Lisa, "We all have the same kind of feelings, horny, right, Jack? You look like you need to do it, too."

"Well, girls, I don't think that's such a good idea. I mean, if Mom and Dad ever found out, well, you know..."

"But we'll never tell them, it's my idea anyway," Lisa answered.

"Yeah, but, I mean have you ever seen a guy? Without clothes on?"

"No but we might as well start now. And we feel safe with you, Jack."

I really hadn't thought of that but I still just couldn't take the risk.

"It would be really, cool, Jack, come on, it'll be fun, you'll see," said Amy.

"Yeah, you said you could see us anyway," and with that, my sister pulled off her nighty and let it drop to the floor. Amy followed right after her. Then, they both pulled their panties off.

They each stood there, beautifully naked, their young developing bodies were stunning. My sister was blond, medium-length, about five three, nice little waist and more generous hips, breasts that were really pretty, just perfect cones, nice-sized, maybe just into B-cup, and below, oh, my, the prettiest little pussy you ever saw. A few wisps of blond hair around it.

Amy had short reddish-brown hair, pretty, pink lips, a few freckles, nice waist, a tuft of auburn hair around her pussy but still not enough to hide the plump pussy lips between her legs. Amy's boobs were, like my sister's, pretty cones but her nipples were larger and all soft and swollen-looking with their little centers sticking out.

"I'll bet you're hard now, Jack. When can we see it, come on, we want to see your dick?" said my sister.

"Yeah, we want you to take your clothes off, too, so we can see your penis and how big we made it," this, from Amy.

There was no denying that these two nymphets were overflowing with sex and they knew it, oh, there was no question about that.

Lisa pulled my tee up out of my shorts and I bent so she could pull it over my head. Then Amy unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down.

"Oh, wow, look, Lisa, omigod, your brother's huge. Come on, Jack, take 'em down, let us see, oh, please."

So I slid my briefs down and stood there.

There were four wide eyes and two gaping mouths in front of me looking down.

"Oh my god. Jack, you are enormous. I never thought they could ever be that big," gasped Lisa.

"It would never fit inside a girl. It's just too big," exclaimed Amy.

"Well, I can tell you for sure, it does fit inside a girl. That I know for a fact."

"You mean ... um, you've had sex? You fucked a girl with that?" asked my sister.

"Oh, more than one and lots more than once."

"How did you ever get it inside her?"

"Not to worry, girls, you expand inside to take it all in. Believe me, I've seen it happen more than once."

"So, are we all going to do it now?" my sister asked.

"I guess so," I said as they sat down on the floor with their legs crossed under as I also sat down on the floor, my back resting against the bed. Their pussies were in plain view and they were a sexy sight to behold.

Amy was first. She rubbed her fingers along her slit, then dipped a finger up inside and began moving it in and out. I began stroking myself as my sister watched me. Amy was already into what she was doing and was hardly paying any attention to anything but getting herself off. But Lisa's eyes were on my cock as she slowly rubbed her pointer finger in her groove.

Amy was moaning, now two fingers moving in and out of her as her thumb expertly rubbed around on her clit. Her whole underneath was gleaming with her juices. Amy was a hot, little girl.

Watching these two little sex pots was bringing me up faster than usual, not unexpected, I suppose and I told them, "I'm getting close, girls, if you want to see," and I arched my hips up for the final few strokes as my cum spurted and spurted, even farther than it usually does, some even landing on Amy's leg and my sister's stomach.

I was surrounded by shrieks and giggles as they pointed at my happy cock.

"Wow, wow, it really shoots," declared Amy as Lisa exclaimed, "Your dick really explodes, Jack. Unbelievable. That was fun, just the greatest. How do you do that?"

"I really don't know, all I know is that it happens."

They're both still stroking themselves and Lisa asks, "It makes you feel really good, right?"

"Oh, yeah, it was great, looking at you girls really helped, too."

"We helped? How?"

"Well, I told you that seeing you like this makes me good and hard. You two are so sexy. You both make me hard, really hard."

They had both been masturbating as we talked but now it was obvious that they were getting wound-up, aiming for their own orgasms.

Lisa was looking down at her pussy as she finger-fucked herself and Amy was on her back, her legs spread in front of me, the fingers of one hand up inside, the others flicking back and forth across her clit.

"Oh, oh, I'm gonna cum, oh, oh, I'm ... UUNH, UUNH, UUNH, uum, uum, mmm, mmm, oh, so good, feels so good," gushed Amy, her face and chest red from her excitement.

Then, my sister began to groan and she fell back, spreading herself as wide as she could as her fingers darted in and out of her, quite expertly, I might add, she's not new to this, it seems, then, "AAAYE, AAAYE, AAAYE, uuh, uuh, uuh," and she made a sound that was almost like whimpering as she lay there trembling, her pussy stretched wide, her fingers slowly caressing her opening.

"Mmm, oh, that was so good. Best I've ever had. How was your's Amy?"

"Awesome. I've never had one that good before, it was really great. It was so fun doing it all together. We all had great orgasms. I wish my pussy could squirt like your brother's dick did. Wouldn't that be fun?"

"Well, it would be messier but all I know is that it was just the best ever for mine. I still feel it," said Lisa.

I stood up and went down the hall to take a pee and when I got back to my room, both girls were up on my bed laying there with their legs spread and a hand rubbing each pussy.

As one might expect, seeing these two little sex goddesses rubbing their little pussies had a very specific effect on my cock which they both noticed.

"Oh, look, it's raising up by itself," Amy exclaimed.

"How do you do that, Jack?" cried Lisa.

"It's seeing the two of you that makes my dick rise like that. Your sexy little naked bodies, that's what. You make me get harder," and that brought a giggle of appreciation from both.

"Can we make you squirt your cum like you did? We'd like to try it if you don't mind, Jack? We were talking about doing it for you ourselves. Can we, can we?" asked Lisa.

I lay down on the bed with my cock at 'full-ready' and invited them to have fun with my favorite organ.

They sat on the bed, one on each side, beautifully naked and I began to be jacked-off by two small hands, one on either side of me.

"Are we doing it all right, Jack?" asked Amy.

"Oh, girls that feels wonderful, really good."

"You'll tell us when you're gonna squirt it out, right?" asked Lisa, "We don't want to miss that."

"Mmm, I'll tell you when I get close, don't worry."

"Look, it's getting wet on the end, maybe that's the start," giggled Lisa.

"No, that's called, 'pre-cum, ' and it comes out first to make things slippery like for going inside a girl's pussy."

"Oh, it's like inside us, we get wet and slippery, feel me, I'm that way right now," offered Amy, as I slid my hand under her to feel her wetness.

"You can put your finger in, Jack, I'd like that," she said, smiling down at me as she and my sister continued jacking my cock. I slid my finger between her pussy lips and she started moving her body up and down, not even waiting for me to start on my own.

There was just no way I could hold out much longer, not that I was really trying to delay cumming, their small hands were doing the job quite wonderfully.

"Oh, girls, I'm almost there, just another ... UUHN, UUHN, UUHN, uuh, uh," and the cum went spurting into the air and all over their arms and legs as they giggled and shrieked.

"Omigod, look at it, his dick is shooting!"

"It's everywhere, look on my boob, right there," Lisa squealed, "It's all sticky and gooey."

"How did it feel when we did it, Jack?" Amy asked.

"Oh, girls, lots better than when I do it. You two are the greatest," and they were beaming, just relishing their newly-gained sexual status.

"Can we all sleep together, Jack? Amy and you and me? We can all fit in your bed. We can just stay like this with no clothes on, if you want?"

"You know we can't ever tell anyone ever about this, right?"

"Oh, we know, Jack, we promise," this from Amy.

"Well, I suppose so," and they both jump on me covering me with kisses as my arms surround both their naked, smooth bodies.

I told them to get ready for bed, brush their teeth and whatever else as I did as well in the other bathroom.

Then, when I came back in my room, they were already in my bed, giggling and cackling.

"What are you two up to?"

"Ask Amy, it's her idea."

"Yes, Amy, what idea is this?"

Chapter 2

"Well, I know from some of my friends that they, um, well, they, well, suck on their boyfriend's dick to make them cum and I was wondering if I could do that to you?"

"You sure you want to do this?" I asked as my cock hardened involuntarily, hoping that she would answer affirmatively.

"I know that you shoot, if that's what you're worried about. All my friends say they swallow it, that's what I want to do. Can I?"

I nod as I watched Amy get up on her hands and knees and bend over as her lips surrounded the tip of my cock. Oh, incredible, just soft and sensuous, she was sucking me slow and deliberate knowing what it must be doing to me. Her butt was up by my shoulder as she sucked me, her dainty little pussy lips peeking out from between her thighs, gleaming with moisture.

I reached up and touched her right in the middle of her pussy and she jumped a bit then, as I rubbed lightly along her groove, spreading her juices back and forth, I gently pressed into her with my pointer finger as my thumb searched under her for her clit which I soon found and began rubbing.

I heard her moan as she was sucking me, I knew she was enjoying my fingering.

My sister was on the other side watching me get sucked by her friend as she lifted up my other hand and put it in between her legs and rubbed my fingers back and forth. I soon had a finger up inside each girl as Amy sucked me so wonderfully.

Maybe there's a natural instinct in females that lead them to innately know how to suck a cock. If so, Amy had her share of it, she was wonderful. I lay there, her pink lips gliding up and down on my shaft, feeling her tongue on the head of my cock, it was all I could take.

"Oh, oh, Amy, I'm really close, oh, that feels so good, I'm just about to ... UUH, UUH, UUH, uh, uh, mmm, oh, Amy, you make me feel so good, that was wonderful," and I pulled her up to me and kissed her, tongue and all as she squirmed rubbing her body all over me.

As I held her, I whispered, "Oh, Amy that was perfect, you made me feel so good," and she said back, "I liked doing it, Jack. It made me feel really sexy, that I could make you do that, make your cum go into my mouth. I'll do it any time you want, Jack."

"Can I do it now, Jack? Suck on you like Amy did and make you shoot?" asked my sister.

"You sure you want to? I'm your brother."

"I know you're my brother, silly, so what? We're all naked with each other and we're having a lot of fun, this is just great, don't you think?"

I nodded and she went on, "Well, what's the difference if Amy sucks on you or if I do. You'll like it either way, right?"

"You win, Lisa," and she gets up over my cock, lowers down and the feelings are stellar. My cock had softened some after Amy sucked me but Lisa had me fully erect by the third suck, her mouth was so soft as she went up and down, it was wonderful.

Her pussy wasn't quite as close as Amy's had been when she was sucking me so I leaned a bit to rub along Lisa's slit. She quickly moaned and shifted closer so I could put my finger up inside her.

Amy got up over me and lowered a nipple to my mouth and I lay there being sexually coddled and caressed by two hot bundles of young female sexuality.

It wasn't long before my sister was swallowing my cum as I bucked up into her as my cum flowed out. She lifted up and watched the remaining droplets of cum ooze up from my cock, then licked each one off like it was a treasure.

"Oh, I love it when you shoot in my mouth. Any time you want that, Jack, I'll do it for you. Okay?" and they both surrounded me with their wonderful nakedness hugging me and kissing me and playing with me.

"Girls, you'll have to leave my dick alone or we'll never get any sleep tonight. I love us having fun but I'll never get to sleep otherwise."

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