He Said I'll Love You Till I Die

by The Purvv

Copyright© 2010 by The Purvv

Romantic Story: A passing moment in life. This story is nothing more than a self-indulgent piece; not recommended reading for any of this author’s readers. It’s being posted here in the hope that it remains a part of the author’s writings. What most would call a tragedy.

Tags: Ma/ft  

Hell, he should have been happy. For nearly a year he had been under the threat of the law, a potential danger that could have landed him in jail for years. He could have lost his family and friends and been disgraced in the press; simply because of his love for her.

But she now bowed out.

Isn't that the best thing that could have happened, the sixty-year-old plus man asked himself? Well, yeah, for her, for his 17-year-old love whom he had met over a year ago on the internet. It never was fair to her that she thought that she was in love with him and vowed to love him forever and ever. Indeed the child believed that she and he were soul mates and would be together eternally.

Through tear-filled eyes, he looked at the clock on the shelf. It read 9:07 p.m. It was about twelve hours since he had first opened that email from her this morning, the one which still declared her love but was in reality a plea to him to let her go. That was easy, sending off a message through their private way, telling her to move on with her life.

The hard part was the twelve ensuing hours and whatever hours remained in his life.

As he now sat there his mind was almost in a fog. Yes, he had a family, but he still had nothing left to live for ... his dream of her was his life to be. He felt as if he wasn't breathing and that his lungs weren't taking in any breaths because they were so full of tension.

He thought back to the beginning. He had just had surgery and was recuperating at home, spending a lot of time at his computer. She sent him an email, not telling anything about herself, only praising a story of his that she had read. He was immediately impressed in how she expressed herself and answered her in such a way that encouraged her to return another email. One led to another. Then a sign-off of 'Love, Me' suddenly caught the 15-year-old's attention.

Emails flowed at a rate of 20 to 30 a day. Sign offs soon became I love you and I love you too. Shortly thereafter she turned 16 and the love heated up. Was it real? To these star-crossed lovers living miles apart it was, and isn't that the only thing that matters?

She sent a pic.

Ah, how beautiful, he remarked. Any others? Yeah, but what I sent was the only one worthwhile. Hey, she added. My mom has a digi-cam ... I can actually take some pics and send them. Great, he said, never suspecting...

She was dressed but just barely, her legs were apart and the moisture of her pussy juice was clearly visible in the center of her panties in both shots. It wasn't anything he asked for or expected but that she would do that was, for him, the confirmation of her love. He realized how hard that it had been for her to do that; she felt that was her way of proving her love to him and indeed it seemed to convince him of her love. She told him that the wetness in those panties were the result of simply taking the pics, knowing that he was going to see them.

Knowing how turned on he was, she sent those panties to him so that he could taste and smell her; something that he could take to bed with him every night, something tangible he could have until such time as they could have each other.

They talked of that time to be, and the truth was that he could have gone to her and she would have met him gladly. If he really wanted he could have even talked her into coming to him or meeting him elsewhere, but somehow that never happened. The truth was that he loved her too much to take advantage and needed to be convinced that she was not just a flighty teenager who loves someone with all their heart today and someone else tomorrow.

What it would take to convince him, he wasn't sure. What he was sure of was that this girl who swore her love, whom he was convinced that he loved, was a virgin and not of legal age in most states.

It was in December when he finally gave in and allowed her to call him. To his amazement, in the middle of their conversation he suddenly began to hear her moan. He spoke some words and she didn't answer. Only some sounds ... She was actually getting off on him talking! Cum baby cum! Ahhhhhhh! I'm cumming. Those same words of I love you and I love you too.

What had started out as a friendship between an old married man and a virginal teenager was as close to a true love affair as possibly can be between two people who had never met.

A new year was approaching. Please let me call you again? We shouldn't ... Please???

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