As Told to the Purvv: the Girl From the Philippines

by The Purvv

Copyright© 2010 by The Purvv

Erotica Sex Story: Young teen discovers her dad is a man and they discover each other sexually. True?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Incest   Father   Daughter   .

Author's note: A while back a reader of mine told me of an incestuous relationship that he and his daughter had and he asked if I would help him put his story down in words. Once that story was posted I began to receive numerous stories all purporting to be true. I don't believe that even 5% of those that I received were true. Short of seeing an incestuous couple in the act, there is not much to go by to verify the truth. What I do is send continuous questions to the writer, hoping to get a feel of the story's authenticity from the answers; thus, this story.

The girl wrote the first part of the story with much detail and then, almost as if she were embarrassed, she tried to end it at the point where she and her father fucked for the first time, by writing:

"He stood there waiting for my reaction. He went into the bed and found him caressing me. I was hesitant at first ... but I found it good, after all I have been fantasizing about older men, but not my dad. And then it happened. And that was my first."

I think that if the writer was really trying to 'make up' a story that it would have included the most important thing that an author of eroticism is trying to convey. The sex!

I notified her that there was no way that I could help her write her story without this information. After many encouraging emails we ended up with the following story. I debated whether or not to remove the many ellipses (... ) but because this was how the girl herself wrote, I decided to leave most of them.

Part 1

Subject: Can you make a story about me?

Dear Purvv,

I have been reading your stories on free internet sites and one in particular struck so close to home because it almost described to a T exactly what happened to me. The biggest difference between your story and mine is that mine did not end, it's still going on.

I am a 15-year-old girl, living in the Philippines with my mother. She and dad separated three years ago, much to my regret because I love him very much. Since their break-up, I do get to visit him every semester break and during the summer.

One day last summer things between dad and I changed. It was about one o'clock in the afternoon and it was raining out. I don't know if it was because I had been up late at night watching TV or just that the weather was making me feel lazy but I was suddenly tired. Dad was out running errands and I went into his bed to lie down. When I stay at his house I generally sleep on the couch and I miss sleeping in a bed.

About an hour later, I suddenly awoke with a start. I heard strange noises around me. I opened my eyes and looked around the room. When I finally was fully awake I heard the sounds coming from the TV, but I soon became aware that it wasn't really the TV that was playing, but a VHS tape playing in the VCR. And the sights and sounds were truly amazing. It wasn't that I was an innocent babe, because I wasn't. I mean, I lost my cherry earlier that year, so I knew about sex. This was different.

There on the screen was a matured grown man fucking a young girl, and they were doing it with a real passion. The man was grunting and the young girl was whimpering in obvious delight. I don't know who turned the VCR on but at that moment that was the furthest thing from my mind. I watched it intently until the end. What I saw and heard gave me an education that they never would teach in school. As I watched I soon learned that this was supposed to be about a father and a daughter. Although I had heard of the word 'incest' this was the first time that I was actually fully aware of the meaning. I mean, fathers making it with their own daughters? Wow! I had never heard of such a thing and until that movie, I wouldn't have believed people did those things. I realized that it was only a movie, and not reality, but just watching convinced me that this was a thing that was done in real life.

However, I especially could never imagine that my father would even think about such things. Nor could I even imagine that he would watch such things. After all, he was an attractive man, and women in town were after him. Thinking about it, I calculated that only fathers who were desperate would do such a thing. Yet, I was completely bemused at what had happened. How did this tape come to be? As I reflected, I came to the conclusion that my dad probably just rented it, not knowing that it contained incest. Maybe even the video box was mixed up and he thought that it was a regular movie, and maybe he began playing it while I was sleeping and upon seeing what was on it, he walked out of the room in disgust, forgetting to turn it off.

That night at dinner I didn't dare to bring up the subject to my father. In fact, I didn't speak to him until he broke the silence, and then the conversation merely consisted of small talk about school, boys, mom, etc.

The living room where I was sleeping was not air-conditioned. Dad's was. That night was extremely hot and it gave me an excuse to ask him if he would be willing to swap rooms for the night, as he would not be home until late anyway. He agreed. My real purpose was simply a young girl's inquisitiveness, I was curious about the tape. Secretly, I wanted to see it again. I waited until my father had gone out and when I was sure that he had left, I searched for it. What I found changed my whole way of thinking about my father. In the back of his regular movie tape cabinet, I was shocked to find a bunch of others that, once I pulled them out and examined, I realized were all relating to incest. No longer did I think that my dad had rented that movie accidentally. These were not rented at one time. Rather, it seemed like they had to be owned by him.

As I quietly rummaged through these things my mind began racing. I couldn't help but come to the conclusion that dad was either into young girls or, if not, then he had to be fantasizing about me!!

I just had to watch these movies. Nervously I put the first one in the machine and began my education. I was totally captivated by then. By the second one I was so hot and my panties so wet that I had to masturbate. The guys in this movie were older but that didn't bother me. In fact, it may have had the opposite effect because I always thought older men were more mature and I secretly had a thing for them.

The masturbation relieved me temporarily and I continued viewing the movies. Probably because I knew that they were dad's I soon found myself thinking of him as I was watching the older guys. By the fourth tape I was feeling very horny again and once more decided to masturbate.

My hands had slipped under my panties and my fingers had begun working on my tingling clit, when suddenly, a knock sounded on the door. It was my father. I hurriedly switched off the VCR and TV. He came into the room saying that he was just checking because he thought that he had heard someone in the room. Apparently he had heard the movie but didn't say that. Then he left.

Relieved that he hadn't caught me watching his tapes, I put everything away and hopped onto the bed. Soon, I was asleep.

Part 2

It was about 3 a.m. when I was awoken by a strange noise. Focusing my brain I realized that I was hearing the sound of a girl screaming. I opened my eyes.

I suddenly stiffened and my breath stopped. My heart began to beat rapidly as I realized that there was a person sitting at the foot of my bed, watching the TV. In the midst of the darkness I couldn't quite see, but I was pretty sure it was a figure of a man...

Then as flashes of light stroked the figure, I began to realize who the figure was...

"Daddy?" I nervously whispered his name and from behind I saw his body stiffen. From his sitting position he leapt to the floor into a kneeling position, as if he was trying to hide something and within seconds he had turned off the TV.

After a moment he suddenly stood. The room was quite dim so that I couldn't quite see him. I strained my eyes and suddenly I realized he was half-naked with his shirt on but no shorts. I couldn't believe the sight that I was seeing.

He stood there for what seemed like long minutes, waiting for my reaction. Slowly he walked around to the side of the bed, alongside of me. My eyes had accustomed themselves somewhat to the darkness and they followed him.

"Wh-what are you doing here?" I finally managed to ask, nervously.

"I ... er ... came in to see if you're okay."

I sat up and turned to switch the lamp on. Standing there, he tried to stop me by grabbing my hand, but I managed to turn it on with my other hand, but in doing so the blanket that I was holding up to cover me fell down my body.

"No!" he whispered, as if in a panic.

Suddenly I had a clear view of what he was hiding. He was half-naked, wearing only a shirt. The full view of his manhood poking toward me was right in front of my face. My eyes were drawn magnetically to the mass of flesh that was jumping about of its own volition.

My initial reaction was surprise. As a child I had never even heard of incest, much less thought about it. It had never crossed my mind before, that my dad might be thinking of me sexually ... But the wild look in his eyes now as they ran over my body, coupled with his nakedness, told the story.

His eyes moved from my face down to my chest and for the first time in my life I felt a hotness pass through my body as my father looked at my naked tits. My surprise slowly turned to fear ... afraid of what he was up to, but even worse, afraid I might give in. My heart was pounding wildly in my chest, so hard it felt as if it would come through the other side. My mouth was dry and I kept swallowing.

Slowly, he sat alongside of me on the bed. Our eyes met momentarily and again he looked at my breasts. I was frozen. I made no effort to cover them up. We didn't say anything for at least another minute or two until he finally broke the silence...

"You look afraid Jase, hon. Are you frightened?" Rapidly I nodded, my head moving in quick up and down movements. I couldn't speak. He continued, "Honey, I have loved you all my life, even more than your mother. I would never do anything to you." He was whispering as his hand moved out and began to stroke my cheek and then move sensationally to my ear. As chills passed through me he added, "Nothing that you wouldn't agree or like, I wouldn't anyway."

As I realized where this was heading my whole body seemed to heat up. I had sex before and I could tell what he wanted. My father wanted me! As sinful as that seemed I wasn't appalled at the thought. The heat running through me was blocking all rational thought from my mind.

"What do you mean dad?"

"You grew to be such a lovely woman like your mom..." He was continuously whispering as his fingers caressed in and around my ear. "And to be honest, I have fantasized having sex with you from the time since you came here last Christmas..." In spite of my fear I still felt wetness in my panties, as he began these words of seduction. "But I promise; if you are not into it, I will not force you."

Now my heart was pounding as fast and as hard as it ever had in my entire life ... He began to give me those familiar strokes on the cheeks and shoulders, which he always did when I was so down and sad, assuring me everything was okay. Like when I had to leave him to go to live with my mom. Soon fear turned to love, then to excitement. I was feeling happy that my dad was honest to me. I felt proud that I was attractive.

Then his hand was stroking, rubbing over my chest down to my tender breast and he cupped his hot fingers around me. My nipple had never felt so tight. I'm sure that he could feel my heart pounding beneath his palm.

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