A Very Different History

by Ol'Mac

Copyright© 2010 by Ol'Mac

Science Fiction Story: So, Roswell was a weather balloon?.....Sure it was.....This tale reads like entries taken from a diary, so don't expect a lot of character building. Also, this was written long before 'The Grammar Fairy' and I ran into each other. Hope you enjoy the read folks.

Tags: Fiction   Science Fiction  

Event Date:7-2-1947

Event Description:

An alien spacecraft manned by 3 visitors from Beta Reticuli 4 lands at Roswell Army Airfield in Roswell, New Mexico.

Event Date: 7-3-1947

Event Description:

Several Army Personnel approach the aliens. The soldiers are shocked when the aliens say in perfect English, "Take us to your leader." The soldiers radio for their superior officer. They ask the aliens to wait briefly.

Event Date: 7-3-1947

Event Description:

The aliens had hoped to see the President, but are informed that he's unwilling to speak by telephone and they'll need to wait at least a day before he can reach Roswell. The aliens are disappointed, but decide to wait for him at the base.

Any hopes of keeping the landings secret are shattered when another small craft lands in the middle of the city of Roswell, where they ask the residents if any of them had seen a meteorological probe that they had lost contact with.

Event Date: 7-4-1947

Event Description:

The Beta Reticulians, who had come essentially on a mission of exploration and further scientific understanding of the native life on A'aratak 3 (what they call Earth in their native tongue) finally were able to meet with the President. Their vessel, a three-person survey craft, began having problems with their reactor when they were over the Pacific Ocean and had to make an emergency landing at Roswell. As for their ability to speak perfect English, they had engineered a type of Universal Translator (Obviously, they knew that English was a primary language and after a few weeks had learned enough to make a translator).

As for the meteorological probe, it was mainly for recording the temperature over a 30-180 day period. President Truman, who saw this as a curious and very interesting event, was at Roswell at 11:00 A.M. sharp, much to the fanfare of the town and the rest of the nation. He had greeted the three with a firm handshake, which gave the first recipient the feeling of awkwardness. The leader, however, reminded him in their native language that it was how this leader (Truman) greeted people and to accept it. The other two greeted him without a hitch. The three explained their reasons for being here, who they were, and such. President Truman responded by stating what happened during almost all of the first half of the century.

Event Date: 7-4-1947

Event Description:

(Continued from above) By 6:30 PM EST, both the Beta Reticulians (or the Im'tarev in their native language) and President Truman have decided that, due to their conversation which literally brought their species closer than ever before, the U.S. would "extend our hand in friendship to these new allies in peace and democracy". This, of course, was the cornerstone of a new era in human and Im'tarev history. Their conversation covered every topic from the history of the 1900's-1940's to religion and politics to family life. From those 2 ½ hours, we learned enough about the Im'tarev at the time to say that they were worthy allies and that they held the same core values we did.

Event Date: 8-12-1948

Event Description:

After repairs on the Im'tarev Survey Craft were completed (using what they had at hand to build equivalent parts), they were now able to fly back into space via rocket assist on takeoff. When the rocket launched them into orbit and beyond Earths gravity field, then they were able to fly by their own drive system. Just outside the orbit of Mars, however, several Ri'nokh Alliance assault vessels were sighted. Much to the annoyance of the Im'tarev, Scientists and the allied humans, they may be forced into their first battle together and it didn't appear to be in their favor.

Event Date: 8-19-1948

Event Description: After returning back to Earth with this knowledge, both the Im'tarev and allied Humans were displeased with these events. Relations with the Soviet Union had reached a turning point and what is now referred to as the Cold War was just beginning. The Im'tarev, even with their superior technology, feared that they wouldn't have time to mass-produce any of the necessary weapons and equipment to stave off an invasion from the Ri'nokh Alliance. Clearly, neither the allied Humans nor the Im'tarev were ready for this. All they could do was hope that what advanced weaponry and tech they could help build would be enough to save them both.

President Truman on the other hand was still optimistic that the combined resources and manpower of the Earth could find a way to win.

Event Date: 8-22-1948

Event Description:

Knowing that the entire human race is at risk, President Truman contacts the USSR asking for Foreign Secretary Molotov to come to Washington D.C. for talks.

Molotov arrives in Washington and in the middle of a series of 'talks', is driven out to Andrews AFB where he is shown the Alien craft and introduced to the Im'tarev. He is told about the threat lurking around the Martian Moons and shown the data recordings to back these claims up.

Molotov is stunned and his first question is; "What can we do"?

President Truman replies bluntly; "We work together, or we die".

Molotov knows that Stalin will never seriously work with the 'Capitalists' and starts making plans to depose the Dictator. One week following his return to the USSR, the world is greeted with the news of Stalin's sudden death from a massive stroke - State funeral pending.

Molotov returns to D.C. and informs President Truman that the USSR is ready to push forward with the defense of the planet. Other countries are contacted and informed of this new threat to humanity. As a result of these contacts, the Earth Defense Coalition is born. Billions of dollars and millions of man hours are poured into developing orbital weapons platforms.

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